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Bridget vs. Faust

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I only know the negatives for buri in this fight sadly.

Negatives for Bridget:

-Faust has good damage

-his range

-can crawl under your 5s

-better keep away (is debatable tho...)

-Faust is very short when crouching

-good mixups (unblockables, instant overheads, pole gimmicks)

Any tips on this fight?

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Positives for Bridget:

-Your movement is better, you are also faster

-You can 2K under or 6P his longer range pokes. 3P beats his other stuff too.

-Your tools for keep away are better than his. If you fight him with your yo-yo, you will do well.

-He is also HUGE when he is crouching. 2S is your friends.

-You also have unblockables and great mixup via rolling.

Just watch out for his j.H when you are flying around. The winner of this match is the player who frustrates the other one out of playing keep-away and forces them to take risks to re-gain the life lead. Both of you have to spend meter on a reversal (his chop, your starship) but you only spend meter to make it safe/do a combo. He spends meter to throw out an un-safe move that is easy to punish or even counterhit for a nice combo.

Just go in to training mode and set up situations so you can learn how to get the advantage. Watch videos to see the situations you need to know.

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