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[VS] Japanese Player Base

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Because the strongest media, players base and tournaments are located there. Don't forget the titles were created in Japanese as well.


I will be using this section to create a list characters throughout Vampire Savior, as well as strong players for each:

English/Phonics: Japanese Scripts


Japanese player Wiki


VAMPIRE SAVIOR (ヴァンパイア セイヴァ)

Aulbath (オルバス) *English name changed to Rikuo


Bow https://twitter.com/bow_Aulbath

Uminoko (海の子) https://twitter.com/uminoko_ashino http://blog.livedoor.jp/uminoko_ashino/

Sho (しょう)

Osakana (おさかな)

Haiiro (灰色) https://twitter.com/haiiroaulbath


Anakaris (アナカリス)


Chikyuu (地球) https://twitter.com/chikyuu_digital

Kazu (カズ) https://twitter.com/AnyJ777

MegaStar (メガスタ)

Clio (くりお)

Bishamon (ビシャモン)


Nuki (ヌキ) https://twitter.com/nuki2 *Retired

Nakanishi (ナカニシ) https://twitter.com/sonic883b http://bishavi.com/

SHU (修) https://twitter.com/shu180sx http://darkstalkers.moryou.com/

Rantei (らんてぃ) https://twitter.com/Ran__T

Bulleta (バレッタ) *English name changed to B.B. Hood


SAKO https://twitter.com/sakonoko

Kosho (コショー)

Morikata (モリカタ)

Toho (徒歩)

SigSig (しぐしぐ) https://twitter.com/sig_bulleta

SuperMotiMoti (スーパーモチモチ) https://twitter.com/supermotimoti

Demitri (デミトリ)


Dara (だら) https://twitter.com/tomoaki0213 http://blog.livedoor.jp/darablog/archives/4399148.html

Megane (メガネ) *Also plays I-No in Guilty Gear

Azuwan (アズワン) https://twitter.com/azone48106

Chapa (チャパ)

Paprika (パプリカ) https://twitter.com/papurikuo

Felicia (フェリシア)


Cat-K (cat-k@アライ)https://twitter.com/araidon


Orecom (俺こん) https://twitter.com/orecomchan http://www.youtube.com/user/orecomchan

Nekohashi (ねこはし) https://twitter.com/u1yutty http://youdeal.jp/vr/ https://twitter.com/YOUDEAL_INC

Guratan (グラタン) https://twitter.com/guratan_felicia http://blog.livedoor.jp/guratan_felicia/

RINE or LYNE (リネ)


Teruchika (てるちか) https://twitter.com/tel1999

Oshi (おっしー) https://twitter.com/black_earth_23

Gallon (ガロン) *English name changed to John Talbain


Takahashi (たかはし) https://twitter.com/takahashigallon http://www.youtube.com/user/takahashi301

Haneman (ハネマン)/(ロン ハネマン)

BUZZ https://twitter.com/dance_gallon

KEN https://twitter.com/KENGALLON http://blog.livedoor.jp/kengallon/

Cerberus (ケルベロス) https://twitter.com/inuoh7650

MAB https://twitter.com/MABgallon

Verti (ヴェルチ)

Kage https://twitter.com/kagesummer

Jedah (ジェダ)


Oouchi (大内ジェダ)

Shimatsuya (始末屋) https://twitter.com/shimatuya

Hoe (ほえ)

Teitoku (ていとく) https://twitter.com/teitokujedah

OliveOil (オリーブオイル) https://twitter.com/olive_oil_jedah Rookie Champion DPG2 Artist

J.B https://twitter.com/JB_twitte

LeiLei (レイレイ) *English name changed to Hsien-Ko


Ego (えご) http://www.youtube.com/user/ukio987 https://plus.google.com/u/0/115761815971534581062/posts

Sasazuka (笹塚) https://twitter.com/Sasazuka00

Hidacchi (ヒサシ/ひだっち / ヒダッチ) https://twitter.com/HisashiHsienKo

Shin Cradle (シンクレイドル) https://twitter.com/ShinVampire

99 (九十九) https://twitter.com/inatsuku

Atsuta (あつた ) https://twitter.com/LittleJanneROKA

Matsuoka (松岡) https://twitter.com/MatsuLei

Lilith (リリス)


Kaji https://twitter.com/Ryusuimaster

Take (たけ)

Kim (きむ) https://twitter.com/kimlilith


Yamamoto (山本)

Futana (フタナ) *Retired from Jedah

Morrigan (モリガン)


Takepon (たけぽん) https://twitter.com/takepopon http://www8.plala.or.jp/nekonekohouse/himetono/world/morrigan/morrigan.htm *Retired

Nishiken (にしけん) (西建)

ARK https://twitter.com/arkmorrigan

Yajima (やじまT.T)

Satou (佐藤)


Madam (マダム)

Sasazuka (笹塚) https://twitter.com/Sasazuka00

Seri (せり) https://twitter.com/Celibaka http://www.youtube.com/user/Celimorrigan Rookie Champion


Kou (コウ)

Black Screen (くろえ)

Morikami (モリカミ)

Take (たけ)

Sume (皇) https://twitter.com/sume_mori

Q-Bee (キュービィ)(ランダム)


Gyu-Bee (牛-bee)

Yankii (ヤンキ)

Oraora (おらおら) https://twitter.com/oraoraqbee

Sakamoto (さかもと) https://twitter.com/sakamoto7691 www.youtube.com/user/sakamoto7691 *Often called Saka-Q

Panpiina (パンピーナ) https://twitter.com/panpi_na


Hunou (不能) https://twitter.com/hunou Rookie Champion

Sasquatch (サスカッチ)


DD (山岡士郎)https://twitter.com/DDsas http://blog.livedoor.jp/iamddsas23/

TKO http://www.youtube.com/user/keyboardmasterTKO?feature=watch

Sasuni (サス兄) https://twitter.com/sasquatch21chan http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_qlYFz9KjvwZxMJf5dZ-g

Nasu (ナス) https://twitter.com/nasu_stupid

Kuma (クマ) https://twitter.com/kumamk

Haitani (ハイタニ) https://twitter.com/hai090

Kowappa (こわっぱ) https://twitter.com/kowappa0530

Taka https://twitter.com/Taka_00001

Okeikeibei (OKKB) (おけけび) https://twitter.com/okkb_tt

Hosakawa (ホソカワ)

Victor (ビクトル)


Oboro (オボロ) https://twitter.com/OBOROCK

Kame (カメ) https://twitter.com/kame_victor http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kame8

19 yrs old (19歳) https://twitter.com/19sai_

Zabel (ザベル) *English name changed to L.Raptor


T2ya https://twitter.com/t2ya55 *Sometimes named Tetsuya

Yamakawa (やまかわ) https://twitter.com/yamakawa_zabel

Sakai (サカイ) https://twitter.com/masahikokkkkk

Ogawa (オガワ) https://twitter.com/asyura333

Komemearu (こめめある) https://twitter.com/komemaru_z

Aojiru (青汁ガイル) https://twitter.com/aojiru_zabel


Hope this helps everyone,

Many thanks to Tetsu/TRM Tenkai-45!


Edited by Kyle

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Edit: Okay, why is your Japanese broken?

Edit Edit: Oh they're placeholders okay. Carry on!

Edited by Circuitous

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It's not- I am updating as people help with the text.

Got a few now. :)

Ego Lei Lei's name with えごレイレイ

Vampire Savior: ヴァンパイアセイヴァー

Mi-Ka-Do: ミカド

Tourney: 大会

Jedah: ジェダ・ドーマ

Q-Bee: キュービィ

Lilith: リリス

Demitri: デミトリ

Morrigan: モリガン

Anakaris: アナカリス

Victor: ビクトル

Oboro: 朧

Kame: 亀, also カメ

Zabel: ザベル

Gallon: ガロン

Felicia: フェリシア

Nekohashi: ねこはし

Aulbath: オルバス

Sasquatch: サスカッチ

Bulleta: バレッタ

Kosho: コショー

Bishamon: ビシャモン

Nuki: ヌキ

Lei Lei: レイレイ

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Here you go. I was able to find all these guys on Youtube.

Shou (しょう)

Osakana (おさかな)

Chikyuu (地球)

Nakanishi (なかにし)

Shuu (修)

Dara (だら)

Megane (メガネ)

Azuwan (アズワン)

Orecom (俺こん)

Takahashi (たかはし)

* There's another Takahashi (written as 高橋) that plays Jedah, coincidentally

Oouchi (大内)

Shimatsuya (始末屋)

Hoe (ほえ)

Sasaduka (笹塚)

Take (たけ)

Takepon (たけぽん)

Nishiken (西建)

Oraora (おらおら)

Sakamoto (さかもと)

Yankii (ヤンキー) *This was the only Yankii I found, but the couple old vids of him I found on Youtube makes it seem like he's a Bishamon player

Panpiina (パンピーナ)

Sasunii (さす兄)

Nasu (ナス)

Kuma (クマ)

Yamakawa (やまかわ)

Sakai (サカイ)

Ogawa (オガワ)

Edited by [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

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How about Hidacchi and Sasaduka for Lei Lei? I'll leave the Japanese name to you guys.

Edited by GWONAM

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Here's some hiragana and katakana for you:

Sasazuka (ささずか / ササズカ)

Kaji (かじ / カジ)

Hidacchi (ひだっち / ヒダッチ)

(if any of these are applicable to the ones without translations--I know Kaji usually just goes with romaji)

Edit: I hope you don't mind, but I edited the Wiki for each character to include their names in Japanese as well as added a list of notable players taken directly from this thread at the end of the articles. I thought it might be useful for people who visit the Wiki who don't know about Dustloop or some such.

Edited by Murderbydeath

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Haitani, SAKO & Nekohashi has left retirement and are active at DS:R.

I have updated their info

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