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[VS] Anakaris: The Mummy

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Anakaris is a very interesting or quirky character. He is considered to be the worst character in the game but if he can open you up he will tear you apart. Part of what makes him worse than the other members of the cast is that he was denied several of the universal tools given to everyone else like a pushblock or a regular throw (he CAN however, tech throws), and his guard cancel is the worst in the game as well as being ES-only (costs one meter). He is a fun character with amazing offense and great oki, but he requires a lot of work.

Buy an official book.

Hit Box info for standing normals can be found here:


A good character/strategy summary can be found here:


And some combos to get you started courtesy of Mr. gbursine:

- dash c.lk, +c.lp c.lk c.hk: dashing distance combo. starts low.

- c.lk c.mp(1hit) s.mk c.hk: chain combo that keeps good distance for normals to hit. use

after overhead or to punish something.

- c.lp c.lk, + c.lp c.lk, (+s.lp) c.hk: the +s.lp is optional if you started out very close.

it gives more red and white damage which is cool. you can also use the c.lk to avoid GC's at

a distance, so you have time to stop and punish accordingly during links.

s.lp, s.lk, +s.lp, s.lk, +s.lp, c.rk

*can start w/ s.lk, and end the main link w/ s.lk instead

offensive push:

[d.lp(or lk), +s.lp, c.lk, +s.lp]

-I cant rushdown with this particular string effectively yet, but realize the power in it. if you can do it consistently(when you want to... and yes, you shouldn't do it every time) then you can eyeball when to finish the combo, and go for knockdown->mixup. (i'll replace eyeball with that term.. i'm having a brainfart...)

*a safe chain ender seems to be c.mk. the frame recovery still seems to have anak at a disadvantage, but it's signifigantly safer than his other moves.(so you can do c.mp, c.mk[assuming the mp hits] & be relatively safe)

Ghetto throw setup:

blocked c/s.lps->ES throw.

-difficult to tell when the lps are stopping, & when the throw will come out.

Matchups (courtesy of MightyMar)


This matchup is a little strange because of how Anakaris works as a character, he has an incredibly difficult time dealing with his own pressure 1. because his defense is terrible and 2. because his offense is pretty legit. This matchup is going to be a lot of jumping back, and throwing curses/coffin drop. You can coffin drop if you expect the enemy Anakaris to throw out a curse, which you can follow up with a pursuit on hit. From this position, standard jab pressure and divekick/c.LK mixup should net you a down. As far as dealing with pressure, you don't have a lot of options, you mostly have to just be patient, block, and look for openings. Standing MP won't cut it in this matchup as an anti-air, stick to c.MP and c.HP.


You want to be playing this matchup from midscreen. You want to be baiting and punishing slow moves that Victor will throw out (primarily c.HP), he's going to be doing the same thing so be extra careful with any move that has a significant amount of delay. Don't loosen up until the Victor player shows he's gonna be playing offensively or defensively. Don't let him get close if he's playing aggressively, his 360's are 1 frame so you don't want to be near him; additionally when you are pressuring him, watch our for GC, 360, or getting caught with a DF, 360 in the middle of your divekick. Delaying your divekicks slightly help negate the possibility of this happening, and getting slapped down with Victors LP, and in some cases it can be useful to bait Victors c.HP. If you want to throw curses, make sure you are full screen, Victor can punish with headbutt otherwise. EX hands is a good tool for corner pressure, but be careful if the Victor player shows a willingness to uppercut.

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Anakaris is one of those characters whom if you give one regular defensive option, hes near broken. His advantages are that he has a really good 5.jab, a tri jump, and a triple jump. knowing the nature of anakaris's normals is the key to giving him overwhelming momentum.

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If anyone has question about Anakaris in general post them up. I will write up a primer after I wake from a deep slumber. CURSE all whom oppose Anak with their cheat codes and game haxs. Reverse god tier will crush you all!!!!!

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Cross post from SRK (when my dustloop account wasn't working):

My first big question -> What are Anakaris' bnb combos (including primary situationals)? From screwing around I have

s.LP -> s.MP -> s or c.MK -> c.HK -> U+Buttons

but that's about it... There wasn't anything on the wiki when I checked yesterday. The normals explanations are detailed (although some are missing).

I hope to find time to look around for videos and such on my own, but any videos or strat suggestions outside of what's already on the mizuumi wiki would be appreciated!

Please also note: I'm a n00b. I will do my best, but I'm not used to practicing hardcore yet. I'm trying to ramp up my fighting game to a decent place now. However, this doesn't mean that I want you to tell me not to play Anakaris just because he is low tier. I think playing a low tier may be just what I need to motivate me to practice hard.

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I hope to find time to look around for videos and such on my own, but any videos or strat suggestions outside of what's already on the mizuumi wiki would be appreciated!

The UFGT7 VSav tournament has some great footage of the man who posted above you, overcoming any tier list that might trouble you. The grand finals start at around 47 minutes, but I would recommend watching the entire thing to see how the other members of the cast play.


I don't know many good videos since I'm new myself, but also check out videos from a-cho on Youtube or Nicovideo.

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Does Pharaoh Magic and it's other variants have any practical use?

There is an unblockable with it that can be preformed in the corner. It is character specific but the information is in Japanese.

http://shu180sx.webs.com/savior/system-s/bug-s.html 3rd table down.

I have got it to work by testing it so it does work but still pharaohs magic is a really slow move (setup is close dashing HP xx Any Pharaohs Magic). I'm sure you can just push or gc him out of the hp but I'm not sure if you can just jump out of the setup I still need to test it some more. Other then that its a pretty useless move.

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This is Anak's normal moves in detail made by me. @_@

== Normal Moves ==

'''LP:''' s.LP has a 5 frame startup, has an

active frame window for about 3 frames

starting with the first frame (frame 5) and is

safe on hit(+8) and block (+7) with an 8

frame recovery window. It has a

very good hitbox that goes very far in front

of him, thus allowing Anakaris to tag people

outside or inside sweep range with ease. This

normal is also very good at catching

characters out of their jumps startup, so long

as their jumps don't go over this normal past

frame 6.


- sets up ground non-dash pressure


- sets up dash pressure strings.

- sets up delayed blockstrings.

- sets up pyramid Dive pressure.

- sets up command grab attempts.

- sets up portal.

- tiger knee curse setup.

- empty jump guard break attempt or blocked

air to air dive pyramid.

- Tick coffin drop setups.

- Hitconfirm into links or chains into

knockdown or pressure if blocked.

- Frame Trap setups are easy off of this

normal. Can frame trap into any normal

including itself!!!!

- decent recovery

- can have more frame advantage if you can aim

it has a meaty


- The weaknesses to this normal come from

characters whom can duck under this normal (q


- Normals/Special moves that hit him due to

being out of range (this IS a hitbox issue.


- Normals losing by virtue of speed (the speed

of their normals/specials must be 4 frames or


- Air Normals punching the top of your jab or

getting over it.

- Bad trades (like if your frames collide with

a knock down attack or a dragon

punch/invulnerable moves. Dragon Punches for

the most part, have very little

invulnerability frames in this game).

- hurt box grow super huge when you do this

normal making him easier to punish. Make sure

when you do this normal that is going to hit!

'''MP:''' s.MP has a 6 frame startup and has

two distinct active frames with very different

hitboxes (though the normal can not actually

hit twice). the first normal starts off on

frame 6 and last for 1 more frame which makes

it active for 2 frames. The second part of the

normal activates on the 8th frame and stays

out for 2 more frames making it have a 3 frame

active window.

So if Anakaris hits while his hand is over his

head, it is unsafe on hit (-2) and

block (-3), but on the ground this can only

happen against a standing Anakaris, Jedah or

Victor at point blank range.

If Anakaris hits with his fully-extended arm,

the frame data changes to 8 frame startup

(counting the 2 frames of the first hitbox as

startup frames) hit (+3) block (+2). This can

come in handy for setting up frame traps.

This normal's first active hitbox is really

high, making it good for anti air. This normal

can be used to catch point blank back jumps

and jumps attempts that try to go on top of


However, if they are too far away it will

whiff, since the first active hitbox has

little horizontal range and the second hitbox

is not high at all. This normal carries an 18

frame recovery window.

Q Bee, Lilith, and Morrigan can duck under

this normal. Other characters can get under

the normal with certain moves as well (example

Raptor c.HK).


- Pretty good anti air in its first animation.

Decent poke on the second.

- Guard Break after the opponent blocks air

down forward pyramid.

- Tick off of the second part of this normal

with a command grab or high low.

- Hitconfirm off of this normal into chain for

a knockdown.

- Frame Traps are possible off of the second

part of this normal due to advantage gained by

the second part of the normal.

- After hitting an aerial opponent chain into

sweep for more meter.

- Works real good as a preemptive AA after

being tick off of a s. LP for an easy frame

trap. (do this one off of short frame traps 2

-3 hits)


- Hitbox is kinda iffy at beating some jumping


- It is much easier to AA jumping normals

starting from half screen range to point

blank. Normals past that range become hard to

beat cause of the hitbox.

- some characters can duck under the normal.

(Bee, Lilith, and Morrigan)

- Normals/Special moves beating it by virtue

of speed.

- Bad trades happen a lot due to the hurtbbox

being around the first part of the normal a


- decently long recovery period

'''HP:''' s.HP has an 11 frame startup has two

different parts as a normal. First part starts

at frame 11 and is active for 3 more frames

making it 4 frames. Second part starts at

frame 15 and last for 6 more frames making it

have a 7 frame active window. this normal is

unsafe on hit (-3) and block (-4) and has a

very long recovery period at 21 frames.

s.HP has a very long horizontal range, which


this a very good tool for poking. In fact this

normal has the longest horizontal range out of

all the standing normals. You can use s.LP

and s.MP to setup a frame trap to catch

jumpers with this normal.

Do not worry about the stand alone frame data

as their are chains in this game, and you can

make this normal safer with a c.HK as to use

the last normal in the magic series to push

the opponent away. This normal also suffers

the same weakness as the other high normals as

even more characters can duck this normal,

here is the list: Lei Lei, Bulleta, Gallon, Q

Bee, Morrigan, and Lilith


- Very Good Poke.

- Can snipe people out of preemptive jump


- Good after s.LP to hit people with counter

hit frame trap setups

- very long active frame period that allows

you to tag people if they stand up.

- easy to hit confirm it off a meaty if it

hits into sweep


- Slow normal

- Can be ducked by a lot of the cast

- If they get over the normal you become a big


_ have to make it safe with magic series which

can be countered by guard cancel

- long recovery period

- stupid big hurtbox on whiff

'''LK:''' s.LK has the exact same frame data

as s.LP with a 5 frame startup and has a 3

frame active window with an 8 frame recovery.

s.LK is completely safe on hit (+7) and block

(+8). It has a decent horizontal range not as

much as s.LP or c.LK but it will suffice for

what it does.

This normal will mostly be used the same

way as s.LP but for characters who can duck

under you standing punch normals its godsend.

This normal has a lower body hitbox, so it

will only be used to hit characters whom are

grounded, as this normal will never cut it as

an anti air.

This normal is very good for setting up frame

traps, just like the s.LP (such as s.LK delay

s.HP to hit a jumper). It can also set up all

the same, "games", I have put down in the s.LP

section as well. This will be your replacement

normal for any character that can duck under

your highs with ease.


- Unduckable normal

- sets up everything that s.lp can do except

AA and air guard breaks.

- decent recover

- same startup as s. lp


- hardly any range on it.

- never a threat as an AA

- if out ofrange loses to many standing


'''MK:''' s.MK has a 7 frame startup and has a

4 frame active window with a 24 frame

recovery. standing mk is both unsafe on hit

(-3) and block (-4).

s.MK has a pretty good horizontal range that

is just slightly below the range of the

standing jab.

This normal hitbox is designed to hit normals

that are low for the most part (although some

slides can get through). If the opponents

normal is anywhere near the hitbox of s.MK, it

will either trade or beat it depending on the

speed of the normal. This normal will also

replace your s.MP if the character can duck

under most of your normals.

As with other unsafe normals you can make this

one slightly safer by chaining into c.HK.


- Unduckable normal (with some exceptions)

- pretty good on meaty setups

- good range

- can beat some lows

- decent startup

- pretty good meaty move


- when not used on frame traps the startup can

be troublesome to mashed out normals

- Loses to normals that get above it a lot

- unsafe by itself so you must cancel it on

hit or block if you want

- bad recovery

'''HK:''' s.HK has an 11 frame startup with a

6 frame active window. This normal has 2

phases of recovery the first one last 24

frames going over lows. The second phase

starts on frame 41 and last 13 frames you are

grounded during this phase and punishable. s.

HK is unsafe on hit (-12) and block (-13).

This normal can also be done as a command

normal (4+HK or 6+HK to move it left or right)

this is done so that you can aim it to hit the

edge of normals while poking.

s.HK goes over lows however, most of the cast

can duck under this normal (only Bishamon,

Victor, and Anakaris cannot duck under the

normal) making this normal pretty hard to use

effectively. Their are some normals such as

Sasquatch c.HK that you can go over and still

hit him.

Also the stand alone frame data does matter

for this normal, as you do not have any more

normals to chain into due to this being the

final normal in the magic series. This move is

considered to be in the air so it is always

air blockable.


- Can go over some lows

- moves from front to back as a command normal


- Nothing to cancel into

- Highly unsafe on hit and block

- horrible normal in all regards

- 2 phases of recovery

- the recovery period is way to long

- super unsafe normal

'''c.LP:''' c.LP has a 5 frame startup and has

a 3 frame active window with an 9 frame

recovery. c.LP is safe on hit (+7) and block


This normal has slightly less range and

similar start up as the standing jab. This

normal is used very similarly to standing jab

except that this normal is unduckable.


- Guard breaking lower to the ground jump in

attempts after an opponent blocks a down

forward dive pyramid.

- Using it while dashing to get much closer in

range to do frame traps with other normals

while on block.

- Getting the attack to whiff during pressure

strings to check and see if they are moving

around to mount a high/low/command grab game.

- Comboing off of the dashing version of this

normal (hitconfirm).

- Lowering your hitbox in an attempt to dash

under normals.

_ okay at stuffing IAD's as a last ditch

effort if they get that low to the ground


- not much range

- their is a frame when you dash and do a

normal where you will automatically stand up

for a few frames. If you do not time a

crouching normal to go under a jump in

correctly you will get hit.

'''c.MP:''' c.MP has a 5 frame startup with

two different hitboxes. First part is active

at frame 5 and has a 6 frame startup. The

second part starts at frame 11 and has a 6

frame active window.

c.MP is unsafe on both hit (-10) and block (-


This normal is unsafe but thanks to chains you

still have options to make yourself safe. If

this normal is blocked do the rest of your

magic series to in attempt to create some

distance from your opponent.

The first part of the normal is designed to

hit most duckers and after apex jump ins

The second part is designed to hit players at

the apex of their jump and loses to lows for


This will be one of your go to anti air

normals for players jumping from full screen

to mid range.

After hitting this normal as an anti air chain

into c.HK so you build some meter and reduce

the recover of the normal a bit.

On hit go for knockdown to startup your oki



- pretty good AA from full to half screen


- good as a preemptive AA to counter jump


- when this hits on the ground you can go for

knockdown via magic series.

- good at stuffing low to the ground IAD's

- first part is decent at hitting duckers

- second part beats jumps at their apex


- If they get through the normal you will be

free to punish.

- this move gets stuffed by low


- this move is unsafe on hit or block so you

must use magic series to make it safe

'''c.HP:''' c.HP has a 7 frame startup and has

a huge active frame window at 21 the recovery

is massive at 32 frames. its a 3 part normal

but you will only be concerned about frame 7-

10 because that is the one that knocks down.

c.HP is unsafe on block (-29). This normal

does not have frame data on hit because it is

a knockdown attack.

Just like with other normals that are unsafe

chain a sweep on block to create some distance

from the opponent.

This is your anti air for opponents jumping

from mid screen to close range as the hitbox

is designed to AA vertically. This move has

three different hitboxes when it starts up

that is the knockdown portion (this will be

what you are aiming for. The other two AA

higher but you earn a shitty reset for your

effort (so I recommend chaining into c.HK

every time to avoid getting punished if it

turns into a reset).


- first hitbox of this move causes knockdown

on hit

- very good vertical AA

- decent at stuffing low to the ground IAD and


- only hits vertically so if you miss are

going to get hit for free

- second and third hitboxes on this normal are

kinda meh causing a reset if they hit cancel

into sweep

- normal is unsafe on block so as a last ditch

effort you need to cancel into crouching

roundhouse to try to push them away.

- loses to sweeps if out of range on the first

box. Second and thrid lose to a lot of


'''c.LK:''' c.LK has a 6 frame startup with a

3 frame actice window with an 11 frame

recovery and is safe on both hit (+8) and

block (+7).

This normal is your go to low attack with lots

of frame advantage to ride on for your frame

trap needs.

It has way longer range then c.LP and

will be one of the keys to your high/low/throw

mixup game. This normal does everything that

s.lp, s.lk, and c.lp do except for the anti

air and guard break stuff.


- same as s.lp except for guard break and AA.

- lower body hitbox


- losses to moves with good horizontal range.

_ losses to IAD normals and jump ins clean

- trip guard does not exist in any form in

this game so you are committing to low if the

person does an air normal it will not hit them

when they land.

- so so recovery

'''c.MK:''' c.MK has a 13 frame startup with a

3 frame active window and a 20 frame recovery.

c.MK is safe on hit (+1) however this leaves

you neutral on block (0).

This is your long range low since it leaves

you at neutral their is not to much utility to

this move other then that its a low and you

can chain into magic series to cause

knockdown. I guess if you can get away with it

you can use it to tick into command grab.

I need to look into this normal a little more

cause I honestly hardly use it.


- Long range low

- can use it to pester the opponent

- chain into magic series to cause knockdown.


- very slow

- easy to IAD it on reaction

- no frame advantage to ride on

- long recovery

- not enough active frames to warrant how slow

it is

'''c.HK:''' c.HK has a 13 frame startup with a

4 frame active window and has a 25 frame


c.HK has no frame advantage on hit because its

a sweep and is also unsafe on block at (-1).

Pretty long range sweep and is your go to

normal for magic series and for gaining quick

knockdowns off of hitconfirmed jabs. This

normal is utilized to make many of your anti

airs safe. This normal is okay to do raw as to

gain a trade or to do attempted low into



- really long range sweep.

- low that knocksdown on hit.

- useful cancel to your AA normals to make

them much more safe.

- good normal to chain into on block to push

them away.

- good normal to chain into on hit to gain a

knockdown on hitconfirm.

- one of the main key normals to setting up

your oki game.


- same weaknesses as c.MK except for the

ability to chain into something.

- Final move to chain into so beware of guard


- loses to crouching punch normals a lot out

of range

- long recovery

- long startup

'''j.LP:''' j.LP has a 7 frame startup with a

3 frame active window and a 20 frame recovery.

Frame advantage is dependent on how low you

hit them to the ground so if you hit them to

high when the opponent is on the ground you

will be at a disadvantage and they can hit


This normal is normally used for air to air

combat or chicken guarding. This is the only

normal to protect you from close jumpins

however, if it gets chicken blocked expect to

be hit.

If you manage to jump in and get him low

enough you can combo off of this normal. You

can also repeat it multiple times in the air

and switch between normals as well.


- decent air to air normal.

- good on chicken block

- can combo if hit low enough

- repeatable in the air


- easy to chicken guard and punish

- loses to a lot of air to air normals

- slow so can be air thrown a lot

- hardly any active frames

- crappy recovery for a lp in the air

- really slow startup for a lp in the air

'''j.MP:''' j.MP has a 9 frame startup with a

4 frame active window and a 13 frame recovery.

Just like j.LP its frame data is dependent on

where it hits because of it being a jumping


Very good air to air poke with good range to

boot. Had decent speed and is annoying to get

around. This is his most spammed air normal

by far. Its kinda hard to get the timing to

combo this normal but it is possible if you

hit them low enough.


- Great range air to air normal

- much harder to chicken guard

- decent damage

- good for zoning

- nice startup on the normal

- decent amount of active frames.

- best recovery out of the air normals


- loses to some air to air normals

- loses if someone gets under the normal.

- really hard to combo off of

'''j.HP:'''j.HP has a 10 frame startup with a

6 frame active window and a 23 frame recovery.

This normal is more useful as an air to ground

normal. Its actually pretty decent at stuffing

opponents trying to dash in while you are in

the air. This normal has a decent amount of

frame advantage when it hits so it is probably

the easiest of the three punch air normals to

combo into.


- good air to ground normal

- good at stuffing dashes

- easiest normal to combo off of out of the 3

punch normals in the air

- decent startup

- decent amount of active frames


- losess to air to air game pretty easily

- slow startup

- crappy recovery

- hit box on recovery is super low and easy to


'''j.LK:''' J.LK has a 19 frame startup with a

3 frame active window and a 17 frame recovery.

I rarely ever use this normal. Its super slow

and really serves no purpose. This normal is

worse then standing HK. Just imagine this

button not being there cause this normal is

that bad.


- Hits grounded opponents


- so slow you the opponent will jump and hit

you out of the air before the move comes out

- can be hit before startup

- long startup for a lk in the air

- crappy recovery

- a lot of characters can duck under this


- loses air to air for free

- horrible normal

'''j.MK:''' j.MK has a 7 frame startup with 3

parts. first part activates on frame 7 and

last 8 more frames. the second part is a gap

in the normal that last for 3 frame it starts

at frame 10. at frame 19 you get 6 more frames

of active hitbox. Then a 14 frame recovery


One thing I failed to mention is that all the

jumping kick normals can all be hit before

startup easily on the ground. So you have to

fish for this normal.

fortunately, this normal hits twice so it

actually serves a purpose. It can be decent to

combo into if you hit this normal low enough.


- decent startup

- hits twice

- good to use low to the ground

- can combo off of it much easier then j.HK

- decent for Air to Air for chicken blockers

due to the gap in the string

- good at keeping opponent grounded


- can be hit on the ground by grounded normals

- last a little to long in the air so if it

whiffs you will be hit

- losses to air to air pretty clean

'''j.HK:''' J.HK has a 7 frame startup with a

9 frame active window and a 23 frame recovery.

This normal has a decent amount of hitstop due

to it being a heavy normal so you can use it

but its not as good as j.MK.

Decent for a one hit air normal to tag the

opponent with in the air or on the ground.


- good damage one hit air jumping HK.

- a little harder to combo off of.

- same startup as j.MK

- decent startup

- pretty good amount of active frames


- same as jumping mk loses to grounded normals

and air to air clean.

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made a revision to the normal section add the active and recovery frames and slight tweaks all round to the section as well


The Anak glitch w/ grounded UB not working is under this condition:

Anakaris uses a curse or a coffin than once he lands, he does not return to a neutral standing position. so first frame dash or crouch into an attack is All-Guard enabled.

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Thank you MightyMar for that " Anatomy of Normals" post!

Hey no problem Stealth. If you have any questions you can ask away on here or my skype: mightymarcurse. 

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Is there any practical use for his command overhead? So far, best I've got is spamming the hell out of it during curse because many characters have trouble avoiding it.

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Is there any practical use for his command overhead? So far, best I've got is spamming the hell out of it during curse because many characters have trouble avoiding it.

The command overhead can be canceled off of strings to beat out jump out attempts. You can also use it on neutral by itself and cancel it into sweep for knockdown. 

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It's particularly useful when you have an opponent cornered as it deals with jumping as well as presents somewhat of a mixup option. I also sometimes use it as a meaty in the corner, and it hits more than it should. Most of the moves utility is that it covers a large vertical space (for hitting jumpers, or when you just need one hit to kill a cursed opponent who can avoid stand strong or  stand short), rather than it's overhead property.

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