[VS] Video Thread

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Neyagawa ABC 11.03.2018 - 17th New Generation Cup

Mat Mouse FTG 25.04.2018

Takadanobaba Mikado 28.04.2018

Amusement Ace 29.04.2018 <<<DPG7 Qualifier n.6>>>

Playland F1-R 29.04.2018

Playspot Big One 2nd 01.05.2018

Mag Max Kawagoe 02.05.2018

Mat Mouse FTG 02.05.2018

Yu Magical 03.05.2018

Playspot Big One 2nd 06.05.2018 <<<Devil's PlayGround 7>>>

Playspot Big One 2nd 08.05.2018

Yu Magical 10.05.2018

Takadanobaba Mikado 13.05.2018 - Newcomers tournament

Playspot Big One 2nd 15.05.2018

Mat Mouse FTG 16.05.2018

VSAV2 Gamechariot 29.04.2018

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