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#Reload bandit revolver combos

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Its quite an overlooked move

Preferably short combos but I dont mind longer ones

All I know right now is 6h>BR

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Here are a couple I found:

2D > BR if you're close enough

2S > BR

(j.S >) j.D > BR

5K (both hits) > BR

623K > BR


(5K >) 6P > c.S > f.S > BR

GF FRC > BR (close) or BB (far) ; depends on where GF hit

GF FRC > BB > j.S > j.D > BR ; if near corner, dj.S > dj.D before BR

[in corner] 5K (first hit) > 6P > 5HS > j.S > j.D > dj.S > dj.D > BR

The first few are the most practical--especially 2S > BR and 2D > BR--it's just turns everything around if you find an opening when you're pressured. If you're pressuring, the corner and GF FRC > BB > air combo is a good option I find.

Also, yay! I'm not the only one playing #Reload. Haha.

Another note: If you've got a decent gatling going, end with a knockdown via 2D > BR and continue pressuring. Try to hit high with the gatling so you can quickly sweep at the last second--they usually don't react fast enough.

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