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Shin FAQ project

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The original one on gamefaqs was a giant mess. It confused everyone including myself:psyduck:

This time, I am going to make it much better.

A few things first:

1. How to use this guide

Just look at the following index, then click the section that you want to read.

2. Basic notations

7 / 8 / 9       UpBack /        Up           / UpForward
4 / 5 / 6 =       Back / Standing or Neutral / Forward
1 / 2 / 3     DownBack / Down or Crouching   / DownForward

Button Layout:



A: Weak punch

B: Weak kick

C: Strong punch

D: Strong Kick

E: Boost

3. A tiny introduction

I urge you to go through Basic section. It gives you the fundamental knowledge of the game even you don’t play Shin. I am really surprised that many people often “discover” the basic tricks that are already mentioned more than a year ago. Please do read the whole thing. It’s really important.

4. Quick movelist


Throw: close to opponent 4/6+C

Boost: E

Grab: 4/6+BD

Grave Shoot: AC

Banishing Strike: CD (hold)

Heavy Strike: AB

Aura Guard: hold E while blocking

Guard Cancel: 6+CD while blocking

Stagger Cancel: attack button and swirl stick while staggered

Tech Hit: attack button while reeling in the air

Special Wake-up: 8/2 when knocked down

Special Skill 1: 6A

Special Skill 2: 6B


Nanto Senkyakuso: 214+B

Nanto Gokutoken: 623+kick

Nanto Ryuhashidan: 236+A

Nanto Hakuhazan: 214+C

Nanto Senjuzan: 236+C -> 236+C

Nanto Gyakushiso: close to opponent 63214+A

Nanto Hakuen Tenshou: 236D / 214D

I won't die by your hand: when own star gauge is empty 412363214+A


Nanto Raishinso: 236236+C

Nanto Senjuryugeki: 214214+C (hold)


Nanto Shoshu Tokyaku: 236+CD

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Here is the index:

B – Basic System Info

B1 – Energy Gauge

B2 – Seven Stars of the Hokuto

B3 - Guard Gauge

B4 - Boost Gauge

B5 - Aura Gauge

B6 - Clashes

C – Combo

C1 – Banishing Strike Combo

C2 – Command Grab Combo

C3 – Crouching Strong Kick Combo

C4 – Jump Install Glitch Combo

CX – Misc Combo

E – Essential Gameplay Strategy

E1 – Offense

E2 – Defense

E3 - Okizeme

M – In Depth Move Analysis

M1 – Universal Moves

M2 – Normal Moves

M3 – Special Moves

V – Versus strategy

V1 – Kenshiro

V2 – Raoh

V3 – Toki

V4 – Jagi

V5 – Shin

V6 – Rei

V7 - Juda

V8 – Thouther

V9 – Mr. Heart

VX – Mamiya

X – Secrets, Glitches, and Unknown

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B – Basic System Info

Most stuff in this section can be found in Nohoho’s move list guide on gamefaqs.

B1 – Energy Gauge

The players' health is indicated by orange life bars on the top of the screen. When that runs out you lose the round. A portion of all inflicted damage is shown as a blue segment of the life bar. This part heals (ie: turns orange) over time as long as you aren't being attacked or high-jumping.

B2 - Seven Stars of the Hokuto

Below the life bar is the seven star gauge. Various attacks can be used to reduce the number of glowing stars on your opponent's gauge. Once it is empty a final "death star" will light up below their main star gauge. At this point the "DEADLY FIST BLOW" indicator is displayed near your super bar and you can use a special One-Hit Kill attack to win the round.

Both players recover one missing star at the beginning of each round. You'll also recover a star if your opponent fails to connect with a One-Hit Kill attack.

When you hit your opponent with a launch type move (including Grave Shoot) and jump up after them, a subsequent special move will take an extra star.

There are some restrictions on taking away stars during a combo. First, the total number of stars than can be taken during one combo is three. Second, any given move can be used to take away stars only once per combo. Note that there are exceptions to both of these rules.

B2a - Breaking the 3 Star Limit

This game’s limitation of the maximum stars you can take away from your opponent is 3 per combo, but there are exceptions. For instance, B+D grab doesn’t count toward the limit. Characters that can do a –3 star combo after B+D grab will make the combo –4 stars.

There are alternative ways to break the system. They happen too random I am not sure what the requirements are. Please check Gwyrgyn Blood's Hokuto no Ken Advanced Gameplay FAQ Thread for further info!

B2b - Jump Install Star Glitches

Basically by boost cancel with special moves on the ground with up direction at the end after launch type moves, especially Grave Shoot, ground moves that doesn’t take away stars in combos are now taking one star, and the ones that take one star will take two instead.

In Shin’s case it will look like:


Usually 214C only take one star in combos, but with 2148E~C, now 214C will take two stars away from opponent if you done it correctly.

B3 - Guard Gauge

Next to the star gauge is the guard gauge. This is depleted as you block attacks. When it reaches zero you'll suffer a guard crush and become briefly unable to block. Note that this particular gauge doesn't always appear.

There are three different weight classes when it comes to guard crushing:

Heavy: Shin, Heart-Sama

Medium: Kenshiro, Raoh, Toki, Rei, Juda, Jagi

Light: Thouther, Mamiya

When a character from a heavier class fights against one from a lighter class only the lighter character will have a guard gauge. In the event of heavy vs. heavy and light vs. light both sides have a gauge. For medium vs. medium neither gets a gauge.

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B4 - Boost Gauge The long bar divided into three segments is the boost gauge. It fills up gradually as you attack your opponent. As long as it is at least 1/3 full you can boost to cancel attacks and dash towards your opponent. Having boosted once, the gauge empties towards the next dividing line. If you boost again during this time you'll lose only a fraction of the current segment. The upside here is that it is possible to boost more than once during a combo without using more than one boost gauge segment. It's possible to incorporate the boost input into a special move motion to give the move extra horizontal range. Consider Shin's command throw: 63214+A This can be changed to: 632145+E+A to make Shin shoot forward a little bit before throwing his opponent. B4a – Boosting BS Introduction (For easier reading, percentage values here refer to the amount of one boost stock. That is, 100% means one third of the total boost gauge.) Boosting in different situations uses differing amounts of boost meter. When you boost to cancel an attack it takes 50% boost. Otherwise, it takes only 20% boost. There are some wrinkles in the system when it comes to Banishing Strikes. When you hit an opponent on the ground with a Banishing Strike or when you hit an airborne opponent when the Strike isn't part of a combo, you can hold towards to auto-boost after them. This uses 20% boost like a non-cancel type. Even if you haven't got a boost stock ready, the game fills the meter up to 100% for immediate auto-boosting, etc. (By the way, this "free" boost meter carries over from one round to the next -- so if your boost gauge is empty and your opponent is dizzy and/or near death, use a Banishing Strike -> auto boost to finish them off and arbitrage some boost for the next round.) Simultaneous Input Snafu While the simultaneous C+D+E input is a convenient way to quickly cancel into Banishing Strike attacks, there is quirk to this where an auto-boost at that point will take 50% boost instead of 20%. Use a fast, separate input (E~CD) to prevent this from happening. Example for whomever: special move -> E+C+D -> 6 (<- auto boost uses 50%) special move -> E~C+D -> 6 (<- auto boost uses only 20%) Banishing Strike Discount If your Banishing Strike attack is blocked or it hits an airborne opponent as part of a combo, you won't be able to auto-boost. You can boost manually, however, for only 20% boost instead of the standard 50% cancel boost. Since blocked Banishing Strikes generally charge up a good deal of boost meter, the blocked CD -> E -> etc. pattern is something worth using often. B4b – Unboostable Boost Certain moves in this game cannot be boosted right as they're starting up. If you cancel a normal move into one of these and end the input with the joystick in any direction but backwards and a simultaneous boost+attack button press, the move will come out earlier than normal. The "unboostable" move comes out during hit stop, making it easier to combo. You must have at least one stock of boost to use this trick but it doesn't actually deplete the meter. (if you do this trick with a move not on the list below, the end result will be similar but it will use 20%+ of a boost stock) For example, Shin's Nanto Senjuryugeki super move (214214C) which becomes easier to use in combos. It can do more damage than his Nanto Raishinso (236236C), particularly if it's powered up a bit. You have to move the joystick to neutral for this to work: 2142145E+C For the following combos, cancel the second hit of the close standing hard kick immediately into the Senjuryugeki, hold the button down to charge it up and then release when your opponent is at the proper height. Ideally, we're looking for 10 pink swipe hits, give or take. 1) corner, 63214A > small step forward > close standing C > close standing D (2 hits) -> 2142145EC (easier variation against Thouther: 63214A -> far standing C (2 hits) > 2142145EC) 2) corner, 2B > 2B > 2D > 236D > JC > close standing D (2 hits) > 2142145EC B4c - Boost at Round Start Hold boost plus any attack button your character will perform the boost attack as soon as the round begin. Shin’s E + standing A is really good due to its reach and speed. It often catches opponent from attacking or jumping forward. His E + crouching B catches opponent who try to stand defend. Shin’s E + 2C could be used to catch opponent from jumping backward. For the latter two you have to beware that opponent can use the same technique such as holding A button to beat your attacks. B5 - Aura Gauge Used to perform super moves, etc, the Aura Gauge is all the way at the bottom of the screen. You can hold two Aura stocks: the first one is blue, the second gold. When the first stock is full the words "GOD FIST BLOW" appear next to the gauge. B6 - Clashes When both players attack at the same time and the moves line up with each other they'll clash. There's a little spark animation and both attacks will be negated. Note that the player who had attacked with the stronger move gets the initiative after the clash is over.

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C – Combo section

Extra notation first:

c5A = close standing A / f5A = far standing A

c5B = close standing B / f5B = far standing B

c5C = close standing C / f5C = far standing C

c5D = close standing D / f5D = far standing D

Here are two sites you can look for extra Shin combos:



There a few essential things when you perform or develop your combo:

1) Gravity

Floating characters drop faster as number of hits goes up. Some characters have ways to break this rule by using debouncing glitches, though Shin doesn’t have any at least in practical term.

2) Distance

Shin, opponent, and wall, distance in between matters! The combo for Shin close to his opponent might not work if there is a bit more distance between them. Same goes to the distance between the opponent and the wall. Shin has different combos for opponent in the mid screen and close to the corner.

3) Character Specific

Combos in this game vary depending on characters. Even considering characters that belong to the same weight class, they simply have different characteristic when it comes gravity that some drop faster than others. Then their sprites are quite different to each other as well.

C1 – Banishing Strike Combo

Shin’s banishing strike combo is his most damaging source in general. There are a few ways to lead into it:

Raw C+D: Since you can charge C+D, you may alter the timing of banishing strike to catch opponent from jumping, recovery, or simply after guard crushed or dizzied opponent.

2 Hit Banishing Strike

2A/2B>c5C>C+D: Often it’s used as a punisher against slow recovery attacks that raw C+D can’t catch it. You may need to time the C+D after close standing C to combo

2B>2B>C+D+E: Using first 2B as a poke, then 2nd 2B as hit confirm. C+D+E’s timing is tight. It might take some practice to connect consistently.

3 Hit Banishing Strike

JB/JD>2B>c5C>C+D: Use Jump B/D as an overhead or cross up, then connect to banishing strike when it hits. If Shin is a bit far from opponent after landing, do 2B>2D combo instead.

A+B>E>2A>c5C>C+D: Catching turtling opponent with the unblockable heavy strike.

4 Hit Banishing Strike

(E>)2B>2B>E>2A/2B>c5C>C+D: Poorman’s 2B>2B>C+D+E sometimes. If your reflex or dexterity is not good enough, this one give you a lot of time to hit confirm with a much more lenient input timing. This is quite useful when you use boost 2B for surprising attack.

5 Hit Banishing Strike

(E>)5A>5A>2B>E>2B>c5C>C+D: Learn this from Y san’s match videos. It’s a very strong tool to get close from mid range. Hit confirm for 5A x2. If it’s blocked, you can do 2B or command grab mix up.

C1a – Basic BS Combo

Simple, damaging, 2 star combos that work on every character.

Raw Banishing Strike:


^ The last 214C miss vs Shin. You may need to delay the second c5C vs Mr. Heart, Toki and Ken.

2~3 Hit Banishing Strike:

C+D>6>2C>214C>E>c5D (1hit)>6A>c5A>f5C (1hit)>236C>214C

^ The last 214C miss vs Shin.

4~5 Hit Banishing Strike:


^ The last 214C miss vs Shin.

C1b – Tomono Combo

Named after the famous Japanese Shin player who developed this combo and abusing it a lot in his matches.

Tomono Combo = no gauge + JA>JC loop + high damage + No A+B + 3 star combo

Another thing about this combo is that it’s long enough to gain back some boost gauge at the end. Very powerful.

C+D>6>5C>c5D (2hits)>214C>E>c5D (2hits)>236D>JA,JC>JA,JC>f5C>236C, 236C

^ The original Tomono combo. Work on Ken, Raoh, Jagi, Toki, Rei, Juda, and Mr. Heart.

C+D>6>5C>c5D (1hits)>214C>E>c5D (2hits)>236D>JA,JC>JA,JC>{JA air dash JB} x2>f5C>236C, 236C

^ For Ken and Toki

C+D>6>5C>c5D (1hits)>214C>E>c5D (2hits)>236D>JA,JC>{JA,JC}x2>f5C>236C, 236C

^ For Raoh, Jagi, Rei and Juda

C+D>6>5C>c5D (1hits)>214C>E>c5D (2hits)>236D>JA,JC>JA,JC>JA air dash JC>f5C>236C, 236C

^ For Mr. Heart

C1c – BS FKO Combo

2 star FKO


^ The easiest FKO combo!

3 star FKO


^ You have to do this at least half screen away from the corner. 1.5 boost gauge is required. As long as it’s under 3 hits before C+D, this combo will work on everyone.


^ Do this combo when the distance of using A+B is not long enough. Time the charged C+D+E to combo

C1d – ETC BS Combo


^ 3 star combo without using heavy strike


^ Do this combo when Shin is far from the corner, at least half screen away.

C+D>6>c5C>c5D>214C>E>c5D>236D>JA>JC>land>Jumping up A ~ Air dash C (whiff) >{2C>Wall bounce} x6>214C

^ Another Tomono Combo variant, Confirmed against Toki and Ken. It isn’t like Thouther’s 2C combo where you pin yourself underneath and do rapid fire 2C. Rhythm is not like Toki’s throw combo. The whiff air dash C and first 2C hit are tricky. Even with 6 crouching C hits, damage is comparable to Tomono combo.

Raw C+D>6>2C>c5D (1hit)>214C>E>c5D>6A>c5A>6A>f5D>236C>214C

^ Work on Thouther and Mamiya. You may use 236C follow up on Thouther for the third star

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C2 – Command Grab Combo Shin’s command grab (63214A) is another frequently used combo starter. Since it takes off a star by itself, it’s easy to turn the match around with lethal 3 star FKO combos. C2a – CG Combo (No Boost) 63214A>A+C>JA,C,D>623B ^ For Rei and Juda 63214A>A+C>JA,B,D>623B ^ For Toki and Thouther 63214A>A+C>JB,D>623B ^ For Shin, Ken and Mr. Heart 63214A>66>A+C>JA,B,D>623B ^ For Mamiya, Jagi and Raoh. Buffer 66 immediately after Shin can move, hold forward+A+C as soon as he dashes. Timing is strict but not hard to get use to. 63214A>c5C>A+C>JA,C,D>623B ^ Corner, for everyone except Mr. Heart 63214A>c5D>A+C>JA,C,D>623B ^ Corner, for Mr. Heart 63214A>236236C ^ For every character, 1 aura stock, great damage C2b – CG Combo (With Boost) 63214A>C+D>A+C+E>JA>JB>623B 63214A>C+D>E>2A>2C>214C/236236C ^ Center, doesn’t work on Raoh, Jagi and Mamiya 63214A>E>5C>5D>214C>E>23623C ^ Center, 1 aura stock 63214A>2C>214C>E>5C>5D>236236C ^ Corner, 1 aura stock C2c – CG FKO Combo 63214A>236C+D ^ 1 star, work on everyone in the corner. Doesn’t work on Toki, Raoh, Jagi and Mamiya in the center Center 1 boost 3 star FKO 63214A>C+D>E>2A>2C>214C>E>c5C>236C+D ^ Delay C+D a bit vs Toki, Ken and Rei 63214A>2C+E>214C>E>C+D>E>C>236C+D ^ Someone made a long post in the Japanese discussion board explaining this combo. I translated it roughly: It’s stable combo works on everyone. It will require some practice to get use to timing. Base on my experience, the combo could be separated into three parts: 1. 63214A > 2C+E There is nothing hard to perform this. All you need is to input 2C+E after Shin recover from his command throw motion. You may need the fastest 2C+E vs Toki. Others don’t matter. 2. 214C>E>C+D Boost will make Shin dash through opponent and attack from other side. Do not boost Banish Strike too fast after 214C. 3. C+D>E>C Here is the tricky part. Again do not boost right away after C+D hit, delay a bit then input E>C. E>C is more like E~C, which means you have glide you finger from E to C very quick to work. Do hit check after E>C, if C (it will be close standing C) hits, 236C+D will be guaranteed. The combo works on all characters with same speed in the corner or near the corner besides Toki and Raoh. Of course you may skip 2C+E in the corner. You may need to increase to input speed of C+D in 214C>E>C+D if it’s in the center of screen. Corner 1 boost 3 star FKO 63214A>C+D>E>2A>2C>214C>E>c5D(1hit)>236C+D ^ For Raoh, Ken, Toki, and Thouther 63214A>2C>C+D>E>2A>2C>214C>E>c5D(1hit)>236C+D ^ For Mr. Heart, Jagi, Rei, Shin, Juda and Mamiya

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C3 – Crouching Strong Kick Combo In situations that Shin is a bit further away from opponent, 2B(hit confirm) x2>2D could be the best thing you can do. In certain conditions, 2D is the only move that has enough range to punish some moves on block. One thing about 2D>236>JC is that you have to input 236D as soon as 2D hit for the following JC to connect. Other than that, in order to get close standing C after 236D>JC, you have to do 2B>2D very close to you opponent. C3a – 2D Combo (No Boost) ~>2D>236D>JC>214C/236236C ~>2D>236D>JC>623B ^ Butter and bread combos ~>2D>236D>JC>2A>2C>A+C>JA>JB>623B ^ This is the combo I do a lot. Skip JB sometimes especially vs Raoh ~>2D>214C>f5B OTG(>A+B) ^ Typical set up for heavy strike in the corner C3b – Naori Combo (With boost) Another combo named after the Japanese Shin player who famous for performing the following combos a lot in his matches. 2D>236D>JC>2C>C+D>E>f5B or 2B>2C>214C/236236C/236C+D ^ You may add a standing D after the last 2C before you perform 236236C 2D>236D>JC>C+D>E>c5C>c5D(2hits)>214C ^ Great damage, you need to add a 2C before C+D in some situation 2D>236D>JC>C+D>E>c5C>c5D(2hits)>E>c5C>236236C/236C+D ^ 1 boost stock, 3 star or 2 star FKO combo C3c – 2D FKO Combo No star 2B>2B>2D>623D>236C+D ^ Vs Raoh and Kenshiro ~>2D>236C+D ^ Corner only 2B>2B>2D>236D>JC>236C+D ^ Close to the corner 1 star 2B>2D>214C>step forward a bit>236C+D ^ Corner, doesn’t work on Thouther 2 star ~>2D>214C>E>2C>C+D>E>2A>2C>236C+D ^ Corner, doesn’t work on Toki and Raoh

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C4 – Jump Install Glitch Combo Abusing the jump install glitch mentioned in B2 section. Basically 214C takes off 2 stars instead of one in all of the following combos. 2B>c5C>C+D>6>5C>2148E~C>E>5C>236C>5A>236C>214C ^ 1.1 boost requirement, 3 star huge damage banishing strike combo. 2B>c5C>C+D>6>5C>2148E~C>E>5C>236C+D ^ 1.1 boost requirement, 3 star FKO 63214A>2148E~C>E>236C+D ^ Corner, 3 star FKO 2B>2D>236D>JC>5C>2148E~C>E>236C+D ^ 2 star FKO 2B>2D>236D>JC>land>2C>C+D>A+C+E>2148E~C>E>land>c5B >2C>236CD ^ 1 boost 3 star FKO ~>2D>236D>JC>2C>C+D+E>A+C>2148E~C>JA xn>623B ^ -3 star plus possible cumulative glitch combo, JA is more stable than others CX – Misc Combo 6A/6B>E>c5C>c5D(1hit)>214C>E>C+D>c5C>236236C/236C+D ^ -3 star or –2 star FKO, timing of the C+D after 214C>E is very strict 6A/6B>E>c5C>c5D(1hit)>214C>C+D+E>E>2B>2C>236236C ^ Vs Raoh –3 star combo, 1.5 Boost gauge 6A/6B>E>c5C>c5D(1hit)>214C>E>c5C>c5D(1hit)>236236C/236C+D/C+D ^ Time the close standing C after 214C>E. Sometimes that close standing C can be skipped 623B (CH)>JB>land>(JA>JC>land) x 4~5>(IAD>JA>Air Dash>JC>land) x2>66>C+D>E>C>D>214214C+E (Aura 1, Boost 0.5) ^ 623B counter hit wall combo + Tomono JA>JC loop + 214214C+E = this dream combo. Low cost, high damage, 623B works very well against characters like Rei for anti air. 2B>2B>623B>E>5A>236C>5A>236C>214C ^ Gensetsu combo. You have to do it at least more than half screen away from the corner. Although Shin has 2B>2B>C+D+E, this combo is much easier and stable. When you are heavily attacked, you might want to use the easier one which needs no timing at all instead of the other one. 623B(>air dash)>JB>land>5A>236C>5A>236C>214C ^ quite simple Air 623B>E>5A>(JA>JC)xn>C+D>E>2A>2C>A+C>JA>623B ^ Tomono style 623B 2 star 50% combo 214B>E>236C+D ^ When Shin goes underneath some projectiles like Ken, Raoh, and Jagi’s with this move, it could be a 1 star FKO combo 214B>E>c5C>c5D>C+D/236236C ^ 2 star combo on CH 2B>2B>236C+D ^ :P 2C+E>c5D(1hit)>214C>E>C+D>E>5C>236236C/236C+D ^ Use this combo against opponent who’s just jumping up or about to land. When 2C+E is blocked, quickly do 2B+E to continue offense. You may do this combo after 2D hits, like 2D>2C+E. 236C CH(>E)>c5A>236C>c5A>236C>214C ^ Easy 2 star combo 2B>2B>E>2C>214E~C>E~C+D>6>A+B>E>236C+D ^ A difficult timing 1 boost 3 star FKO combo.

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E – Essential Gameplay Strategy Here is some basic yet crucial information you'd better know if you really want to play Shin against other human players E1 - Offense Press a button to attack, how hard could it be? Unfortunately learning Nanto Sei Ken is much harder than that. There are so many details in Shin's offensive gameplay. I will try to put everything in here as much as possible. E1a - Round Start Offense Shin has far standing C, boost 5A, 623B, boost 2B, boost 2C, and A+B. First two are the most useful ones. The rest of them you have to use them depends on you opponent's habit. Far standing C: Stops jumping forward and most ground attacks easily. It loses to crouching kicks, but that's not a big problem when you have standing or crouching A to beat them. Boost 5A: Already mentioned back in banishing strike combo section, far standing A is one of Shin's fastest normal move, good range, doesn't whiff on crouching opponent. You can do boost f5A x2 (hit confirm), combo on hit, 2B or command grab guessing game on block. If f5A catches an air borne opponent, go for 5A>2C>~ combo 623B: When opponent start to jump back to get away from Shin's boost 5A and far standing C, this match catch them sometimes. As long as opponent blocks this move in the air, Shin is safe. Boost 2B: It's quite risky because it loses to opposing 2A/2B and many anti low attack moves easily. But it catches opponent from stand defending. Use this far surprise attack on sometimes. Boost 2C: Function almost the same as 623B that it catches opponent from jumping. Except this move is risky to attacks but safe on block. A+B: A little slow but it catches opponent from blocking or back dashing. Throw it out sometimes when opponent is over defensive in the beginning. E1b - Tachimawari Or footsie, or spacing skill. To poke from mid distance, far standing C, 2B, 214C are the typical ones. Use 623B to catch opponent from jumping. Use E5A or dash 2B to get close. Heavy strike, 236C and 214B's effectiveness depend on your opponent. If you want to jump in, there are four types: Instant Air Dash (IAD), back jump air dash forward, normal jump forward, and high jump forward. IAD attacks, usually IAD B or D, is quickest way to get closer while serving as an overhead, cross up, plus combo on hit. In return, it's risky and it can easily lose to standing attacks and grave shoot. Back jump air dash is slower but it doesn't lose to standing attacks easily since you can defend during back jump. In addition, air dash from back jump is higher and above many standing attacks' reach. The drawback is that it does not combo easily because the air dash attacks are not deep enough. And it's more vulnerable to slower anti air moves. Normal jump forward generally used for air to air. Thus jump A>JB>JC/JD aerial chain is the main way to stop most opposing jumping attacks. High jump forward is used when Shin is losing initiative on ground due to projectiles and obstacles. When you jump over your opponent's head with a regular jump, you may press up turn your character around and attack them from the other side. Although in it suppose to be a double jump, it will only turn your character around in this situation and Shin can't do double jump again afterward. E1c - Guard Crash Strategy Since Shin is a heavy class character, his opponent will always have a guard meter. Thus guard crushing your opponent then do a 50%+ damaging combo is a viable gameplan. Charging 214214C for okizeme is deadly when opponent without aura gauge and his guard meter is half empty. Well, if you opponent has no aura gauge and Shin has a lot of boost gauge you might try something like: far standing C (2 hits)>214C>E>2B>2C>2D>214B>E>5C>6A>E>2B>c5C>C+D>E> ~ Usually your opponent will get guard crushed somewhere in this chain. If the opponent does a mistake, you can do a damaging combo. Otherwise just keep attacking until you receive your "free" combo! E1d - Dizzy Strategy Besides using guard crush to get a free combo, there is actually an easier way to achieve that. Yes, get your opponent dizzied as fast as you can. So far the most practical combo that most characters often faint during it is: ~>2D>236D>JC>2C>A+C>JA xn>623B. That air 623 in combo is 3 hits! It builds faint meter really fast. Usually opponent get hit by it twice he is going get dizzied. When your opponent is desperate enough to crouch block after the first combo ends, which the 623B puts Shin in a good position to do another 2B>2D>~ combo, IAD B cross up >623B is really in this situation! Even you opponent has crack reflex blocking the IAD B, most likely he will crouching block the high possible coming 2B. Even IAD B > 623B (3hits) doesn't dizzy your opponent, it increase your opponent's faint meter a lot and put much more pressure on him in your next okizeme. Then you can always boost away when 623B is blocked.

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E2 – Defense

Pull back to stand block and pull down back to crouch block, simple isn’t it? First of all, you have agility defense (defend at the last moment). Once Shin successfully blocks with agility defense, the best thing you can do is command throw. It has enough priority to meet the most moves. Or, you can use super attacks to beat the opposing attacks. Then you have guard cancel. Although it could be risky (check move analysis on guard cancel), it’s the easiest way to gain back momentum. Another important thing is aura guard. Always use it when you jump! There are plenty of moves that can’t be blocked normally in the air so you need aura guard to protect your character. In addition, you may tap 8 when knocked down so less time for opponent to okizeme.

E2a – Rainbow defense

Because Shin has no counter moves, he has to heavily rely on using guard cancel to get out of defensive state once he began to block. Since guard cancel requires aura gauge, which is quite scarce, it’s better to prevent him from staying on the defense side as much as possible.

Here are moves that prevent opponent from attacking you and options, though not optimal, to deal with okizeme. Remember they do not 100% work against everyone. If you want comprehensive details on this, please check versus section for more info.

Rainbow defense for footsie

A/R = Anticipation or Reflex

Anti     Range   A/R  Weakness    
5A    IAD      Close   R    Dash in

2C    IAD      Close   A    2D

f5C   Jump in  Mid     A    2D
      Dash in  Mid     A    2D

623B  Jump in  Mid     R    -
      Dash in  Mid     A    Blocked

JA    Jump in  Mid     R    -
               Close   A    Anti air

214C  Jump in  Mid     A    Slow
      Jump in  Mid     A    Slow

2B    Dash in  Close   A    IAD
               Mid     R    -

Rainbow defense vs okizeme

Besides the obvious guard cancel and supers, you have:

       Anti       Notes
5A     IAD        Maximum range from pressure strings
AD     Jump B/D   Agility Defense, command grab afterward

2A     throw      Don’t guess it wrong:P

214C   High Jump  Not fast enough often

623B   -          To get away from high jump attacks

63214A -          Work on opponent baiting supers very close

44     -          Disrupt opposing tempo mainly

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E3 - Okizeme Shin’s major strength comes from okizeme. High priority command grab, insane IAD B cross up and that almighty 2B, all of them are difficult to beat in wake up and all lead to great damage on hit. Mr. Basel mentioned the following list of okizeme options to me before I edited this section. Although they might be the typical ones, it makes things much clearer and easier to memorize. I will call it “Basel’s Okizeme Dice”! Just throw one out randomly your opponent will never guess it right, heh. Here is your dice: 1) 63214A 2) 2B>6A/6B 3) 2B>c5C>C+D 4) IAD B or 236D 5) A+B 6) 6A>E>2B>c5C>C+D Here is Mr. Basel’s explanation: For No. 1, you do it when the opponent defends or when he's about to do a reversal attack (such as Kenshiro and Rei’s 623C). You have to delay the command grab a bit if opponent decides to defend though. For No. 2, you do 2B. If the opponent defends it, he will have to defend the second trick which is the overhead (or counter it). If he doesn't defend the 2B and you do 6A right away, he'll most of the time be confused and not defend 6A since he's for sure still holding down-back after he got hit by 2B. Sometimes just do 6A or 6B and then continue with the combo. All about mixups. No. 3 is easy. Some players mess up if you get them with the command throw several times, so they try to attack instead of defending after they wake up. Do your best combo. No. 4 is tricky. When you cross up with B or do 236D a bit early, they will defend. They will try to move or attack right after they defend... fast does 63214A. This works like a charm. Especially when you cross up. (I will throw in jump forward > back air dash D here. It is a common trick I know, but combined with the aforementioned tricks could be very confusing for you opponent to defend correctly) No 5 is the usual trick. Not abusive, but still works sometimes. Watch out for super/specials with invincibility frames. (Check move analysis on heavy strike for further detail) No. 6 is unknown to some players, but Kenshiro players abuse it. This needs one boost. Do 6A and then boost once the frame occurs. Then do 2B. This needs good reflexes to defend/counter because the time to shift from defending 6A to 2B is tight. If you do it fast enough, that is. Pretty useful. Kenshiro excels at it more than Shin because his 2B comes out faster than Shin's. Basically Shin’s okizeme is all about mind games. He has a lot of neat tricks to do when opponent gets up. Just remember to throw the dice inside your head to play unpredictable^_^

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M – In Depth Move Analysis

Most of Shin’s moves are useful in different situations; I will do my best to describe them with every detail I know.

M1 – Universal Moves

Throw: close to opponent 4/6+C

Throw has a non zero start up so it doesn’t work well for wake ups.

From Nohoho:

When you miss a throw attempt -- if your opponent jumps away, etc. -- you'll be stuck with a close hard punch. It's possible to use a special input when this happens to attack with something safer instead. There are two main categories of option select throw inputs:

1) Sliding input or simultaneous input

A sliding input involves pressing hard punch and then very quickly pressing weak punch or hard kick. C~A produces a Grave Shoot while C~D gives you a Banishing Strike. For a simultaneous input option select, you take advantage of the higher input priority of command normals to override the close hard punch in the event of a throw miss. For example, with Kenshiro, 6+C+B produces a towards + weak kick attack if the throw fails.

2) Whiff/kara cancel inputs

Although Shin can’t use this technique, some other characters can cancel (chain) their close hard punch into other attacks, Banishing Strikes or Grave Shoot attacks even when the hard punch misses. When the throw attempt fails, follow up the hard punch with another move to cover your ass.

Grab: 4/6+BD stars:1

This only catches standing opponent. It has a whiff animation and a longer reach. Although Shin can’t do combo from this grab like other characters, it sets up a great okizeme opportunity.

Grave Shoot: AC

Launch opponent, hold up to jump after them.

Banishing Strike: CD (hold) stars: 1

Blast opponent across the screen. Hold 6 to auto boost after them. Auto boost is only possible when you hit an opponent on the ground or in the air when not part of a combo. At max charge the Banishing Strike blasts blocking characters, although they can wiggle the joystick to avoid a wall bounce. It takes a star on wall bounce.

When your character staggered after blocking max charged banishing strike, swirl the stick as fast as you can then crouch block immediately. You shouldn’t be slammed into the wall unless it’s right behind your back. On the other hand, always remember to use auto boost 2B after opponent staggered by your charged banishing strike. Even he is able to block your 2B, you can still continue your offense.

Heavy Strike: AB stars: 1

Unblockable. It has a ridiculous long range. Thus using it on waking up opponent or stalemate situation could be surprisingly good! Heavy strike > E > 2A > c5C > C+D combo is really damaging! Still, the best way to use the heavy strike is in okizeme. You can maintain offense continuity by ending the combo with 2B or far standing B OTG, which prevent stops opponent from using quick recovery, instead of the typical 214C. Then place a heavy strike after 2B/f5B to hit your opponent right when they stand up. Obviously your opponent could beat heavy strike with invincible start up moves, but those moves usually have bad recovery. Sometimes your opponent might be able to use wake up jabs to clash your heavy strike. That indicates your heavy strike’s timing is a bit late.

Agility Defense: block at the last second

White glow indicates success. Shorter block stun, super bonus, etc. Also,

Agility Defense makes you immune to charged Banishing Strikes.

Guard Cancel: 6+CD while blocking

Alpha counter. One aura stock.

Guard cancel in this game doesn’t mean a guaranteed knock down + damage. There are plenty ways to deal with it.

Options for dealing with your opponent's guard cancel include:

1) Bait the guard cancel using a move that has a short recovery. Here are the moves that you can use to punish guard cancels when you block them using Agility Defense.

Char          Safe Moves           Counter Attack After AD
Kenshiro      close/far B, 2B      2B, 623A
Raoh          nothing              2B
Toki          far A, 2A            2A
Jagi          2A                   2A, 236236C 
Shin          any A, 2B            2B, 63214A
Rei           any weak but 2A      2B, close 623C
Juda          any weak but 2A      2A, 2B
Thouther      far A, 2A, 2B        2B
Heart         2A                   214A(GC), 236236A
Mamiya        any weak attack      far B

2) Jump cancel your attack and air-block the guard cancel.

This should work even against Mamiya's GC or Heart's Bring it On GC (using Aura Guard)

3) Cancel into a move with invincibility or super armor or cancel into a counter-type move.

- input the joystick motion for the special move beforehand and then press the appropriate button if you see them guard cancel

- example: with Jagi do blocked 2C -> 214. If you see your opponent guard cancel the low punch press C to dodge and punish their guard cancel with a Jarougeki attack.

Kenshiro: 6B, 214A, 6 warp

Raoh: 623A, 6 warp, FKO

Toki: 214214C, 214A, 214C(slow recovery), teleports

Jagi: 214A, 214C, 632146D

Rei: 236236C, 214C, air 623A

Shin: 214D, 236D (random), 623B, command throw, 214C (maximum range)

Juda: 214B

Thouther: 236236C, 2141236A (Air)

Heart: 623C (slow recovery), 2D (slow recovery), 214A

Mamiya: 236236A, 236236C

6A: Overhead. It’s not fast but it catches opponent from crouching. Usually you use this move after 2B to force your opponent stand up. You can do combo after it hits.

6B: Hits low and takes a star on counter hit. It could be mixed with 6A when opponent get used to stand up defend when they see Shin stand up after 2B, which indicates the coming 6A overhead. You can also same combo after it hits like 6A.

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M2 – Normal moves Far standing A/Close standing A: Close standing A usually whiffs against crouching opponent, but far standing A doesn’t! This is why boost far standing A is critical for Shin to get close to opponent. Even if it clashes with opponent’s attack, you can continue to attack immediately due to its quick speed. If it clashes with your opponent’s attack in the air, you can do 2C>C+D for a guaranteed combo. Usually boost far standing A catches opponents off guard easily. Combos like boost stand A> 2B(hit confirm)>E>2B>close stand C>C+D are really great. Close standing A is usually used as Shin’s fastest move to stop IAD attacks from standing position. Far standing B/Close standing B: This kick is a pure combo material. Close standing B is totally useless. Far standing B looks like it hits low but it doesn’t. It could be used in certain combos. More often it’s used on far standing B OTG > A+B trickery. Far standing C/Close standing C: Far standing C is a 2-hit move. The good thing about it is that the first part clashes with other moves, and then the second part is often guaranteed to hit. Due to its large hit box in front, it stops IAD attacks from mid distance and plenty of dashing attacks as well. Its weakness is that it loses to most crouching kicks especially strong ones. Since not much damage comes from crouching D, this move should be Shin’s major poke from mid range. Remember 214C or C+D when it hit opponent in the air and A+C on the ground (only after 2nd hit though). Close standing C is the move Shin used to kill “Yuria” in the anime. Basically you only use it combo since Shin would rather poke with jabs and 2B from such range. Far standing D/Close standing D: More combo material. Close standing D’s main purpose is to rise up opponent a bit for some follow up combos to work. Close standing D looks like it hits low but it doesn’t and that makes it even more terrible. Crouching A: Its reach is really short! I usually use it to punish some moves and then do a banishing strike combo afterward. Not a useful info: It moves Shin forward a tiny bit!!! Crouching B: One of Shin’s signature moves! From Arcadia, translated by Nohoho: Shin's crouching weak kick has a low enough profile that it can go underneath certain moves -- even if those moves are part of a longer blocked sequence. Boost the crouching weak kick to defeat Ken and Jagi's projectiles and Mamiya's standing hard kick at medium range. For Raoh's powered Tenshou Raigeki one weak kick will dodge the first part and another will defeat the second part. Shin's crouching weak kick vs. Juda's Banishing Strike doesn't work up close but it will dodge Juda’s BS at a distance. Here is something I have to add: As long as Shin is standing outside of opponents’ uppercut hit range, his 2B beats Ken’s 623A/C, Rei’s 623A/C, and Toki’s 214214C. Even the first 2B whiffs, the second 2B will hit. Basically you can use it for okizeme safely and a great dashing attack to start with. Crouching C: It looks like a good anti air move. Indeed, it’s one of Shin’s anti air moves. You have to use it by anticipation (either educated guess or dumb luck) since you can’t really use it to stop IAD attacks by reflex. Yet you still have to use it sometimes to prevent opponent from abusing IAD attacks, especially when you are crouching. Whenever 2C hits opponent in the air, either A+C or C+D will connect. Crouching D: Its reach is slightly longer than 2B but lacks speed and priority. Usually you will not use it to poke, and most likely is used as a punisher move instead. It’s an important move in Shin’s chain attacks because it hits low and serves as a juggle combo starter Jump A: Fast and beats many jump attacks. Shin’s air to air offense tool. You can chain it into JB>JC/JD even if it whiffs. Against large characters like Raoh and Mr. Heart, JA>JB>JC>land 2A>close standing C>C+D will connect on standing opponent. Jump B: Another one of Shin’s signature moves. His IAD B is simply lethal. It’s fast, crosses up easily, advantage on guard, leads to damaging combo on hit. As broken as it sounds, it only works like that in okizeme. Other times opponent won’t let Shin get to that cross up range with ease. And there are plenty moves able to stuff the IAD B. Still, it’s better than many other jump attacks. Proper use could win you a lot of matches. Jump C: Combo material mainly. The only way I can think of using it besides in combo is back jump air dash C for air to air, although 623B should be the better alternative. Using in aerial combos, it has a knockdown effect that your opponent won’t be able to tech hit. Jump D: Hit detection strongly points at low forward direction. It’s the air move you need to use against opponents on the ground. It has great reach and speed. IAD D can use as a fast overhead. Keep in mind starting combos IAD D depends on distance. If your opponent is not close enough, only 2D will connect at best. Use this move to end an aerial chain on defending opponents you will be able to continue attacking with 2B after you land.

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M3 – Special Moves: Nanto Senkyakuso: 214+B Stars: 0/1 Sliding attack. Similar to crouching weak kick it has a low enough profile that it can go underneath many moves. You could boost cancel it to continue attacking or do a combo. Nanto Gokutoken: 623+kick (air) Stars: 0/1 Flying kick. 623B is one of Shin’s key moves because it has invincibility at start up and great combo potential on counter hit. You can air dash 44 or 66 and defend after the ground 623B to make it less vulnerable on guard. Though simply boost canceling to run away is the best option. The hard kick version must be blocked high and launches Shin's opponent on a normal hit, and blasts opponent to the wall on counter hit. The boost version of 623D is quite interesting because it flies across the screen horizontally. If it counter hits you can boost again for a wall bounce combo easily. Boost cancel 623D will give you initiative to continue attacking as soon as you land. Nanto Ryuhashidan: 236+A (tap repeatedly) Stars: 0/1 Big dizzy power(FAINT sign’s color indicates how much your opponent is getting dizzy), no damage, unblockable fireballs. Nanto Hakuhazan: 214+C Stars: 1/2 Swipe attack that dodges high moves, OTGs and staggers. This move also reflects most projectiles. A key move to take away your opponent’s stars. Counter hit takes off 2 stars making it quite appealing to poke at mid distance especially since it dodges many moves. Nanto Senjuzan: 236+C -> 236+C Stars (first): 0/1, (second): 1/2 Shin charges back and forth. The first part misses crouching characters but the second doesn't and is an overhead. You can boost cancel the first part but not the follow up. On counter hit it will slam your opponent to the wall, you can do a combo like boost stand A>236C>stand A>236C>214C. Therefore, when your opponent is around the corner, you might boost cancel the first part to attack from the other side when it gets blocked. Nanto Gyakushiso: close to opponent 63214+A Star 1 Command throw. It has invincibility to meet many attacks. Usually the easiest way to get this move to work besides okizeme is after 2A gets blocked. Ideally your opponent could pull up back to jump away and able to continue to block if you do 2A>2B. It happens really quickly you opponent may not be able to react on time. It’s also a great move to do whenever Shin agility defend most moves! Nanto Hakuen Tenshou: 236D / 214D Forward/backward leap. The move has a bit of invincibility at the beginning and Shin can cancel normal attacks into and out of it. I won't die by your hand: when your own star gauge is empty 412363214+A Aura: 1 Shin kills himself so that he starts the next round with a full star gauge. This is a pointless move because Shin is not invincible when this move activates. Your opponent has enough time to take a nap then kill Shin before he suicides. Well, that’s a real suicide move… Nanto Raishinso: 236236+C Aura: 1, Stars: 1/2 Fast, invincible geyser attack that can be blocked with aura guard in the air. Somehow it doesn’t cancel the projectiles. They simply go through the geyser and counter hit Shin. At any rate, Use this move in wake up is an effective way to put a stop on thoughtlessly aggressive opponents. Nanto Senjuryugeki: 214214+C (hold) Aura: 1, Stars: 1/3 Multi-hit attack. Have tremendous invincible frames. Hold the button for more hits and big guard crush. Typically, it’s 6 hits without charge, 12 hits after charging for 1 second, and 18 hits for the max charge. Nanto Shoshu Tokyaku: 236+CD ONE-HIT KILL… Mhahahahahahaha! Just don’t do this move unless it’s in combo because of its slow start up and horrible recovery time.

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V – Versus strategy

This section focuses on details of the interaction between Shin and foes. There is no guaranteed way to win, but knowing more about the match up will help you to make better decisions in different situations.

V1 – Kenshiro (5:5)

Shin’s rival forever. They have good moves against each other. From mid range, Ken’s far standing D and Shin’s far standing C both stop instant air dash attacks. Shin’s IAD B is good at crossing up while Ken’s IAD B > JA is hard to defend in the corner. Both 2B are lethal as okizeme and rush down. Kenshiro’s 623C and Shin’s 623B have invincibility at start and combo on hit. And both have insane combos against each other. It’s a 50/50 fair game.

V1a – Offense

Most of the time Ken can walk back and forth poking with 2A or 2B and IAD B (to hinder Shin’s dash 2B) then use far standing D to intercept attacks from Shin. That standing strong kick might be treated as a combo material to some players but there is much more about it. For instance, it still hits Raoh, Thouther and Mr. Heart from crouching state. Against Shin, Ken could poke with this kick about three characters away where Shin’s crouching B and D are not long enough to hit him. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to punish Ken’s whiffed far standing D due to its quick recovery. This means Ken can poke with that kick often as long as the distance is correct. When Shin usually does jump or IAD attacks in such range where Ken’s poking with 2A/2B a lot, that’s the time for far standing D to catch Shin. Whenever Ken’s far standing D gets blocked, there is no guarantee way to punish him. If Ken uses 236D afterward since it has super armor to meet Shin’s attack and connect once far standing D hits. Often crouching weak kick after blocking 236D will nail Ken if he is too close. Boost for 2A>close standing C>C+D combo when 2B hits.

To deal with far standing D, adjust the distance with Ken all the time. Back jump air dash B/C are good here because Shin could block in case Ken performed the standing kick. If you look for huge damage, boost 2B when you anticipate the coming kick then go for Tomono combo. You could also try Shin’s 214B, which leave him low enough to slide underneath the kick. Beware Kenshiro player might out guess you by doing IAD B. You could use 623B to counter that. Ken’s close standing D is guaranteed if it gets blocked. Make sure you boost cancel to get away before that happens. Or use less risky/reward far standing C. Far standing C>C+D>okizeme is quite good too.

V1b - Defense

Whenever Ken’s banishing strike hits you, that round could be over if the player pulls out a 70% or more life gauge combo. The common way to lead into banishing strike combo is 2B>2B>236C+E>C+D+E. Therefore, avoid getting hit by 2B as best as you can. The good news is that Kenshiro won’t use 2B for direct offense without some set up like 2B>2B>2D>236A (Shin blocks it)>boost 2B. Thus, try to avoid blocking that 236A fireball and poke with 2B instead since it can go underneath the projectile, stops Ken’s boost 2B, and doesn’t fall for far standing D. If Ken pushes too hard with dash 2B, either 2B (farther range) or 623B (invincibility) can beat him.

Unless it’s in the corner, Shin should stand block FIRST most of time when he recovers from the air because Ken has to get very close to Shin to do 2B>2B(hit confirm)>236C+E>C+D+E, or the second 2B might miss. On the other hand, Ken would like to catch Shin while he is crouching with IAD B in situations like that, and 2B combo after will be guaranteed. Poke with standing A if the situation allows, otherwise stand block! If Ken doesn’t do IAD B right away, poke 2A to stop or at least clash with the possible IAD B and dash 2B. Standing A (clash) > 2C to anti IAD B, 2A > 2B for everything else.

When Shin falls in the corner, Ken players would most likely dash in for 2A>2B> IAD B/2B mix up. It’s humanly possible to block the string on reflex. The bad news is that Ken could use air 214A after IAD B in the corner, which leads to a damaging combo and it’s impossible to see it coming. Guard canceling after blocking IAD B is the key play here. You can throw Ken from recovery when air 214A is blocked though. Watch out for dash throw when you are constantly blocking. That leads to damaging combo too.

Do not underestimate those 236D loop combos, even though they don’t kill you before the second one ends, they dizzy Shin regularly after two combos. In addition, once Kenshiro could warp behind Shin after he performs Musou Tensei (236236B), think twice before you do predictable guard cancel when he is on the ground. Ken can do anything he wants after warping through guard cancel. Shin will not be able to turn around in time to defend. A BS combo from the back that often says game over. Again, don’t use guard cancel too much against Ken on the ground. He has 6B, 214A and 66 wrap to deal with it.

Ken’s 6A is an overhead, so your opponent might use it with 2B for low/mid mix up. But it’s quite slow and he yells “Ganzenryozanha!” very loud when he performs it. You should be able to block it on time even you are blind! When it hits, you might eat combo like 6A>E>c5D>f5D>236D>~. Don’t let that happen! Remember to crouch guard immediately after blocking 6A if Ken has boost gauge. Most likely he will boost cancel the move with a fast low attack such as 2B. It’s one of the fastest overhead > low attack in this game. Well, Ken can do 6A>E>6A>~ for two overhead in a row, make sure you can respond to that on time.

V1c - Okizeme

Ken’s Hokuto Jyoumoushouha (623C) has plenty of invincibility at start up. It beats most okizeme attempts wonderfully. There is a glitch in this move that Ken could cancel it with A+C+E during the third hit. Ken will do his grave shot in mid air floating opponent very high and making them unable to tech so he could hit opponent in the air with a close standing D (Yup, another ground move in the air) that leads to landing 236D then a 40% combo. That’s something you’d better watch out for this move when you try to put pressure on Ken in the corner. For okizeme Shin has command throw and 2B. It’s a solid hit/throw guessing game, and both kill all Ken’s best options: 623C, 214A, and 6 warp. Ken has no choice but guess right. Boost after Ken when his 623C whiffs. Often you can catch him from behind. Once Ken starts blocking, it’s time to throw your Basel’s Okizeme Dice!

V1d – Tidbits

When Shin dizzies, struggle it out as fast as you can! If Ken player performs B+D grab or “Tenha no Kamae” then banishing strike, Shin might be able to recover before he attacks if you struggle fast enough.

V1e – Conclusion

While Kenshiro’s combos are really hurt, he doesn’t have that many mix ups like Shin. Ken relies on anticipation and punishing opponent who have a predictable pattern. With far standing D, 623B, 623C, and warping all leading to combo, playing unpredictably is essential to defeat to Kenshiro. Don’t be tempted into reckless aggression. Ken is pretty good at getting out of pressure with damaging combo. Give some room for Ken to breathe, which means let him whiff some 623C or reversal, then run over him once he runs out of boost and aura gauge.

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V2 – Raoh (4:6)

Combo, combo and more combos! Raoh’s combo has developed a lot post SBO. Now Raoh can finish Shin with no boost in one combo. Although it’s not easy, it’s highly doable in human match. This is a tough match for Shin.

V2a – Offense

Shin can try to catch Raoh from jumping back and other attacks with 623B in the beginning of the round. You’d better have a boost to get away in case it gets blocked. Otherwise Raoh’s jump A is going to spell Shin’s death right after. I will suggest using far standing C. Far stand C > C+D > okizeme (IAD B cross up) > combo could be an easy win sometimes.

At mid range, Shin can poke with far standing C (often to prevent IAD attacks), standing A and 2B while looking out for Raoh’s far standing D, 2D, air 236C, IAD B that forcing Shin to be defensive. Try to avoid that because Raoh gets a lot of gauge from attacks Shin blocked. You might counter Raoh’s jump B with 623B if you have the reflexes. Now comes the tricky part, how to get close to Raoh? If you go for dash IAD B, you might run into Raoh’s grave shoot or jump B, Raoh’s normal jump B tends to meet Shin’s IAD B. Key move here is dash BOOST STANDING A! It catches Raoh from any kind of jumping and ground attacks as well. If he blocks you can chain it to 2B continue Shin’s offense. On hit you could do combos. Once you conditioned Raoh with this move, you can now force dash 2B/IAD B guessing game. Until then, you have to make sure Raoh reluctant to attack. Shin always loses in combo damage against Raoh. If you don’t have a boost or doesn’t want to use it, you could use dash jump A > JB> JD. JA will beat Raoh’s jump B while JB > JD> will beat Raoh’s ground attacks. Usually JA whiff > JB cross up is difficult to defend. It’s not fast plus Raoh could do 214214A in response. It’s still better than rushing into your graveyard. Once you force Raoh to block in close range, check out okizeme section for further details.

V2b – Defense

When you start blocking Raoh’s attack, check his gauge status constantly. For an aura gauge, Raoh could cancel his slow recovery moves like 623A, 623C, banishing strike, 2D and even 214A with 41236D. Don’t fall for them when you see your opponent whiff those moves to lure your attacks. With a boost gauge, Raoh’s mix-ups get a lot trickier. Beside his IAD B/D, dash 2B, and boost cancelable moves, pay attention to his 6B overhead. After you stand guard that kick, crouch block immediately because Raoh is going to do boost 2B since it’s a combo after 6B hit, the fastest mid > low mix up he has, and Raoh is still on the offense side when you blocked his 2B. Try to guard cancel as fast as you can. The situation gets ugly once Raoh gains full gauges, or starts to delay 2B or anticipates your guard cancel and meets it with his 623A. Sometimes you might stick out a random 2C when Raoh’s 2B pushed both sides far enough. It handles Raoh’s IAD B well here.

Whenever Shin gets hit by Raoh’s Kanzashi (air/ground, 214D), you are in serious trouble. If Raoh messes up the timing of 2A after stabbing the spike on the ground, you have to be careful not to fall into Kanzashi loop again because Raoh is really good at doing that. Shin should block most of the time because Raoh might delay attacks to disrupt guard cancel timing and other attacks easily. Although Raoh will gain plenty of gauge, it’s much better than falling into Kanzashi combo again, especially when Raoh can finish Shin with one combo nowadays. If you must guard cancel, you should try your luck on guard canceling for the first 2A. Because Raoh players will always try to connect 2A after the spike, they have to hit confirm the first 2A thus will not be able to react fast enough when it missed. Eventually Raoh will try 6B or heavy strike to break Shin’s defense. Watch out for them and beat those with 2B on reflex. It’s not too difficult to do this here because that’s the only thing Shin can do when the spike is there keeping both sides from jumping and throwing each other.

V2c – Okizeme

Shin has a difficult time putting pressure on Raoh, although he must do so because Raoh’s offense is too tough for Shin to handle. Understanding the flaws for every move is important. And mix up all the flow chart to prevent Raoh from catching your pattern. Here are you options for wake up games:

1) Standing A: It works well against Raoh’s 44 or Musou Tensei teleport because Shin can poke again to catch Raoh’s recovery. It loses to 623A.

2) IAD B: If it’s a cross up, Raoh must block it. Otherwise Shin is at a disadvantage if Raoh 44 dodges it. It kills 2A and crouching guard but loses to 214214A and 623A.

3) 2B: Shin could at least force Raoh to block if his 44 dodge the first one. It beats 623A with correct timing.


Generally Shin shouldn’t delay attack against Raoh because Raoh’s 2A is fast and beats delay attacks. After Raoh blocks 2A, you could do command throw/2B mix up. If you do this quickly enough your opponent usually won’t be able to pull upback to avoid the throw and continue to block the 2B. You could do the same with 2B, except it’s a bit slower and your opponent has more time to react.

Once Raoh blocks your attacks, here is your textbook flowchart:

1) Standing A/2B>2B>2D>236D>JB>JD: If Raoh blocks the whole thing you can continue to attack with 2B once you land. It looks like it’s a dead lock although Raoh can catch Shin with JA when he does 236D to upset the match. (Which is exactly what G.X. did in SBO to win against Tomono Shin)

2) Standing A/2B>2B>2D>C+D: Raoh can use 44 to dodge C+D on reaction then punish Shin. If Shin charges it, Raoh’s 2A could beat it easily. Use this only to catch opponents who do JA against Shin’s previous flowchart.

3) Standing A/2B>2B>far standing C>2D/C+D: This is what Shin should do when opponents get used to the above items. By adding a far standing C, it’s harder to see Shin’s following moves. You might have to worry Raoh’s teleport against far standing C, but then Raoh is gambling on you not doing 2D, dash command throw/2B, after 2B>2B.

4) Standing A/2B>2B>6A/6B: interesting option after you’ve conditioned Raoh with 2B>2B>2D. Although Raoh sees 6A/6B coming he could jab his way out. Most of time he has to block 2D. Most people will fall for 2B>2B>6A in the beginning because their reaction time hasn’t catch up. Once your opponent has formed the reaction to stand up blocking when Shin stands up doing 6A. It’s time to throw 6B, which Shin will stand up first too, into the mix to further confuse Raoh.

5) Standing A/2B>2B>dash 2B/IAD B/dash command throw: The best mix up Shin has. It could be very risky because when Raoh knows his options here he will gamble with an attack to upset the match. Based on my experience, when opponent is low on life and stars, command throw most likely will get jabbed. So use it only on rare occasion. With IAD B and dash 2B, the cycle goes like Shin’s IAD B > Raoh’s 2A > Shin’s dash 2B > Raoh’s A+C > Shin’s IAD B. Unless you are good at guessing game, risk reward ratio is in Raoh’s flavor if he attacks. But it’s simple and the reward is still great.

6) Standing A/2B>2B>2D>214D>EEE>JD: An eccentric invincible variation when you are desperate? It beats crouching attacks, dodges grave shoot, 214214A, JA. And an overhead attack doesn’t give away your initiative. You lose boost gauge here with less risk in return.

With these flowcharts, besides conditioning use, throw in some random mix ups to frustrate your opponent. Simply don’t following the same pattern. Raoh is beastly when he sees through your attacks, just like in the anime.

V2d – Tidbits

Remember Shin can do 2B>2D>623D>236C+D to Raoh. It’s not game breaking but it comes in handy when you desperately need to finish Raoh off without boost gauge and risking a command throw.

Raoh’s 214214A is unblockable in the air. People might use it as wake up move to beat Shin’s IAD attacks and it works well though Raoh is risking 40%+ life gauge if Shin catches it with a banishing strike combo.

V2e – Conclusion

Generally Shin has the advantage in the first round when Raoh has no gauge yet. 623B, banishing strike, 236D and command throw are risky in most situation. It’s difficult for Shin to kill Raoh within two combos but not the other way around. Once Raoh forces Shin to guard, he is threatening to gain back a lot gauges. Raoh could be difficult for Shin to beat. Play unpredictable all the time because there is no safe move against Raoh. Know your options so you don’t take unnecessary risk yet don’t fall into the same pattern.

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V3 – Toki (4.5:5.5)

Eating a jab in the corner, 50% off Shin’s energy gauge.

Getting countered by Toki’s 214A anywhere, 80% off Shin’s energy gauge.

Getting thrown by Toki around the corner, 70% off Shin’s energy gauge.

Being able to win despite the brokenness of Toki? Priceless!

Needless to say, Toki is the best “bug” character in this game. He doesn’t even need glitches to be the best, because Toki’s design is a giant glitch already! From 2A to IAD D, Ryubu teleport to throw, reversals to supers. Every move he has is god damn broken!

Alright, even with that overall bad impression of Toki, he is not that insane as you can see from top Toki players frequently losing to other characters. I am not saying he is weak; he is just not unbeatable yet. He might not have a bad match up, but there is no easy win for him either. Ameba (Toki’s imposter and E color in this game) strategy, (2A>2A>2D>623B) x n, could be used to scare the beginners away. Against experienced players, he’d better have more variations or he will simply lose.

V3a – Offense

At the beginning of the round, Shin’s 2B is good because it stops Toki’s 2D and teleports. You can gamble with 623B to catch Toki 2D or jumping too. Usually when 623B counter hit, you can do air dash B>land standing A>236C>A>236C>214C. That could be an easy –2 stars, nice chunk of damage and okizeme afterward. If you have boost, you might force Toki to guess between boost standing A, or boost 2B immediately as the round begin. Boost 2B kills many opposing moves like 2D, 2A, 214A(Anti 623A or boost A), while boost standing A stops Toki from jumping, anti 2B moves like 6B, 214B. Do combos whenever any of those hit and continue attacking when they are blocked or clash. From mid distance, Shin’s 2B simply stops Toki’s 2D and catches the pesky teleporting forward. If Toki tries to confuse you with combination of Ryubu teleport and high jumps, usually jump (A>) B> JC/D gets him pretty well. If JB>JC hits, 623B ends the combo in the center to set up Shin’s dash 2B/IAD B cross up okizeme, or do land 2A>2C>214C around the corner. If Toki blocks, end the chain with JD and continue with 2B when you land. 623B is great against opposing IAD D. And 214C is good against projectiles and normal jump D.

Usually Toki should be attacking because his moves are great only in offense. In case he turtles a bit, Shin should get closer to Toki with the typical IAD B and dash 2B. Back jump air dash forward is good too. You might try back jump boost JD. It could surprise Toki players quite a bit while the damaging Tomono combo is waiting for you to perform when it hits.

V3b – Defense

Defending is the difficult part against Toki because of his deadly Ryubu Prison. Against Ameba’s 2A>2A>2D>623B>2A trap, agility defend Toki’s 2D then 2B will easily interrupt. Unless Toki bust out 236236B you are safe. Therefore Toki have to diversify his moves:

1) 2A>2A>2D>623B: Shin can command grab Toki from warping toward.

2) 2A>2A>2D>623A>Jump D: Standing weak punch will defeat it.

3) 2A>2A>2C: Use aura guard to defend and 2C will miss.

4) 2A>2C or 2A>IAD D or 2A>2D: Block block and BLOCK!!! Ideally you could agility defend 2A then interrupt with 2B, agility defend 2D then attack back, or 2C against IAD D. In reality you can’t do all of them in once. The truth is even I don’t have any good idea how to deal with them. If Toki does something like 2A>IAD>236A>throw I will just go to hide in the bathroom and cry… Seriously my solution is to crouch block in this situation as oppose to as most people have suggested to standing block, which never worked for me. Trust your instinct, or focus your attention here. 2C when you feel IAD D coming and 2A/2B when the throw is coming. You don’t have to worry about 2B, 2A and teleport crap when your crouch block. Just wait until Toki tries to do some real damage with IAD D/throw and kill him instead. I know it’s far from optimal but this method is simple enough to get out of the prison and win me plenty of games. I hope one would offer me some good advice, or better options for this part. Oh well.

Once Shin is back to the wall, it’s going to be his nightmare because Toki’s throw combo consistently take away 70% of Shin’s life gauge. It’s so fast and meets Shin’s slow attacks all the time. Basically you can’t respond to throw by reflex. On the other hand, you still have to look out for Toki’s Ryubu Prison. Though 623B is less effective that Shin can actually do command grab Toki even without agility defense on 2D and it can’t switch sides, any hit leads to damaging corner combo. Between attack and throw, you have to make up your decision quick and attack as soon as you think throw is coming. You could try to jump straight up to dodge attack and throw in that situation. Try not to guard cancel in the corner often because Toki’s throw and delay attacks disrupt it very well.

Whenever Shin gets knocked down in the corner, Toki player might like to play jump>(air 236A>throw)/air D guessing game. It’s hard to deal with because Shin has no move to stop that air D from that angle! And that jump D could cross up too. Blocking it is a difficult task. Jump back and aura block or use 623B to get away seems to be Shin’s best options here.

V3c – Okizeme

Okizeme against Toki is quite simple with Shin. The key move is 2B. This kick stops all of Toki’s wake up super moves and others. Only Toki’s 214B could stop it. For that Shin has 2A, although it is weak against Toki’s 214A and super moves, consider the fact that you can do Tomono combo after 2A hits, and keep on pressure on guard, it worth the risk. When you see Toki is being defensive or trying to abuse reversal moves, use command throw here. Sometimes Toki players like to jump up to dodge attacks and throws, though 2B should get him, you may try jump A>B>D>land 2B to force Toki to block. It gets even better when Toki in knocked down in the center of the screen. Shin’s IAD B cross up work excellently on Toki. As long as you time it right, even Toki 214A reversal will whiff after it is successfully activated. It dodges Toki’s 236236B too. Even when Toki blocks, you can continue to attack with 2B. Of course, you could try to cross up again with IAD B. While Toki is struggling between crouch and reverse stand block, it’s your chance to command throw Toki! Basically Shin has a lot of tools to attack and break Toki’s defense with ease. The real problem comes from defending Toki’s attack.

V3d – Tidbits

Toki’s Hokuto Sairaken (214214C) is a big uppercut move that cannot be blocked in the air even you use aura guard. Watch it out sometimes. When you block it, only 2D is guaranteed to hit. Remember to do a combo after that.

V3e – Conclusion

Both sides are good at okizeme in the corner, although Toki is much more brutal. It’s not easy for Toki to reach to Shin, but he has a good chance to win once he gets Shin to block. Shin has to stop Toki before he start to beast around.

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V4 – Jagi (6.5:3.5)

Well, versus Shin could be a good match for Jagi. At least Jagi has better okizeme here in my opinion, which will be focused on in the defense section, though that’s obviously not enough. Still, Jagi will rather fight Shin than the big four (Toki, Raoh, Rei and Yuda) and another terrible match up: Thouther. Shin general has advantage against Jagi, although it’s not an easy fight.

V4a – Offense

Jagi does not have good pokes like Shin. It doesn’t take long to realize Shin IAD B, dash 2B are superior than Jagi’s. If Jagi does shotgun from far instance, you could sent it back with 214 C easily. From mid distance, you could use boost 2B to attack through. Watch out for gasoline on the floor, it slows Shin’s dashing forward. Abuse 623B here! Jagi doesn’t have any threats to punish it. Reward and risk are overwhelming in Shin’s flavor.

V4b – Defense

Once Jagi gets Shin to block, with help of some boost gauge, he could force some solid mid/low guessing. Something like 2B > 2369A > E > 2B is very difficult to defend. Situation becomes critical when Jagi mix up 2B, IAD B/D, air 236A and throw. If you can guard cancel, do it whenever you block Jagi’s jump attacks. That’s important when Shin is trapped in the corner. You want to avoid this guess game as much as possible. Don’t guard cancel the ground moves too often though. Jagi might use delayed 2C and 214C to disrupt it. Following his 2C counter hit, C+D combo is guaranteed. That could be really painful, watch out for that. When Shin blocks Jagi’s banishing strike, crouch defend for the coming boost cancel 2B. Jagi’s banish strike provides a huge chuck of boost gauge for him after being blocked. This encourages him to continue to attack with boost cancel. Watch out for Jagi’s grave shoot, it’s slow but it has range and is an overhead. If the Jagi player like to perform grave shoot twice, 214B after blocking the first one will go through the second grave shoot, and you could boost cancel for a combo if it hits and rush down if it’s blocked.

V4c – Okizeme

There is not much to cover here. In other words, do whatever you want! Throw the Basel dice you are good to go. Only Jagi’s 236236C has the invincibility to get out of Shin’s pressure. If you can nail him missing it by air dashing above it (not blocking though because Jagi could shorten his recovery by throwing out the needle at end of his super), attack him from the back for huge damage. Most of Jagi’s moves are either too slow or ineffective to deal with Shin’s 2B, IAD B/D and command throw.

V4d – Tidbits

Jagi has a faster recovery from crouching hit state. It means that Shin 2A/2B > close standing C > C+D doesn’t work on him when he is crouching. He will be able to block the standing C after 2A/2B hit. For that reason, Shin has to do 2B>2B>C+D+E against Jagi. Remember the difference between C+D+E combo and typical banishing strike combo I mentioned in my combo section. You have to watch for boost gauge to do the best combo in different conditions. Also Jagi uses his statue to block attacks from crouching. It will crack and break if he blocks too many attacks. Strong attacks crack the statue faster than weak ones. When it crumbles, it’s similar to guard break and Jagi will be unable to move for a short period. Unlike guard break, Jagi can spend 1/2 aura gauge to attack right away thus the effect is more similar to getting hit by heavy strike. Using Aura Guard doesn’t count towards breaking the statue though.

V4e – Conclusion

As long as Shin is not pinned down in the corner; he has the upper hand in this match up. It’s that simple.

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V6 – Rei (3.5:6.5)

The toughest character to beat. Quick movement, tons of good moves, and damaging combos. Shin is in passive state often because he doesn’t have moves against Rei in air battle yet Rei’s IAD B/D could easily confine Shin in any situation. Shin does have some solutions, but they are far from optimal.

V6a – Offense

Even though this section is supposed to focus on offense, Shin’s best offense against Rei is defense. This is not to suggest that Shin stand there waiting to guard. Instead, you have to do your best to preventing Rei from trampling on Shin first. Why couldn’t Shin take the beat down role? Shin’s air attacks lose to Rei’s ones from speed to range. Rei’s air B pretty much seals all of Shin’s options in the air. Rei’s 2B is shorter than Shin’s, but why would he bother to compete on the ground when his IAD B beats Shin’s 2B as well? Besides IAD attacks, Rei has far standing D to meet Shin’s 2B and banishing strike combo after that. As you can see, Shin cannot fight Rei in the air and his best ground move is highly vulnerable in this match up. Although Shin’s 2B is not that good for offense, it at least stops Rei’s dashing 2B so Rei has to jump in from mid distance in order get close. For that Shin has 623B, 214C and far standing C. It would be nice when 623B hit because of its damaging combo opportunity. Otherwise Rei has guaranteed close standing C combo unless Shin boost away. Shin’s far stand C is quite safe in comparison. When it hit Rei in the air, 214C will connect. (C+D is good too but it tend to miss) This is your chance to dash toward Rei for Okizeme! Sometimes, Rei players might fool around normal jump with air 236D armor and projectile from a distance. Shin should do 214C+E in this situation. 214C will deflect the projectiles and slice through the aura armor. If Rei does the move from mid distance, 623B can defeat that aura armor as well. When you see Rei charging up for his 236236C from not too far away, you may use B+D+E to grab him. Since that move has super armor, normal boost attacks cannot stop Rei. If Shin is close to Rei, you have 236236C to catch Rei from jumping up. Remember to punish Rei’s blocked 236C, 236C with boost 2A/2B. Other moves do not have the speed and range to hit Rei from recovery.

V6b – Defense

When you are trapped in Rei’s JD>2B>2D>IAD D prison, try to agility defend that JD then force command throw/(2A>2C>A+C) mix up on him. Ideally you could use 2A to clash with Rei’s JB (not JD) and standing A to knock out his JD. It’s hard to apply in a real match. Especially when the opposing A+C loop takes above 40% and banishing strike combo takes 60% ~ 80% life gauge. Any mistake could be lethal. If you happen to be trapped by close standing D>IAD B>close standing D>… Good luck! Rei is going to gain full gauges then break your guard with 2B or air 236D sooner or later. At the mean time, you can’t do anything but block! You could use guard cancel. The problem is that there is no safe way to guard cancel! On ground, Rei has 236C that counter guard cancel. 236C>C+D+E hurts! Rei’s air 623A beats guard cancel with combos after too. Okay, I might exaggerate the power of air 623A a bit. A friendly reminder from Nohoho: “Most Rei players are not so slick.” At any rate, choose your poison wisely if you are facing a good Rei player. While you struggling to defend mid and low, input 2A as soon as you foresee the throw. If 2A hits, you have a guaranteed banishing strike combo since Rei is getting close for the throw. If you blocked Rei’s 236D, boost do 2B to punish Rei from recovery on landing. After defending Rei’s air 2B, 623B right away especially if Rei is directly above you. If he doesn’t defend, it will hit him. When you are pinned down too hard, you might try 236236C against Rei’s IADB/2B in wake up. Until then block everything Rei throw at you as much as you can!

V6c – Okizeme

Rei have some options to get out of Shin’s okizeme, but not game upsetting like the Hokuto brothers. Knowing how to stop him from getting away is the important. 2B and command throw both beat Rei’s rising 623A/C as long as the distance is right. If he tries boost 623A/C to run away, 236236C and 214C will stop him pretty well. He might use 236236A though the recovery is quite bad. In addition, you can use 214214C to defeat Rei’s 236236A here. Once he is conditioned not to abuse 623A/C, Shin’s IAD B cross up could be another great tool to break his defense effectively. 2D >236D, B, D tend to meet Rei 623A/C, so you can abuse it here.

V6d – Tidbits

Rei has a slower hit recovery on crouching state. Shin can do 2C>C+D if it hit Rei from crouching state. It’s quite meaningless since Shin can do close standing C >C+D anyway.

V6e – Conclusion

Always remember Rei beats Shin in air. So don’t use jump attacks the way you play against other characters. He is far more dangerous than Toki and Raoh for Shin. Try hard to fend him away first. Once you knock him down, you will be able to put some serious pressure on him.

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V7 – Juda (5:5)

“It’s time of resourcefulness!”

Juda is the most interesting match for Shin. This is a competition of dexterity! The more resourceful you are, the better chance you will win the match up. Every move has its purpose and weakness. Doing the same move is no different than suicide for both sides. The more you know about Shin and Juda, the more solutions you will have in different situation. The possibilities are endless! I could barely give out a few basic tricks, you have to figure out everything else on your own.

V7a – Offense

Opening of the round Shin has far standing C and 214C. This first one only loses to 2D. The latter beats everything but charged banishing strike. If Juda uses boost 2A, Shin needs to do 2A to defeat it. Even 2B is not fast enough. Juda will usually wait a bit rather than attacking directly. Since Juda is good at countering Shin’s boost crouching attacks with far standing D > C+D, boost standing A is much better option here. Well, this is your chance to do 236C. Unless Juda crouches or does fireball, which is uncommon unless he wants to fall into Shin’s IAD attacks right away, he will either block or get hit. On counter hit, boost forward for a combo. On guard, Juda has to guess between Shin is going to do the follow up or not.

Against Juda from mid distance, getting close to Juda without killing yourself is the key. Shin has to restrict the use of instant air dash due to Juda’s raw banishing strike poke. It has phantom range, deceiving duration, meets Shin’s best moves such as IAD attacks and 2B, monstrous combo on hit, good recovery from distance and he can boost cancel to continue attacking. Juda has no reason to stop abusing this move unless you can 214214C on reaction. Once you catch Juda charging the move, Shin’s 214214C is definitely going to beat it with counter hit. That will be –3 stars and a huge chunk of life gauge. If you don’t have aura gauge, you’d better agility defend then use 2B/623B to stop Juda from attacking. When Juda is reluctant to poke with banishing strike, you can start using IAD attacks and beware Juda’s 623A counter hit. Rather than risking IAD, Shin should use normal jump forward a lot. Instead of doing the typical JA > JB > JC chain, Shin’s better uses aura defend so he won’t hit by Banishing strike, 623A, Supers, stand jabs, etc. Attack when Shin is about or after landing. Now you are getting close to Juda without killing yourself.

When Juda is busy setting all kind of traps, Shin’s 214B shines since it beats all them although you have to look out for Juda’s far stand D counter hit. Well, boost 214C works too and it’s less risky. If there is already a mine on the ground, Shin can use dash 2B to destroy it. Again, look out for Juda’s far standing D especially when he is standing two steps behind the mine. To deal with Dagar’s trickery (421B), the best solution is normal jump forward and aura guard. Shin will block Dagar in the air and get pushed back safely.

V7b – Defense

When you are trapped in the corner, you can be either killed by Taji trap (Mine setup>2D OTG>236B>charge banishing strike) or use guard cancel or supers. They require one aura gauge. One loses to delayed attacks like Juda’s charged banishing strike or heavy strike. The other leaves Shin vulnerable after Juda blocks. You might try 623B, but it loses to Juda’s Banishing Strike quite often. The problem is you have to look for the gap between 236B and banishing strike, which is really tiny in this situation. If you mess up and eat a raw banishing strike, there will be a lot of pain. Depending on whether Juda is going to charge banish strike or not, agility defend 236B, then 623B to counter hit charged banishing strike could turn the game around. On the other hand, when Juda abuses 2D (blocked) > 236B > Heavy Strike or charged Banishing Strike, you must be able to do 623B as soon as block that 2D. Until you have the ability to stop Juda abusing this unblockable trick,this is one of the most deadly pattern Juda has.

To get out of the dam rush, the best solution is to high jump to get away first. There are some exotic options like using 44 to dodge Comac then boost cancel 44 and command grab Juda, or agility defend Comac close then command grab, which is not guaranteed, or can boost boost B+D from a distance. Since Juda can’t do much against Shin high in the air. You can air dash to make sure Juda won’t catch you afterward. If you are unfortunately stuck in the flood, try to guard cancel the floating object to stop Juda’s heavy strike and charged banishing strike. Or you could use aura block and hope the flood pushes you away before Juda’s attack strikes you.

When you use guard cancel, it’s better to use it as soon as possible (Juda couldn’t have time to bait it) or after blocking a banishing strike because Juda often boost cancel it and cannot use 214B to counter Shin’s guard cancel. This is quite important because Juda’s combo after his 214B guard cancel Shin’s GC is lethal. Another thing is that learn to block Juda’s 6A by reflex. It’s too slow for fix up, though it has evasive property to meet low attacks, takes off 1 star on counter hit and he can combo afterward, which is the main reason Juda uses it for mix up even it’s slow.

V7c – Okizeme

There is not much I can offer here. The key is do not worry about Juda’s 214B GC trick. It’s only good when it catches your banishing strike, which you could always charge to make it unpredictable. 214B GC is quite ineffective against fast pokes. If he uses it against Shin’s IAD B/D, please do IAD B/D > 623B to disrupt his move. Another thing is that you might want to look out for Juda’s dam super because even you knock down both Comac and Juda after the activation, the flood will still be unleashed. If you block it as Juda’s rising attack, at least 214C or 623B counter hit Juda’s recovery then block the flood. Or you might try to exotic moves I mention before. For some reason Juda has a shorter dizzy meter than others! Therefore dizzy strategy mentioned previously is quite effective on him

V7d – Tidbits

Juda’s throws requires his helpers too. Normal throw requires full Comac’s gauge and B+D grab requires full Dagar’s gauge. Therefore don’t worry about Juda’s throw if his helper’s gauge is not full.

V7e – Conclusion

Even with two extra helpers Comac and Dagar, plus White’s “Banizume” combo, it’s still a 50/50 fair match. You just have to know what your options are.

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V8 – Thouther (5.5:4.5)

(Note, I don’t have enough experience in this match up, the only good Thouther player I played with is Gwyrgyn Blood’s back in last Otakon, it’s like 10 matches in two days. I can’t really come up with enough info especially with all the new Thouther trickeries and combos developed these days. Any tips for this match up are very welcomed. Thanks)

This match is somewhat similar to Rei. Once Thouther traps Shin in the corner, there is no way to break it without using aura gauge for guard cancel. In addition, the slow projectiles Thouther has are highly effective for okizeme on Shin. Despite Thouther’s incredible offense skill, he has same problem to get out of corner okizeme as well. His short guard meter and low stamina makes it even worse. Therefore this match up is quite one sided depends on who gets the initiative first.

V8a – Offense

When Thouther performs Nanto Bakuseiha (air 214A) high above the ground, use 214C to reflect it. If he does Bakuseiha is close to the ground, from a distance, Shin could jump air dash above the projectile. To prevent Thouther from jumping in, far standing C and 2C (clash)> C+D are good options. Catching jumping attacks with CH 623B will be rewarding, though you better be able to boost cancel if Thouther stand blocks it because he could punish it with standing C. Go for okizeme whenever you knock him down. Although Shin doesn’t often attack first due to Thouther’s powerful offensive moves, Shin has boost standing A for immediate offense when Thouther is on the ground.

V8b – Defense

623B is your best and only option in most situations. Whenever Shin is knocked down in the corner, using wake up 623B to get out of okizeme is quite effective. If there is a projectile approaching to Shin, agility defend it then 623B. That’s pretty much all you can do under Thouther’s assault. You should guard cancel as soon as you start blocking. Thouther needs gauges to continue his offense with boost cancel and gain back initiative from defending position with guard cancel. He will not be able to gain gauges easily if his moves are not blocked.

V8c – Okizeme

Thouther has two options to get out Shin’s okizeme, 2141236A and guard cancel. Without aura gauge, Thouther is in serious trouble if he is trapped in the corner, especially with that crappy guard gauge he has. Keep attacking to chip away his guard memter fast then killing him with one banishing strike combo during his guard break is usually the easiest way to win. If he has aura gauge, bait his guard cancel first then kill him afterward. Basically all the patterns that work on Raoh work on Thouther, except you don’t have to worry too about Thouther turning the match around with just guard cancel and 2141236A.

V8d – Tidbits

Not much to cover here. If you have a boost gauge, you might do heavy strike trickery with something like 2B>2B>2D>623D>far standing B OTG>A+B>~ Usually that could be 60% of Thouther’s life gauge plus okizeme opportunity.

V8e – Conclusion

Knock down -> Okizeme -> WIN.

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V9 – Mr. Heart (6.5:3.5)

Two heavy height class characters fighting each other, defense is really important! Both have stable damaging combos against each other. Both have great throws. Both have guard meters. You have to know the weakness of Mr. Heart’s moves in order to win.

V9a – Offense

Turtle! It’s time for Shin to stop poking moves like 2B and jabs since Mr. Heart cannot dash forward and his air dash is really short. If you want reach Mr. Heart just walk or dash forward and pull back immediately when Mr. Heart does Earth Crush. When Shin blocks his weak Earth Crush (214B), 623B is guaranteed to punish Mr. Heart. Besides Earth Crush, beware Mr.Heart’s 2A as well. It has range, speed, and simple combos like 2A>2A>214B>JC>236236A to take 50% life gauge away from Shin. Jump attacks are still in danger of countered by Earth Crush. Mr. Heart’s 623A/C and 214A stop Shin’s IAD attacks pretty well. Thus, other than high jump, jumping forward is generally not an ideal way to get close to Mr. Heart.

From a distance, Mr. Heart might try to do his super armor trick: Mr. Heart's jumping hard punch has one-hit super armor. He can store that super armor if he does the hard punch but lands from the jump before Mr. Heart goes into the punching animation. The simplest way to set this up is to do a backward instant air dash and press and hold the hard punch button until Mr. Heart lands. Now Mr. can boldly walk towards Shin and look for a combo starting with a standing weak punch.

Some variations:

1) If he has Shin the corner: instant air dash towards after an air throw or Heart's A super grab, hold hard punch before landing and absorb his wake-up attack while combo-ing off a weak punch.

2) The stored super armor beefs up a Heavy Strike (AB) -> Heart's A (236236A) set up.

3) Absorb a long range poke and hit with a weak Earth Crush.

4) Absorb an IAD attack and hit with standing weak punch.

Note that the super armor doesn't work against Heavy Strikes and special moves and goes away when you block a special move.

Against Mr. Heart trying to do super armor trick in the air from a distance, Shin’s 236C is the solution since it’s a multi hits special moves. It will hit him before he lands. If Mr. Heart jumps, Shin could use jump chains to disrupt him in the air. Sometimes the situation stalls when Shin is standing between Mr. Heart’s weak and strong Earth Crush cover area, a heavy strike might catch him from half screen away.

V9b – Defense

Basically it’s a solid guessing game. When Mr. Heart’s jump D blocked, he can play landing stand jab/B+D hit-throw option select. Although Mr. Heart’s B+D beats Shin’s 2B, Shin should attack most of time since B+D doesn’t do a lot of damage unless it’s in the corner.

(Check: Command grab beats both standing jab/B+D??)

When Shin is thrown to the corner after air throw and or Heart’s Ace (236236A), Mr. Heart often likes to do strong Earth Crush to force Shin to defend. If Shin has an aura gauge, you could use wake up 214214C to go through Earth Crush.

When Mr. Heart could do 236C+D, remember to use wake up 623B more. It’s a simple way to get out okizeme and doesn’t fall for 236C+D. Or you could use back jump aura guard to play safe. Just don’t get up crouch block and see Shin helplessly stuck when Mr. Heart stops the screen with his FKO move.

Against Mr. Heart’s 214214A, you could jump back air dash through the staves to be flashy or just stand aura defend. Remember to stand defend the second part which most people usually forget. If you are close to Mr. Heart, you might try B+D+E or 63214 E~A after blocking the first part to catch Mr. Heart from turtling on the ground.

V9c – Okizeme

Another fair guessing game here. Mr. Heart could do 236236A to counter Shin’s ground attacks and 623A/C to grab Shin from the air. Plus with his 214A it’s better to just step back a bit sometimes or do a heavy strike instead. Either way Mr. Heart is playing high-risk vs low/medium return. You should just go ahead and give it a shot. When Mr. Heart blocks, break his defense as soon as possible to avoid his 214A guard cancel. 2B > 6A/command throw/2B is good. Keep your attacks short and focusing on the mix-ups is the rule of thumb.

V8d – Tidbits

Due to Mr. Heart’s huge size, you could do some silly combo like JA>JB>JC>land>2A>c5C>C+D>6>2C>236C>c5A>236C>214C on standing opponent.

Bored? Here is why Mr. Heart is better than Shin in damage department

Mr. Heart can do these things:





V9e – Conclusion

For damage of course Mr. Heart is much better. Shin wins in knocking off stars and general offense. Shin is definitely at a great advantage if you know what you are doing. Just have fun with Mr. Heart; after all he is just da King’s pet? Don’t take this match too seriously.

:yaaay: :yaaay: :yaaay:

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VX – Mamiya (8:2)

It seems like as long as you are not facing Nax or Pochi Mamiya you should win with an overwhelming ratio. 623B is too much for Mamiya to handle. And the helmet bomb and arrow could be taken out by standing jab or crouching weak kick, or just send them back with 214C. Like Thouther, Mamiya’s low stamina and short guard meter are her major weaknesses. Shin’s attacks chip away her guard meter extremely fast if she doesn’t use aura guard. Without aura gauge, Shin’s max charged 214214C becomes guaranteed damage in okizeme. Not to mention that Mamiya is absolutely hopeless when Shin activates god mode (invincible glitch, check out next section) Poor Mamiya…

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