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BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

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Sprites, story portraits, and etc'd images can be found here in Circ's backup on Kuru's page.

Gallery rips from all the BB games and more can be found in Tigre's stickied thread here.

Sprite art and sprite art requests should be taken here instead.

And recolors and requests for such will be here in Tong's thread.

On a different front of art is literature, and if you ever wanted to be drowned in info, speculah, and side stories....
Most of BBCP's guts are in SirRouzel's thread here.

News of the now; lots of download links are deeeeead. I'll recover what I can, when I can.

This thread serves as a collection of all official art relating to the BlazBlue Universe, including the BlazBlue series and XBLAZE. BlazBlue Art will be in this post, and until I run out of characters (text), XBLAZE will be in the second post. 

Disclaimer: There may be higher quality versions of art present here. It will be added if I'm notified of it.

Art is sorted by the character(s) involved. Downloads are typically sorted by what sub-series they come from. Some images that can be found in the Gallery rips are still here due to being overlooked, this mainly applies to Birthday Images.

Thanks to all the translators, 'rippers', and clean-up crew who have helped to add to this thread.

:v:Miscellaneous Artwork:















Collapsed: Izayoi:















Hibiki Kohaku:


























Collapsed: Celica A. Mercury:





Collapsed: Group Images:

BlazBlue and XBLAZE Characters (and Sol): New Years
Academy Trio: Swimsuits
Academy Trio: Sumeragi CPEX  
Arakune and Litchi: Embrace
Arkaune and Jin: More Arakune-Food
Arakune, Makoto, Kokonoe, and Hazama: November Birthday Image 2013 (sume)

BlazBlue and XBLAZE Male Cast: Suits (SAMPLE)
Celica and Nine: Image by Mori (Dengeki)
Celica and Ragna: Action Posing
Celica and Ragna: Illustration Collection cover
Celica and Lambda from Famitsu
Dizzy, Elphelt, and Noel: Christmas Birthdays (sume)
Female Cast: Group Photo
Hakumen and Tsubaki: By Daisuke ishiwatari
Hazama and Noel: By Ayakura Juu
Series Heroines (improper image from Famitsu scan)

Hibiki and Noel: By sume
Important Cast: BB Live Stage Promo Art

Ragna & his Siblings: Bloodedge eXperience Promo
Jubei and Kokonoe: On a Couch
Mai (Remix Heart) and Ragna: Wallpaper
Main Trio: New Year's Celebration
Main Trio: Chronophantasma Wallpaper
Main Trio: Central Fiction Release (sume)
Makoto and Noel: Showering [nsfw]
Makoto and Noel: Swimsuits
Makoto and Tsubaki: Eating Ice Cream
Mu-12 and Noel: Black/White Outfits
Mu-12 and Nu-13: Looking at Viewer
Mu-12 and Nu-13: Swimsuits
Murakumo Units: Flowers and Censored Nudity
Murakumo Units: Chibi
Naoto, Noel, and Ragna: Central Fiction Ad (Dengeki)
Noel and Es (XBLAZE): Sittin'
Noel and Nu-13: On a Bed
Noel, Platinum, and Ragna: Festive Celebration
Noel and Rachel: Bunny Outfits
Noel and Rachel: Fancy Dresses
Noel and Rachel: Noel Hugging Rachel
Noel and Rachel: Rachel Lifting Noel's Dress
Noel and Rachel: Rachel Groping Noel's Breast
Noel and Rachel: Intoxicated Noel Groping Rachel's Breast
Noel and Rachel: Dressing up as Maids
Noel and Rachel: Noel Sleeping with Rachel
Noel and Rachel: Swimsuits
Noel and Rachel: Central Fiction Ad (Dengeki)
Noel and Tsubaki: Bath Towels
Noel and Tsubaki: Tsubaki Eating a Popsicle
Remix Heart Cast: Volume 3 Promo (sume)
Various Girls: Breast Comparison
Various Girls: Breast Comparison v2



Collapsed: Covers, Posters, Comics, and Misc.:
Covers, Posters, Comics, and Miscellaneous
Continuum Shift 360 Inner Jacket
Bluman Comic
Bluman Comic 2
Calamity Trigger PSP Poster
Continuum Shift JP LE Cover
Continuum Shift Poster
Extend Portable Promo Sample
"Hekira no Sora he Izanaedo" CD Cover
Continuum Shift Song Accord CD Cover
ig Magazine Image
Phase Shift 2 and 3 Cover Combo
BBCP Material Collection Cover
BBCP Material Collection Cover (Digital)
Continuum Shift Novel Cover
Remix Heart Volume 1 Cover
Remix Heart Volume 2 Cover

Remix Heart Volume 3 Cover

Remix Heart Volume 4 Cover

Remix Heart Cover
BlazBlue Comic Cover
BBCP Trophy Icons
BBCP Story Maniacs Cover
BBCP Song Impression CD Cover
Alter Memory OST CD Cover
Remix Heart Bonus 1
Remix Heart Bonus 2
Remix Heart Bonus 3
Remix Heart Bonus 4
Remix Heart Bonus 5
BBCP Vita Cover

Bloodedge EXperience Cover



Collapsed: Odds and Ends:










Collapsed: Remix Heart:



Collapsed: Bloodedge eXperience:


Alter Memory:

BlazBlue: Alter Memory
BBAM End Card Illustrations






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Awesome job Chao. Finally a nice listing for people to get their goods. :D

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Did anyone grabbed the birthday art for Nu and Bang from the official site?, for some reason they won't show for me.

Well they still aren't working for me, so I assume the error is for everyone. Guess they haven't noticed or for some reason don't care to fix it.

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Maybe they're just out of office because of the holidays and have no way to fix it.

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This is totally not late. >_> <_<

Chimelical Complex Chapter 12 (English)




As always, you can thank Zephyr for the translation. :D Also! Thanks for compiling the last thread! It looks awesome.

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Arigato gozaimasu Emma and Zephyr

And good idea to compile all the downloads in this way, Im a BB collectionist so, Im happy to see all downloads in one post in order

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I feel like Mu, along with the other Murakumo sisters, is one of those characters that always seems to get really good birthday pictures

/not complaining~ I love it. Happy Birthday destroyer of worlds <3

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I share Mori's interest it seems, I love Mu's character design more than Noel's. She reminds me of Dizzy, which is my favorite character in Guilty Gear.

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