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[CSE] Jin vs Platinum

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The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Your j.C beats her j.C in terms of speed and range, use it and abuse it as an air-to-air. Her 5B at max range beats anything you throw at her, your best bet here is to just block. Her 2B low profiles under your j.C and can hurt you because of its range so don't abuse that as a jump-in too much. Use 2D with caution but if it lands, hit or block, you're in. Her Cat Hammer works rather well here, she can use it to punish whiffed pokes and is fast enough to stuff your pokes.

She can use Mystique Momo and the bombs as anti-air so be careful when you're high off the ground. Watch out for random Heart Cars if she has the meter and/or if you have your back against the corner. She can use her pogo stick (Air Persia) to jump over projectiles thanks to its projectile invul properties so be on the look out for that when using 2D/5D.

Ice Swords work rather well in this match. Your j.C and Ice Swords can pop her bubble with ease if she dares to use it. If she does Mystique Momo Missiles (214D) then super double jump over them, super jump Ice Car D if you wanna burn meter and don't want to deal with it at all, or use Ice Wave on reaction if you have the meter. Use your best judgment against her bombs as those can be controlled now, Ice Wave makes them obsolete outside of oki though.

Medium Range: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Your max range 5C beats most of her mid-range normals but her dashing 5A can stuff your 5C. Your 2A works pretty well as a poke here. Her 6A rapes your jump-ins at this range.

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs Her Tools

Her 5A just rapes you at this range. Try to avoid being at this range unless you're the one pressuring.


Your Offense:

The match might as well be over the moment you start your pressure. She has no reversals outside of the bat and CDT. Abuse 2A x n and 2A stagger pressure, 5B > 2A x n, 5B > 2C/2B > delayed 5C frame traps, 5C > 2D if you get pushed out by barrier/IB barrier. You want your pressure to be air tight, don't give her a chance to jump out and make sure you use frame trap strings from time to time. Hell I'd go as far as not using throws just to not let her out of your pressure. If you see that she has the meter for a CA, bait it by using jump cancels in your strings.

Her Offense:

Her 5A pressure is pretty scary since 5A is +1 on block and all she has to do is dash back in to continue her pressure. She can also use 6B (like +12 on block if done at max rannge) and JC > j.2C > Swallow to reset pressure when she gets pushed out a bit so pay attention. If she's JC'ing to reset pressure then look out for Swallow > j.C if she still hasn't used Swallow once before, that shit hurts. Never, EVER try to roll out of the corner after 236B or else you'll get caught by Bubble oki and eat a 4K+ meterless combo. She can also squeeze under you with her 2A if you neutral tech for a cross-up.

She can use the Cat Hammer as an instant overhead, which means that she can do long range high/low mix-ups with Cat Hammer/2B and 3C.

Watch out for frying pan instant overheads. The frying pan instant overhead is punishable by 5B on block(?). The big ass fan (super frying pan) is positive on block(?) so don't try and push buttons if you block it. Remember that her hammer breaks two primers, the super hammer breaks three and creates an unblockable quake effect, and she can use both for IAD cross-ups. So if she has the hammer and you're down to two or three primers, then you better hold that barrier.


Your Defense:

Your 5A/5B and jumps blow up TK Swallow mix-ups if they're not used during her 5A pressure. Use that with caution as she has an answer to both of those options. Use DPs with meter to RC just don't be too predictable. IB barrier is your best choice against her 5A pressure, just be careful when you jump out/back dash.

Her Defense:

lol what defense? Pay attention to her meter because a CA is one of her few options for getting out of pressure. The bat is laughably easy to bait since its vertical reach is non-existent, a simple jump is enough to bait it and it doesn't help that there's a sign that lingers over her which reads "Herp, I DP nao". She can use that to her advantage though, jump canceling in pressure leaves a hole in your offense which she can use to escape. She also has the option of IB > backdash and IB > barrier but if your pressure is as tight as it should be and you're not being auto-pilot, then you should be able to deal with that accordingly.

Gimmicks and Resets

The Quake (Super Hammer equipped/unblockable setup) - She'll most likely set this up after she knocks you down, if she has the bombs or missiles equipped then she'll do Mystique Momo > Item Install (Hammer) > Quake as oki. If she doesn't have the bombs or missiles then she'll just do Bubble + Quake as oki. There's probably better ways to do this but I'm unaware of those ways at the moment.

Swallow Moon > mid-combo mix-up resets - I hope your reactions are good because she can reset those j.C > j.2C combos with Swallow Moon > j.B/j.C/2A/2B/Throw. She'll most likely do this if she's mid-screen and she starts off the combo with 5A, 2A, 5C, 5B (close), j.B, j.C, and j.2C.

Command throw into random floating Bubble - if you're under pressure and you see a Bubble floating above or behind you, then chances are that Plat is going to command throw you into it for massive damage. Be ready to jump out.

Match Summary

Jin seems like he still has a slight advantage over Plat, nothing like in CSII though. That and Platinum's buffs will not make this match as easy as before. Ice Blades, j.C, and reaction Ice Wave at long range, 5C and 2A at mid-range, and try to avoid close quarters combat with her. Be careful of random Heart Cars if she has meter and you're near the corner. The match is yours once you get in and begin your pressure, it's all about conditioning her to act like you want her to act.

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if she hits you with any of the following pokes, 5A, 5B (close range), 2A, j.C, j.2C, she can start the Perorin Loop and from there it's a guessing game, guess wrong, you're gonna get resetted or knocked to the corner where Plat can do some serious damage.

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5C works if you can punish something that's punishable at 10+ frames with 5C and you're nowhere near the corner and have no meter. I actually see 5C landing more often at that range than 5B but that's just me. I'd say that 5B shouldn't really be used at that range but then again it works as a frame trap going from 5A to 5B. Thanks for the feedback though, I'll add this to Mami Swallow resets section.

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You know she can just Air Persia Jin's projectiles right? That's another thing that you should add, oh yeah and thanks to the changes to barrier, She doesn't need CA or Bat to get out, she just needs to IB Barrier or hell, just regular barrier sparingly. This match-up slightly in her favor thanks to her buffs, system changes and Jin's nerfs (no more stupid LOL j.B). Don't get me wrong though, the match-up is still annoying for Plat.

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