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Death Star

Thouther thread

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-i'm reposting what i find to be the most useful parts of this lost thread.. credits to the original posters-

Dr. Stormlocke 02-17-2006 09:08 AM


Thouther thread.

Move list, names are taken from Nohoho/Superking(obligatory props for their guides).

And you're better off reading Superking's guide on Guardcrush.net


Weak Punch = A

Weak Kick = B

Strong Punch = C

Strong Kick = D

Boost = E


Kyokusei Jyuji Shohafu: 214 + A

Ground cross/fireball that hits twice, has a pretty long duration, good to use when they're waking up, or in conjunction with the air variety for a somewhat-acceptable defense game.

Nanto Bakuseiha: 214 + A (In the air)

Air cross. Good for pressure and leads into some nice combos. Two hits if close, first is spreading of arms summoning the cross (which has to be blocked high), second is the projectile itself.

Holy Spear: 623 + A or C

Generic Anti-Air, is thrown at a 45 degree angle. Punch used adjusts angle to some degree.

Counterhit spears takes a star.

Kyokusei Jyuji Ken: 236 + A, B, C, or D.

Series of attacks kinda similar to Rolento's baton twirl. 236 + D is an overhead, while 236 + B is a low. If you start out with 236 + A, you can chain into 236 + C, and finally end with 236 + D. This seems like one of his bread and butters. 236 + A, 236 + B, 236 + D also is viable, however it does not chain.


Housho Jyujihou: 214 41236 + A

Thouther jumps up and sprouts wings, phoenix style, and descends down at a diagonal angle. I don't find it terribly useful for now. If you are in this air and do this super, you will only do the descent part.

Houou Kotou Kaiten/Speed Up/Magneto Mode: 214 214 + C

You move faster, and your Kyokusei moves become more powerful and hit around 4-5 times. You also toss spears very, very, fast.

Seitei Jyuji Ryou/Pyramid Drop: 236 236 + C (623 + C to throw spear near the start of the super.)

Pyramid falls on opponent and they are riddled with arrows, pyramid then collapses ontop of them. Somewhat slow. Must be blocked high. I've found it sorta useful in fireball wars though. You can enter the other command at the start of the super then he will toss a spear, taking another star from them, this takes additional super however.

FATAL KO/Tenshou Jyujihou: 236 + C + D

Souther does a Guile style flashkick and then launches a phoenix at opponent. If they don't block the phoenix they are 'destroyed'. If you connect with the flashkick, sit back and start humming the music.

Other Important Moves:

A + C: Launcher. A fast kick that launches opponent up, hold up to follow them and continue the combo.

6C + D: (While Blocking) Alpha Counter, a roundhouse, takes a stock of super. Essential.

6A: Overhead, pretty small range.

C + D: A powerful attack that knocks your opponent back against the wall, hold forward to follow. Standing roundhouse type kick.

A + B: Unblockable attack, you can hold it down to make the move come out slower. They lose one of their stars and are staggered if it hits.

Combos: (Thanks to Gwyrgyn Blood!)


Combos in the vid are...

1) 2B 2B AC, > jc.C 214A 6 |> AC > jc.A 214A

2) 2B 2B AC, > jc.C 214A 6 |> C CDE

3) 2147A |> AC, > jc.C 214A |> C 62369C, A C 2147A

4) 2B 2B AC, > jc.C 214A |> AC > jc.A 214A

5) 2B 2B 236A 236C CDE 6, AC 2147A |> 66 AC 2147A

6) CD 6, C 2C D 236A E, 2C*15 5C 2141236A

7) AB CDE 6, C 2C 236A, C 623A, (66 C 623A) * 3, 66 AC 2147A

General Strategy/Gameplan/Combos:

I usually start off by summoning the crosses, first an air one, then ground, since the ground one takes a little while to get out. From there see if they are dash happy and start chucking spears. Dash in and poke with 2B. If I connect with a 2b this is the combo I do:

2B 2B, Launcher (A + C) Hold up, Jumping C, Nanto Bakuseiha Aircross, Jumping A, Double Jump, Jumping A, Nanto Bakuseiha Aircross.

The only weird part is setting up for the second cross to hit, I don't think it works on all characters. You can also use the Housho Jyujihou Super as an ender to the combo. If they have no stars and can be FATAL KO'D, you can do Thouther's FATAL KO after this first aircross and it should combo FTW! I pulled this off today and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here's a vid of it: http://members.cox.net/izcer/Thouther%20Fatal%20KO.WMV

Once you get them in the corner, airdash down toward them, do a jumping C and then launch an aircross. If they get hit with that, land and try to go for the combo listed above.

Pressure Strings:

Continue to poke with 2B, 2B and then 236 + A. Wait, do 236 + A again. IAD into Jumping C then aircross~aircombo. Anytime you poke with 2B you have many options available to you, you can poke once then try to go for an 6A overhead, or 2B into groundcross. Once they get used to blocking low, summon a groundcross and do 6AB unblockable attack or jump up and then aircross and continue pressure OR when the groundcross is out do 236+D which is an overhead. 2B, 2B, hesitate, spear also sometimes tags jumpers, and you can boost it into a continued pressure string if it whiffs. The problem is maintaining momentum and not getting alpha countered. Slow down pokes with with 2B and try to bait a counter.


Boosting Thouther's crosses, while taking a decent amount away from your meter, has been adding alot to my game. Generally I will do an aircross low to the ground, boostcancel it, land and poke with 2B into whatever. It's kinda like Millia's Tandem Top. You can also do one higher up in the air and try to boost to the otherside. If after the boost they get hit by the aircross, jump back up, do a few hits like j.b, j.a, j.c aircross. If you have them cornered, knockdown into ground cross, boost cancel, IAD, j.c, air cross, land combo. After repeated uses of this string, do the same thing except DO NOT make an air cross, instead land and do a low into whatever. Odds are your opponent will continue blocking high, anticipating the Nanto Bakuseiha, and your low will connect.

If you get them block 236A, start doing 236D(overhead). As the move begins to put Souther up in the air, boost cancel it before it hits, and go for a low. You can also boost cancel your 236D if they block and throw out an air cross.


If Thouther is getting rushed down himself, it's time to use that super meter for your Alpha Counter. Yes, get used to it, since he takes damage like a bitch, and has a guard meter most of the time, you will need to spend most of your super getting them the eff off you.

You can also try to turtle with Thouther, though this is not highly recommended. After an Alpha counter, setup with an aircross, ground cross, spear toss repeat in a random order. Be prepared to be nailed with fireball supers among other things while doing this though.

Other Videos:

HnK DVD compilation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVqnz91SbxQ

Thouther Normal Moves Frame Data: (Thanks to tianyuan2k4!)


c = close

f = far

5 = standing/neutral

2 = crouching

F= frame

Exec = execution

Dur = duration

Rec = recovery

Adv/Dis = Advantage/Disadvantage

FV = Faint Value



Exec Dur Rec Adv/Dis FV Etc

c5A 5F 4F 8F -3F 4

f5A 5F 4F 4F +3F 5

2A 7F 2F 4F +5F 5

6A 25F 2F 16F -2F 7 Overhead, CH –1 star

c5B 4F 4F 8F -1F 5 4F! One of the fastest normal move on ground

f5B 7F 2F 12F -3F 5

2B 6F 3F 4F +4F 5 Hit low

6B 29F 4F 15F -1F 7 Hit low, can auto boost on hit

c5C 10F 2F 20F -9F 6

f5C 9F 2F 12F -5F 6

2C 9F 2F 12F -1F 6

c5D 10F 4F 24F -11F 7

f5D 8F 2F 24F -10F 7

2D 12F 3F 12F +1F 7 Hit low

JA 5F 6F 8F -- 5 Overhead

JB 8F 6F 4F -- 6 Overhead

JC 11F 12F 16F -- 7 Overhead

JD 15F 6F 10F -- 7 Overhead

Throw 4F 4F 20F -- 8 unblockable

B+D 9F 4F 4F -- 8×2 unblockable

A+C 9F 4F 12F +3F 8

A+B 41F 4F 18F -- 7 unblockable, -1 star

C+D 18~33F 4F 20F -8F 7 - 1 star

maxC+D 34~38F 4F 20F -8F 7 - 1 star


Anyway, this is a work in progress as I and others get more playtime with the game, I hope some of the stuff listed here can help people. Feel free to add anything to it via posts.

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Gwyrgyn Blood 09-19-2006 08:49 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally Posted by Demon Dash Seen... Can he do anything decent afterwards? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes. -3 stars in the corner, -2 at mid screen. Combo into IK anywhere. It's pretty much his staple combo when he doesn't have Boost bar, because he doesn't really have any better options. Worthless to do 2B 2B 236A 236C 236D ... it doesn't knock down... so what you do instead is: 2B 2B A+C (Delay), > j.C 214A |> A+C > j.A B 214A (this is the one I use) (Corner) 2B 2B A+C (Delay), > j.C 214A |> C 6238A, C 2147A (Hard, gotta JI the moves, not TK) 2B 2B A+C (Delay), > j.C 214A |> C, 236C+D (duun dun duuuuun) terrybogard 10-24-2006 06:39 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Played some thouther a while ago. Just managed to do his spear loop in one of the vids TY uploaded on youtube. Not really that helpful in a high level vs human match, but its really fun to see thouther laughs as he spears the opponent repeatedly, not to mention its also easy to do (you guys should try it). Did I say its fun? Haha. Basically, it just goes: CD, 6, 2C, 2C, 236 A, far C, 623 A, [66, far C, 623 A]*4... anything afterwards. FKO possible, but you need to reduce the number of spear loops done or you'll need an extra boost to make it hit. (you can't do this if you start the combo from his 2B, 236 A, 236 C, CDE combo) My favorite would be doing his [AC, 2147 A] after the 3rd spear loop for a -2 star total. Haven't tried for a 2nd [AC, 2147 A] for a -3 star combo. I'll check that out later. And because of this experiment, I just found out thouther's banishing strike is really good. It has one of the best ranged banishing strikes in the game. Not to mention its really fast when it comes out. I also tried that 2C*N combo. It seems to only work for Rei(Or its easier on Rei, correct me if I'm wrong). I've managed to do it to Mamiya and Shin, but after the 2nd 2C, they bounce the other way already. So I'm assuming it only works on Rei. I manage to get 22 hits on Rei before he started to bounce to the other screen. I was laughing my ass off coz it did around 70% when I just caught him with a banishing strike while he was air dashing. :D

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tianyuan2k4 11-28-2006 04:12 PM








tianyuan2k4 11-29-2006 02:39 PM


You are talking about 0:48 I think.

The command is:

2B > close stand D > jump cancel J.D > jump cancel again JA, JC > 214A > land, stand A, close stand C, far stand C > A+C > 2147A

Then he boost forward and jump back. I wonder he did it by accident cause it doesnt make any sense.

He used j.D after close stand D because you could jump cancel j.D not J.C. I am going to test that close stand D is jump D cancelable on block today. If you could do that it will be very good because on hit you get a combo, on block you have a guessing game.

Remember, J.D jump cancel (NOT FOR COMBO!!) is very powerful. Nohoho translated its tricks from Arcadia in the early pages in Odds and Ends thread.

Something like J.D > 8 J.B > J.C > air 214A is brutal because you could always sneak a 2B after J.D, J.B or J.C when opponent begin stand block often. The timing to cancel J.D into J.B is a bit strict BUT it's delayed so you have time to do hit confirm here. If you doing it right it will look like you chained J.D > J.B > J.C, scary right?

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terrybogard 04-05-2007 10:47 PM


Yeah, I noticed that too. Thats why I used Hige's corner combo and just modified it. I just like how thouther's super manages to hit all 5 hits even if he's already near ground.


Its more of a "flash" combo, but the damage dealt by the last super deals quite some damage. I wasn't expecting this combo to deal more than 50% damage, but it actually dealt around 60%. Also, this combo is easier done on Shin and Heart. For the rest, they require stricter timing. I can't seem to do this combo against Toki and Mamiya.

terrybogard 04-07-2007 09:07 AM



Well, I don't usually poke with souther. I rush like hell and combine hi-low mind games when using him. But my main arsenal when initiating an attack would be his 2B. It comes out pretty fast and beats some characters 2Bs.



Originally Posted by Fasty_McNasty (Post 126268)


In order to do Souther's midscreen relaunching combos, does the second hit of the 214A have to be delayed? Cause on some characters, both hits hit instantly, and i can never land fast enough. Can you just not do these combos on those characters?


Yes, air 214 A needs to hit then when souther is landing already. I'm sure souther can do the relaunch combos on anyone, some characters have different timing. For example, Raoh has a bigger hit box when you launch him, so usually, air 214 A hits him twice instantly. To delay the 2nd hit of 214 A, you just need to delay your jump follow a bit more than usual.

Here's a sample. Against ken, after you hit him with AC, you can delay the jump follow up C after lets say half a second. Against raoh, to delay the bakuseiha hit, you need to delay the jump follow up C after a second instead of your usual half a second. I hope that makes sense...

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Heya, all! I was just messing around with Zow-Zah! last night in practice, against Shin. Anyways, I was doing CD variations and found a rather nice one! CD > 6 > 2C*2 > c.5D > j.c. > JB > JC > 214A > JB > JC 214A (2 hits) > AB. You can substitute c.5C > f.5C for the 2C*2, but it's more difficult. It's rather timing/bounce specific, but it has the very nice attribute of tagging AB on the end... which kills the blue regen - giving you a clean, unhealable 40+ damage, 2 Star combo. :yaaay: Dunno if it's character specific, and it probably needs adjusting on other characters but hey - it'll definitely freak out anyone who expects to be able to possibly heal up if they escape the corner. :keke:

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The unhealable part is nice, but I think the thing is that if you score a CD you should really be getting 50%+ damage and 3 stars for your trouble. Scoops loop or spear loop or j.B loop or whatever will score you a crapload of damage for little effort. :I

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I forgot to put the second loop part into my combo, lol - fixed it. It is actually 55+ damage - including blue - with no TKs, no extra boost, no aura, and a knockdown in the corner. Fairly easy for the results. What would you do instead, GB?

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you didn't ask me but i'll tr to answer anyway :p after a raw C+D on Shin, i'd do: C+D6, 2C,D,D,236A, (66C,623A)*3, 66 A+C, 8214A (2 hits = 3 stars total) it's 60% damage, no blue left, no boost & no aura required. what's more is, if you get spacing and timing right, shin will still bounce after the second hit, leaving space for an additional hit and/or whatever okizeme you prefer. damage listed is 70 (64 blue); 15 strikes the practice mode doesn't add the wall bounce damage to the total, but otherwise i still think it's reliable. if each wallbounce is worth 3 points of damage (just a momentary estimate), that would mean 115 (109 blue) damage. there are many variations (more reliable/better wakes). if you don't hit C+D raw, you need to cut the number of spear loops. if you start with C+D6 cC 2369A (into spear loops) you won't need the air214A to hit twice at the end. the hard part is that cC requires specific distances (or manual boost). another funny, very easy combo is C+D6, 2C,214A, 2C,214A, 66A+C(not too fast), 8214A (2 hits), 662C, 214A. the last 2C will still wal bounce, but 214A won't hit.. it will stay there for wakes. 3 stars, 65(57 blue), 11hits, which probably means 98 (90 blue). your combo is around 40% damage, and 2 stars. it's listed ad 60 (45 blue) damage, 12 hits, which would mean 84 (69 blue). i think it's stilish ;), but there are more effective alternatives. if you want to keep this one, it could be improved by finishing with (66A+C, 8214A) instead of A+C. 1 more star and a bit more damage. last thing is, if you aren't too far from the wall, even C+D6, 2C,D,D,236A,E, 2C*16 etc doesn't require additional boost.

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Yeah DeathStar beat me to it. Although some times I will mixup Spear loop into j.B loop instead for fun, as they do almost identical damage. Scoops loop (witch is the 2C*16 loop) is really easy to do once you know how, gets really good damage, and it IS possible to continue on with it if you know how, but it's hard.

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Death Star, Gwyrgyn Blood: Many thanks guys! I appreciate all of your advice. :) I'm a Shin player normally, but have been expanding my horizons. I played around with Ken, Toki, and Rei, but didn't really like any of them as much as Shin (Ken is kind of fun though - I love to whore that IAD loop, and Fist-Canceling into it is quite satisfying), but I've been really digging Thouther. :keke:

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there are many variations (more reliable/better wakes).

if you don't hit C+D raw, you need to cut the number of spear loops.

Not only the number of reps for spear loop but the hits before 236A as well, for 2hits into CD you should do something like CD6 > 2C > cD > 236A (fC 623A 66) x 2 > AC 214A, for 3hits remove cD and above 3hits before CD forget about spear loop, actually even for 3 hits i think it's better to do only one spear and then go into (AC 2147A) x 2 as it's way more stable.

if you start with C+D6 cC 2369A (into spear loops) you won't need the air214A to hit twice at the end. the hard part is that cC requires specific distances (or manual boost).

Note that cC 2369A star removal is ps2 only, good to know if you happen to play at an arcade.

Scoops loop (witch is the 2C*16 loop) is really easy to do once you know how, gets really good damage, and it IS possible to continue on with it if you know how, but it's hard.

With two boost at start you can do 2C x 13-15 > 623A > dash > CDE~E~5B > cC > 6239A~E (that'll make you switch side) > 5A > cC 2148A or TK 2141236A, 3 star and 85-90% damage. If this won't kill, with one aura it can be interesting to 214214C at the end for nice okizeme.

En easy version version with very little less damage and still 3 star (but one aura required) is after CDE, do E~5B > cC > jA > jB > j2141236A.

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