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The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

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Welcome to The Illinois Thread, if you want to find matches offline or you want to find some quick online matches with someone nearby for a good connection, this is the place to do it! Post up and tell us what games you're into. This way we can get more people involved, increase the skills of our local players and get some good games going with people in our local area.

There is a Player Roster below (Currently in progress) and it informs of of who plays what and where their general location is. This way you can make your own meet ups for whatever game you want to play or getting others involved in the game you play if they're interested. We have plenty of established venues here in Chicago, to obtain information, click on the link of the name of the venue and you can gain more info on the location:


Ignite Network Gaming Lounge:
Address: 3341 N. Elston Ave
Accessible via #77 Belmont and #52 California CTA bus routes.


Casuals are hosted every Monday Nights from 6PM - 2AM. Free parking lot and a lot of street parking available. Price: $10 Venue Fee ($5 venue fee if you bring a console). Show up, play and level up with the scene as we all get into the games we love to play!

There are also End of the Month Tournaments held, venue is cut down to $5 entry and tournaments are $5 per game. You can find more details in the Chicago Fighting Game Community Facebook Group. *Ignite Gaming Lounge Stream Link*

Galloping Ghost Arcade

Address: 9415 Ogden Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513
Accessible via Aurora METRA, Stop is on Brookfield (1/3 Mile away from the venue)

Casuals will be hosted on Friday nights at and is open from 6PM - 2AM. If you're looking for some Under Night, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Persona 4 Arena and KOF, this is the venue to go to for those games. *GGA - Stream Link*

Venue fee is $5 and all tournaments are free to enter. Casuals start at 6PM-9PM, Tournaments start from 9PM-2AM. Tournaments are ran on a battle series circuit and points are awarded to Top 8 placement. At the end of the season, a reward is given to the series leader.
Chicago Anime House Meetups
6 Blocks away from the Sheridan Red Line Stop
(Address will be given via DM)
We know everyone cannot make Monday or Friday nights due to personal schedules, however, we do meet up in Uptown Chicago; a few blocks from the Sheridan Red Line Stop, to play games on Saturday and/or Sunday. When a gathering is planned, it will be posted here, contact me here on Dustloop or via twitter @ShinSyn and I will DM you the address. *ShinSyn - Stream Link*

Chicago's Fighting Game Community Facebook Page

Don't think the forums are the only way to socialize and get some games in, The Chicago's FGC has it's own Facebook page, hit it up, chat and make arrangements with others to get yourself known and comfortable with many others that play fighting games! If you can't find rides to events, hit up the FB page and see if anyone is willing to help out. It's worked for others trying to get out so use it to your advantage to come out an hang with the group.

Chicago Guilty Gear Facebook Group

Not only do we have a Chicago FGC group, as of late, a lot of people have been focused on Guilty Gear so there is a group for that. The Chicago Guilty Gear Facebook Group! So, if you're interested in hitting this up, put in a request to join and one of the admin will approve the request!


*Upcoming Events*




Illinois Player Roster

Dustloop: ShinSyn
  • Name: Chris J.
  • Twitter: @ShinSyn
  • Twitch: MrShinSyn
  • YouTube: MrShinSyn
  • Location: Buena Park - Chicago
  • Transportation: Public Transportation (I also offer gas money to those willing to drive me places)
  • PSN/XBL: ShinSyn/ShinSyn
  • P4A: :ballYUK:
  • GG: :CHP:
  • UNiEL: :UNI_BY:

Dustloop: Kobayashi

  • Name: Chris
  • Twitter: @Kobayash1
  • Location: Elgin
  • Transportation: Car (willing to give rides, per gas money)
  • XBL: Kobayashi SRK
  • P4A: :ballEL:

Dustloop: Agito

  • Name: Chris R.
  • Twitter: @Immagito
  • Location: South Side (Japan Currently)
  • Transportation: Car (Will give rides for gas money)
  • PSN: shadow9794
  • P4A: Ken
  • SSFIV: Fei-Long
  • TTT2: Steve/Marshall Law

Dustloop: Enigmos

  • Name: Daniel
  • Location: Arlington heights
  • Transportation: car
  • PSN: Enigmos
  • BB: :TS2:
  • P4U: :ballEL:
  • GG: :AB:
  • SSFIV: (if i get around to play it ): Chun Li/ Dudley

Dustloop: TheSeltsamOne

  • Name: Bruce
  • Twitter: @TheSeltsamOne
  • Location: Grant Park, Kankakee
  • Transport: Ride from parent / trains (Curfews and one passenger limit pls)
  • PSN: TheSeltsamOne
  • P4U: :ballCHIE:
  • GG: :BR:

Dustloop: SnakeInTheGrass

  • Name: Kyle
  • Location: Grant Park, Kankakee
  • Transport: Rides with Seltsam
  • PSN: Bassist711
  • P4U: :ballAK:
  • GG: :VE:

Dustloop: Zerashi

  • Name: Kyle
  • Twitter: @Zerashi
  • Location: Evanston
  • Transportation: Car (Willing to give rides for gas money)
  • PSN: Zerashi
  • P4A: :ballYO:
  • BB: :TER:
  • UNiEL:

Dustloop: xerocool

  • Name: Brandon F.
  • Twitter: @xerocool19
  • Location: Calumet Park
  • Transportation: Gets ride......hopefully/willing to pay gas money
  • XBL: xerocool 19
  • PSN: xer0c00l18
  • P4A: :ballNA:
  • BB: :PT:
  • SSFIV: Fei-Long

Dustloop: Chosenninja

  • Name: Douglas T.
  • Twitter: @ChosenNinja45
  • Location: South Side - Evergreen Park
  • Transportation: Car - Will give rides for gas
  • PSN: Choasenninja
  • BB: :NL:
  • GG: :MIL:
  • SCV: Viola | Natsu
  • UNiEL: Yuzuriha

Dustloop: nobodyexe

  • Name: Alex K.
  • Twitter: @nobodyexe
  • Twitch: nobodyexe
  • Location: Bolingbrook
  • Transportation: Car
  • PSN/XBL nobody_exe/nobodyexe
  • UNiEL: Vatista
  • SSFIV: Sakura | Cammy
  • LoL Team: Fakku Liberation

Dustloop: Powerstar7

  • Name: Kofi
  • Location: Romeoville
  • Transportation: Car when available/Ride from parents/willing to pay gas money
  • XBL: powerstar7
  • P4A: :ballAK:
  • BB: :HZ:
  • SSFIV: Makoto | Oni
  • SCV: Zwei | Alpha Pat
  • SG: Double-Cere team

Dustloop: seventyxxtimes7

  • Location: Cicero
  • Transportation: None
  • XBL: Seventyxxtimes7
  • BB: :TA:
  • SSFIV: Makoto
  • GG: :OS:
  • UMvC3: Tron/Frank/Dante

Dustloop: Marisa

  • Location: Between Matteson and Bradley/Bourbonnais
  • Transportation: Car, gives rides for gas
  • PSN: Marisaze
  • BB: :CA:
  • P4A: :ballSLB:
  • GG: :BR:
  • AH3: Lieselotte
  • SG: Wheel of Fortune

Dustloop: Vvvv (V4)

  • Name: Byron W.
  • Twitter: @vortimax2B
  • Location: Bolingbrook, IL
  • Transportation: N/A
  • PSN: Vortimax
  • P4A: :ballLB:
  • UMvC3: Trish/XXX/XXX
  • GG: :BR:
  • SG: Filia
  • DDD: Lightning | Prishe | Zidane

Dustloop: abadlime

  • Name: Emil
  • Location: Algonquin
  • Transportation: ride from parents atm
  • PSN/XBL: badlime/badlime
  • BB: :TS2:
  • P4A: :ballNA:
  • SSFIV: Guy

Dustloop: wiredgod

  • Name: Marc A.
  • Twitter: @wireddog
  • Location: Oak Park
  • Transportation: Car
  • PSN: wiredgod
  • P4A: :ballTD:
  • BB: :CA:
  • GG: :ZAT:

Dustloop: RifleAvenger

  • Location: Auroa
  • Transportation: Public Transportation
  • XBL/PSN: Rifleavenger
  • P4A: Elizabeth / Naoto
  • BB: :AZ:
  • GG: :KYX:
  • SSFIV: Akuma
  • VH/VS: Donovan / Talbain

Dustloop: Linzei

  • Name: Julius
  • Twitter: @innocent_vision
  • Location: West/Central - University Village/East Garfield Park
  • Transportation: Parents
  • PSN/XBL: Lindzei-/ III Lindzei III
  • BB: :RA:
  • DOA5: Hayate | Ein | Leon
  • SSFIV: Sakura
  • SCV: Alpha Patroklos

Dustloop: lokadero

  • Name: Aki
  • Location: ???
  • Transportation: Car
  • PSN/XBL: lokadero
  • GG: :POT:
  • SSFIV: Zangief/Hakan
  • AH3: Kira

Dustloop: Jam-Kiske

  • Name: Julie
  • Twitter: @JamKiske
  • Location: Brookfield
  • Transportation: Public Transportation D':
  • PSN: Jam-Kiske
  • GG: :KYX:
  • BB: :MK:

Dustloop: Codename Exia

  • Name: Jonathan Javellana
  • Twitter: @AnnyeonghasExiA
  • Location: Lombard
  • Transportation: Car; Can offer Rides
  • PSN/XBL: CHI_ExiA/Apprivoise
  • P4A: :ballYO:
  • SSFIV: Yang
  • UNiEL: Hyde
  • LoL: Harden

Dustloop: Woocash

  • Name: Luke
  • Twitter: @LukeShooty
  • Location: Midway Area
  • Transportation: Car or Public Transportation
  • PSN/XBL: WoocashPL
  • P4A: Ken
  • BB: :LI:
  • GG: :AN:

Dustloop: Glenburg89

  • Name: Donald
  • Twitter: @Donald_Glenburg
  • Location: Chicago Ridge/Southwest Surburbs Area
  • Transportation: Car or Public Transportation
  • PSN/XBL: Glenburg89
  • P4A: :ballCHIE:
  • TTT2: Forest Law/Asuka/Ling Xiaoyu

Dustloop: halcyonmanny

  • Name: Manny
  • Twitter: @halcyonmanny
  • Location: Elgin
  • Transportation: Car or Public Transportation
  • Steam: HalcyonManny
  • XBL: Gori11aMECH
  • GG: :SO:
  • P4A: :ballAK:
  • SG: Valentine

Dustloop: Callisto

Dustloop: XxAstrayxX

Dustloop: Teolee

  • Name: Mateo
  • Location: Chicago
  • Twitter: @Teol33
  • Twitch: Teol33
  • YouTube: Teol33
  • XBL Teol33
  • SF4: Ken/Guile
  • BB: :KA:
  • UNiEL: Hyde

Dustloop: Frost Monarch

  • Name: Kyran
  • Location: Chicago
  • Twitter: @@FrostMonarch_
  • Transportation: Car (Soon)
  • PSN: xAzureFlameGod
  • BB: :LA:
  • GG: :RAM:

Dustloop: Crimefighter

  • Name: Andrew
  • Location: Boystown
  • Transportation: Public Transpotation
  • PSN: A_Crimefighter
  • P4A: :ballSHO:
  • AP: Manaka
  • VF5FS: Eileen
  • UNiEL: Chaos


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I have a 360 and we have played before. It was midway through CS2 and I can't play on it that well though, so it has been a minute.

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Hey, somebody's gotta do it. Why not me? I mean, I'm here for the next 3 years and I really want to get some good games in with an offline crowd. We have people here, its just that nothing is happening. That's why I'm stepping up to the plate. I just hope you guys follow suit and attend casuals and such when I'm able to get them started.

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I just think that the fighting game community seems to be spread out a lot more in our state than others. It does not help that we have one of the tallest states in the union either. Bordering cities from different states will also hopefully check this thread out as well. If you are a player that is lurking and live in IL PLEASE COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS! We need every body.

As for games I play: I stick to mostly BlazBlue and Arcana Heart 3(PS3 no 360). I started with CT and am still a faithful servant of the Azure Grimoire. I wouldn't mind trying some other stuff but I am generally turned off by Capcom fighters(doesn't mean I hate on them). I also play MTG the card game if anyone else is into that. Other than that I do mostly single player games since I do not have a lot of free time. I work a LOT.

I play Noel, Hakumen, and Mu in BB and Heart/Love in AH3. Ask me anything about Noel or Hakumen and I might be able to answer it. I am learned but not so skillful as a player. Mu is like a pet project....

That's all I have for now.

Edit: We also have to post semi-regularly or this post will get swallowed up by the abyss of larger scenes.

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As you guys already know, I'm ShinSyn. My main Games are The King of Fighters XIII and BlazBlue, I've been to a few tournaments for BlazBlue and have placed in the top 3 in my last 2 tournaments. I feel that I'm a strong player but I'm lacking in some areas to get me to get my that 1st place I've been striving for. Hopefully this scene will grow, develop and have the players gather to assist each other to become stronger players in whatever game they're into.

I play pretty much anything that allows me to attack the other opponent, lol even if I don't like the game, I'm willing to give anything and everything a try especially if it's to make that person better. In BlazBlue, I main Jin and sub Bang and in KOF I run a team consisting of Kyo/Shen/Leona with the occasional switch-out of Ryo. As someone who comes from a strong scene that has moved out here, I'm glad to see people are interested in Re-building the BB scene out here and are also interested in other games. This is why I am going to do whatever I can in my power and ability to get things started.

I also play online if you guys can't make it out, I'm willing to netplay as much as I don't like it. If you guys are down for some games online, hit me up:


XBL: ShinSyn (BB/T6/UMvC3)


Everyone here lurking the thread (or just watching without posting) and are interested in playing Fighting Games in the city of Chicago post up. We want to hear what the rest of you guys are all about and what games catch your interest.

EDIT: Also, I play YGO TCG if anyone is interested. As Ark says, we need to constantly post in this thread to keep it from being sucked in by the larger scenes.

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I'm CrazyApe been playin Blazblue since early CT. I play Carl And alt Tager @ Relius. My bro plays Platinum. We live in springfield and can only make it out on weekends and breaks (school)

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I'm Lucien. I really only play BB to be honest, not too keen on Street Fighter or MAHVEL. I am learning GG at the moment, thanks to ShinSyn. I'm 16, so don't expect me to get out too often lol. I main Jin in BlazBlue. I feel that I'm a decent player though I've never really been to any major tournaments for the game.

I netplay on occasion, whenever I'm online I'm not really playing BB (Gotten bored of CS2), but I will play by request.

My PSN is Jin-214C (Clever, right? I'm changing it for CSX)

PS3 only: BB/AH3/TK6/UMvC3/SSF4AE/wants KoF13

I can't wait to see this scene expand from a predominantly SF background.

Also, Shin, I'll have your GG and BB back to you next time we meet up or whenever you want them back.

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Yo, I'm FlyingVe. I've actually been around for a while, played competitive Melee and VF4 back in the day. Now I'm mostly a Marvel guy (I make those tricks and tech vids that you see on SRK often), but BB is a close second. Kinda got burnt out on BB as of the last few months.

I really play every game under the sun to some extent. I really want some people to play KoFXIII with.

I'm free most of the time, but I live at the very bottom of the state... my GT is FlyingVe, just like my screen name.

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yo Ve... you still play Cs2? or waiting to get extend I'd love to get some XBL games in

Pretty much waiting for Extend at this point. Either way, I'm gonna be mad rusty.

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It's probably the best that way. CS:EX comes out in less than a week anyway.

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Hey I am hosting a Farewell to CS2 room on PSN here in a little while. If anyone wants to join they can feel free. I plan to try(keyword) and record a lot of this in HD. My desktop's HD is only 150gb(it's a 10k RPM Raptor is why) so I am not sure how much I can store. :)

Also, just in case you guys don't know, at the end of this month I will be 28. Or 7 if you want to go by how many ACTUAL birthdays I have had. Yay Leap Day....

I would like to try KoF13. However, if it has bad netcode and it is a fighting game, you can bet that I won't be playing it since I have no one else to play it with. :/

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Ya'll niggas are Ill..


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I would like to try KoF13. However, if it has bad netcode and it is a fighting game, you can bet that I won't be playing it since I have no one else to play it with. :/

I can't do it today but if you wanna play KOF XIII, I'm down. It's one of the games I do enjoy playing, even if the netcode isn't that great.

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I can't do it today but if you wanna play KOF XIII, I'm down. It's one of the games I do enjoy playing, even if the netcode isn't that great.

I tried the demo I don't actually have it sadly. The game seemed great and all but I tried the netplay function that came with it.... With a guy I have a 3bar with in BB it was completely unplayable in KoF. It might have to wait until an offline meeting can be done.

Edit: The player I tried it with is also an IL native. He just doesn't post on DL as far as I know.

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***POST** i don't live in Illinois, but i live in Milwaukee WI. im like a hour and a half away from the state (guessing)

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transportation is a problem..... im a fresh 18 year old juggling work and school so anything local is probably not going to happen especially since i work saturdays

more info would be great

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Got any Friends that you can hitch a ride from that play the game? We could use some more people.

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Glad you could make an appearance Blinky. As mentioned we are definitely looking for more people. Hopefully we can find some people to help resolve your situational issues in the future! :)

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i really hope so.... as a casual player i don't expect to win anything, but friendly competition sounds fun and interesting

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