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Spirit Juice

Sol Matchup Primer

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Based on this thread by Stormlocke for the Robo-Ky matchup forum. I liked the format that was used, so this will be the format for the matchup threads.

Each subsequent thread in this subforum will be info on a specific character. The posts will be detailed with the following bullets:

Matchup Statistics: Numerical representation of the matchup, out of a possible 10 total points. A terrible matchup would be 9-1, an even one 5-5, etc. I will occasionally chime in and share my opinion on some specific matchups. Based on an old Japanese list, but still holds some weight.

Openers: their usual opening moves and how to counter win by first move.

Okizeme: From Japanese chart recommending what move to use as your opponent is waking up, based on their tension. If timed correctly, the listed move is safe. After that, there might be additional discussion on what to do from myself, other members, etc.

Punishes: Ways to punish their unsafe moves.

Counters: How to score a counter-hit.

Anti airing: More ways to anti air specific moves.

Zoning: What characters have a hard time dealing with.

Their game plan: Enemy strats.

Strategy: Your strats.

Char specific details: Ideal combos and pressure against their character. Might contain subsections on key gameplay strategies: (escaping slidehead, Slashback/SRKing Eddie's strings, baiting Baiken's counters etc.)

-- Member Submitted Info Section (if valid).

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