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[November 18, 2016] United Norcal Dogfight (GGXRDR/BBCF/UNIEL) - Belmont, CA

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Norcal Dogfight

Details (time, location, parking, venue fee):

  • Time: 2pm
  • Venue fee: $7 to play, just spectating is free
  • Location: 575 Mountain View Ave. Belmont, CA, 94002
  • Stream: http://twitch.tv/NorcalDogfight
  • Norcal Dogfight is usually every 3rd Saturday of the month
  • Double elim singles isn't the only format we like to run :)


  • Street parking map: http://imgur.com/wRGAysR
  • Do NOT park in red zones, you risk getting towed at your own expense
  • Green zones are OK, yellow zones are also OK but don't hang out/make noise there


  • Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core +R
  • Guilty Gear Xrd
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late
  • Blazblue: Central Fiction

Hello everyone, Norcal Dogfight has been invited to resume its activities at a private establishment and by none other than Myung aka totoroslayer, who has once again kindly stepped up to provide us with a place to play. A word from Myung:

Myung aka totoroslayer, He Who Ran Gamecenter said:

As many of you know, Gamecenter is no more. However, the machines and equipment have not magically disappeared. Normally, they would be put into storage and auctioned off at the earliest possible time. However, the outcome of that is known and frankly not interesting. So instead, I propose an experiment. Here are some of the defining aspects:


1) There are no customers. I'm sick of customers. Customers view the machines, space, and people who work there as something they have bought the right to do whatever they want with. I am not interested in having customers. I don't want to work myself to the bone, lose sleep, lose time with my friends, and lose money for customers. HOWEVER, I will work for my friends. This is not a privilege I am extending to the general public. I am inviting you, the people I know, the people I am proud to call my friends, to come use and contribute to this space.


2) This does NOT mean this place is exclusive! I am always happy to meet new people and excited at the opportunity to make new friends. But that does mean that ALL of us must be responsible for newcomers. That means correcting their mistakes (kindly, of course, the way you would want to be corrected if you made a misstep in a new place you weren't familiar with), helping them out, and making them feel at home. If you introduce someone here, though, that means you are IMPLICITLY taking ultimate responsibility for their actions. Though if they are friends, they most likely can be trusted to take responsibility for themselves.


3) Since there are no employees, we are all responsible for the space. That means at the end of the events, EVERYONE will have to pitch in and clean up, stack chairs, etc. If you leave before the event ends, please make sure at least you have cleaned up after yourself and haven't left a burden for your friends. Heck, maybe even do a quick pass before you leave and get some things off the floor.


4) To a VERY select few, we have offered, for a monthly fee, the authority to hold a key to the place. They have the authority to supervise events and use the space for some of their own purposes.


5) This place will not be open regularly. It will be open only when there is an event planned for it, or when a key holder is present there.


6) Yes, there will still be a venue fee for this place. That is what will help keep this place sustainable and open. To that end, I will make the books OPEN. There will be a publicly available Google Doc updated every month with a complete and detailed breakdown of all the costs (money going out) and income (money coming in). The goal is to make this balance. Meaning to say, if by some miracle we make more than it costs to operate, I will reduce the venue fees accordingly. This also will allow people to contribute ideas on how to save money or get more value out of what we already have. This also has the interesting effect that the more people and more events that happen here, the CHEAPER it will be for everyone.


7) Chances are that at least for the time being, it will run at a deficit. Me and my partner will be picking up the tab for that. That's what it means to be in charge of a place. We accept the authority ALONG WITH the responsibility. What we ask of you is to help lessen the load of this. The more you all can help, the longer we can keep this experiment going. In the end, this is an experiment to see if communities of gamers can come together and, fostering a spirit of community and equity, maintain a place for themselves. It is a unique situation; this place does not belong TO you, but it exists FOR you. While one form of it didn't seem to work, this form might have a chance. I'm willing to once again put myself on the line to find out, because this has always been my dream for the community.


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In essence, the conditions are:

  • The venue is a private office, not a store
    • We are invited guests, not customers
    • If you are reading this thread, you are invited to attend
    • Guests-of-guests are welcome
  • Clean up after yourself -- there are no employees or janitors
    • Trash bins are outside the rolling door, use the appropriate bin (cans/plastic/garbage)
      • Empty liquids into the bucket before trashing your container
      • Leave glass containers in the nearby box
    • The rolling door will close at 10pm to avoid noise complaints
      • After 10pm, go out the front and around to trash
  • The venue fee keeps the place afloat for us
    • There's no venue fee if you only want to spectate
  • Be excellent to each other and have fun :)


Random Select

If you win with random select, you have to pick random again, re-randoming the same char is OK


Guilty Gear Accent Core +R

Bans: EX characters, Shadow/Gold colors, Baiken/May/Kliff j.D glitch

Macros: banning them is between you and your opponent


Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost

In the event of a time over, the match must be replayed

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Original proposal, last updated Apr 10 2012


As an attempt to alleviate the heavy load that Norcal Install plans to take on, I am proposing a new event which will focus on Guilty Gear and Gundam Extreme Versus exclusively. I haven't ironed out a full schedule yet but mark your calendars for the test run on April 28th at Gamecenter. If it’s a success, then we can have a real premiere event for Guilty Gear and Gundam. Of course, we may also run and stream some other underrepresented games such as Hokuto no Ken, Melty Blood, etc.


Why have I proposed this? NCI used to be an event that ran itself and was a great environment to play and learn. However as NCI has and continues to expand, it has become clear that NCI simply can't run itself like it used to. There are too many games, too many people, not enough space, too much to schedule and there’s only one stream. The limited space is also a concern for safety issues such as hygiene, air quality, traffic, fire hazards, but even more importantly, there isn’t enough space for getting casuals. As an event, we plan to focus more on providing an environment where anyone can develop their skills, regardless of how seasoned or new they are as sessions outside of NCI have ceased to exist.


The mind-boggling number of games, the stream, and the scheduling conflicts are too much of a restriction. Guilty Gear and Gundam don’t get streamed consistently and experimenting with new formats instead of the usual double-elim singles is sure to result in scheduling conflicts with the stream. As we’ve mostly been running double-elim singles since the first NCI in October 2009, having a separate event would give us the freedom to experiment with new tournament formats such as danisens, the Swiss-system, 2v2s, 3v3s, and/or just a big 10v10 team battle. As for Gundam, we would be able to run eight setups instead of four, we could get more people playing, and we could stream the entire tournament instead of just the top three teams.


The name of the event is still pending but we are set for April 28th at Gamecenter. Feel free to throw in any suggestions. Although we will be running a dedicated stream, don’t just stay at home, come out and play as well! Anyone is welcome to show up to play, to learn, or just to talk and get tea. We'll bring the necessary equipment, and you are welcome to bring your own.





NCI concerns

too many games, too many people

not enough space

one stream

too much to schedule

the event cant run itself anymore


what we could do with a separate event

focus more attention on guilty gear and gundam

provide a good environment for casuals and learning

run experimental events ie team battles, danisens

gundam could have 8 setups instead of 4

have a dedicated stream for guilty gear and gundam


archived section on danisens


What is a danisen?

A danisen is a system where you play for points and ranking and it's been done in Japan for quite some time now. It's a competitive event that happens on a more frequent basis (like weekly or biweekly) and everyone loves a ranking system. Since Guilty Gear is coming out for PS3/360 soon, the time is ripe!


So how do points and ranks work?

Whenever you win a match, you win a point and when you lose a match, you lose a point. Typically whenever you get +3 points you rank up and whenever you are at -3 points you rank down. When you rank up or down, your points will reset to zero. However there is a bottom and you cannot derank further than the lowest rank (1dan ±0).

You can only fight players within one rank of yourself. So if you are rank 2, you can fight rank 1 and 3 players but you can't fight a rank 4 player. Your rank is also locked to your character so if you decide to change characters, you have to play at the appropriate rank.


What does a danisen mean for us?

Given the competitive nature of a danisen, it would be silly to only have it every month. Danisens should really be weekly or biweekly so this is more of a commitment. Of course you don't have to come to every danisen but to the community and playerbase as a whole, it's a commitment.

If we were to get behind this danisen event in full force, having a biweekly strictly on Saturdays would probably be difficult so we could have a special event on a monthly basis (e.g. a giant team battle, a single or double elim tourny, a kumite, etc) which is what Xie would do just to mix things up. Of course it would be based on danisen rankings and would affect your rank as well =)


Concluding words

Danisens are awesome but it kind of requires a commitment from the playerbase. If enough people want to get behind this, I say we should make it biweekly and have a mini-dogfight and a regular full-blown dogfight. The regular dogfight will be every third Saturday of the month, will feature another GGAC event in addition to the regular danisen, and will also feature a Gundam EXVS tournament. The off-event or mini-dogfight can be a day everyone agrees on and it doesn't have to be on a Saturday. Let me know what you guys think!

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To some degree, Gundam was using NCI as a way to promote itself, but I suppose that's not really all that important.

If this goes well and is running when I'm actually around in Norcal, I'll come by.

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The limited space is also a concern for safety issues such as hygiene, air quality, traffic, fire hazards, but even more importantly, there isn’t enough space for getting casuals.

While this has normally been an issue at Gamecenter during NCI, I have to say it wasn't so bad at SNCI. Would this only seek to replace GG and GvG presence at the standard NCI monthlies or SNCI as well?

Not that I'm against it either way, just wondering.

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If you can make this a larger event for gg and gundam (especially gg for me), i'd be interested in trying to show up when i can! Heard there are a lot of people up there who play :]

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The name of the event is still pending...Feel free to throw in any suggestions.

Norcal Throwback (NCT) or Norcal Classic (NCC) [idea is that the tournament seems to focus on older NCI games that can't fit in the NCI rotation anymore]

"Name of Month"'s Decide the Destiny (ex: April's Decide the Destiny) [title might be too focused on HnK]

Gamecenter's Guilty Gundam Gathering (G4, or GGGG)

Norcal's Thrashing Pit

Ultimate in Norcal Arena [might not be a good idea since we probably won't be showcasing P4U, as that's a NCI thing]

Norcal Generations Tournament / Norcal Genesis Tournament (NCG)

San Mateo Strife

Heat Knuckle Meltdown

Gundam Gear Extreme

That's all I've got for now.

I can probably make the event.

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@qwerty: If it's successful, we could offload GGAC and EXVS presence from NCI but due to how any out-of-towners we get for SNCI, a collaboration on SNCIs may be ideal. Also, some people are concerned about dropping EXVS from NCI since EXVS is still in its infancy and needs the exposure but if the game doesn't consistently get streamed anyways, there's not much point of it being there and I think the game could really benefit from having 8 setups at an event instead of just 4.

@Sanoshi: We'll try but if we can collab on SNCIs it should be easier to come up to that instead... we'll see! Thanks for your support.

@Shining Aquas: Something that just rolls off your tongue would be ideal!

@IndigoNovember: Gundam EXVS would be 2v2. Although an internet connection is required, connecting between players seems to be straight up peer-to-peer so theoretically there isn't supposed to be any lag.

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Would Gundam Extreme VS be 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2? I seem to remember something about Extreme VS not having LAN multiplayer.

Yeah, it doesn't have LAN multiplayer, but you can basically simulate LAN if every PS3 can connect to the internet. The matchmaking stuff is server-based, but once the connections are made, it's P2P, so all four PS3s participating will be directly connecting to each other. This is how we've been doing the tournaments at Gamecenter thus far.


Also, maybe Boost Cancel or NorCal Boost Cancel for a name?

Edit: Looked at my avatar. NorCal DOOMTRAIN!?

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NorCal FRDC (Force Roman Dash Cancel)

NorCal Air Dashers

NorCal Air Gear

Edit: I'll be out of town from the 14th to the 29th, but if this event sticks around, I'd definitely show up.

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In an attempt to infuse this tournament with a sense of class and dignity, I've taken a list of golf's major tournaments and anime them up:

- NorCal Anime Classic

- NorCal Open Anime Championships

- NorCal Anime Invitational

- NorCal Anime Masters Cup

- NorCal Quest for the Green Jacket

We also got Tenkai's suggestion of "The Girl Who Leapt Through NorCal"

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@Shining Aquas: Something that just rolls off your tongue would be ideal!

How about just "Gamecenter's Gundam Gear Exhibition"?

Nothing tricky there. Honestly doesn't matter what the event is called so long as people show up.

We also need something resembling a more regular lineup, because I'm currently only seeing GG and Extreme VS. with maybe Melty Blood. Unless that's all you want.

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We also need something resembling a more regular lineup, because I'm currently only seeing GG and Extreme VS. with maybe Melty Blood. Unless that's all you want.


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Yeah ultimately the name doesn't matter too much as long as people show up. A cool name would be nice though and well, it's hard to top Norcal Install.

As for a regular lineup... I mean whatever we want to play is cool but I'm not looking to blow this up or expand like NCI, especially since we're going to have eight setups for Gundam and we're preparing for GGAC's PS3/360 release.

I think I'll leave that to NCI for now but we can talk more about it, I'm open to suggestions. Let's see how the first one goes before adding any other main games though unless there's significant interest in adding another game.

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Yeah, keep the NCI at NCI. The entire point of this is to keep the smaller scenes around since there's too many new games right now that are stealing the spotlight.

Maybe we could have a really bad name like SLASH /\ BACK with a really bad UFC/Tapout style logo with lightning bolts and stuff. Or not. I think this whole naming events after moves and mechanics thing has gotten pretty out of hand, myself.

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North American Casual League: The Saltanic

also expect EFZ here everytime guyz

I second this one, hahaha.

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I talked to Dom sometime before I started the thread and he said he was down but now he's busy on the 28th and won't be able to bring his setup to stream Gundam. I don't think it's an issue but his stream setup is kind of nice since he can switch between two perspectives on the fly. Instead we can just rely on Aj's streaming setup and have people switch off the stream setup for Gundam to get different perspectives which is just fine imo.

The next thing I'll be tackling is planning out a loose schedule but before that we should decide on what kind of event we want to run for Guilty Gear. I could also just work out multiple schedules and be ready to improvise on the spot depending on our numbers.

I really like the idea of 3v3s but we kind of don't have enough people and I know a couple people can't make it due to prior arrangements so I'm thinking just mostly casuals, maybe random 2v2 teams and/or a big team battle with just two teams. For Gundam, I know I want to stream at least the top six teams instead of just the top three but overall, I haven't given much thought about how much stream time each game should have and how much we should switch between each game. Maybe something in the order of like Guilty Gear casuals, Gundam top 6 teams, Guilty Gear event, then Gundam casuals...

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