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Hey you guys. What did they change to make that 2s, hammer fall cancel pressure so strong? Is 2s faster or does it have a higher level or what? Looks kind of gross.

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So 2H has way more untechable time now*. I think 2S and 2H might have gone up a level each (making 2H the new "Level 6" instead of 6H?).

* the OS could've teched late, but in a previous match, Potemkin lands 5K > 2S > 2H > Hammerfall Brake, f.S > Heat on another Potemkin, which I can't recreate in AC. So I'm assuming that wasn't a late tech.

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Would probably work on Faust and Potemkin, too. Maybe May? Pretty nuts. Seems like the timing is pretty tight, too, since he goes for it again shortly after and misses it.

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Nope, no full list. Could probably scrounge something off jBBS, or just wait for the mook to come in. I think it releases today.

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===== POTEMKIN ===============

- P - untechable 10F -> 13F

- K - now prorates 90%

- 6K - 1-15F throw invincible, damage 23 -> 40

- 6H - wallbounce on hit (untechable 28F), dizzy modifier x1.5 -> x0.75, now prorates 50%

- D - start-up 29F -> 31F

- DAA - wallbounce on hit -> knockdown on hit, 50% prorate -> 50% forced prorate

- 2P - now prorates 80%, block HLF -> LF, no longer cancels into self

- 2K - now prorates 90%

- 2S - start-up 14F -> 13F

- 2D - now forced prorates 80%, lvl 4 -> 3, special-cancellable

- j.K - lost special cancel

- j.S - start-up 13F -> 14F, air CH untechable 42F -> 60F, slams down and knocks down opponent on air hit (untechable for 25F), no special cancel

- j.D - untechable on air hit 16F -> 40F

- Mega Fist front (236P) - landing recovery 8F -> 13F, FRC point 16-17F added, knocks down opponent on hit

- Mega Fist back (214P) - knocks down opponent on hit

- Slide Head (236S) - FRC pont added 26-28F, start-up 22F -> 23F, "1-15F invincible except for the feet 26-35F invincible above the knees" -> "Above knees invincible 1-16F and 26-35F", follow-ups are treated as OTG, float higher

- Hammer Fall ([4]6H) - lvl 5 -> 4, start-up 19-27F -> 19-35F, recovery 33F -> 27F, FRC timing active frames -> 1F after active frames, untechable time 18F -> 22F

- Hammer Fall Break (P during HF) - FRC point added 3-10F

- Potemkin Buster (632146P) - FRC point removed, damage 140 -> 160, has 12F afterwards to follow-up attack

- Heat Knuckle (623H) - damage 0, 15x2, 28 -> 0, 15x2, 40, FRC point added 24-25F only on whiff,

- Heat Extend (63214H during Heat Knuckle) - untechable 57F -> 80F

- Judge Gauntlet (63214D) - can input P to cancel between 6~24F. Cancel animation is 14F.

- Aerial Potemkin Buster (j.632146D) - FRC point added 9-11F after throw

- IK mode activation 98F -> 68F, during activation above knees invincible 9-60F

- IK - 1-21F strike invincible -> 9-28F strike invincible

~~~ J wiki:

- 6k - no cancel into 2H, cancel into 2D

- Potemkin Buster - GB- 6 -> 15

- hammer Fall - GB- 6 -> 12

- heat knuckle - TG on last hit 24 -> 6

- heat extend - 19.2 -> 37.2

- judge gauntlet - hitbox vertically smaller


J wiki - changes mentioned on japanese wiki that couldn't be confirmed by DL ACR wiki frame data

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DL ACR wiki was updated, so the list was changed accordingly. Corrections:

- 6K proration is still 85%

- 6H untechable 28F

- j.K and j.S lost special cancel

- Mega Fist back (214P) - knocks down opponent on hit

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