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ACR A.B.A. Changes and Discussion of

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By chance I didnt see one....but an aba thread for combos n bnbs for plus R??

This is pretty much the only +R thread, people have been doing combo talk in here. A lot of the really basic hitconfirms still work for the most part (like xx > rekkas, xx > 2HS > aircombo to keystab, etc.), the main new things for combos are rekka loops, rekka (2) -> unblockable, and Goku Moroha Butt being auto JI'd (right?). That and double keystab only works if you do it off of the command grab keygrab.

How come nobody uses Kashitsu/Blunder/Unblockable in combos? Now that rekkas can be used in mid-air it opens up a ton of options, since it launches (rising opponents) REALLY high it makes some stuff easier too, like throw>5HS>unblockable>r.jS instead of throw>HS>danzai>r.jS

c.S>2HS>IADj.S>jHS>orbs>r.jS>jHS>jD>orbs does like 200 damage on ky

c.S>2D>236S>46S>unblockable>r.jS>jHS>jD>orbs does like 210 damage, another rep of orbs does 250

c.S>2D>rekka loopx3 does like 180 dmg on ky lol

Also I haven't figured how to use 5HS(1)>bloodpack FRC>keystab in combos help

- Easy Goku filler combo (until I figure out something better) is launcher (basically anything that puts them airborne, e.g., 2D) > [c.S > 2S > Butt > air IAD j.S > j.H > Orbs]x2. End with Keygrab in some way if needed. On ground, [5S > 5H(2)]xN works.

- 2D, OTOH, got much better as a poking tool. Corner 2D gets you 2D > [Rekka loop]x3, meterless. Decent damage (180ish), GREAT oki positioning.

- Meterless Rekka loops seem uncommon, but doable. Otherwise FRC the first Dangoku and immediately Rekka to get them. Can't get these to work on certain lights (Millia?). Meterless might always be possible on Potemkin.

- With double key gone, I'm thinking damage will probably take priority in combo selection. Want oki? Rekka loops. Want to refresh gauge? Goku Moroha ender.

Goku Moroha combos work with reps, and everything seems to end in 260-80 damage no matter what.

In the corner you can do buttloop pretty easily: launcher (I really like 2D>c.S>)2S>butt>c.S>2S>butt, like 3 or 4 times for great damage.

You can also loop r.jS>jHS>jD>dj.HS>jS>jHS>orbs (kinda hard compared to the other corner options you have but looks mad cool)

And of course the classic butt>IAD>jS>jHS>orb loop

Also you can exchange each of these and it still works, like 2D>c.S>2S>butt>(c.S>)2S>butt>IADjS>JHS>orbs>r.jS>jHS>jD>dj.HS>jS>jHS>orbs

Off a throw anywhere in Goku Moroha: r.jS>jHS>jD>dj.HS>jS>jHS>orbs>land>r.jS>jHS>jD>dj.HS>jS>jHS>orbs, needless to say this corner carries like a bitch, pretty fun combo to land.

The combo I posted before can also be done this way:

2D>236S>46S>unblockable>r.jS>jHS>jD>orbs>sj.(jK>)jS>jHS>keystab to get your HP back, 240 damage on Ky.

Also can someone try this combo for me? I just can't run dash fast enough I think? Did it on good ol' Ky.

Near the corner 2HS>IADjS>jHS>236S>46S>unblockable>r.jS>jHS>jD>orbs>[r.jS>jHS>keystab] OR [sj.jS>jHS>keystab]

Red part I'm having trouble with. The 46S must hit at the highest possible height? Maybe? If you do it too low the opponent can't tech after unblockable, too high they can tech but it's easier to combo with? Maybe? Dunno. After the orbs, jS>jHS did connect sometimes so surely r.jS or sj.jS connect too, right? I can't pull it off, can someone test it and tell me if I just suck?

EDIT: Managed to do the [r.jS>jHS>keystab] part ONCE on Testament for like 230dmg, he was dizzied though, does it still count? combo didn't go black. Also my wrist is a mess :v:

Yeah I've been testing it and a "medium height" bounce is the best way to do it. Maybe a delay after unblockable? The timing is... :(

Also like mikenapalm asked me before, you DO need to delay the unblockable on light characters, like May, otherwise they bounce too high and the orbs in the r.jS>jH>jD>orbs part miss, it's very tricky to be honest. You can butt loop everyone (it seems, haven't tested everyone) pretty easily ater the 46S or unblockable part of the combo though, unblockable launches lighter characters too high for the butt loop to work, so you just skip it.

2D>236S>46S>(unblockable>)c.S>2S>Butt>c.S>2S>Butt>5K>6P>2S>j.D (Not tested 100%)

Also gimmicky unblockable combo

Corner (duh) unblockable(hit)>5K>6P>2S>Butt>5K>6P>2S>Butt

6P isn't really necessary on lighter characters I believe, you have to be reeeeal close when it hits, hence, gimmicky :roboky:

Been trying to work Danzai into combos but outside of HS moves (wich never hit air opponents) it doesn't seem to ever connect.

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Most damaging combo I could come up with into goku moroha:

fuzzy j.S>j.HS>2D>236S>46S>unblockable>goku moroha>2S>butt>2S>Butt>IAD j.S>j.HS>orbs around 240 dmg?

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also dont know if anyones posted it but you can get both hits of 5H from throw.

throw 5H(2)xx 623H xx Goku Moroha > stuff

*should* be a burst safe meter refresh. works from midscreen. tested on Testament.

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Rekka1 > Rekka2 > Flipkick can work mid screen, but you have to be really close and use a low number of hits prior to Rekka1 (to keep pushback to a minimum).

Personally I find it works well when they're instant blocking Rekka1/2.

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