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[CSE] Lambda Combo Thread v2

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they are hit too high usually. It works on the characters with taller hitboxes though

New corner oki idea, similar to the yoshiki setup, but here is what I thought up:

in corner:

X>236C>442C>high jump TK>

Your options:

Forward airdash>j.b or j.c (High)>2A>3C>236B>Character Specific Combo (look at chart)>236C>Repeat Oki

662B>4B(Low>High mixup)>2147D>6A>6C>236C>Repeat Oki

2B>3C(Low)>236B>Character Specific Combo>Repeat Oki

664B(High)>2147D>6A>6C>236C>Repeat Oki

Back Airdash>j.5D (hits everyone standing, or out of the air, hits tager and haku crouching) Also baits DPs.

example for last option against ragna's ID

2147D~C>44j.5D(CH)>662DD(As low as possible)>6C(As low as possible)>236D>66214D~C>236C>repeat oki.

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Wow, cool combo video.

I wish I had know you were making a Gravity Seed video, I would have asked you to put these in it...

236C>RC> Whiff BGravity> Dashing 4B{2}> 2DD>TK Crescent Saber> 6DD>2DD>Air Swords>Crescent Saber [Or Calamity Sword.].

[CH]5D>236C>RC> Whiff BGravity> Dashing 4B {2}> 2DD> TK Crescent Saber> 6DD>2DD> Air Swords> Crescent saber [Or Calamity Sword.}

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Nice combos, though they don't need the gravity, you can just do 66DD to instead of keeping the enemy in the gravity for a normal 6DD, just tried it on hazama.

aww dang, forgot another combo in that vid,

Midscreen to corner.

214A/B/C (gravity whiff)>236B(CH)>236B>RC>5DD>236C>664B(2)>2DD>2147D>6DD>2DD>Air Swords>Air Ender.

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I tried doing the combos without using Gravity Seed and it worked. Also I found out that the Rapid isn't even needed lol.

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hi so, I realized I don't have an optimized corner airthrow combo. best I could come up with was:

airthrow > dash 214D > 214A > 236C > crossunder 5C(2-3) > 6C > 236D > 214D~C > 4B2 > 2DD > Crescent > 6DD > 2DD > Aircombo + Super for 6.5 ish

based overheat pls halp

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That's pretty much what it is. Of course, if it were CS2, we'd be getting quite a bit more damage (and potentially more options that way)... If you wanted to use a Gold Burst after the Air Throw, you could use both Spikes like in the video. Although it wastes a burst, it's easier to do, and gives you relatively more time to position yourself.

For your combo, considering that it's already at ~21%, it can't really be optimized further without making it way more impractical than it arguably already is.

I could tell you an under 18% variation, but a TK > 6DD link under 18% is pretty much never practical, plus there aren't any worthwhile additions here, regardless of whether a Gold Burst is used.

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Kickass combo time:

214B(Whiff)>236B(CH)>236236D>214D~C>66D(1)>236C>6DD>2DD>Air Swords>J.214D for 4.5K

Definitely worth ending a match with.

Midscreen gravity(Whiff)>3C>236B character specific links:

Ragna: 662A

Jin: Nothing

Noel: 662A

Rachel: 662A, 662B

Tao: 665A, 662A, 665B, 66B

Carl: 662B

Litchi: 665A

Arakune: Nothing

Tager: 665A, 665B

Bang: 665A, 66B

Lambda: 662A

Hakumen: 665A

Hazama: 665A, 662A, 665B

I'll do the rest later.

If someone wants to verify them, possible links after gravity'd 3C>236B are 665A, 662A, 665B, 662B, 66B

One more fun one:

Lambda in corner vs Tager.

214A(FC)>236B>66A>jump cancel>j.66B>j.2C>2DD>j.Burst>2DD>6C>236C>44B(2)>2DD>Air Swords>Air Ender (4.1K puts tager in corner)

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Platinum Specific:

In corner: 66A(Airhit)(Vertical hit in corner)>6321476D(Meaty)>6321476D works as an ender. It tacks on 2080 damage to the end of a combo.

also 4B(2)(High hit)>TK Calamity (Meaty) > Tk calamity works too

Also in slightly related news, I've broken 10K with lambda on a platinum specific combo.

(I said no more combo experimenting but when I pulled off double TK calamity in a match I just couldn't resist)

214A(FC)>Gold Burst x2>236C>4B(both)>Calamity Edge>5Cx8 (required for heat)>6C>236D>214D~C>214D>662C>TK Crescent>2C>TK Crescent>6B>5C(4-8)>4B(2nd hit only)>2DD>6321476D(Meaty)>6321476D (150 heat)

requires: Low health heat gain.

5Cs must be doen as slow as possible to maximise the low health heat gain.

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