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[+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

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might as well post one here


dash now 'step' type

jump, highjump affected by stronger gravity

higher defense

instant kill activation now 100f


now floats


plummets on air hit

longer input window for gattling

smaller hitbox on top


startup faster by 2f

jump cancel removed


uses the old 2H animation


prorates at 70%

startup at 12f


pulls in on air hit


uses the old S animation

blows opponent away on air hit

staggers on ground hit

now has a low hitbox

can be charged


added 10f to recovery


startup at 25f


startup at 13f

can be charged

larger upper hurtbox


can be charged

plummets on air hit


longer cancel window

smaller hitbox at the back


2nd hit floats

both front and back hitboxes shortened


added 15f to landing recovery

smaller hitbox at the bottom


shorter range

air throw

throws opponent farther away

shorter range

dead angle

now blows opponent away

houkou kaeshi (P)

frc-able at 17-19f

recovery shorter by 4f

houkou kaeshi (S)

frc-able at 25-28f


startup at 16f

air zugaisai

startup at 9f

landing recovery is 6f

all hits connect easier (?)

frc-able at 29-31f

added 50f to untech time

faster falling speed


frc-able at 24-28f

plummets on hit

uroko hagashi

can now control movement

vacuum effect

increases tension

sen no sen

higher chance of strained back

dizzy rate increased by 10


jigoku tsukkomi

largest hit count is 1


strike invincible during startup

shishi otoshi

larger hitbox on front

1st hit makes opponent fall down

2nd hit otgs

landing recovery increased by 8f

FB houkou kaeshi


kliff floats higher on recoil (?)

25 frames added

startup is 8f

FB jigoku tsukkomi

new move

reflex roar

startup now 9f

invincibility removed

command now 236236H (uses 50% tension)


soul survivor

can be charged

startup now 15f

2ch threads mostly complaining about how broken he seems to be, unlike justice who was majorly changed, kliff gets a net amount of buffs

imo, since most people assume kliff would always be top no matter how much was tweaked back in AC+ the expectation would be to completely gut the character itself...

but now you have crap like chargeable normals (what) compared to relatively minor nerfs that make him a definite god tier

which makes the reaction justified, i think

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Just lol

I thought that stun fb can get only if you catch a move, like Axels counters. It being possible to combo into...

Get thrown in corner > ur dead

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Does anyone have any other vids of Kliff than Koichi's no matter how good it is......

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Wait... am I reading this right? Kliff's dead angle is not throw invincible and is only strike invincible after frame 5? And his 5D causes his stun to go up? :yaaay:

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Hopping's hard on the back.

Gonna be taking some notes and I'll try to get a BnB guide thingy going soon. Not that any of it is super hard.

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Okay so here's some basic stuff:

6P > c.S > jc.S > j.H > j.D |> sjf.S > j.H > j.214S / j.236D / j.41236S

might be able to do 2H > 236S after j.41236S in the corner, not sure.

IAD j.S > j.H |> c.S > 2H > 236S (Midscreen/Corner)

IAD j.S > j.H |> c.S > 2H > 214K (Midscreen)

Air/ground throw into corner, 2H > 236S

Actually do 2H > 236S after everything, fuck it.

After 2H > 236S in the corner, FRC dash 214P~D into dizzy, do whatever the fuck you want. Or if you're pretty close, just do 2H > 236S again. Then FRC the second one and dizzy them.

Oh and you can do a pretty easy fuzzy with j.K > j.S > dj.K

Swag stuff:

2D > 236P FRC IAD j.S > j.H |> sjf.K > j.S > j.H > j.41236S, 2H > 236S

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It would be cool to have a failed version of FB Jigoku Tsukkomi that would come out when you press D after failed Sen no Sen and that would cause instant stun to Kliff. I think it could make people more careful doing the stun combo, with a heavy potentional penalty for mashing. Anyway otherwise I don't find Kliff broken at all, maybe they nerfed 6P too much. It's so slow

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Here's some day one stuff, mostly taken from Bob. It's nothing impressive, just sharing because there doesn't seem to be a lot of information. One trick I didn't get for a while was that when you launch with j.HS, you need to get some dash momentum before doing j.K j.S dj.HS j.41236S etc. j.HS also seems to launch or not depending where you are in the animation? Probably will get used to it.

midscreen/anywhere :

j.HS land j.S j.214S (easy)

j.HS land j.S j.HS j.236D 2S 236S

j.HS land dash j.K j.S dj.HS j.41236S

throw dash 2S 236S FRC 214K, corner carries and knockdowns. on pot you can do 214K whiff 5K 5S 2S 236S, dunno for the rest yet. will most likely work with any otg 2S

alternatively... OTG 2S 5H 236P FRC j.S j.214S (there's most likely a way better way to end this)

236P CH 2D 236236HS

5D j.S j.HS jump cancel, delay j.S j.41236S 2S 236S

5S 5H 214S 2S 236S (meterless DP punish)

...2D 236236HS FRC 214K 2S 236S (frc into corner combo if in corner)

corner/near corner :

214S 2S 236S FRC IAD late j.HS dash j.K j.S dj.HS j.41236S dash 2S 236S (should work with most knockdown into 2S scenarios, like j.41236D, throw, j.D...) <-LEARN THIS

2D 236236HS delay 2S 236S FRC same ender^(big damage, for lots of meter)

6HS 236S FRC same ender^(big damage, like do this after dizzy I guess)

6HS 214S 2S 236S FRC same ender^(alternative, builds more meter initially if you don't have enough for the FRC)

airdash j.K j.S j.HS 5K sj.HS j.41236S

like Circuitous mentioned, going from a bad starter, like throw, into 2S 236S FRC 214P~D can dizzy and let you get those 6HS starters.

Basic okizeme options after j.41236S seems to be 2S 236S FRC taunt, you can then jump in or 214K, or skip the 2S and jump in, maybe go for some airdash mixup). 236P is +3 so it's great for oki or pressure too. ex : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aj8VK1L_0g#t=2m10s

Bob likes to also end combos meterlessly with 2S 5H, which you can air tech out after. Seems gimmicky, but looks like it works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqKlWVj2_cg#t=16m10s

Anyone figured out how to hit this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqKlWVj2_cg#t=12m35s j.K j.S j.HS, on sol? j.HS always whiffs on crouch

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Yeah there's like one really weird active frame on jH that doesn't float the opponent on ground hit. I got it occasionally practicing IAD combos but I'm not sure where in the animation it actually occurs. Doesn't seem like it'll be a big execution probelm, though; seems extremely situational.

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I only seem to get the jHS to NOT launch when in the corner, like he cant turn around all the way because of the wall :P

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