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[+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

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Been playing vs Johnny a lot recently and found that doing aircombo D-roar plunge left me really far because the plunge hits too early, so I've been forgoing the plunge to leave him closer which can give some decent crossup options and still gives a fuzzy. Also side switches which can put them in the corner if you need, cool. Watched the last BOB vs Satou match in the video thread and noticed he does the same thing. Cool. Seems like I'm on the right track then. I tried it vs some other chars but it's not always untechable, esp vs floaty chars.


When you get a close knockdown (like corner airthrow 2S S-roar), you can do a wavedash throw, but off something like f.S drill 2S S-roar you can't, so I've been practicing 2366~P for a gliding P-roar for oki. This gets you close enough that you can then dash FDC throw, which seems good if they're scared and locking up. You can do it like 2366~[P+K] and just hold to make the FD cancel easier


I've also been working on better pressure options. Like if they are blocking high vs say c.S IAD j.KSH then you land and do another c.S and threaten another airdash, they might try to jump or early 6P, so you can catch them with 2D. It's too far to do a P-roar pickup so you need to do R-Roar but the damage is still decent. If you instead do 5P instead of c.S the pushback is low enough that you can connect a P-roar pickup which can make for swag combos like this Johnny-only combo, 2D P-roar FRC (S-roar FRC 6H (partial))*3 S-roar, which does 411 damage on him or 100% damage if he has a bit of guardbar from that IAD string, lol.


I think you can basically never land that combo in a real match though, because it takes meter to get them to the corner in the first place. Oh well.

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