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[P4A] Labrys - Critique Thread

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Ok, thanks! Guess I should take his j.C serious then, and try to IB it. Normally I just outspace Kanji with 5C, but this guy in fast to react with j.214ab (when I played him in casuals). Should go with more 5A I suppose.

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just as a note to add in -

Kanji's j.C is unsafe on IB. 5A punish works on IB, Kanji's j.C is can FC Labrys doing 2B though -

a note on that, if kanji hasn't already dashed/double jumped before j.c, he can still do that before landing, making it harder to punish. he can also mash out j.214AB while falling, catching you if you're going for the punish brainlessly. not sure if IB 5A will stop the last part, since the recovery on the move is really weird.

he also can't j.c CH 2B at certain spacings! as far as I can tell anyway, I think he has to be diagonally forward in front of labrys, but that's not quite as helpful to know.

Avoid IADing alot to avoid his persona command grabs. -

if his EX persona grab is out, you can actually iad backwards from midscreen further on and it'll launch without grabbing you. in addition, you can double jump on reaction to seeing the startup frames to make it whiff,, air dashing forward at certain spacings will make it whiff, etc. superjumping on reaction anywhere on screen will also make it whiff harmlessly.

the D version of it is faster when you're point blank on him, catching superjumps and a few other things, but that version also doesn't have invuln on the persona, much longer startup time, etc etc, so you can pressure that one to get rid of it.

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