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[P4A] Aigis vs Elizabeth

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I'm starting the match-up threads to give a basic rundown of each character Aigis has to face. Please note this is a work in progress and I would be grateful to receive any feedback on errors I've made or things that are incorrect. This information isn't my own, I've gotten it from other sources, and part of it is my overall assessment.

Matchup Ranking:

The Enemy's Assessment:


General Tips
  • Elizabeth’s 2C has guard point so be wary of that. Her 5D is a throw, which she can do fullscreen to set-up her combos. Use 5B and 5C as tools of approach to break her persona and easily close the distance on her.

Close Range
  • If not in Orgia mode, use 5B for pressure and immediately go into Orgia mode to keep the pressure. Elizabeth is superior at range, so do your best to keep her close, however watch out for Elizabeth’s 2B and DP.

Medium Range
  • It’s easy to misjudge Elizabeth’s 5C, thus it is something to be wary of when not in close range. Her 5C is normally used in blockstrings, so be careful of punishing wrong or you can get caught in the follow-ups: 2C and 5D (the command grab), however it does have a huge recovery time and thus can be persona broken. For the 5C > 5D follow-up, jump is a good way to escape the pressure and get in. Also, be wary of Elizabeth’s Zio, approach her cautiously until you reach close range, and note she can either go high or low with it, and the recovery is long.

Far Range
  • You will have to be cautiously mostly by Elizabeth’s Zio, since it can reach the fullscreen away, so your approach can’t be without a blocking defense. Can also use j.236A/B to catch her while she’s caught in Zio recovery or start up. Aigis’s 236A/B is also a good means to pick off persona stocks, but use it wisely, as Zio can catch you out out of start-up.

  • Aigis is superior in air-to-air battles with Elizabeth. Use j.A as the best means of approach in the air and hit confirm into orgia mode change combos.

  • 2B is the best means for this. It beats out Elizabeth’s Garu and also kills a persona stock. In this situation, Aigis will win. After 2B connects or is blocked, go into Orgia Mode and pressure her. Elizabeth’s j.B isn’t that good for air-to-ground, thus this is a situation she won’t like to be in against Aigis.

For air to ground, Elizabeth’s 2B is something to be cautious of, thus timing when to use your j.B will be the best means of counter attack. If in Orgia mode, can cross up, or can hover or double jump to avoid the punish.

If In Corner
Elizabeth’s options if she has you cornered are Thanatos throw and AoA. Both are dangerous and can lead to getting feared or suffering various other status effects. You don’t want to be at the receiving end of her yomi. Your best bet of escape is persona breaking Thanatos during his recovery and punish Elizabeth for it.

Shuffle Time is Elizabeth's DP. It's a forward moving grab that is techable, if it lands she will place a status aliment on you depending on her SP. It's easy to avoid, either tech it, jump in, or cross over. Aigis Orgia Mode keeps her off the ground, which allows her to avoid it entirely that way. Pokes to bait it don't work that well since she moves forward, instead jump cancelable moves in air normals are good ways to avoid it.

Good Tools For The Match Up



[*]Orgia Mode




Things To Look Out For

[*]Ghastly Wail





[*]A fairly straightforward match that allows Aigis to dictate the pace. If you don't get caught making too many mistakes you can overwhelm Elizabeth because of her horrible health pool. Two combos can decide the match against her so make them count.

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Ziodyne can be VERY problematic. I faced a Liz player earlier today and they trolled me wonderfully with that attack. It isn't easy to get around, especially if they can easily read your reaction to it, in which case you could eat it repeatedly :/ It keeps you away, shutting off your rushdown/mixup and at the right distance it beats both versions of j.236A/B. I realize the attack isn't THAT good but I was really having trouble with it. Advice?

EDIT: OK I think I'm on to something. I've been playing around with Aigis vs Liz in training. Aigis can challenge Zio with her D persona reversals! It's better if you use the versions where Athena moves forward because you can (fairly) safely follow behind her from a safe distance. Watch carefully because if she does use Zio you'll need to block it so that Athena can launch her counterattack (obviously because if you get hit she disappears and you lose stock). If you simply stay put and let Athena reverse, they may attack her so instead high jump and dash over the attack as it hits athena. If you are in Orgia mode, this should allow you to get close to her.

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You can also just super her if you react to the startup. If she just keeps zio'ing fullscreen, you can IB it for some free meter. Choosing to punish afterwards with gatling is up to you. Just be wary that she is always gaining meter..

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Assuming you're talking about mid screen neutral game against Liz; In Orgia you could try baiting the 2B by boosting then stopping just out of the range followed by a sweep punish combo for whiffing the move. Although be careful throwing out 2ABs outside of on-reaction since her 2B also makes her float up in the air which could hit you out of 2AB, you should be able to hit her with 5B if you're in range as well but the spacing is tighter if you want to avoid a trade.

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Yea I started doing that a little while after I posted lol it works really well especially since most liz that are one level above scrub 5c spam will just camp 2b super hard so stoppingg short with orgia works great. Also, I've just played the matchup much more patiently and if they catch on to stopping short theyll either 5b or 5c whereas I just wait and punish the persona with 2b. She cant do SHIT without Thanatos.

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