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[Mar 29-31, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI - Atlanta, GA

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Anything going on for VSav besides the invitational?

Kajoq will be running a VSAV tournament, it's probably going to be on Sunday. I'm sure there will be a lot of casuals too. This is probably the best place to look regarding start times, signups etc:


I'll try to post anything here about side tournaments I find out during the event.

Alternatively call/text me with any questions


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I'm not gonna be able to make it unfortunately. To whoever's running brackets, I'm in pool 2 as "Con". You can just DQ me if you see this, or whoever else is in that pool - you can let the bracket runner know so they don't waste time.

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Kajoq will be running a VSAV tournament, it's probably going to be on Sunday. I'm sure there will be a lot of casuals too. This is probably the best place to look regarding start times, signups etc:


I'll try to post anything here about side tournaments I find out during the event.

Alternatively call/text me with any questions


Cool, thanks!

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update on guilty gear side tournament: plenty of people might have noticed by now but we're doing guilty casuals in the anime room all weekend. Sunday around 1 pm will be the tournament, should have plenty of people, I had a list with like over 32 names.

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This weekend was CRAZY fun, best Final Round I've attended! I'll do shouts later.

For now, here are the Final Round 16 full results for GG and BB. I tried to note characters used, but I'm completely exhausted, so my apologies for any mistakes/missing info.

GGAC - 32 entrants total. This bracket was STACKED AS FUCK, as Heidern called it, "The tournament of Old Men and Blood." There were several skilled OGs in attendance, and nearly every match was amazing. If you did not watch this on stream, you fucked up.

1st: Marlin Pie (Eddie)

2nd: Abegen (Potemkin)

3rd: Mako Infused (Potemkin, Eddie)

4th: Solid Play (Robo-Ky)

5th: VR Raiden (Sol)

5th: Klein (Slayer)

7th: Koogy (Slayer, Potemkin, A.B.A., I-No, holy fuck you play a lot of characters)

7th: Skeletal Minion (A.B.A.)

9th: Hsien-Joe

9th: Azure Phoenix

9th: Yarin

9th: LukeR (Axl)

13th: Jamarvelous

13th: White Doren (Jam)

13th: Notafiend

13th: Zega (May)

17th: Qren Gaffin

17th: Ludwig Van

17th: Arrogant Swagger

17th: Tad (Ky)

17th: Zetta

17th: Shinsyn

17th: Whoopie Goldburst (Not sure who they played but this is the best goddamn tournament handle ever)

17th: Nope

25th: Bking

25th: Mojo

25th: Sard

25th: Klark Kent

25th: Wanted Levy

25th: C-Deezy

25th: Jyosua

25th: Naimat (Johnny)

Blazblue CSE - 32 entrants total. LK wins, surprising absolutely no one. The person who was doing the surprising was Tectal Eastside, a long time XBL netplayer, to score some sick upsets with Mu and take 2nd at his first major!

1st: Lord Knight (Litchi)

2nd: Tectal Eastside (Mu-12)

3rd: Ivysaur (Carl)

4th: Team DAI | Urichinan (Litchi)

5th: Guardian (Relius)

5th: Axis (Tager)

7th: Jackie Chandler (Ragna)

7th: GH MastaStef

9th: Eshi (Makoto)

9th: Naimat

9th: Skeletal Minion (Hakumen)

9th: Setsuna

13th: DWB (Noel)

13th: Bulbasaur (Carl)

13th: Lan5x

13th: BlueLink

17th: LastStarSavior (Noel)

17th: Dark Rios III

17th: Timez

17th: GlitterSparkleDesu

17th: Jyosua

17th: Fakku | Reptar (Tsubaki)

17th: Raiden

17th: VR-Raiden

25th: Kaqn

25th: Rayjizzle

25th: JDash247

25th: Goryus

25th: Nobodyexe

25th: LunaKage~

25th: Lieutenant

25th: Wanted Levy

Edit: Now with actual full results for BB since I apparently goofed them last night.

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Shoutouts to Reptar and LukeR for organizing the BB and GG side tournaments. Shoutouts to the BB stream, and the HYPE AS FUCK GG stream. Shoutouts to godlike 4G.

Good shit to everyone I played this weekend, but especially those helping me grind out matchups and drop bad habits in casuals. You guys were awesome.

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Okay I wanted a super long Shoutouts post but I'm doing this from my phone so we'll see how far my patience gets me. Also note doing this sober unlike that last post (don't drink and post kids).

So, Shoutouts to;

Everyone I met for various reasons, including:

ShinSyn for being a total bro all weekend, sharing ShinStories, bodying people with unblockables, and generally being a cool guy. Hope to make it to UFGT!

Shinobi for letting me room with him, and getting bodied in PSO2 so he ends up missing entering GG. Stay free you fraud.

Jyosua for being a cool guy and bringing his stream equipment and using it for GG/BB. Some really amazing matches happened on stream and if it weren't for him, you wouldn't have seen them.

LKG for being funny as shit and helping me out with making FBPBs. I'm gonna perfect the recipie soon so look forward to that!

Lord Knight for being a great guy and a great player. Hope to hang out some when you're in Columbus this weekend!

SprtJuice for being an old man and calling people out on being FUCKING NERDS. Shame you were busy with BT stuff but it was still great to hang out.

Koogy for being great at GG and for sponsoring Final Round, along with kicking my ass off the mic during commentary.

Axis for being my little bitch, and holding up BB brackets for an hour even though you didn't want to play. Trolling complete.

MarlinPie for being nice as hell, shame we didn't get to play but I'm glad you stuck around the persona room to play some matches.

Abegen for not only flying out here, but being a great guy and amazing at GG. Hope you come out next year!

Reptar for being my waifu-bro even if his waifu love isn't as strong. One day you might be. Maybe.

DC and Dawn for driving 2 hours and getting here at 3 am. Good to see you DC and good to meet you Dawn.

Skeletal_Minion for being chill and great at GG! 2 matches against Abegen is no mean feat, hope to play against you more!

VR-Raiden for having a sick Sol main. We need to play on PSN sometime!

Everyone else I met but forgot to list, everyone I met here was godlike for one reason or another!

Other Shoutouts:

That Pizza Hut with straws from Wendy's, what the fuck!?

Jam for being strong as fuck, 6H da bess

Everyone who tuned into the streams, I saw that hype during GG!

Hotel staff and staff of FR, the event was amazing and you should be proud.

Doren2k DA GAWD for getting everyone hype when some scrub entered as White Doren

Whoever it is that entered as Whoopi Goldbursr. That name is brilliant and I owe you a drink.

Severin for helping me invent the Force Break Puffball drink, EVERYONE loved it.

ArcSys for making amazing games

Jam for being my waifu <3

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Sad I couldn't make the gear tournament on Sunday. My skin was bodying me that morning. Good games to everyone I played.

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Thanks for everyone that helped make the P4U/BB tournament a success.

Sorry I had to leave right after the BB tourney but I'm glad I got to play a few casuals with people on P4U.

Next year I'm using my own controller I know had to play on cuz those random 3 pads bodied me hard LOL.

My 1st offline tournament was pretty fun so I'll try and make it to another major in the future.


Thank you everyone who let me borrow their pads cuz I couldn't have played anything if you didnt let me borrow it.

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First time doing a "Shoutouts" post in a long time (probably since CEO last year). For those who somehow didn't know who I was I was the guy with a Kirino shirt on Friday, Pink polo on Saturday and I carried my Oreimo stick with my Kirino messenger bag :v:. May the shoutouts begin

  • Kousaka Kirino <3 for being my waifu, nothing will ever change that
  • ZomB for picking me and my buddy Zenosuke up as well as dropping us off back at the bus stop, it was great to finally meet you ~ I can't wait for TNS which you apparently seem to be attending :)
  • Reptar for hooking us up with FAKKU stickers and running Blazblue brackets. We'll see about chilling more during the summer when you move back to being 40 minutes away from me.
  • Tecta1Eastside for coming out to your first offline tournament (or event in general). Sucks you had pad problems during Persona you wouldve made it so much further otherwise. Major congrats on taking everyone by surprise during Blazblue.
  • ShinSyn for hosting casuals in his room and being an awesome guy in general, I wish I had the chance to say goodbye before I left but I couldn't find you
  • Nobodyexe for being the funniest guy all weekend, I was dying watching you play with a horse head on the entire time.
  • Jyosua for making it out from California and streaming BB/GG off your 4G from your phone (godlike). Sucks we didn't get more games in, hopefully next time we can (At CEO ?)
  • Generic from doing especially well coming from EU(?), definitely a strong player and I thoroughly enjoyed my matches with you.
  • Eshi for posting the thread on improved Labrys Oki and showing it to me Friday when you played Lab in casuals, it definitely helped me alot this weekend.
  • AXIS for bullying me offline as much as he did online and being an awesome funny guy regardless, it was nice to finally meet you and your trademark voice.
  • Guardian for spreading the ICE MOUNTAIN love this weekend
  • Ludwig Van it wa snice to finally meet you as well, you should play Naoto more :v:
  • LastStar for coming with me to get breakfast before my 10am pool, it was nice to finally meet you after playing with you online and talking with you in a chat I never check lol
  • LordKnight for winning BB/P4A/MB and having a few matches with me, I wish I could have gotten more matches in with you I had no idea you were leaving early Sunday morning.
  • Amadeous for being a fellow waifu bro and apparently being shadow me with our waifus.
  • Bluelink for making out from Brazil again, I hope we get to see you again during CEO.
  • DemonWindBomb, its been so long since I've seen you it was nice to finally see you again. Maybe I'll see you at CEO for the BB side tournament ?
  • LKG shut up :v: Thanks for being a good guy and drinking ?
  • Chosen Ninja for having a nasty Yukiko, I wanted to get more games in but they kicked us out of the anime room as we started to play that Saturday Night :(
  • Psykotik for coming down from Canada for this, good games in Top 16 I'll level up for our next match ~
  • Everyone for loving my kawaii waifu fightstick

I missed alot but I'm tired and can't think of anyone else whom I don't already see all the time such as DC, Romey and Dawn (thank you btw for the support during my Top 16 match ~). The highlight of the weekend for me (aside from meeting everyone) was getting interviewed from Zhi(? They had a madcatz microphone) as the moe representative in the Persona room (whether it be a joke interview or not lol), getting Top 16 and apparently a stream blowup I got when my stick showed up on stream. Sucks going from a weekend like that back to work and such. The next major I'll be at is CEO, I hope alot of you can make it out ~ *Continues to catch up on weekend anime*

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For those of you that don't have twitter:

Generic: I think you were the guy I played yesterday. Good shit; you're a good player, and those were some fun matches.

Guardian: Man, I love talking and playing games with you. I hope I see you again at another tournament soon.

DemonWindBomb: I had fun talking to you saturday night! I wish we coulda played some matches though...

If I remember anyone else, I'll edit this later.

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I'm so happy that I could meet so many old friends. This tournament was awesome! Top 8 for BB and P4A were fun to watch, I wish I could've stayed for Guilty Gear too.

Chosen Ninja - Your Yukiko is extra gross. I wish I could've gotten a lot more matches with you, I really need to learn patience and answers for that match-up.

Lord Knight - you are just too strong. Your blocking in P4A finals blew my mind.

Setsuna - I'm super happy that I could help a fellow low tier player out :D

XCross - Literally the only other Liz player in the tournament. T_T

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I'm so burnt out right now, but I'm really glad I made it out. First time going to a major and taking it seriously, and I'm just shocked with how great the experience was. I met amazing people, played so many games, and just learned so much from this little adventure. I look forward to being active within the community, getting to know you guys more, and playing more games with everyone. See you at the next major for sure!

Shoutouts to;

ShinSyn for being really cool and housing everyone for P4A casuals. Thank you for taking me under your wing a bit during this weekend. You're a really great story teller too!

Miller for being the YOSUKE GOD seriously who the fuck doesn't use Sukukaja it is so scary and super amazing. Your use of it was reaaally good too.

BlueLink for being really easy to get along with and kind and just plain fun to be around. You are seriously the coolest dude, but secretly a scumbag haha. That IK was amazing!

Insol for being a man and eating two burgers from Wendy's after having said that the Baconator was an insta-heartattack. THIS GUYYYY.

Reptar for being the secret God of fighting games LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST PLAY THEM YOU ARE REAL. Oh and for getting bodied in IRL waifuwars STAY NETPLAY FOREVER.

Nobodyexe for being one of the funniest guys this entire weekend, I look forward to hanging with you at another major. And thanks for the facemask! (that I didn't wear so much ww) Also also also for bringing a horsehead AND wearing it during play. THE GOD

Jyosua for making it out alll the way from Cali and doing what he did for BB side tourney. That's love, man. Bringing all of that equipment across the country and taking time out of your day to stream it? Sick!

Generic for being a really cool guy and for making it all the way from Europe. You're a very smart player, and I hope you decide to stick with P4A. For two days, that Akihiko was VERY impressive! Please please PLEASE wipe up the competition when the game drops in EU. :<

Guardian for thinking I was really LunaKage. HAHAHA.

Eshi for being the secret Liz God. I wish we got to play more! I plan on trying to make it out to Tech for some games asap!

Axis the BEST for being one of the other most hilarious most fun dudes in the anime room. Your energy is too strong. Drunk Axis is REAL. Also hold dat shit Wolfkrone. Congrats on Top 8!

LordKnight for playing me in P4A and showing me how scummy Bulleta was in VSav prior to all that. That japanese commentary was too real and you're hilarious when you start drinking. I guess that's it. ye

ARMADEOUS for realizing that courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality. Also shoutouts to JamJuice.

Setsuna for having a super real Labrys and for following me on twitter again. But seriously, thank you for your words after my first two matches, it meant a lot hahaha. Hope to see you at CEO!

ChosenNinja for being the Yukiko God and showing just how much of a real waifu Yukiko is. Too bad she's not real. ;;

DC for winning the drinking side tourney. Holy shit drunk DC is too much. I also need to arm wrestle you next time we meet. Shoutouts to that car chase btw.

ZomB for finally getting games in with me offline. Man. I'll get you one day, I promise! Also you're right, I fucked up by not eating with y'all hahaha.

Romey for getting Top 16 without even playing this game. That Bear is too real.

Reynald for playing me in P4A in the cafeid room even though I was shitfaced. Are you the God?

Shinobi for hosting the game of death. Even if it was baby game of death, it was still fun and I'd like to do it again next year!

ludwig for cosplaying as Naoto holy shit you bodied Amadeous and Reptar in waifuwars.

Milln for DAT HAT.

XCrosss for that super hype match we played. I really wish we got to play more, if anything we should definitely get some netplay in. You're a really cool guy!

VR-Raiden for giving me advice and giving me information on the Akihiko matchup prior to my blowup. You're a very nice person, and a Narukami GOD. I wish my blender was as good as yours :3 wait shit i don't think we got to play ;;

If I forgot anyone I'm sorry, I'm still trying to piece together this weekend. I met so many people and had so much fun. Again I'm really glad I went, and thank you all for a.) being so kind to someone new to the community and b.) putting up with my drunk ass hahaha. I'm definitely going to travel more from here on out, should definitely be going to CEO but I'll also try to get out to UFGT! Thank you all so much again, for everything. And shoutouts to the #NARUKARMY2013

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Shoutouts to:

  • Tsuntenshi for everyone having a bromance with him.
  • Amadeous for being the strongest there ever was (although fuck you for signing Axis up for BB against his will)
  • LKG for entering BB as LunaKage then Jackie Chandler for teaching LKG how to play Noel mid-match
  • Jyosua for bringing his streaming setup and helping me run Blazblue. Definitely couldn't have done it without him.
  • Ludwig for cosplaying Naoto on Saturday. Too strong.
  • Axis for having the alcohol tolerance of a freshmen sorority girl and for having an amazing collection of visual novels on his computer
  • All the Florida niggas who showed up: Cary, Zenosuke, Guardian, DC, Dawn, Romey, PastyCracker, and DWB (I think that's everyone =X)
  • The Tennessee niggas. Good seeing you all again.
  • Big shoutouts to Shinsyn and Bluelink (and your other two people rooming in there, can't remember who they were) for letting everyone play games in your room and almost getting kicked out of your room two nights in a row. Also Bluelink, how were you able to sleep with all that stuff going on? Shinstories are awesome by the way.
  • Lan5x, Bill, Psy_kotik for coming from Canada. Especially Psy_kotik for playing CS2 with me on Sunday <3
  • Everyone else I met, including Miller, Ninja_boy_doug, Nobody,
  • Naruto jacket for becoming a legend in all the wrong ways
  • DJHoushen's jungle juice
  • Chaos Code
  • Biggest shoutouts goes to everyone who put up with brackets running slowly for Blazblue. Tournament speed got bodied by 4pm Persona pools and 6pm Persona finals and by us having to be in the Gear room on the other side of the venue. Sorry for the poor planning.
  • Biggest BIGGEST shoutouts to Tsubaki <3

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Finally made it home and I can't sleep, either way, I gotta do a Shoutouts drop because Final Round was the most fun and hilarious tournaments I've ever been to! I actually got to hang out with everyone I wanted to this time around so this event was pretty GDLK for me. Let's do this!

  • Shoutouts to Miller for hooking me up last minute with the room, also us got bodied hard when we realized on the last day we could have had free breakfast, lunch and dinner because we were on the 17th floor when all we had to do was look at our card holders... All the money we could have saved! #StayFreeUs
  • Shoutouts to AXIS for getting the farthest of all the Midwest players that came out to play at Final Round. Good shit on placing 4th man, I've gotta step it up due to my poor performance at FR, you've helped me out to see what my problem was over the weekend, thanks man! Also, good luck on learning Yu, Your day one Yu is solid, can't wait to see you after you've developed more.
  • Shoutouts to ChosenNinja for shocking everyone at Final Round with your unique Yukiko play and doing amazing in the tournament. You've shown people that you are the truth and your reads are strong.
  • Shoutouts to Nobodyexe for making it out of top 16 and obtaining an Aigis Figure from me, then hitting me up at 2AM because there were only 2 left. Once it get's here, I'll hand deliver it to you. #RIP ShinSyn's Money... ;_;
  • Shoutouts to Spirit Juice for being a chill dude, I wish we could have hung out more.
  • Shoutouts to Lord Knight for winning Melty, Blaze and Persona this weekend! Can't wait to see you at UFGT, the Midwest is hungry and will be waiting for your arrival.
  • Shoutouts to DC being DC and a victim of the Game of Death
  • Shoutouts to Dawn for keeping DC in check when he was killed by the Game of Death LOL!
  • Shoutouts to Shinobi for being an awesome host, TO and the Game of Death mediator! I came back just to miss it but I heard it was recorded, I will be waiting to watch the deterioration of DC's liver.
  • Shoutouts to Setsuna for winning Stick Art award for Final Round, being a chill guy and playing Yugioh with me when I was down and out for fighters, and being Almond G's twin brother! Loved playing you offline bro, the sets were fun!
  • Shoutouts to VR-Raiden for giving me tips during my matches in Guilty Gear to help me out and do slightly better than I probably would have. Also being my very first opponent and knocking me into losers; I learned a lot in our set LOL! Also shoutouts for not going 0-2 in GG unlike P4U and BB!
  • Shoutouts to Ludwig Van for the offline sets and that Naoto cosplay, you were one of the strongest in the Waifu Wars bro! Also, still salty about that Mudoon kill, I teched that throw lol!
  • Shoutouts to Amadeous for hanging with a bro and getting MarlinPie to play me to gain Match up experience in Guilty Gear, it helped a ton!
  • Shoutouts to Guardian for being hella chill, It's finally nice to put a face behind a name, good S-Lab and hope we can chill again.
  • Shoutouts to Milln for being chill the entire weekend. It's nice to meet you and the rest of the Tennessee crew!
  • Shoutouts to Jyosua for traveling all the way from the west coast to gain that exp and streaming GG and BB! You've leveled up a lot out there, and I saw it when we played sets on Sunday! Keep up the work and you'll be all right man.
  • Shoutouts to Bluelink and Inso for coming out from Brazil and playing! Bluelink, we already talked, just keep doing what you're doing man, you will see change. And Inso, you're growth with Narukami is insanely fast! I can't wait to see how much stronger you'll get, and Good Stuff on getting 2nd in Melty!
  • Shoutouts to Reptar for being as animated IRL as he is over the net. Also to getting bodied by X-Factor; you sir, were a victim LOL!
  • Shoutouts to Generic for those sets! Your Akihiko was hella solid, Coming here from Europe man that's hype!
  • Shoutouts to LKG for stepping up your game for Final Round! You took all the advice people told you and applied it, just keep it up and you'll be scary! The Narukarmy is getting stronger!
  • Shoutouts to DJ Huoshen for bringing X-Factor! That drank is amazing bro, I cannot wait to drink more of it man!
  • Shoutouts to DWB for finally meeting the Noel that makes me rage so hard at netplay because of YOLO 3C! I like you but I dislike you too :D
  • Shoutouts to Psy_kotik, Bill and the rest of the Canada crew that made it out!
  • Shoutouts to Eshi for those sets with both your Liz and Labrys. I've not seen Labrys oki used that way and would love to play you again!
  • Shoutouts to WoZ for finally meeting you, wish I saw you after the tournament but it is what it is, it was cool to chat and hang with a Team DAI Member at Final Round.
  • Shoutouts to Ray Jizzle for being GDLK with Akihiko, that thumbs up on the burst was too GDLK!

If I missed any of you I'm sorry, I have class soon and I gotta head out but before I go:

Top Tier Stick: Setsuna. A stick with your waifu on it is too strong, everyone automatically loses.

Best name: Whoopie Goldburst (I want to shake this person's hand for this name, too GDLK!)

Best Move Call Out: Guardian with - Bufudyne = "ICE MOUNTAIN!!!"

Insane Moment: ChosenNinja Jumping Through Teddie Buckets (WTF Man, way to get the people out of their seats!)

Waifu War Winner: Ludwig Van - He cosplayed his waifu and guilt tripped all the other contestants into doing suffering shit for their waifus.

LOL Moment: Axis hitting LK with Cross Up YOLO Dive after chair super, and having the chair fall on LK.

There are more moments but I'm gonna stop and end it the same way I always do:

Shoutouts to Shoutouts

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Final Round was AWESOME. Wish I could've been there longer but it was still a blast.

GGs in the P4A tourney to KC's Notoruis, Eshi, Lord Knight, and Chosen Ninja. Congrats on taking first LK.

GGs in P4A casuals to Lan5x, ShinSyn, the Labrys I played for a while (can't recall your name sorry ;_; ), ZomB, and anyone else if I'm forgetting.

Lan5x it was cool playing you yet again, too bad we didn't play in BB to laugh at how ugly the match would be compared to last year lol.

ZomB thanks for the much needed Chie beatings and advice.

GGs in the BB tourney to KAQN(lol), Tectal Eastside, Skeletal Minion.

Tectal Eastside congrats on making 2nd with your Mu. too bad we didn't get to play in P4A, we'll have to get some games in next time.

Skeletal Minion good shit with Hakumen. Hope I get the chance to play your ABA too sometime.

GGs in GG casuals/tourney to SolidPlay, Yarin, Zetta, ShinSyn, ABEGEN.

SolidPlay, good shit with Robo-ky and that hilarious airthrow for the win in our tourney match LOL that blew my mind. and yeah I need to be way more careful with riot stamp/bandit bringer vs Pot, I was too afraid of getting slide-headed but I should have just reacted to it.

Yarin, good shit with Robo from you as well our matches were intense.

ShinSyn keep playing and you'll get Sol down no prob. If you end up switching to Anji at least you'll have a pocket Sol haha.

Good to see you again Ama and AXIS, and it was nice meeting you Miller, Ludwig Van, Demon Wind Bomb, fellow NARUKARMY member LKG, Jackie Chandler, and other people in the P4A room. Sad I didn't get to play any of you but I hope to next tourney!

Time to grind, see you all again at upcoming tournaments.

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Wish I could've hung out more with everyone (I feel especially bad for Guardian since I said I'd try to play him at some point since he lives in Europe), but such is the way of life in the world of E-Sports; barely had time to socialize. After closing up on Sunday, I was dead tired and went to bed after dinner.

I hope to see more of you guys soon.

P.S. Nerds gotta hold dat some scrub like me took 5th place. :toot: NO FUN ALLOWED. :roboky:

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Shoutouts to:

-Shinsyn, Inso, Bluelink, and Axis for being roomies.

-Not knowing about the 17th floor lounge until Sunday night. We gotta hold dat.

-LKG stepping his shit up over the weekend. Keep grinding man, you'll get there.

-Fellow Brosukes Milln and Jin. Nice meeting you guys, hopefully we can do it big at the next tournament!

-ZomB and Romey for making me hold dem L's in tournament.

-"Yo I'm winning"

-GGs to LastStarSaviour and Dante for our money matches

-SilentShinobi and the nerfed version of the Game of Death (still got bodied), also godlike wings

-Amadeous and Reptar for being awesome and having godlike drunken waifu wars

-Yipes coming into our room and randomly asking if anyone was playing as Mitsuru.

-Shin Blanka for running an amazing event as usual

-One and done

See you guys at UFGT!

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Ah shit finally got back home and slept after 12 hours of driving with Corn.

First I wanna thank all of my sponsors that helped me get to final round.

Thank you Amadeous for paying my way venue and entry. (shinsyn signed me up but you are amazing for getting me in anyway love you lots. good waifu nigga)

Thanks to Shinsyn and LKG for helping me out on food and keeping me from starving through the whole weekend you guys are gods.

Thank you Miller for letting me sleep in your room because I had no room to sleep in, you are THE ultimate bro. (I love you and will not be trying to fuck your mom now.)

Lastly special thanks to my sponsors C.O.R.N. for having room in the van and letting me come down to play knowing I was mad broke and willing to body everyone. (died trying.)

Now for the shout outs! (omg this is gonna be long)

Shout out to friday casuals where all I did was talk shit and lose to everyone like an asshat.

Shout out to Ama for being an amazing drunk and even MORE hungry for waifu when drunk.

Shout out to Shinsyn for getting bodied 0-2 and stepping his shit up in casuals. (You wanna win then you gotta want dominate in your mind first.)

Shout out to LKG for taking in all the advice through the weekend and stepping his shit up legit through tourney. (You listened to my advice before tourney and nearly got out of your pool GOOD SHIT!)

Shout out to Chosen Ninja for getting LK off the setup lolol then no one wanted to play afterwards...THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN PEOPLE WANTED TO PLAY. (FUCK EVERYONE)

Shout out to Milln he is an amazing fellow and quite the family friendly chap, I can let him watch my kids. (p.s suguri da gawd)

Shout out to Miller feeling himself hard in tourney: "Yo...I'm winning" :vbang:

Shout out to Laststarsavior for losing his money to miller and for being a gentle negro soul.

Shout out to my Xbox BFF and Tager bro Astaroth!I finally met you and your just as amazing as I hoped, come down to MI! I will give you chicken and kool aid.

Shout out to Ludwig Van for cosplaying his waifu and thinking he can win...hahaha fucker.

Shout out to Jackie Chandler for not being a real girl. (You are still a chill dude though.)

Shout out to Anne Frank for the mix up, classy chap you.

Shout out to Kurumster for reminding me of snoop dawg also stay salty and dodge me for casuals bum, see you on netplay fucker.

Shout out to Generic for improving his Akihiko in such a rate in which I had to stop sandbagging you during matches to stand a chance.

Shout out to Insou for having the "melty blood" blender and for being really chill guy.

Shout out to Blue link for being really nice, cool, and having a case of "yellow fever"

Shout out to Reptar's Fakku sponsorship! I will cherish it forever.

Shout out to "I will break your legs in 3 places" DC after dying to the game of death. (fucking amazing)

Shout out to Dawn for impressing both me and LK for your surprise fuck tactics. We seriously got mentally guard broken playing you.

Shout out to LK for being chill as fuck and chatting with me at Ruby Tuesdays, funny stories. Good shit on winning everything, better you then fucking Chie anyday.

Shout out to florida for coming out and playing, you guys are terrific especially Tsutenshi, his waifu love is pure...not tainted like Amadeous.

Shout out to Woz/Uri for coming out and playing, I will be ready when CP drops, you are not beating me hmph KID!

Shout out to hilarity during the whole event and nearly getting kicked out for massive noise complaints.

Shout out to Ray Jizzle the smartest Akihiko I ever seen. (next time we play I will bring my full might, not the horrible shit I did that friday.)

Last shout out! Shinobi for doing the game of death and killing DC! I hope he learned his lesson.

If there was anyone I forgot to shout out to I am sorry! I do love you all and think you guys are great too! hope to see you again.


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`Final Round ended up being a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I almost didn't end up going, but all the people I met made the trip worth it.

~Shoutouts to playing finally playing WoZ, LastStar, Skeletal_minion and Bulbasaur Psykotik offline. It was awesome meeting you guys in person.

~Shoutouts to meeting Shinsyn, and VR-Raiden in person. I hope I get to play you guys again once CP drops.

~Shoutouts to Reptar for running the BB Brackets and bringing Fakku stickers to the tournament. I honestly thought you were joking about doing that.

~Shoutouts to Jyosua for leveling up his Jin and talking about BB with me. It sucks that we didn't get a chance to play but we should definitely get some matches in when CP drops.

~Shoutouts to seeing Setsuna, Romey and Guardian for the first time in months. I hope I get to see you guys again at CEO (or sooner).

~Shoutouts to Bluelink, Eshi, and AXIS. We may not have interacted much but It was cool seeing you again/meeting you.

~Shoutouts to everybody who I spoke to but forgot to mention by name. ~You're awesome~

I hope some of you guys can show up to CEO.

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