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[P4A] Labrys vs Yosuke

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Please use this thread to discuss and contribute to this matchup. Information will be added to the main post as information comes. Keep in mind that strats will be changed as the game evolves.

Please refer to Yosuke Hanamura Wiki if you would like to know more indepth information such as frame data etc.

The Neutral Game

At neutral it would be best to just zone him his approaches with neutral j.B, this will stuff out just about any of his attempts to get in so long as you block accordingly. Once you stuff him out once you'll have life lead and he'll have to force his way in at some point so long as you block accordingly.


Your Offense:

Due to Yosukes abnormal speed we can't throw out full screen Tsurugis or attempt 5C to catch him in a mix up. Yosuke can easily catch us on the recovery of just about all of our grounded attacks. Once you catch him while j.B finishing you can follow up with a simple that ends in 214A/Sweep knockdown and go for your Oki setups. Once he has escaped your grasp just go back to neutral and wait for him to come to you (assuming you got the life lead).

His Offense:

Yosukes main tools of entry are as follow:

Because of Yosukes light mobility he can easily dash right in and poke these out in the blink of an eye and poke his way in and against Labrys normals you're focused to block. Watch out for 5C on block as he can be canceled into 2C which holds Fatal Counter properties (watch out about trying to roll out of 5C as well). 5D/j.D (this will be used alot) launches his person towards you and can be punished for a break in his persona gauge just be wary of Yosuke in the back who can punish you on the recovery of even your quickest normal. His j.C is safe on block however is not an overhead so don't worry about holding down back.

Yosukes Sweep can be special canceled into his Dash Spring (236A/B) or his AoA, if he goes for the AoA punish him hard for it. Dash Spring is very unsafe unless he cancels it into one of this aerial specials, Flying Kunai (j.236C/D or j.214C/D) is his safest option and basically puts us back at neutral, hes unsafe while landing but its highly unlikely Labrys can make it across in time. Moonsault (j.236A/B or j.214A/B) seems to catch alot of players off guard because he can go into Crescent Slash (A/B during Moonsault) or Mirage Slash (j.2C) (Yosukes 50/50 high/low). If you see him go into Moonsault you can punish him with an air throw or a j.C > 214x otherwise be prepared to block accordingly. If he does go for Mirage Slash instead of Crescent Slash remember its a low and is very punishable on block. Yosuke has a command grab Tentarafoo(236C/D) which does inflict Confusion on you, if you can see it coming all you have to do is jump away or roll and if you get hit however remember that your controls will be reversed.

Yosuke has two SP Skills; Garudyne (236236C/D air OK) is his regular one Yosuke will spin around with his persona in a large tornado towards you, the only concern you may have with this has the chance it crosses you up however it'll be painfully obvious when it does so block accordingly and punish afterwards, some players may use it as a reversal to catch you pushing buttons alot of players tend not to but the possibility is there. The next one is his Awakened SP Skill Sukukaja (214214C/D) which gives him a massive speed increase and allows him to special cancel out of moves that were previously unsafe (such as Mirage Slash), his pokes will be much deadlier so just play the neutral j.B zoning game and it should give him more than enough trouble to get in while you wait out the time on the install.


Your Defense:

In this match up our limited defensive options are pretty useless, unless your opponent is an idiot there is probably no way our R-Action will work in any situation (there shouldn't be a need to use it anyway). Be wary about using Guard Cancels, Yosuke and see it, block it and have time to punish you on the recovery of it (?). 214214C/D our Reversal Super can easily be jumped over and with Yosukes mobility thats not something we really want to risk unless hes right in your face pushing buttons (most Yosukes won't though).

We can however zone Yosuke out a bit with j.D, Yosuke can do nothing in-response to the gears unless he has meter for an SB Dash Spring.

His Defense:

Watch out for Yosukes R-Action as it can counter ANYTHING and then put you in knockdown for Yosuke to follow up with pressure. Also keep in mind the hitbox on 2B when trying to make approaches in the air.

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

Overall the game will be pretty lame on Labrys side, zone him out and wait to stuff him with j.B. The player loses life lead will have to find someway in which isn't easy for either side.

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This is a stressful mu. It's a rigged game of cat chase mouse. We have to catch him, drag him in the corner and prevent him from leaving(kinda what we all want to do) but if we fail to catch him, he's going to be a pain to deal with.


They are damn fast and they launch us into to the air putting us in dangerous position on getting resetted(aor grab). Try not to use your persona alot, ariadyne stays out for awhile which is a good opportunity for yosuke to kunai. If you ANY yosuke kunais in front of you, you could roll and catch him on his recovery. If he SB kunai then he's safe.


Dat hazama AA. It's honestly one of the best aa in the game. If he makes you tech in the air tech. Do it neutral or upward so you won't get resetted by 2b if

it's corner tech upward.

If yosuke calls jiraiya in the air, you could call ariadyne for j. D gears or j.A to stop jiraiya. J. D is a useful tool in mu because it stops yosuke from blindly rushing in. But as i said before, don't abuse ariadyne in this matchup because she will get attacked.

Oh if yosuke goes for the whole "here i come" to flipping back and forth in the air twrds you please... GRAB THE HELL OUT OF HIM! KA-POW!

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Heres the matchup summary that Kurushii gave me after he blew me up 0-5 during week 1 of NA release, this matchup became so much more bearable after he explained things from his end:

Alright first of all look here so you dont get lost

Yosuke's main entry normals are 5A, 2A, and j.B

2A is a low, and j.B is a OH

you'll only see j.2B on combos so dont worry of that in blockstrings

his sweep can be canced into his DashSpring special so dont try to mash against a blocked sweep

only mash against a blocked AoA

his persona 5C kick does cancel to his 2C which is a Fatal. So only punish 5C on whiff

the 5DD which the persona dashes forward has a followup 5DD that launches. If you block the 5D punish it fast if Yosuke isn't near

the 5DD is a 37f startup

easy to beat

j.C is safe on block and not a OH

so dont try to mash after

his R-Action which is the counter counters EVERYTHING

even throws

so watch for recovery and punish

Dash Spring is unsafe if he doesnt cancel it but it cancels to all aerial specials

Flying Kunai is very hard to punish but it does have some landing recovery on it

Moonsaults you can air throw him to punish it

if he moonsaults and you dont see a crescent slash come out he's gonna do mirage slash which hits low

it's basically his bread and butter 50/50 setup

mirage slash is unsafe on ALL versions

so if you block it low just mash

the ex he doesnt attack but instead lands straight down

it is even unsafe and can be punished sadly

his command grab just jump or hop

if you get hit by it remember to block the opposite direction on the followup

his tornado super if blocked easy punish

his install which gives speed and more jump cancels lasts for 20 seconds

just watch out for fast 2As

his ik if he does it raw just block or quickly dash next to his body where a gap is in the hitbox

if you are doing projectiles from long range watch out for him to do a ex spring dash

it is projectile invul and will catch you easy

his only fatal is 2C

so as long as you dont get hit by that he's only gonna do 3k-4k combos

that's Yosuke 101 for ya :3

also his ex moonsault is different

instead of crossing up it does it in one position and goes automatically to crescent slash

we normally use it if someone is blocking our stuff or delay our entry to bait and punish

he does have a kara air dash

but it's not easy and im still learning it

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Good stuff Setsuna, lots of helpful information.

Oh has anyone noticed if yosuke grabs or tentarafoo's you.. After the grab animation is over, labrys or whoever gets grabbed goes into a block animation regardless what yosuke is doing? There is a weird delay where you have to block. If you try mashing dp or jumping you won't be able to..

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Good stuff Setsuna, lots of helpful information.

Oh has anyone noticed if yosuke grabs or tentarafoo's you.. After the grab animation is over, labrys or whoever gets grabbed goes into a block animation regardless what yosuke is doing? There is a weird delay where you have to block. If you try mashing dp or jumping you won't be able to..

I haven't noticed this, but I haven't really tried to mash DP or jump out against Yosuke since it's mad risky to do either after throw, so I think it's just an issue with DP inputs being difficult to time on wakeup and Yosuke hitting you before you can jump out.

In other news, I played a lot against Yosuke today, so I'm going to sum up what I got out of it:

In this matchup, the life lead is a big deal. It's hard to pin Yosuke down, and he has a very good DP (if he knows what he's doing, he won't mash it, but it gets him out of shit). At the same time, it's very difficult for Yosuke to challenge Labrys's normals. Jiraiya rush (5D or j.D) loses to almost any button Labrys presses-- Just make sure you're ready to handle the Yosuke behind the disco ninja frog.

J.D is an amazing tool in this matchup. If you get it out, Yosuke cannot challenge that space for the duration of the gears.

Yosuke's dashspring (236A/B, he runs up, backflips off your face) is unsafe, like Kurushii said, but you can airthrow a forward moonsault and 5C to punish a backward moonsault. I don't know how to punish kunai, but I assume you can (maybe rocketfist?).

You can use 5C oki if he's near 50-100% of max range, and Yosuke will have to respect it-- his counter doesn't go that far.

It's notable that tentarafoo is a command throw, but can be rolled. The yosuke I fought, roku, never used sukakaja, so I don't know anything about dealing with that. Your DP is not going to work most of the time unless he tries to counter it and you hold it out--that's gimmicky at best and I wouldn't rely on it.

Beyond that, you have to just remember that Yosuke has no real way to challenge your normals safely, he's really fast, and he's going to outpoke you if you're in close range, so respect his staggers (he can't really do big damage unless you let him 2C fatal you for 5k). Outside of his fatal combos, you hit a lot harder, so make sure to confirm off of weird situation hits (you're going to get a lot of these) and keep that life lead.

tl;dr: Learn your punishes, don't mash his pressure, and use your (much) larger normals to get hits and keep the life lead. If you fall behind, slowly advance him into the corner and then fish for a hit.

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oh, beware of wakeup whirlwinds also -.-

I'll add that note, I personally havent seen anyone do it yet but I'm also usually on the otherside of the screen lol

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Wakeup whirlwind doesn't catch meaty 2A, iirc. Might want to test that to be sure, but it's not exactly the fastest reversal move. Most supers don't catch meaty 2A.

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Yeah, it's just worth noting that if you think he'll do it, you do have safe oki options that aren't "block". Too bad it loses to his actual DP. :|

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Against Yosuke's DP, Labrys can do a rising j.A to activate Yosuke's counter and still be able to avoid it and land with a non-CH 5A punish.

The advantage this has over simply waiting is that it doesn't stop Labrys' momentum as much as waiting does.

If Yosuke crouches, Labrys still has enough time to do j.B before landing and still keep pressure if Yosuke doesn't anti-air.

So you can do 8 > j.A > j.B > 5A almost as an option select.

If you were to do this on Yosuke's wake up, you can catch him if he tries to chicken block with Labrys' j.A.

The j.B ends up yellow beating, but since the gap between j.A and j.B is small, there's a good chance Yosuke will not tech out of it.

If you don't want to bet on that, you can do an actual option select to counter this:

Jump > j.A > j.C > j.B

The j.C is inputted during the j.A animation so that if j.A whiffs, as in the case of Yosuke DP'ing or crouching j.C will not come out and Labrys will do a j.B instead.

If Yosuke does a DP, there's enough time to confirm that and hit with a 5A upon landing.

If Yosuke just crouches, the falling j.B still allows for pressure if Yosuke isn't prepared for it.

If j.A hits Yousuke, as in the case of him jumping out, j.A will cancel into j.C with enough time to confirm into a Guillotine Aerial.

There are a few ways for Yosuke to counter this.

Rolling will get Yosuke out pretty much every time unless you can do a perfect meaty j.A, which is really hard.

Yosuke can also anti-air j.B with a 2B or a delayed DP.

Wake up Garudyne will catch Labrys trying to j.B.

But for the sole purpose of beating DPs and jump outs, this option select seems to get the job done.

If you do rising j.B instead of j.A to bait the DP, you have to be holding back to block the counter-attack and be very fast with the 5A punish.

The advantage of using j.B over j.A is that you get more reward for catching a jump out, especially in the corner.

But using j.B requires more precise timing and you don't get a free jump in should Yosuke decide to crouch.

Still, using j.B instead of j.A might just be worth the effort in the corner.

Getting a damaging option select that's easy enough to do has proved to be challenging, so this is the best I've come up with:

Jump > j.4BB

Your just buffering block if Yosuke decides to DP while buffering j.BB in case he jumps.

If he DPs, be ready to 5A immediately upon landing. Reacting is not a problem.

If j.BB hits Yosuke in the air, you have enough time to react with a djc.

Getting this right is hard.

You have to do the rising j.B immediately after jumping so that you still have enough time to block before landing because you'll have to block the counter-attack in the air. If you do the rising j.B too late, you won't be able to block at all.

You also have to do the j.B early enough to catch Yosuke's jump before he can block.

The last thing you have to worry about is timing this too early. If you do, j.B will hit Yosuke standing if he tries to jump out, and j.BB will whiff horribly.

So you have to jump so that you can j.B within about 5-10 frames after Yosuke's wake up, and j.B immediately after jumping.

It's even more of a headache with delayed wake ups.

It's still doable though.

Anyway, I did most of the testing of these 2 option selects off of throws and sweeps because it's easier to time, but it also works well after Guillotine enders.

With Guillotine enders, you have to do a dash and/or forward jump depending on the spacing. You don't have to worry about that if you do this in the corner.

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If your goal is simply punishing and baiting the DP, you can just jump over Yosuke and then 5B on landing. That will result in a FC. This obviously doesn't stop jump outs though.

EDIT: I assumed people would realize this, but I'll just say this to be safe: If Yosuke delays the DP (for example, after you've thrown or swept him and he's waking up), he will catch your 5B. If you read this, you can just jump over him again and j.B, which will result in another fatal (if you're in red axe).

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I wanted something that could bait a DP while being able to keep momentum reasonably well if he doesn't DP. The option select to beat jumps was just a bonus.

I know a lot of Yosukes that love to either DP or jump on wake up so something that beats both is really nice.

Empty jump 5B sounds interesting though, even if it's prone to all kinds of disrespect.

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That looks like a nice option select. My own strategy for his R-Action is really basic and pretty easy for a smart player to punish, so I'll definitely try to incorporate this OS against him.

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Thanks so much for the hitbox links! Fucking smart as shit, I wish every matchup thread did this. I'll comment more after I've read the thread; this matchup has been giving me major problems.

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Great work on the thread. :) Might want to mention that Yosuke's install super also makes some of his unsafe moves special cancelable that we could normally punish on block (most notably, mirage slash), though.

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If i'm not mistaken you can avoid the DP if you cross up after it activates right? i think i've done cross up j.B and avoided wake up DP's from yosuke.

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But if you trigger the DP, Youske is still invul for the animation. It looks really awkward and makes punishing a bit if a mind fuck. So keep that in mind.

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"Fun" facts about Yosuke's B+D during testing:

- The catch window is huge. It lasts until he stop waving his kunai, and the punishment window is quite small in comparison (on whiff, it's the "stumble" at the end, on activated whiff it's as he withdraws his extended leg).

- Upon catching an attack, your canceling options are removed. This means you can't super cancel or if you use rising j.B to bait it, you can't cancel into j.214B/double jump to punish, you can't chain into something else, and you can't OMC. Once your attack activates it, you either get caught by the counter or your attack is treated like a whiffed move (if the counter activates while you're out of range).

- It activates on EVERYTHING that is an attack, including normals, specials, B+D, supers, projectiles, throws, IK, and even unblockables like BI, meaning it beats it. Retarded.

The good news:

- The startup is extremely small but not instant--meaties will CH Yosuke if he's mashing it on wake up.

- The recoveries on both whiff/activated whiff are in CH state for their duration.

- Yosuke actually takes slightly more blue damage than the real damage you receive. If he's spamming it, he can potentially hang himself by building up too much blue life, assuming you can tag him with something before it recovers (good luck).

Best bet to bait it IMO is the old fashioned way: do nothing and blow him up once it whiffs. Yosuke's life is pretty low, so a beefy combo opened with CH 5B can ruin his shit and make him think twice about throwing it out.

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