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[P4A] Labrys vs Chie

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Please use this thread to discuss and contribute to this matchup. Information will be added to the main post as information comes. Keep in mind that strats will be changed as the game evolves.

The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Medium Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs His Tools


Your Offense:

His Offense:


Your Defense:

His Defense:

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

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I'll start, since most of the matches I've played have been against Chie.


Chie and her normals are fast, but Labrys has better hitboxes. For the most part, Chie has to play around Labrys's buttons to get in. Exceptions are properly spaced 5C (not the easiest to do unless you're standing still), 214CD (unsafe on block, armored), and from the air, I believe j.2D spaced properly can outrange 2B. For the most part, play patient, stick out buttons to let Chie know she can't come in for free, but don't get mashy or she'll just blow through and hit you...and Chie hits really hard. Both of you can answer your opponent's 5C with roll for the initiative (I think? Correct me if I'm wrong). Use j.B, it's a great tool, but if you're not careful and run out of air options she can dash up 2B your jumpin.


If you land a clean hit into guillotine, it's now your turn. I'm not too sure about this aspect of the match, so I usually go for meaty 5C into stuff, since Chie's DP doesn't work on meaty 5C (again, correct me if I am wrong). Past that, I don't know about anything special for Chie.


Chie's pressure is obnoxious and really terrifying, so you're going to be doing a lot of blocking. Her overheads are her AOA (very fast for an AOA) and jumpins (watch for low airdashes). Your DP isn't going to do much work here, so look to rolling out of pressure (even instant block 5A has a hard time getting out of a lot of this) and blocking some more. A good time to roll out is if she IADs or such. If she summons Tomoe when you're not in a whole lot of blockstun, you can hit her out of it, but on oki, you have to just block the mixup or guard cancel out.

That's more or less what I've gathered. I'm wondering if anyone found any other things that beat Chie's DP besides low j.B, far/meaty 5C, or max range 2A (I think, correct me)?

For defense, does anyone else have any other fancier options than just blocking and rolling out when there's an opening? If not, what openings are good for rolling/IB 5Aing out?


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Chie's DP loses against crossups on her wake up.

It also loses pretty hard to jump cancels. If you ever feel like baiting a DP in a non-meaty situation, a jump cancelled 5A or 2B will win every time.

When jump cancelling, use either neutral jumps or back jumps.

Back jumps make punishing the DP incredibly easy, but since it forces you to actually block the DP, it allows for Chie to cancel into derp meteors.

Neutral jumps make it so you can't really chase Chie for a punish, meaning you have to punish with a chain or sweep. Otherwise, Chie can just block or do another DP.

On the bright side, I'm pretty sure neutral jumps avoid cancels into derp meteors.

It's probably possible to air turn after a neutral jump cancel and then air dash to chase after Chie for a j.B punish, but I'm too lazy to check that right now.

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Okay just tested stuff against Chie's DP.

If Chie catches a 5A, an immediate jump cancel j.B will always beat the counter-attack, but if you do that, you're probably not reacting, which means that if Chie just crouch blocks, you will be at a disadvantage.

If you delay the j.B slightly, you have more frames to react, but depending on the spacing of the 5A you will have to jump in a specific direction.

At point blank range, do a neutral jump cancel j.B. The timing is pretty lenient, but if you want even MORE time to delay, you can air turn before doing the j.B and it will NEVER miss.

The only way this won't work is if you're in the back of the corner and Chie kicks herself there. This shouldn't happen more than once in your lifetime, but on the chance it does, you have to forward jump cancel instead, or just block.

At about max throw range, do a forward jump cancel j.B. The timing here is strict, but you can also air turn here to make it a little easier.

At about max 5A/2A range, do a forward jump cancel j.B. With air turning, the timing for the j.B isn't as lenient/strict as the other two.

The only time where you shouldn't air turn is when you do it immediately after point blank neutral jump cancel, but as long as you are reacting and not just doing it, that shouldn't be a problem.

These baits are all 100% super cancel free btw.

You can also bait them by just doing a 2B or charge 5B on their wake up. As long as you don't time them to be meaty, Chie will be in for a lot of hurt. She can roll out of it though.

Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-tCep3cXWk&t=2m2s

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