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[P4A] Teddie Vs Kanji

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:ballTD: vs. :ballKA:

Offensive Strategy

  • The general idea is to zone Kanji out. Kanji has an extremely difficult time catching Teddie.
  • Throwing items can help with the zoning game, but don't be reckless as he can break your Persona with his D lighting.

    Defensive Strategy

    • Be wary of throwing out 5B when Kanji is neutral as he can DP it on reaction.
    • If Kanji is in the air and you want to throw out items, 2D so you can still duck it and punish him. You can also anti-air his air to ground command grab with 2B.
    • You can DP to get out of his command grab. But be very careful as he can do the late grab instead.
    • Bursting in the corner is a very bad idea. Kanji can DP through your burst and leave you Shocked and in the corner. You generally do not want to be in the corner against Kanji.
    • If Kanji knocks you down and tries to pressure you with walk up DP, you can actually IK him. Teddie's IK start up is so slow that it'll go through all the active frames, but fast enough to where it'll still hit him. Probably one of the only vaguely practical uses for Teddie's IK. Keep in mind that if you guess wrong and he doesn't go for DP, he'll probably kill you.

    Match Up Specific Notes

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