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[P4A] Teddie Vs Yukiko

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:ballTD: vs. :ballYK:

Offensive Strategy

  • Yukiko can't do much to you while in 5B range. Your 5A is also better than hers. You want to stay in her face and not let her jump out.
  • Certain items can really interrupt Yukiko's general gameplan. However, if you throw items from far away you are giving her an opportunity to use Fire Boost or Fire Break.

    Defensive Strategy
    • You can DP her projectiles or Persona to get out of trouble.
    • Try to kill her Persona as Yukiko is extremely limited without it.
    • You can roll under her fans, but keep in mind that the fans are very active. If you mistime the roll, you can be hit while recovering.

    Match Up Specific Notes

    [*]Yukiko can nullify items with her projectiles. Because of this, green mech and red mech are a lot less useful against her.

    [*]Item into Circus Bear generally seems not very useful against her as she can DP through the item and Circus Bear. If you're going to go for this setup, try to make sure she's blocking something first.

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I get beat all the time by my friend who plays Yukiko. I'm still learning the match, but I've had some success with SP Television. It can result in a fatal counter -> combos. However, you have to be careful because I've gotten tagged by random fans during the start up, resulting in a lost card. Even if blocked, it'll give you a brief respite from the zoning, and the small shift in momentum could help you get in.

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