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I had forgotten how much fun NEC is. I'm glad I was able to go. Good shit in GG, everybody! That game is too hype.

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Usually, I'm the guy that starts this but since it's been kicked off, let me get in on this:

Shoutouts to Big E and St1ckBuG for making this event as GDLK as possible.

Shoutouts to Dora, Souji and Kirisame showing up and taking the US' money.

Shoutouts to everyone showing up, EC, MW, WC, Canada and Japan and showing up strong nonetheless.

Shoutouts to Michigan still being called NAH's even though all their relevant players were at the event.

Shoutouts to the skype bros gathering and chilling together.

Shoutouts to LK placing in top 3 in both BB and P4A.

Shoutouts to Yushiro for being super chill.

Shoutouts to ChosenNinja for representing Chicago and showing everyone his hype-ass Yukiko, Good stuff man!

Shoutouts to Cirno for "Ragna-Tyme" mirrors

Shoutouts to Scottie Yosh for his 21st B-day, you knew what you were in for and hid it for awhile but you manned up and celebrated like a champ on your B-day

Shoutouts to Kurushii for holding down the stream all weekend! Get a well deserved rest.

Shoutouts to Dacidbro for being chill, then calling Michigan Irrelevant then losing to Miller soon after, a guy who's new to Anime-style fighting games.

Shoutouts to room 720 and everyone in it (Sen, Talon, Tone, Ds, Orona and his friend).

Shoutouts to LIEUTENANT not showing up.

Shoutouts to meeting in person Jourdal, St1ckBuG, Bluelink, Crossfire, Danny Scheme, BatousaiJ, SKD, KnigntofZero, Shinobi and many others I cannot temember for now.

Shoutouts to shtkn for drunken BB Jin mirrors.


Shoutouts to Circ for hugs.

Shoutouts to DC for being a real nigga

Shoutouts to meeting VR_Raiden and getting bodied by the IRL match up, for some odd reason, I thought you were black lol!

Shoutouts to disbanding the room and everyone quoting all the farewell tags in BBCS:EX before leaving.

Shoutouts to Dora's GDLK Bang cosplay.

Shoutouts to Level 5 Jeep Chan for Gatekeeping AXIS in another tournament, LOL!

Shoutouts to having a Shin Moment on Friday and having witnesses of it in the FGC. Trouble follows me everywhere, I swear...

Shoutouts to Turbo Settings in winners finals of P4U!

Seriously, I enjoyed NEC and intend to make it to the next one. There are way too many names to post up and way too many people to thank but to all of you guys, thanks for showing up and making this one of the best majors ever!

shoutouts to tokyo tea

Yes! This guy kno- wait a minute...

Shoutouts to Shoutouts.

Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using Tapatalk 2

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Shoutouts to a 100+ entrant "dead-game" as people call it.

It really felt like 100 people were in that room, got really hot in there. Its times like that where you wish we had a bigger room for that, especially since the other half was for MK.

Nothing makes you really want to go to the lab and get better when you just get rocked by a Teddie that did what Souji did.

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Good times to everyone old and new I met this weekend. Too many to name so I'll just say good shit and I'll be seeing some of you at Final Round!

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  • Shoutouts to St1ckbug for giving me the chance to run the stream the whole weekend. Was a long time dream of mines to actually run a tournament stream. Wasn't expecting it to be this big of one. Much love.
  • Shoutouts to all the players for making the event so godlike to watch. Too many hype moments.
  • Shoutouts to Dora for repping Stylish Tager. For me that put a smile on my face to see a Japanese player even consider to use it as I have fun every so often using Stylish Mode.
  • Shoutouts to Souji and his godlike funny face. #YakitoriBoyMoment
  • Shoutouts to everyone who helped run the brackets and assisted me with my fuck ups on names. If I ever do this again I'm just gonna type the majority of the names in before the tournament so I don't have to try to hear how to spell the players handle, while listing to commentators on my right ear and a computer + loud speaker to my left ear.
  • Shoutouts to all the commentators for doing a great job: DaiAndOh, Biscuits, Zidane, Xie, Spirit Juice, Shtkn, Huey, SKD, Cirno, Matt Coma, and the rest I can't remember off the top of my head.
  • Shoutouts to Zidane beating Dora 11-5 in GG and getting that burst bait.
  • Shoutouts to Jourdal for being such a cool guy in person. Too bad we didn't get to hang out more.
  • Shoutouts to SouthKoreanDance for being so godlike in game and in person.
  • Shoutouts to Load Knight for being too Hollywood and not chatting with me when I tried to say hi. ;^;
  • Shoutouts to Circ for being a real cool guy in person and for doing a extra trip to take me back to the hotel when all the cab companies were douches after Copabanana.
  • Shoutouts to all the shitty fucking taxi companies in Philadelphia. EADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
  • Shoutouts to Shtkn, and the rest of the DL staff that showed me much love. Nice to know I work with a great bunch of people.
  • Shoutouts to Xie for admitting he's bad with directions. Possible reason for BB gets more and more delayed in each localization?! #YakitoriBoyMoment
  • Shoutouts to Fubarduck for coming to Yakitori Boy with us all for dinner, sharing stories, and translating questions to the Japanese players. You're too godlike of a person.
  • Shoutouts to ScottieYosh celebrating his 21st birthday and DC getting lied to on shot prices lol. #YakitoriBoyMoment
  • Shoutouts to Yakitori Boy for being the best fucking food and drinks i've tasted in a while.
  • Shoutouts to the Anime Alcohol Anonymous introductions. #YakitoriBoyMoment
  • Shoutouts to Copabanana for feeling like CEO's Blazblue corner but worse. Amazing turnout but DAMNNNNNN.
  • Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea for bodying niggas hard, and certain people not knowing their alcohol limits. I hope none of you did anything you will regret afterwards.
  • Shoutouts to Severin for not being a asshole to me in person. That's a plus.
  • Shoutouts to Blargh for keeping his promise and buying me a drink. Was nice to finally get to meet at least one nigga that I met through MM.
  • Shoutouts to the venue being packed. When am I going to get to experience a major that's a great turnout with some actual space? :/
  • Shoutouts to Sanoshi and ScottieYosh for bringing me food and drinks when I was glued to the stream station. That shit saved my day.
  • Shoutouts to ShinSyn for being a real nigga. Nice to finally chat with you in person.
  • Shoutouts to Axis for being the shortest person in the tourney but also the LOUDEST! Did you ever get your hugs?
  • Shoutouts to The Blood Lord, Marcell, for having a smile for every moment.
  • Shoutouts to all my Florida scene bros that went to NEC and placed decently.
  • Shoutouts to Tone for being at the tourney without me knowing it. :(
  • Shoutouts to Dacidbro for being a actual okay guy in person. I honestly want to just punch you in the face half the time online.
  • Shoutouts to horrible food options at night for people without transportation.
  • Shoutouts to the Bang Bros (Huey, Dacidbro, Dora). #PostNEC #BadChoiceOfNames
  • Shoutouts to LIEUTENANT not showing up, but hey BatousaiJ actually entered?! lol
  • Shoutouts to everyone else that said hi to me. :3
  • Shoutouts to Salt and Cinnamon.
  • Shoutouts to Xsplit crashing and killing some of the recording.
  • Shoutouts to Shoutouts.

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Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea for bodying niggas hard, and certain people not knowing their alcohol limits. I hope none of you did anything you will regret afterwards.

Shoutouts to Severin

Shoutouts to Guyman

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My first EC tournament didn't disappoint. Shoutouts to:

A3R: I don't think either of us expected our money match to turn out how it did, lol (5-4 for A3R, coming back from 0-3, for those wondering). Glad we finally got to play though, hopefully +R will be out by the time we meet again.

Senkei: Nice meeting you man, and grats on winning GG. I definitely need to make it down to Orlando one of these days.

Troll Badguy: Keep it up dude, and have fun in Japan. I think your Sol is better than your HOS :P

CrimsonDisaster: Sorry I didn't come back to play more KOF, I got sidetracked and yadda yadda. Nice to finally meet you, though like I said, I probably won't be back in Austin any day soon. :(

ludwig van: Thanks again for the room! Sorry we didn't really get to play, but that's just how things happen at tournaments.

Everyone in the GG room: Circ, Ama, JohnnyEnsenga, and everyone else who was there.


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Damn NEC was fucking amazing and more hype than I ever wanted.

Had fun traveling out, many people didn't look like what i thought they would.

Others exceeded my expectations!

Shoutouts to:

  • St1ckbug for arranging this whole thing and picking me and my friends up from the airport, being awesome and not dying doing so many tournaments.
  • Batousai for convincing me to not dodge.
  • DaiandOh for teaching me to dolphin loop.
  • Tone for being a giant nigga that is anime.
  • DarkTalon for being even more black and anime.
  • Scottie Yosh for being chill as fuck.
  • Random people who knew who I was and were my personal fans.
  • Ludwig_Van for being addicted to grappler matchups and being a GIANT FUCK UP!
  • Huey for being hype and giant, so many giants at the tourney omg.
  • Dacidbro for losing to irrelevant regions.
  • Popetemmy for letting me in his room and your friends are party lords.
  • The rest of WC including DSmove for not knowing the Axis match shit talk match up.
  • That guy I called LK jr who wore glasses and played Mitsuru but didn't have the swag.
  • ZomB for being the lessor Chie lord.
  • Eshi for being chill and not knowing who I was when I got in their cab.
  • To Funky P for being low profile as fuck.
  • Brandino for not knowing how hollywood he is.
  • MashDat5A scrub at least he placed higher than me in BB.
  • To Japanese for being too strong for Feeble americans.
  • Spirit juice realizing Kanji has full screen RPS. Will I Wayne Brady or not.
  • Matt Coma for calling me out on dressing up like white people.
    And everyone else I am too hollywood to mention.

I had a great time and Although I didn't mention you in my shoutouts directly you guys are what made the event hella fun for me.

I wanna do this next year.

I wanna hit FF and SCR in the future!

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Shout outs to all you jerks for never shouting me out.

Shout outs to people who come up to me and say "You're DC? Hey, what's up man!" without ever introducing themselves.

Shout outs to Sev's tight ass pants.

Shout outs to doppelganger Lord Knight aka Kord Light.

Shout outs to the $15 drink I bought at the bar.

Shout outs to Georgia for literally and honestly stealing three boxes of pizza from a group of players.

Shout outs to dickgirls.

Shout outs to getting turnt up.

Shout outs to everyone who lost to Japanese players aka not real niggas.

Shout outs to typos in the teleprompter.

Shout outs to ShardZ for crying about commentary.

Shout outs to Smash players getting chokeslammed not once, but twice.

Finally shout outs to anyone who didn't get their legs broken after meeting me, that means you're cool.

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Shoutouts to SenXXi for playing P4G in his hotel room and hosting some weird ass games.

Room 720 poverty room too strong.

Shoutouts to everyone that swung by the room.

Shoutouts to regulating room using BB lobby phrases.

Shoutouts to almost getting room banned.

Shoutouts to everyone in 720 with me (Dsmoove, Tone, DarkTalon, ShinSyn, Orona)

Shoutouts to those that passed out in my room every night (NC PAIN, Brandino, and Leonil)

Shoutouts to Dokapon Kingdom making everyone salty.

Shoutouts to DC teaching Japan how to cook.

Shoutouts to everyone I met this weekend.

Great weekend.

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man theres a lot of people to shoutout i'm not sure if i want to go into specific stuff cause i'm gonna forget someone and i already feel bad enough for not hanging out w/ some of y'all

to keep it short, shoutouts to:

  • everyone who said hi or hung out even for a really really short time, it was nice meeting a lot of you
  • everyone who stopped by room 720 even if only for a moment, even if you left it smelling like shit afterwards
  • tokyo tea
  • america getting trolled by japan
  • P4A 10v10 madness
  • All the TOs and organizers for making things run smoothly
  • People who are still surprised at the anime community being a bunch of niggas in 2012
  • bobby maverick for getting bodied by everybody in existence
  • capcom for having no presence
  • turbo buttons
  • Dokapon Kingdom victims + The people who already knew about it cringing in horror at the mention
  • Kanji YOLO battles
  • being trolled by soda machines
  • #STFUBrandino2012 w/ AxisTheBitch assist
  • twitter monsters
  • aquapazza!
  • holiday inn being a piece of shit
  • anything else important i forgot

had a great time guys. let's do it again! hope to see some of you at FR or NECXIV at worst :)

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Stuck in Atlanta airport for a couple hours. This airport sucks big fat dicks. Like East Coast IRL. EAD, faggots. <3

I'm bad at shoutouts (read: lazy), but I'll do some sort of one tomorrow.

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I thought we'd wait for results but....w/e.

Shoutouts to:

  • Alan.Bakes for making pretty much all of this happen. You.Are.Godlike.
  • Room 205. Digiops,SKD,Cirno,LK,Kevin and Alz. That room was the god.
  • Meeting my skype bros Travis aka Vista,Huey aka Spookie boogie,Severin,and Scottieyosh
  • SKD aka Jourdal aka SoujiKirisameDora. Too many godlike moments to list lol, such a bro.
  • Travis for being godlike. He knows why #cherries
  • Hueeeeey i think you played very well. I was glad to see your bang in person. It's been a while since i had to look up to someone to talk to them lol
  • Mashthat5a it was good to see you again bro. Your confidence, win or lose, is admirable.
  • Dora for remembering me from skype. Signing my MC in english, and giving me false hope of almost taking 2 games off him ;-;,bringing his famous Bang cosplay, and dying in AE. Can't forget winning CT money matches when he couldn't remember combos lol
  • Souji for reading my text "Souji is very strong" out loud in godlike engrish and saying thank you,shaking my hand and giving me some of his talent. Also his arakune for not losing a game over 4 days :vbang:
  • Kirisame for winning when people thought he was beatable compared to Souji, and being a scary opponent AND to Kirisames Ragna..it's the god.
  • Kurushiiiiiii been talking to you since like CT. It was good to finally meet you. We should have hung out more :(
  • Lord Knight being a bro as usual;teaching me drinking match up strats, beating a JP player in both tournaments and explaining the "secret" to success in tournaments
  • DACIDBRO! You really are as nice as everyone says. Your Akihiko was genuinely fun to watch. Can't forgive you for killing tonberry though ;A;
  • Marcell my jin bro since CS1, was great to finally meet you. We will kill everyone in CP~
  • Shinsyn! finally got to meet you too..but we didn't get to hang out enough ;-;
  • Battousai J, you didnt make any bear jokes or references. I was mindfucked :(
  • Tonberry and me in LKs car being tetsu fanboys lol
  • Biscuits for blazgreen even if i didnt play, driving us around when we were looking for food, and classic EC shit talk.
  • Severin, and his norse god tier hair.
  • Xie sorry for bugging you to TL things to the JP players for me ;~;
  • DC one of these days i'll catch you in the .0001% of the time you're actually serious about something lol
  • DSmoove my fellow tales bro. Glad you made top 8 despite being WC. We will play multiplayer Xillia one of these days. Took a lot of willpower not to call you bobby.
  • West coast! Pain,SJ,Dark Talon,Aginor,shtkn all you guys were really cool. SJ For the king of no fun you looked like you were having a lot of it lol
  • Canada, you are the nicest people I've ever met! I HAVE to find a way to go to MAD..i double checked, my passport expires in 2016
  • Pfhor for being chill offline...and giving me a new Mitsuru combo to steal~
  • Ama,Troll badguy,Circ,Brandino and the other Gear heads..I'm sorry wasn't around as much :<
  • Stylish Tager
  • Turbogate2012
  • Shoutouts to everyone else I met..if I didn't mention you I'm sorry ;___;
  • Canada
  • People surprised I'm black

I had a great time. I don't think anything for the rest of year will top this.

Off to play JRPGs until CP~

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Stuck in Atlanta airport for a couple hours.

That shit is godlike compared to the detroit airport.

everything is better than detroit

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If anyone lost anything please post here so both Eric and I can help you out.

I will make a wrap-up post later.

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Yo I have way too many shoutouts to give this event was GODLIKE.

Shoutouts to St1ckbug for being godlike and making this event possible, and especially for bringing the Japanese players to USA to body everyone's shit. I shudder to think of what the EC anime scene would be like without you. I had way too much fun talking with everyone in your room till like 5AM.

Shoutouts to all the other people who helped out with the tournament too.

Shoutouts to the Japanese players even though they can't read this. Souji is surprisingly talkative and friendly. He's also crazy hilarious, 'OH MY GOD'. Dora's Bang cosplay was amazing and so was stylish Tager. Kirisame is a godlike player. Also they were cool with my broken Japanese and very willing to answer questions so that's great.

Shoutouts to MetalMaelstrom (?) for giving me a cookie for translating. And giving cookies in general.

Shoutouts to Huey253 for being my dad throughout NEC and taking great care of me in general, even letting me sleep in his room. SPOOKY BOOGIE!

Shoutouts to all the Canadians. Kaeru, Brice, Kirbster...You guys were godlike, be in hospitality (letting me stay in your room though I didn't in the end) or in playing the game. Nedel is too strong. Also special shoutouts to Brice for being a dame ningen.

Shoutouts to Vineeth for being the saddest guy I've ever seen. You're really strong, man. Cheer up. Major props for doing so well with Labrys. Labrys sucks. Oh yeah, but your Marvel team is too scumbag. Motherfuckin Frank West!

Shoutouts to SKD for being the saddest protagonist I've ever seen. You're really strong, man. Cheer up. You'll be even stronger now that the Japanese have taught us all true despair.

Shoutouts to Salt Knight. You put so much passion into playing the game! Thanks for giving me some tips vs Mitsuru. Also special shoutouts for making me have to explain what 'salty' meant to the Japanese.

Shoutouts to Cirno for not being ten dollars richer. I supported my man Kirisame, you didn't!

Shoutouts to my pool having like five Yosuke players out of seven. Special shoutouts to Ehrik for being so cool. Keep up the good work guys, I'm changing to Chie. Seriously, Kirisame is too inspiring.

Shoutouts to Dacidbro for being e-sports. Stay e-sports, you look better that way.

Shoutouts to James Xie for being an awesome guy and supporting the tournament in so many ways. Special thanks for tagging me out of Dora duty when I was tired as fuck.

Shoutouts to Arakune, Kuma, and Chie. Shoutouts to NO FUTURE.

Shoutouts to the New Jersey Conspiracy.

Shoutouts to DC and getting turnt up.

Shoutouts to us becoming a Capcom community. 3-minute button checks! Well, at least the Japanese players didn't read their notes while preparing for matches.

Shoutouts to the man himself, Bobby '2DSmoove' Maverik. You're way too good at hitting buttons. Special shoutouts for Persona top 8. I told Huey during the final round against Souji that you were gonna mash God Hand on wakeup and die. AND YOU ACTUALLY DID IT. WHY.

Shoutouts to TheBiter-sensei. Keeping me focused on improving the entire time, you're too old and wise.

Shoutouts to whoever was on commentary while I was playing Kirisame. I think it was Biscuits and someone else. Maybe I'll sign up as SmilingGod|OnegaiRokuchan or something if I ever make it back to the US for another tournament. Please note that I am not actually OnegaiRokuchan.

Shoutouts to my man Guymam though I didn't get to see you much during NEC. Finally got to meet you! Hazama sucks, Yosuke sucks. I play Ragna and Chie.

If I met you and didn't give you a shoutout, don't worry. You're still cool.

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If anyone lost anything please post here so both Eric and I can help you out.

I will make a wrap-up post later.

I probably asked you already but one of my guys (ChosenNinja) lost his Soul Calibur 5 Hori stick, if you or anyone in this thread has seen it or have it, please let me know ASAP. I would be highly appreciative if you guys found it.

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I had a great time for my first trip to Philly and will be back next year for sure.

• Shoutouts to Big E, St1ckBuG, DaiAndOh and everyone who helped run the event at Copabanana. My Friday night may have been much more boring if you guys didn't put forth effort to make this happen. Also, thanks to EVERYONE who helped run brackets during pools and made everything run smooth.

• Thanks to Chrome Homura and FautlyDefense for rooming with me and us all being Anime junkies...lol. That was first time I've ever roomed with two complete strangers and it turned out better than I thought :-P Don't know if I'll be as lucky if it happens again XD

• Thanks to Circuitous for letting people have P4A casuals in his room until everyone left for Copabanana Friday afternoon! Also, thanks to Axis, Kevin (I think that was his name and was the Yosuke player), Pfor the casual monster and everyone else that I played casuals with in room 308.

• Shoutouts to AH3 and being able to play people in casuals!! Would have entered the tournament, but it's my fault for not hearing people call for signups. It was also cool to me Greats for the first time, got to talk with the Saki guru Bill307 and Woof's AH pins were gdlk. I meant to introduce myself to more AH heads while I was there but there's always next time :)

• Shoutouts to the Mystic, DC, The Arm, ZomB, Eshii, FunkyP and everyone from FL/GA that came up to NEC. Watching DC get drunk at Copa and chase those two white girls had me dyin' of laughter and the silly shit that happened during the cab ride home was hilarious XD I need sure to hang out with you and Mystic again the next time we meet.

Axis for being the biggest/shortest troll I've ever met in real life and saying the most random shit, lol. It was definitely nice to finally meet you in person and see you troll hard both on and offline XD

• Shoutouts to Coma, NC_Pain, DigiOps, Severin and the rest of Aigis army for showing up. I didn't even realize who Pain was by face until after the tournament, lol. I felt like I learned a lot from just watching you all play and appreciate the knowledge given during the event and contribution to the Aigis forums.

• Shoutouts to BlueLink for getting that passport last minute and making it to NEC!! Sucks we didn't get to hang out much, but will try to get up more during the next event.

• Was also good to meet Tone and play a couple of matches in Aquapazza. I'll have to play more next time and that line was BRUTAL (at least 8-9 peeps per rotation for AP, lol). You ended up being a much cooler person than I expected.

• Shoutouts to whole venue shouting "SONIC BOOM!!" during a Grand Finals that was almost putting me to sleep.

Shoutouts to anyone that I may have missed or got a chance to talk with (I'm horrible with remember names most of the time, lol).

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[*]Battousai J, you didnt make any bear jokes or references. I was mindfucked :(

Mindfucked? Was it really that... unbearlievable?


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shoutouts to tokyo tea

F***cking Tokyo Tea ectoplasmic goop.

But seriously, why was Sanoshi's so unnaturally strong? ._.

Shout outs to Jameson actually being stomach-able whiskey for me.

Shout outs to Nekomimi Mode activating while drunk.

Shout outs to Severin getting me drinks and further enabling nekomimi mode.

Shout outs to Sanoshi and her unusually strong tokyo tea.

Shout outs to Migraines bodying my ability to enjoy saturday.

Shout outs to Kaeru. Merci~ I'll really consider getting a monitor now to level up my game a little more.

Shout outs to my BB power levels being marginally better than my P4U ones.

Shout outs to the color pink.

Shout outs to Kurushii not being black like I thought he would be.

Shout outs to people still thinking Jourdal is not black.

Shout outs to Braver, Broccoman, and Spineshark who stayed in my room.

Shout outs to Dora, his cosplay, and that stylish Tager.

Shout outs to the GG room remaining godlike bros and further trying to bully me into playing GG.

I'd give more, but I need to runback into the ER for my mom now.

Shout outs to Real Life happening during my first full day back home.

If I can find a way to travel reasonably to New York for a saturday and a place to crash, I'll definitely hit up a TSB Monthly. I am going to suffer from FGC withdrawal if I don't.

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Mindfucked? Was it really that... unbearlievable?

...I'm mindfucked that you went to such lengths to get a bear joke in.

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