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Great tournament and special thanks to St1ckbug and staff for always running/streaming these events. That shit is exhausting and that room was a crowded inferno.

Great competition in gg and good shit to Senkei and R0b0t for top 2 and being really awesome people.

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DC you may have forgotten your swag glasses in our room which are now in MTL so you have no choice to come at MAD. And sorry Eshi I wanted to play casuals with my fellow Makoto bro but never happened :( And shoutouts to everyone, saw so many Dustloops faces it was amazing. And America is free to Orb Oki. Hype event, cool stuff.

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Ayyyyy shoutouts time. Shoutouts to:

Jourdal for being just cool to hang around w/. I told you I'd get you a soda. :X

Mynus, nice to have met you! Wish we could have hung out more, would liked to have discussed Naoto stuff w/ you.

Me for causing a huge fuckup (still hella sorry Mad Scientist :vbang:)

Axis for letting me know how huge of a fuckup I caused, but besides that also to just you being one the funniest guys ever.

Kurushii for finally meeting my fellow #midnightmidnite-r, thanks for all of your work on the stream and in general! Glad you liked your drink.

Canada for keeping shit hype till the very end. Good shit w/ games every night (w/ Sunday night being stupid-packed holy shit) and hearing/seeing

the gdlk doujin talk stuff w/ Brandino (glad to meet you finally) lol.

St1ckbug for all the stupid amounts of hard work you put into this event, thank you so much!

Souji, Kirisame, and Dora for taking all of the money, doubt they'll read this but thanks for the games!

Xie for helping run stuff!

Mashthat5A and Qwerty for being cool roommates even though we never met IRL before. It was cool to meet and get to know both of you!

Naochii/Diarmuid for being a piece of shit scumbag roomate, ditching at the last second after agreeing to my terms and me saving you a spot. Then when I confronted you about it you fed me nothing but bullshit and lies. Please, eat a bowl of dicks.

Circuitous for SLIDEHEADU!!!!!

Amadeous for getting trolled about not being the Jam mod. :3

Dacidbro for being cool IRL and meeting my fellow ex-GameFaqs-er (which you're still the king of, BTW). :v:

SKD for being funny, wish I had gotten in games w/ you. >_<

ShinSyn for just hanging out, though you'll have to explain to me sometime why exactly you hate the Naoto matchup.

Pfhor for witnessing w/ me Trifoce getting bodied by the small picture frame in the elevator wwwwww

DC for getting salty that I forgot to mention you on my Twitter shoutouts. <3

Everyone else I met and talked to that made this event so good and undoubtedly worth every penny I spent on travelling to Philly. GGs and I'd better see you all again next year!

EDIT: also shoutouts to Bill_Nye_Tho's great return during the weekend, best weekend ever? Probably.

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Okay back home now, man that car ride sure felt a lot shorter going to NEC than coming back! The event was godlike, I'm already missing you guys :( ANIME FAMILY FOREVER!!!!

Shoutouts time I guess ugh I'm horrible at these I can never remember everything so I AM TERRIBLY SORRY if I forget to mention you!

Shoutouts to:

St1ckBuG and Big E for organizing and running the greatest goddamn event of the year, you guys must put up with so much shit I can only begin to comprehend the amount of stress it puts on you guys, so thank you so much for dealing with it. Great to see you both again, and Alan it was nice having at least a few matches against you in GG. Definitely learned just from that small amount of watching you play.

All the TOs and guys running the stream for helping make this event run. I didn't spend that much time in the anime room (too many bodies lol) but you guys were run ragged by the end of Saturday for sure. You guys are just as godlike.

People who roomed with me, Circuitous, Sanoshi, Brandino, Troll Badguy, DaiandOh, Severin, and Guymam. You guys are all such bros and I'm so glad that everyone had a great time. Seriously, I couldn't think of better people to room with, I miss you guys already.

Everyone who stopped by our room on Saturday for Guilty Gear. Room 308 was the Guilty Gear room and I loved it. Wish I could've gotten matches with everyone but there were just too many people. Great to see some of you again and meet others for the first time!

Montreal, you guys are godlike. Thanks for running great anime rooms and just being so godlike. First order of business right now is to start looking at my passport. I do NOT WANT TO MISS MAD AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE ELSE lol.

More specifically, shoutouts to:

Kaeru, dude like I said, I'm not upset about losing to you in tournament, you seriously got a LOT better since SJ. But I'm gonna get over my tourney nerves before we next meet, so you better keep leveling up! Thanks a ton for the Baiken knowledge, it was great being able to just sit down with someone for a few hours and play one on one casuals.

Troll Badguy, I miss you bro! It was really nice just doing that training mode session, and being able to have a chance to be able to play without any pressure. It actually sorted out a lot of stuff. Can't wait to keep playing Gear with you!

Sanoshi, Severin, Guymam, great meeting you all IRL finally! Really cool you could make it from WC to hang out! Sanoshi you're fucking hype as hell and I love it, and Sev and Guymam are just hilarious together. Keep exploring dark alleyways Guymam!

Shtkn, Circuitous, and Spirit Juice, our admins of Dustloop, you guys are all godlike. Circ again I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and Shtkn and SJ it was really nice see our admins in the flesh. Shame we never got a chance to play each other, but I have to say you guys really rekindled my love of dustloop. NOW MAKE ME JAM MOD GODDAMMIT!

Faulty Defense, your Venom is fucking godlike dude. I'm gonna need matchup tips sometime. Thanks for hanging out in our room and playing GG with us all weekend!

FlameIce, glad to see new Jam players around! If you've got any questions, either message me or go to the Jam Q+A thread! Glad to hear you did okay in tournament though!

Iora, sad we only got to play at 4 am when we were both half-dead. I really wanted to play against your A.B.A. too! I'll see you at ECT maybe and we can fix this!

Brice, as much as I wanted to play you we never did! I WILL FACE YOU AT MAD FOR REAL THIS TIME! Also Circ told me about your Pot Buster Wars, that shit sounds fucking hilarious. So sad I missed it!

Brandino, Troll Badguy again, Shinobi, A3Religion, and really anyone else that was in our room on Saturday throwing out blowups like it was candy! That shit was hilarious! Shinobi, you're godlike, A3R, glad you could use my pad fine! Shame that meant we never really got to fight each other D:

Dacidbro, thanks for making me feel Hollywood by asking me to help you with Jam stuff. I'm really sorry I couldn't be of more use, but at 4 AM on sunday my brain was fried haha. I'm glad to see you're interested in playing her, she is hella fun for sure! Just hit me up on Twitter if you've got any questions, I'll be a lot better at answering them than I was in person hopefully!

That goes for anyone else that I never met before, people being like "YO YOU'RE AMADEOUS!?" making me feel all Hollywood and shit. I met a ton of people and I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to say bye to you! Hope to see you guys again!

Jourdal, Shinsyn, DC, and anyone else that I didn't get the chance to talk to too much over the weekend! Really sorry about that, but at least Yakitori Boy was godlike! Jourdal, glad you enjoyed yourself, shame you weren't in the room with me, Luis, and Brandino when we were throwing around blow ups!

DaiandOh and Biscuits, thanks again for helping run the event! I wish I could've gotten to play GG against you guys more! Fighting Biscuits at the Copa was hype as hell, wish we could've had more matches!

ANYONE ELSE I FORGOT, YOU'RE AWESOME TOO! Sorry if I didn't mention you, but trust me I have great memories of everyone I met at this tournament! Shit was hella godlike! Can't wait to see you all again! GUILTY GEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

Oh and one last thing:

fuck tokyo tea


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Best moment ever... When Marlin pie thought he got put into losers by some random cosplayer..... Dora why you troll soo hard??

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NEC was awesome!

Shoutouts to meeting VR_Raiden and getting bodied by the IRL match up, for some odd reason, I thought you were black lol!

lol nope I'm as white as they come. It was good to finally meet you too!

Same to my fellow Ragna/Yu players MashThat5A and SKD. I didn't get a chance to practice BB at all so didn't enter :( 2 games is enough for me I think

GGs to everyone I played in the GG tournament and casuals.

Senkei and Tsak it was awesome to see you guys again. Congrats on taking GG Senkei I'm convinced you'd have destroyed my Sol now if we had gotten any games in lol.

Mulligan it was great to play GG with you again. Your Jam is still terrifying.

TrollBadguy, even though I lost I enjoyed the match, good stuff. Sol mirrors are the best :yaaay:

I was gonna come by the GG room but once I finally sat down in my room, I wasn't going anywhere :v:

GGs everyone I played in P4A tournament/casuals.

Good stuff superscience beating me up twice in our pool. Gonna work on that matchup for sure.

Good stuff Coma for representing MD and making it so far.

and shoutouts to Axis telling me I remind him of Mr. Rogers, first time I've heard that one lol.

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Obligatory shoutouts post

First and foremost,

Shoutouts to Alan "Remind me never to run Melty Blood at a tournament ever again" Bakes (aka St1ckbug) for putting this whole thing together, bringing everyone including the Japanese out here, and running a fun tournament. Down-to-business but as friendly as can be. We need more people like you. I'm glad I could help with lifting some of the equipment Sunday night.

Shoutouts again to St1ckbug for telling me to get the fuck out of the room because some people actually needed to sleep.

Shoutouts to Ryan Harvey (aka fubarduck) for helping us rep Texas, once again for running UFO, and being such a fucking weeaboo to the point that you were able to translate for us. Extra special mention goes out to you for letting out your feelings on your grudge against those nay-sayers on gamecombos.com from 2003.

Shoutouts to James XIE for also contributing to translations and making top 8 BB. Give us a real answer about localization of BBCP sometime!!

Shoutouts to Motherflucking Fluck for coming out all the way from Singapore and being the third translator, helping out when Ryan and Xie weren't around.

Shoutouts to Lich and Guymam for coming out and repping Hazama, even though as we all know, Hazama sux. You guys are really cool in person, I wish we could have talked more.

Shoutouts to Shinsyn being the first person I played in BB that day. I went 0-2 all throughout but who gives a fuck, we had a really fun match in-tourney. Hope you've gained your voice back by now, you hype-ass nigga.

Shoutouts to Supreme Bloodlord Marcell Hyde F. Himawan Noctis Strife Wayne Seiei Yamato Kisaragi the 3rd of Britannia (aka Yuushitro) for

shitting his fucking guts out.

I hope you get to feeling better, despite your piss-poor immune system.

Shoutouts to Huey (aka SPOOKY BOOGIE) for being a true anime faggot and repping Psycho-Pass and also for saving America in the soon-to-be legendary Dora vs. Huey unlimited money match.

Shoutouts to Dacidbro for having a godlike voice and losing multiple things even when he wasn't playing. Stay free, Dacid.

Shoutouts to Kevin (aka shtkn/shitcan/shotokan/shotacon) for getting drunk and going ham in drunk mirror matches. Also a lot of people got added to Kevin's list. Watch your backs.

Shoutouts to Vineeth (aka Walljumpman/Apologyman) for recognizing me without having to say anything, and also recognizing that I am the one and only AMB Bakery from watching UFO streams. Good stuff for getting P4A top 8 as well as BB. Maybe next time for marvel but who cares.

Shoutouts to Kurushii for running the stream in the funnest way possible and for having mad knowledge when asked about UNIB, at least as far as releases are concerned.

Shoutouts to Jourdal da gawd for being humble and not taking a fucking cookie that he deserved.

Shoutouts to Steve (aka Hollywood | LordKnight) for winning Melty Blood and 2/0-ing Souji despite him going turbo. Doesn't matter the fight was hype as fuck and made the entire room flip.

Shoutouts to Montreal for showing up in big numbers.

Shoutouts to Brice for knocking my boy Scottie Yosh out of BB in a Tager mirror and also for protecting the doujins and h-manga.

Shoutouts to that guy with the Mu's ass stick art (Kaeru?). Sorry I forgot your name but that shit is too godlike. Best stick art of the tournament, with the runner up being the guy with the Chitanda Eru stick.

Shoutouts to Japan for coming out to the tournament and bodying America in anime games.

Shoutouts to Souji for agreeing with me that Tao is very obviously the best character in BBCP currently. Also for having a really good sense of humour.

Shoutouts to Dora for looking the least Japanese out of the three players and being a total bro. You speak better English than Marcell, imo. "Have a good time." -Dora, Yakitori Boy, 1:20 a.m.

Extra Shoutouts to Dora for telling me his favorite anime is Ika Musume.

Shoutouts to Kirisame for being anti-social and for winning P4A.

Shoutouts to Japan again for staying and playing casuals and money matches until 5:00 in the morning.

Shoutouts to Japan one more time for saying "noooooo, nooooo" when we told him what America thinks of Kaqn.

Shoutouts to those faggots who were playing Aquapazza and Arcana Heart and miscellaneous GGPO games while top 8 was going on for GG/P4/BB. I think I saw the most set-ups of Aquapazza I'll ever see in my life in that room. Stay dedicated, you crazy fucks.

Shoutouts to Senkei for winning Guilty Gear and being the least weeaboo guy IRL with a weeaboo handle.

Shoutouts to Jeff (aka CrimsonDisaster/Bad Solguy) for playing Magic at a fighting game tournament and for winning against Mynus in GG.

Shoutouts to my boy Scottie Yosh for having a fucking mad hype 21st birthday with Dora, Souji, and Kirisame and 30 other fellow anime FG players singing happy birthday to you. Also thanks for letting me play iDOLM@STER: Shiny Festa - Funky Note on your PSP. I'm addicted to that shit!!

Shoutouts to Sophisticat for being the last person I played during the entire tournament at 4:40 in the morning in GG. We didn't get to play much, but I had fun!

Shoutouts to Enrico (aka FlameIce). RIP FlameIce.....

Shoutouts to Me (aka Austin/2chuu4u | AMB Bakery) for bringing you guys cookies all the way from Texas, even if the cookies got bodied on the flight (#FuckBaggageClaim). I have now served my baked goods to patrons from across the US and around the world, and it means a lot to me as a cook/baker to have that accomplishment.

And last but not but not least, shoutouts to Steve (aka Tacky Takeru/The Legendary San Antonio Jin) for taking me with you to NEC free of charge. It seriously means the world to me and I'm forever in your debt. I couldn't have experienced any of this without you and I'm glad to be your friend. Also shoutouts to you winning games against top players in casuals, you gigantic scrub.

Thank you all for coming and showing me what a great community this is. Dustloop is full of fun, nice people, and I won't let anyone ever tell me otherwise. I think coming to NEC alone has me wanting to come to more majors and play more games and meet more people, and I hope it inspires you all to do the same. BBCP GET HYPE.

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Shoutouts again to St1ckbug for telling me to get the fuck out of the room because some people actually needed to sleep.

The Japanese players were staying in his room. Not surprised you got told to gtfo.

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The Japanese players were staying in his room. Not surprised you got told to gtfo.

No no no, not his room, the second Montreal room with GG in it. 918, I think it was.

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shoutouts to...

-everyone who made the event possible and run well

-everyone i borrowed a stick from so i barely had to use my ghetto box lolol

-canada room GG casuals for being amazing (and o so friendly)

-new york room GG casuals for being hilarious (not the casuals but the talk within)

the persona draft 10v10

-dora and the other two japan players - watching japan live is a like watching a different game entirely

-being so bodied that i slept like 15+ hours monday to recover (i had shit to do too orzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

-hotel security for being funny unintentionally ("if you leave the lever like that, its like having an open invitation to your room" - exactly right, good work super sleuths :D)

-best of 1 rotation on the single gg casual setup. fucking arcade experience! or something!

-fucking gg casuals overall - best game, fuck the haters

-cirno and james xie for playing platinum - been trying to improve, and see you guys play helped me out (and helped me realize my item corner combos are ass lol)

-vyers for being the best and explaining a lot of tips for baiken (just wish i knew at the time where to be after L3 BRP lol)

-amadeous, circ, kaeru, max, mulligan, that one venom player in the new york room, that ky/may player in the canada room, and anyone else i played in casuals that isnt the normal tristate area people - i wish netplay was better, but going just for casuals was 100% a good decision to me lol

-luis and brandino for reminding me all the things i really need to practice with my hos from watching their casuals ><

and again, i dont play aba amadeous lol. i like her, but i am not man enough!

anyone i didnt play, didnt mention, or whatever, everyone is godlike for coming. this was a fantastic nec, was super happy with it ^^ i hope everyone had a good a time as i did - im fucking tired still, cant remember if i forgot people (sure i did, but whatever) - worth it

anyone on the fence about coming out for big e tourneys...... you shouldnt be. they are always a blast and a half

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Let's do this, Shoutouts to:

Everyone behind the organization of this event I've ran a few brackets here and there in MTL to help around and because I feel driven to help along in the community, but I cannot see how you pull off something this big without dying over stress. It's amazing and good job for holding it down.

The few people I've actually played a bit of casuals with which would include the sleep deprived matches with ludwig van, a few set of casuals in our room with Dacid, the guys whose name I can't remember who showed up in room 920 friday and saturday, Troll badguy for his patience to play against a new player over good opponents in Guilty gear and most likely others whose names I don't remember because I suck at that

To everyone involved in the process of having Dora, Souji and Kirisame come to this event no explaining yo, that shoutout so long it's self explanatory

To the copabanana (Or w/e the fuck it is) event Not a better way to get this event started than with some of the most entertaining matches to spectate.

ShinSyn and Aloci for being gay for amane, nice to put a face on guys I've been talking to for the last week on DL

Sophisticat For being a true warrior when it comes to driving long distances. Holding it down on the way back whilst drinking the day before with only 5 hours of sleep AND STILL managing to look unaffected nor sleep deprived is impressive.

That pool money match amongst venom players that never happened It was like the coolest idea possible. I don't even remember the name of the guy who proposed it to me after I got knocked out of GG. I'll still take you up to it if the circumstances ever makes it possible.

To the waiters/waitresses at the restaurant sunday evening 30-40 customers coming in at once at 11 PM, good stuff

All the players that voiced us your interest for MAD it means a lot. A whole lot.

Just as about everybody I am truly grateful to have experienced my first US major with all of you. I was told I would come back with an surprising amount of skill increase by some of the MTL guys, but I left with much more than that. I am hungry to learn more, to improve, to meet and get know new players and most importantly to comeback for more. Fuck, you guys even got me hyped to buy BBCSEX now instead of waiting for BBCP. I feel compelled to actually do that with my community while nearly 1-2 weeks ago that idea was still something I wouldn't consider seriously.

Thank you so much and I hope I get to see any of you as soon as life allows so again.

No no no, not his room, the second Montreal room with GG in it. 918, I think it was.

Correct and that was me :psyduck:

I believe that was circuitous after Kaeru told him I wanted to sleep. Or could be stickbug taking it further and pushing everyone out after circ first said it. ANYWAY, I actually felt bad at first with the idea at first just so people could get the most out of their last day. My body could, but was forcing itself to stay awake as in... my eyelids were starting to act out of my control. My endurance at 5AM was drained and so is atm. going to sleep.

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Shoutouts to the people helping run the event. Stressful at times when people are MIA for their match.

Shoutouts to St1ckbug for running this event and making it happen for the anime community. Thank you for caring so much Alan.

Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea.

Shoutouts to the Anime tournament room for having a not large enough room despite having 150 players entered. Packed as fuck. Yup, must be a dead game.

Shoutouts to playing Jojo's Bizarre casuals in real life.

Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea.

Shoutouts to AnimeEVO.

Shoutouts to Circuitous for driving everyone back and forth from Copabanana to the hotel.

Shoutouts to Amadeus for also driving all over the place for people.

Shoutouts to cars. I want one.

Shoutouts to Sanoshi coming out and being coach of the year during my Bridget matches. Get ready for AC+ netplay. It'll be like #R netplay all over again.

Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea.

Shoutouts to old friends.

Shoutouts to new friends.

Shoutouts to NEC helping me put faces on Twitter users.

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Lol pool money match was my idea. I actually ended up beating someone in a pool casual later in an amusing way....but we gotta do that if GGXXX or whatever gets into EVO, especially if a Japanese Venom comes through...ah it's nice to dream.

Will give my shoutouts once the results thread gets posted. But for now, enjoy my new sponsor Old Spice, as well as Tokyo Tea, the official drink of NTR.

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• Thanks to Circuitous for letting people have P4A casuals in his room until everyone left for Copabanana Friday afternoon! Also, thanks to Axis, Kevin (I think that was his name and was the Yosuke player), Pfor the casual monster and everyone else that I played casuals with in room 308.


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and shoutouts to Axis telling me I remind him of Mr. Rogers, first time I've heard that one lol.

Okay, I just died of laughter because of this post, not because I think it's true but because I wasn't ready for it, luckily my voice is still done so I didn't wake anyone up.

@Ludwig: I just hate getting hit with Naoto's DP. I used to have a bad habit of pressing buttons recklessly when I whiffed (horrible idea...) and against characters with a Counter-Style DP, I got bodied. I hate Naoto, Yosuke and the Chie match up equally because of this. It's not so much of a problem now since I'm aware of it and it doesn't happen to me now but the scars never leave brother.


You sir, are GDLK! I haven't gotten my voice back but it's much better. Those cookies were amazing, if it's not a secret recipe, could you PM it to me?


Wow... Miller was right... he is forever doomed to be known as "That Yosuke Player from Michigan." LMFAO!

EDIT: Congratulations SKD.

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very briefly since i'm not going to be home for a week:

shoutouts to:

-everyone who made this event possible from a technical level (stickbug, stunedge, jp players, big e, kurushii, xie, etc.)

-montreal for being all around cool people. especially brice for being so hilariously weeaboo and charming at the same time. his power level is truly too strong

-everyone who i actually got to play games with. my biggest regret is that i didn't have more time to play more people

-everyone who actually showed up for the weekend and made it hype #NOFUTURE

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He's going to be the best Hazama player in the worlddddddddddddddddddddddd~

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Shoutouts to Stickbug, Biscuits, Daiandoh, and whoever else helped run the tournaments.

Shoutouts to the Montreal Crew for letting me play games in their room to the point of hotel staff kicking people out each night.

Shoutouts to my New England crew going in strong.

Shoutouts to Kirisame for making me money on a sidebet and allowing me to steal his strats.

Shoutouts to everyone I met and played P4A casuals with.

Remind me to get a smartphone of some kind so I can try to find casuals easier pre and post tournament.

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shoutout to NEC being a godlik event and some of the various people I met up with, thanks Circ and Ama for taking me to Yakitori Boy

copabanana was a fun places to go to and the tokyo tea amazing

oh shoutouts to Septa being shitty and no subway after 3 am, and Ama GPS trolling him bad

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Oh lightl! I played on your PS3 and couldn't help but gaze at your awesome wallpaper, Makoto da bes.

I got it from dustloop in the ps3 theme thread in case you are wondering and looking forward toward MAD in June I wish I could have played you in makoto mirriors

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