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Shoutouts to Dacidbro for reversing my perception of him in just a few sentences.

I'll take that as a huge compliment! Very nice to meet you

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Just.....Shoutouts to everybody making this my favorite tournament ever. Hopefully I'll see a lot of you guys at Final Round or even earlier!


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I had so much fun at the event. Makes me want to come again and again and again in the future : D Also, I'll get out of my shell, sometime...

Shoutouts to...

St1ckbug for organizing everything. Stay godlike, sir!

All three japanese players. Too strong, America no future

Mashdat5A. It was very nice to finally meet you <3 I look forward to playing you again in the future. Maybe we can be a bit more awake next time #4amplay

Severin. I was quite happy to finally meet you. I was surprised to hear that you looked up to me haha

MTL <3

Victoria's Secret

Touhou Music

Dokapon Kingdom. I wish I could've known the room number to go play that game again

My reputation of being a scary ass Lambda following me all the way to West Coast. WTF

Dora complimenting my Lambda while I'm not there. I could feel my e-penis growing

Having to kick people out of our room at 6 am on sunday/monday night so we could go sleep

So many good memories. I love you all.

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Still blows my mind that I knew 100% that silent shinobi is a ky player, yet when I sat down to play him in GG I was 100% convinced that a black man going by silent shinobi was going to play Chipp, and was actually very surprised when he didn't...

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Finally recovered long enough to give a shoutout post. If I forget anyone I'm incredibly sorry, but there's really just waaaaay too many people to shoutout. First and foremost I want to give major props to Stickbug and Big E. Without these two NEC would not be as hype as it's always been.


Ama and Circ - Hanging with you guys the entire weekend from the car ride to the event and the car ride home and everything in between was amazing.

Jourdal - I wanted to play 2P Tales of Xillia with you, but DS was a big scrub and didn't bring his PS3 so we couldn't body his file together.

Troll Badguy - You make GG casuals 10x more gdlk than what they already are. We finally brought back MONDAYS in room 308 that weekend.

AxisTheBitch - #STFUAxis

Silent Shinobi - You already know the deal. It was great hanging out with you again and those 50 wings were gdlk.

Brice - Your fine taste in hentai has inspired me to follow in your footsteps...except futa...cause fuck that.

Tone, Dark Talon, NC Pain, SenXXi, Shynsin and Ninja_Boi_Dougie aka the realest niggas in room 720 - You guys are fucking godlike and I'm aiming for my runback at Dokopan Kingdom D:<

DSmoove - Even if you're not a real nigga you took the trollings everyone gave you like a nigga and I respect that...still a bitch though.

SKD - Shoutouts to pointing out how HOLLYWOOD I really am and causing me to underestimate how HOLLYWOOD I am throughout the entire weekend

Kaeru - Stay fucking godlike. I wish we could've played GG against each other again.

Pochb - Shoutouts to you putting Dora off the sticks at the bar in GG and good shit in the tournament. I had to get my salty runback from Summer Jam.

Pfhor - Everyone has their off days and I hope you'll be able to put your performance behind you.

XAQshinor - Randomly coming out of the grave after so many years T_T

A3Religion and Alzerath - You guys are too good. I too aim to be as old and gdlk as you guys in GG one day.

Fubarduck - Nice to finally meet you and play you in games

Aginor - Thanks for the ass beatings in P4U and then reminiscing about the old SRM days. .

Severin, Sanoshi and Guyman - Thanks to making our room hella hilarious and hella handsome

Leonil Requim - Randomly coming to my room out of fucking nowhere. Still suck at GG though :(

PBJ_Mixxa - It was great to you meet you again after 2 1/2 years

Doren2K - Fuck Doren

I'm really sorry if I forgot you, but let it be known you were probably godlike if you made it out to NEC and because Dacidbro. Shameless plug! Twitter

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Actually not dead, so it's time for shoutouts. If I forget anyone I apologize, NEC was too hype and I met too many people to remember all of you lol.

Shoutouts to Room 720

Shoutouts to the MI guys, was nice interacting with you guys. You guys are hella fun to be around

Shoutouts to AxisTheBeast, you're even more fucking entertaining in person. Thanks for the set in BB, although I suck it was a lot of fun

Shoutouts to BlueLinkBR for making it out to NEC and running sets with me in BB. It was a lot of fun

Shoutouts to MashThat5A, finally got you meet you in person, you're a really nice person. Sad I didn't play you in BB though : (

Shoutouts to Jourdal, nice to finally meet the YT PSR guy. You're hella nice, and was really chill to be around!

Shoutouts to Travis, was really fun hanging out with you the weekend. You're a really cool guy!

Shoutouts to Knightofzero, was nice meeting you in person! Really nice guy

Shoutouts to Leonil feeling himself too hard, dropping his burst punish, and then getting astraled by Dora

Shoutouts to not getting astraled by Dora

Shoutouts to Severin, Guymam, Shaka, and everyone else who visited while playing Dokapon Kingdom. Gunna run it back at SCR!

Shoutouts to Dokapon Kingdom

Shoutouts to Dsmoove12 calling me out, losing the MM, and not giving me my money!

Shoutouts to Shinsyn, was nice playing BB/P4U with you. Sucks you dodged my request for runback, I'll hold it till next we meet though!

Shoutouts to Almond, was good to finally play you offline! Hella chill hanging out with you, and fuck you for IKing me : ( I got you back though lol

Shoutouts to Djcream bodying the shit outta me in Dokapon

Shoutouts to Tenryo, learned a lot from your Touka

Shoutouts to Aquapazza

Shoutouts to Ragna Time

Shoutouts to randoms crashing in our room

Shoutouts to ApologyMan having j.B on his forehead and not noticing

Shoutouts to everyone I played P4 with, played too many people to remember you all sorry : (

Shoutouts to Cheesesteaks

Shoutouts to getting bodied late at night when trying to get something to drink. vending machines being sold out sucked, and the store downstairs was closed : (

Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea bodying everyone

Shoutouts to St1ckbug for help making the event so gdlk

Sorry if I forgot anyone, but I met to many people to recall everyone I met and had too much fun while being there.

Hope to be able to meet you all again sometime!

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Shoutouts to stomach flu or w/e the fuck was causing me to throw up every 10 minutes on Saturday then dropping out of GG/AH3/MB to pass out for 14 hours (RIP). 0-10 matchup get fucked me.

But seriously, thank you Souji, Kirisame, and Dora coming out (Sponsored by stickbug). It was fun to meet you guys and try to help however I could. Singing America Fuck Yeah! To Dora whenever I could and convincing him to BBCT moneymatch me in a Bang mirror was fun. Souji's Teddie's was so careful and scary. Kirisame just RTSD'd everyone and fucked us up! So strong.

James Xie with those moba coins, and grats on top 100. Also you owe me drinks!

Alan and Eric, you made all of this possible, thank you!

SKD, another tournament of us avoiding playing each other!

Lich, good games in tournament. Wish I could have faced you without almost dying beforehand. Yay for rusty people and lol Dora NTRing Eduardo.

LPT you got your revenge on me D:, I'll get you next time.


Pain and DT, if I didn't get bodied by sickness, I would have FUCKED YOU BOTH UP IN AH3!

Everyone from out of the area, thanks for coming! You guys made this event what it is.

Fubar, you got everyone addicted to Zoo Keeper FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Circ, nice to finally meet you. Too bad I only briefly talked to you at the bar.


Kurushii, nice to finally put a face to you instead of your twitter avatar :V...

Jourdal, (insert over 9000 joke)

There were a lot of people there, I didn't get to know everyone's names, but I do know most of you (like Brandino, Shinobi, Axis, Alz, Brice, and ehrik)

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Making it as short and sweet as possible! lawl that didn't work out. I got 2 finals tomorrow and a paper to work on qq.

Amadeous - For being awesome in every way. Ty for ride, drinkings/drinks, holdin my hair back while i puked (jk i know i didn't, but i know you would), and flying my ass out here. Let's hang out again soon!

Troll Badguy - Needed that Order Sol/Sol Matchup. You're super funny and i love listening to you shit talk haha.

Circ - Cause i don't want to type the rest of your handle, hahaha. But you're a super sweet and funny guy. Thank you so much for the chicken wings and talking with me. We gotta play games together one day! I only played against one Pot here so the more exp the better! hahaha. Hope we see each other again soon!

Severin and Guymam- Come back to Norcal, we (especially me) miss you! And Mark, feel free to come over anytime to play games or hang out. Sorry i'm a bad friend ahead of time.

DaiAndOh - You did an amazing job running brackets! When your voice pretty much went out the next day i felt bad. I hope you had a great time and let's play more! Venom is fun to play against!

Brandino - We didn't get to talk much OR play! D: Mainly because i was kinda hung over the next morning and needed to head down to play P4 for a good chunk of the time. Nonetheless! Let's play GG together someday! :D

Braver - All i remember on Friday was me screaming, "YO WHY'D YOU DO THAT?!" Hahaha, but NEEDS MORE BRIDGET ARMYYEAI'MTALKINGTOYOUMAHOUKO. Don't forget to sign up next time dope! Hahaha

Stickbug - Duuude thanks for running an amazing Anime tournament! Your hard definitely doesn't go unnoticed and thank you so much for keeping East Coast strong and alive with these events! I constantly wish West Coast had such an active anime scene like you guys! Especially in GG! :]

Random shoutouts to:

Bellresia - YO when you said hi to me for that split second while i walked away with Guymam, i did not know it was you LOL. I was like "Who was that?" and Mark told me that it was you like 2 times before it came to me. Let's play each other in something one day! :]

Black Guys - Yo there were so many there. If you said hi to me and introduced yourself, i'm sorry i still can't tell ;;; We only have like 3 black guys in WC Anime scene so it was super hard to tell. ;;; Except Huey is the tallest of them all.

Tokyo Teas - I forgot how strong you are ;;

East Coast GG Players - I wanted to play against a lot of you guys like A3, Zidane, Biscuts, Alza, etc. but usually i was caught up with something else or hung over! Def next time i head over to NEC again or anther major you guys are at, let's play! :D

Mahouko - YOOO WHERE YOU AT? qq make it to hype shit one day. NEED BRIDGET ARMY PHOTO

NorCal - Let's play more! And good times with Dacid at the Bar Stadium place with 30 min waiting for food and Justin Bieber music. qqq

SoCal - We need to get hella strong in Anime. Needs more GG too! Thanks so much for James doing everything with StickBug and running shit! And Kevin, we need to take a shot together and shit still. I don't think a Tokyo Tea counts, hahaha.

Kurushii - For us finally meeting after knowing each other after all these years, before FGC involvement! Hahaha, do wish we got to hang, maybe at some other major! :3

Alex Valle - Whom will never read this but, hurray for bottle openers! Hahaha! And your kind and wise words :]

School - Bodying me with 5 finals this week

People i forgot - remind me who you are. Cause i'm pretty sure you were awesome too.


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MashThat5A - you handsome bastard. Great to meet you.

I told people I was gonna win the handsome matchup this weekend!

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Still blows my mind that I knew 100% that silent shinobi is a ky player, yet when I sat down to play him in GG I was 100% convinced that a black man going by silent shinobi was going to play Chipp, and was actually very surprised when he didn't...

Funny you mentioned that. I played Chipp in X2.

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Circ, nice to finally meet you. Too bad I only briefly talked to you at the bar.

Oh yeeeeaaah. Good to meet you, too. So much shit happened at the bar I pretty much forgot, coming back to me now though. If we meet again we should get some matches in, been too long since I played anything but GG.

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Well what can I say,

I've enjoyed meeting new people like BatosaiJ, Shinsyn, Her_Omen, Dsmoove12, etc.

Played casuals with new people. Better then Netplay.

Losing against Souji for beating the holy hell out of me in BB. Best Arakune I ever fought.

Enjoying watching JP players beating us American players and Canadian Players on the big screen.

I enjoyed the hell out of this event. Best time in my life. I'll be back next year.

Shoutouts to TGS for being a spectator buddy.

Same here man.

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shoutouts to

-R0b0t for buying me a shot after he got into top 8 with my brother and being an awesome dude in general, get that faust exp!

-My brother Senkei for winning the GG tournament. yea hes pretty good

-Mulligan and VR my fellow state brothers. good shit mulligan for still placing high, and VR thanks for letting me use your pad in causals when my controller broke!

-Bar that i wasted all my money on

-That guy who gave a cookie to Dora and almost made me die laughing with his cookie moonspeak translation talk

-Souji for getting a bajillion winstreak on the projector making it look like he was in the training room against people

-Controller for breaking so i didn't waste 10 bucks to get bodied in the GG tournament for being super rusty

-Mynus for talking to me about guilty gear characters and theory fighting etc

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This was really an awesome weekend. So many players came, was able to play a lot of different people. Didn't often introduce myself, but I hope if you read this post and I met/played you, you'll be able to put a name on my face now :)

Shoutouts to Kaeru and Isabelle taking care of the driving, not having to worry about that felt great

Shoutouts to Nedel and Touhou Music

Shoutouts to there being so much people at the copabanana I ended up just playing GG

Shoutouts to Dora being free at GG and/or to potential console port timing differences and/or to May

Shoutouts to Sanoshi being full of energy, making any GG match hella hype DOLPHIN DO DOLPHIN DO ITTT

Shoutouts to everyone who came to room 920

Shoutouts and GGs to everyone I played in casuals (I think it was Brandino, Alzarath, Senkei, Kona, Iora, Achtzehn, Lugwig van, Faultydefense, Huey, Biter, Dora, Souji, Kirisame, Dacidbro, Circuitous, Mynus, Mash, Shtkn, BatousaiJ) I was the May/Mu/S.Lab with the Mu's pixel ass stick (wasn't always using it)

Shoutouts to hotel room neighbors and security only kicking everyone out on friday and not saturday/sunday

Shoutouts to ZomB and the other chie player who beat me in the P4 tournament, as much as fuck chie, you guys were really good! Showed me I gotta step it up a lot if I want to try to compete in that game.

Shoutouts to Brandino, you got your runback this time... but I really want my own runback now lol

Shoutouts to Braver, second major we tell each other we'll play casuals after but don't, next time for sure

Shoutouts to the guys running brackets putting up with me being in 3 games at once and not DQing me

Shoutouts to melty blood, had fun, was a fraud, got motivated to put more time into it :D

Shoutouts to Fubarduck, really nice Zappa! made me so scared to push buttons

Shoutouts to everyone who came for Blazblue, the pools all looked so hard to get out of D:

Shoutouts to Brice/Kaeru/St1ckbug/???? for the cheesesteak sandwiches on saturday night

Shoutouts to Kirbster repping montreal in BB top 8! (and knocking out brice)

Shoutouts to Xie (I think) for the self intros idea, it made yakitori boy even more fun

Shoutouts to the translators

Shoutouts to Fluck (I think) : who was the ragna player in the montreal room? we all play ragna. he did 5b 5c reset into gauntlet on hit? not helping, we all do that

Shoutouts to Troll Badguy

Shoutouts to Huey, it was an honor playing the EVOCHAMP

Shoutouts to No Future, Kaqn, unlimited MMs, CAD MMs

Shoutouts to the Japanese players for coming and playing

Shoutouts to St1ckbug for everything, the GG, getting the JP over, the copabanana, the yakitori boy, the tournament... you put so much effort and energy in this and it was an awesome experience. Thank you.

Shoutouts to my fellow montreal players. Good shit stepping it up big time in BB, helping each other level up so much, and having a great showing!

Shoutouts to Big E

Kinda sad I didn't enter Aquapizza because it was at the same time as P4U top 8 and I really wanted to watch that... next time

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ayy I had fun, felt like I only played like fifteen minutes of casuals though :(

big thanks to alan for going out of his way to make shit the hotness, and eric for giving anime a baller venue as always

also dai for running a smooth pool

ggs to everyone I played in tournament/casuals, had fun in my matches vs mashdat5a, spiritjuice and boog, don't really remember who else I played besides another aigis in casuals :psyduck:

next tourney I'll try to stay out of the laptop fighters vortex

Shoutouts to beating Jimmy in RPS and then him not throwing the match like we planned. Fucking scumbag. Scissors beats paper.

aigis uber alles


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Too many people to give shoutouts, I'm worried to forget someone.

Shoutouts to the Atlanta crew, was nice seeing Eshi again and meeting ZomB and FunkyP, thanks for the games and congrats on the Top 8 on Persona ZomB.

Shoutouts to the West Coast crew, that room with Aquapazza, BB and Dokapon kingdom was GODLIKE, thanks for the games Numakie, DJ Cream, Talon, Severin, Pain and Kumubou.

Shoutouts to the Florida crew, nice meeting DC and Kurushii again.

Shoutouts to everyone I finally managed to meet IRL (Talon, Tone, Tenryo, Johner_X, Severin, Her Omen, Axis, MashThat5A, Jourdal, SKD, Shinsyn, and a ton of other people), was nice meeting you guys, and GGs to the ones I played against.

Shoutouts to everyone I was able to meet again (Jaguar, St1ckbug, LK, etc...), nice seeing you guys again.

And shoutouts to to St1ckbug, Big E and everyone who helped running NEC, thanks for the awesome tournament guys.

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Looks like no results thread, so shoutouts here!

First of all, the biggest shoutout in the world to the men that make it happen! Big E, Hubbs, and St1ckbug. Everyone knows about :st1ckbug:, but Big E and Hubbs have always treated us as well as they can, and continue to run great events!

Special shoutouts also to do those that helped us out with running the event such as Xie, for the quals, organization, and helping the Japanese, and Kurushii, 1500 miles up north to run a stream!

The Japanese got my shoutout on twitter already. S.oujiK.irisameD.ora...coincidence?

To anyone who volunteered to run pools! It's work man. Special shoutout to myself and Biscuits for running 5 on Saturday.

To those that were there to play their matches and easily accessible, for making everyone's life easier. Anti-shoutouts to Marlinpie basically in this regard.

Shoutouts to the Copa! Once there was space, oh man. Shoutouts to Tokyotea, official drink of NTR. Shoutouts to all the NTR.

Shoutouts to the guy I beat in Billiards at the bar! All Venom player tournament please!

To the roomies!

Amadeous for so much the driving, the ggs, and booking the room. I was worried when I couldn't stay with Alan and NY...well you never know sometimes. You had my back though

Circ, for designated driving, being chill as can be, and of course, new smileys.

Severin, for being entertaining as hell Friday night. And somehow, on the way back Saturday for Yakitori Boy, ENDS UP IN NJ. Well I hope they didnt pass Rape Valley then.

Sanoshi, for being hype as fuck with 0 or 4 drinks and the ggs! Bridget army is strong!

Dio, who is never sleeping in the same bed as me ever again. Fucker took up 70% in the middle of the bed and he ain't fat. Because of this, he did not top 8 in GG! But I heard there was some good shit talk, so I'll forgive him!

Moar shoutouts? Yes please!

How about some NY?

Biscuits, with the Blazgreen commentary of the century, and more bias commentary in general. Rides are good too!

Xaq, who stopped working for a weekend. For someone who hasnt been playing GG, he did pretty well...but May. Good to catch up! And god damn that phone is huge!

Zidane, for more bias commentary and a pretty KoF performance. And for bodying Dora, just because.

A3, for t8ing in GG, then throwing away CF tokens way too fast.

Mynus, for geting random'd out :(. But being awesome :D.

Liston for the ride to Yakitori Boy!

Braver, coming through from school to replace Mahouko as commander in chief of the Bridget army, and Jojos!

Travel buddy SKD, for the truth!

Other travel buddies, Alz (get bodied), Jourdal for being on stream, DigiOps for his stick and picking up GG, Kendrick and Kevin for VSav General, Apollo and Tenryo watching streams on the way back, and that guy from LI that said he knew me but I have no idea who he is.

Cab Smasher, showing up outta no where and old man general!

Nerdjosh for discussion and being the desiginated FIND KYOHEI

Bootyclappa for running A2!

To Chris G, because as he says, no one plays GG in NY. Afterall, it's not at Big 2!

The rest of the best, and to hell with the rest!

New England, including, but not limited to, Mindgam3, Bluenine (ITS YOUR DL NAME, DEAL WITH IT), that erractic Faust who bodied me, Tales, Noisetank, and rest, great seeing you all!

To Texas! Rob0t coming back from the dead and his awesome pendant (your girl is so awesome for that!), Saltydefense, my Venom brother in arms! You make 6p, 6hs look so easy, motivated me to practice that first thing when I got my new stick and PS3!

To Jersey! Sad Ril and Sogos didn't make it, but Jersey got in there! Especially to LK, who ran brackets, t8'd in both games, and dont discredit it, but put in the work against Souji in tournament!

To Florida! Senkei took GG, ggs to you man! DC for breaking restroom etiquette but acknowledging and apologzing. Maybe I'll catch ya at APEX, if not WB! Kurushii, you're the fucking man!

WEST COAST! Dacid, for still not topping on the EC, and taking all the shit we give him with a smile. Apologyman, because "I Have to play BB" GODLY. Great meeting my successor, SPOOKY BOOGIE aka Huey in person! Shtkn for being right next to me as I mention he's here, and explaining Blade's role on DL. Spirit Juice, for lifting his no fun rule for NEC!

MD! Rei for the SRW love, getting PTS during the tournament, and the ride to the Copa. Matt Coma for the t8! Good shit!

Fish sista Kendra (are you reading this even?) out from CO, land of legal Blazgreen, to do Vsav, and fellow fish brudda GBursine. All I lost to into VSav all weekend was Fish mirror...WTF?

PA! Damian and Rogue Yoshi...you guys didnt do much it seems from my PoV, hope to see you guys playing more! Superscience, as god awful as his spelling yet as awesome as his Combovid, go watch it, then kill him. Special shoutouts to Saphri for some hilarious stories. Hope netplay works out well.

Shoutouts to me getting in one picture, a pic Kendra took of me doing a Fish Bubble IRL.

Shoutouts to I NEED ONEGAI ROKU CHAN FOR MELTY *crowd erupts*

Shoutouts to AP and AH for coming through and playing.

Shoutouts to ANIME KOMBAT!

Good shit everyone! Will see you all somewhere again!

EDIT OMFG I can't believe I forgot Canada! Shoutouts to them all for always coming out, bringing 1,000 setups, being chill as hell. Shoutouts to me and Kaeru aka the solution to world peace theory fighting CP, and his girl for putting up with our manly conversation!

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I'm honestly not sure what to say...

I was thinking about talking about past NEC's and how this year was out of this world. I was thinking about writing something about Eric and how godlike of a TO he is... but you know what? There's something that goes into making a tournament that people always seem to forget. It's not the TO's. It's not the prizes. It's not the rivalries, money matches, twitter drama, streams, or fake hype:

It's the players.

Frequently I tout NEC as the major to go to. Why? I'm not sure... maybe because I feel confident that Eric and I can run a good event? I've been to many bad ones, so I know what to try and avoid doing. I accept the fact that it's impossible to please everyone and that some people will leave disappointed. But you know what? Through all of my blunders as a TO, people still seem to come back every year. More and more of you guys decide to put NEC on your radar and make the trip out. Whether you're from WC, EC, PNW, Texas, Canada, New England, or Midwest, NEC has been an option and only an option. You could decide not to go, but each year more and more people decide to go. I can't thank you guys enough for coming out and making this event what it is.

Often we forget that players make the event. I could have the most godlike stream setup imaginable. Eric could put $5000 of his own money down as a pot bonus. Madcatz could give a lifetime supply of sticks for first place, but all of that doesn't matter if no one shows up.

I was hoping that NEC this year would be the first time that I ever got to see all of my FGC friends all in one place and I wasn't disappointed. Far too often are we split between events, regions and game choice.

Walking down the stairs at the Copa was the start to it all. I wasn't sure how many people were going to show up. It was kind of a far trek from the venue and I know a lot of people can't afford to splurge during a tournament weekend. It's things like this that make a start to a great weekend: a bunch of nerds in the downstairs of a bar all doing what they love. It was so packed that it was next to impossible to get from one end of the room to the other. Chants of "USA" and "Japanese" and yells of "No Future" filled that tiny room and it reminded me of why I started doing this in the first place: it's fun as hell.

I know I seemed irritated Saturday and Sunday, but that's because I truly care about running a hype event. You guys decided to come so it's up to Eric and I to make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience while at the same time staying within bounds of reality. When I have to make a decision that will obviously have a split of interest I can get irritated. Combine that with losing your car keys while having to take care of a few foreigners on little sleep and I can turn into a grumpy old man.

I was truly humbled that so many people decided to make it out this year. That's all I can really say. To thank each person individually would be a waste of time and it would take away from what you all accomplished as a group: you showed up.

So one again, thank you all for coming out and making NEC what it is: a godlike tournament.

See you next year.

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