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[AC+R] Video Posting Thread

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This thread is for posting Accent Core +R videos only. Any and all discussion should take place in the Video Discussion Thread.

  • To avoid unnecessary clutter, if someone posts 1 part of an event (e.g Tachikawa Random 3on3 Part 1), assume that they'll edit their post with the rest of the parts. This means don't quote and continue to add onto it because they will get to it especially if they are a regular uploader!
  • When posting new videos, always put the source link to the video in your post.
  • Netplay matches (when console releases) will go into it's own thread in the AC+R Online Play section, not here.

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First 3on3 Mikado of +R. Streaming on nicovideo. Follow https://twitter.com/jonio_mikado for the links (they change every 30 minutes, if i'm correct).

Videos of the tournament here. Very fast to upload +R eh, mikado ?

Mikado 高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC+R 9月22日 土曜隔週 3ON






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joniosan twitch.tv live again. not much action though. his twitter says not many people are there tonight. He's also uploaded some more videos to this account since last night.

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Takadanobaba Mikado 高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC+R 9月26日 野試合動画







remember that Mikado GGXXAC+R tournaments are on TUESDAY, THURSDAY and often SATURDAY. So other days are for freeplay...

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