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[AC+R] Bridget Video Thread

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Still impressed I'm learning new things, wow, love this game. God's gift.

New tricks I learned.

  • HSSet_#, (CH)HSCall, HSStop, FBPunch - This is a useful CHitconfirm from a HS Call back when the HSSet is on top of your opponent. New info for me is that you can linnk a HSCall, HSStop, FBPunch and still get gold beat combo. https://youtu.be/rh9t2CbPPo0?t=3339
  • Throw, HSSet_5, j.FBPunch, 66 ( crossup ) - This is a useful reversal bait ( bear eats a hit ) and oki from a mid screen throw. This will combo on hit and cause a genunie crossup on block as the second hit of the bear will connect after you cross their y axis leading to a wallstick launch ( big damage )

Old tricks I was shown are still crazy valuable.

  • Throw, sj9.HSSet_2,HSCall, j.D v 6S > jc.jS > j.2S > jc.jS > j.2S - This is an incredibly useful double cross-up that baits reversals, costs no meter, and is valuable against Baiken/dp chars, for big damage. Pressure on block, combos on hit, and two crossups depending on your HSCall timing and enemy's own IB timing.
  • (proper spacing) IAD j.p, j,k(Cross-up.) This can be quite good with a properly spaced punch bear staggering after the crossup j.k hits.


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