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Testament vs Jam

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It's actually a bit too late for me to start writing these up now, but since it was asked here we go. I'll clean it up at a later date.

I've really only played the berserker kind of Jam, where you feel kinda screwed if she ever gets you pressured. Other styles might be different but the main points stand.

Against Jam, as with most other characters with short range, keeping her away and getting you zoning game into place is the most important part. As long as she is at a distance, you seriously outpoke her, with far S, 2S and jS being primary pokes. 2S is because otherwise she can be cocky and glide through your 5S. At the distance of these pokes, she doesn't really have good options for getting in at you without tension.

The trouble starts when she gets tension, as you all know how dangerous FB puffballs are. Before she gets tension, any puffball attempt can be poked (which you are throwing out anyway) giving you a counterhit that can be linked to several damaging followups (GD, BL, possibly 2HS). When she gets 25% you have to start getting careful and watch for the startup of her glide. The main defense is warrant, as that will counter all forms of puffballs, and if you have tension it will give a very damaging combo as well. Warrant can be done on reaction of her slide, but be careful of baits from Jam. if you don't feel confident, you can of course block it and hope that was her last bit of tension, but you ust gave a her a free ticket in which sucks.


Traps work wonder against Jam. All traps are good, regardless of how they are placed. Specific trap patterns probably vary depending on the person you are facing, but I have found semi high nets to be effective for stuffing her airdashes. Get trees out to cover sloppy attempts of disarming nets.

Now the problem is just getting these suckers out in the first place. Random placing is dangerous as a distant Jam is fast and always on the move. Odds are she'll be in your face in the blink of an eye if your not careful. Thus, most trap sets should be done from connected or blocked pokes. Other cases only if you are confident you have the time needed. If you're patient and poke correctly, you have a good chance of getting the fortress constructed successfully, and then Jam will have a hellish time getting in.


I hate this part. There is practically no safe/good okiseme on Jam. Meaty nets will get parried, S EXE will get parried. Now we're already down to basics. 2K will be safe against the parry, and it is thus what I use most often because even if you lose the initial mixup opportunity, you can still followup with something (e.g. 2D or 6P), even if you may have to use an EXE frc for it.

The big problem appears when she gets a charge for ryuujin. This means a wakeup shoryu is suddenly a very real threat, as a connected shoryu leads to charge kick and death. And it will eat 2K... The other side of the coin is that 6P dodges the shoryu altogether, thus giving you a punish on it that will hurt badly. But then we're back to the fact that a 6P is very vulnerable to parry linked to your death.

Conclusion is that without a charge, you get an inferior mixup game, with a charge it's a guessing game where the loser gets hurt badly. Of course, tree crossups as okiseme still works :v:

Being pressured

Actually, this part is still somewhat of a mystery for me, so if anyone can chip in that would be great. Testament lacks reliant moves for beating out a lot of her bullshit while you're being pressured. There is always the EXE game where you guess she will be standing on the ground for 16 frames more and have her eaten, but an IAD will of course beat it and punish you badly.

Anyway, this is my main problem with the matchup. If she can be kept away, that's you victory right there, but under pressure I often have a hard time pulling of that win. I have a few ideas that might work well, but I currently don't have any Jam to play against, so they go untested as of yet.

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It's actually a bit too late for me to start writing these up now, but since it was asked here we go.

GGXXAC will probably be played for a long time since I doubt arc systems will make another update anytime soon, so it's a good reference. good to know about the okizeme problem, i shoulda thought of that. thanks for the info

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