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Venom Boards Index Thread - NEW PLAYERS START HERE

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So there's a lot of cleanup that's going to be done. Between that and Dustloop expanding into wiki territory, I figured it's a good idea to organize the information here into one place. For now, we have decided to keep the threads with the most useful information until we can re-do everything.

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Information and Discussion Regarding Setups Used by Top Japanese Player, N-Otoko (circa 08)


Extra Matchup Discussion.


Finally, some interesting words on advanced Venom play by N-Otoko, thanks to Shinjin for the Translation.

It might be a bit weird that I am posting in this very very inactive part of the forum, but what the hell!

N-O is coming to Sweden to participate at the Destination Showdown-tournament with players from Sweden, Russia and France. I translated this post made by him a few days ago regarding his general game plan and view on how to play Venom for the Showdown-thread at bitterharmony. I thought that I might as well post it here as well, since I've already translated it to English.


Originally Posted by N-O aka N-Otoko aka Nishikyougoku no Otoko aka The Architect

In order to win the 5on5-tournament on May the 4th at a-cho, and in order to have fun when I’m playing, I've decided to try and think really hard on how to play!!

The basics of Venom is f.S and antiair. If make the opponent afraid of coming at you, one can start using ball summon. So primarily using these two are important.

There is also a need to us dashing and back dashing to reposition yourself, since you have to be using f.S and 6P a lot.

In order to get better rewards from when you get your f.S blocked you need to chose your options on block based on what character you are facing. And if you’re having problems getting decent risk/rewards from those two options (f.S/anti air); you should be adding dash 2k and buppa (planned random) ball summons to the yomi-layers of the neutral game.

Right now these are the only conclusions I can come up with regarding Venom, but it will have to do. The important thing is your speed regarding decision making. If you as Venom player is thinking and understanding the situation faster than your opponent, the opponent will have close to an impossible time playing against Venom. And you need to minimize the amount of time you spend on analyzing about the situation you are in in order to do be able to do this. It’s not really “mind games” per se; it’s more something in the style of constantly thinking one or two steps ahead of what’s happening on the screen. And thus you need to prepare and understand your options for different situations in advance in order to lessen the burden on yourself.

Focusing on lessening the burden on yourself and being very very precise in your movement as Venom are both valid options. Let’s say your opponent has 10 options; they can either just be using the really strong ones, or they might be using the less likely options of the 10 in order to win because they will be assuming that you’re not focusing on them. The later is important and is Venoms main skill to showcase; which is why have to put your brain activity in full throttle!

Losing mind games should also be part of your calculations. That’s why you need to understand whether it the lost mind game was a “lost mind game”, or was it “anti-Venom strategies” that your opponent is consciously using, or was it more in the lines of “the opponent doesn’t really understand at all”, or maybe it just happened “by chance”. You need to include details like the remaining time of the round, what round you are in, and what character you are facing in your deduction; and then chose what option you are to take. So as long it is not a “lost mind game”, and as long as you are playing well, it should result in the later of the mind game-situations explained above which gives the advantage to Venom.

Venoms match-up specifics against other characters should focus on recognizing the strengths of the other characters neutral- and poking game so that you can gain the advantage. Since Venoms neutral- and poking game is so strong.

So that sums up the mindset behind the neutral- and poking game.


So what if you manage to win a mind game. Well, there is not any really truly definite and optium way of gaining a reward from this situation but, generally speaking you can get some ball formations going and if you manage to score an air-combo you can get good rewards (top class in the game). It’s important not to let your opponent get off with “easily avoided if you just know what to do” when this situation emerges.

And if they manage to get through your setups; you need to know what situations that leads to. If this happens mid-screen, well it happens. What’s important that you need to understand the different situations this results in, and that depends on a lot of factors.

If you have a ball out after "winning a mind game"; you still have an advantage in the neutral game. And since you might not be to far distanced from each other there is the chance that your opponent will opt to be defensive; which can allow you to get more balls out on the field (even better for Venom). Having that said; if they opt to be offensive the risk/reward of ths specific situation will greatly favor Venom.

Speed is of importance here as well. If the Venom player can think quicker (based on all of the knowledge about different situations etc.), he can almost automatically go for the better options.

Think about the character you are facing and your opponents’ mentality. More important than always thinking logically, it’s important to mix it together with using options that your opponent will feel uneasy about based on the atmosphere. There is always the possibility that your “logic based movement” might just as well be options that you are instantaneously going for without thinking. Thus; there will probably be times where you act clumsily, so you should not just be relying that those kinds of template-based plays will always work.

You have to think about how many times you can't rely on it, and on how many times you can get away with safe options, and how many times those options will fail. And regarding safe options, you need to be thinking of how big of a reward you can actually get from them.

Can your offensive option always opt for one specific defensive option, or use a set counter-measure on reaction against it. You need to also factor which option your opponent wants to use in your game plan.

How much knowledge can you cram in your brain, what are you instantaneously doing as a habitual response to your reads, can you execute your game plan without even being conscious about it, and how close to a flawless play can you actual be capable of.

This is impossible for me, but I’ll do my best (haha!)

I will of course do my best for the tournament in Sweden, but I would also wish to do good at the a-cho 5on5-tournament this weekend.

I’m 100 % fired up! I’ll check out my own videos now-.

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