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[VH] Pyron: It Came From Outer Space

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Notable normal & Command moves:

- His standing Forward (MK) is an overhead attack, so mix it up after some crouching attacks to confuse your opponent.

- Pyron old jumping punches (from Darkstalkers aka Cosmo Dive) are still avaliable by pressing down and P , however if your opponent guards them the have huge recovery time cause Pyron "bounces" off them.

- Use his dashing Fierce (HP) to catch opponents off guard but dont overuse it because when guarded there is some recovery time.

- His standing Fierce is pretty usefull, it comes out pretty quick.

- Pyron has an air-throw (f.HP)

Special Moves

Soul Smasher: QCF, P (also useable in air)

*His fireball, jab goes the normal projectile route, strong goes a bit forward and then arcs up, the Fierce version almost immediately arcs up. So the Strong and Fierce are a reasonable anti-air.*

Zodiac Attack: DP, P (Guard Cancel)

*Turns into a wheel of fire and lashes forward. Although it looks like Fierce version would go full-screen it doesnt it goes about 3/4 (kind of like Cables Time Flip in MvC2). Use it to punish your opponent when makes a mistake and your about half screen away.*

Orbital Blaze: QCB, K (must be in air)

*Pyrons version of the hurricane kick, goes arced downwards, be

careful not to abuse this one, because its punishable.

Galaxy Trip: BDP, P or K (also useable in air)

*Teleport: which P or K use will decide the location;

Ive mapped them out in screen location below.



so LP takes Pyron left-up and HK right-down of the battlefield etc.

It takes a bit longer to actually teleport after Pyron dissappears, so be careful.*

Planet Burning: HCB, MP or HP

*Special throw, does decent damage.*



EX Moves:

Cosmo Disruption: HCF, PP or KK (charge PP or KK for bigger explosion)

*Kind of fireworks display, PP detonates mid-screen and KK full-screen away. This move gets powered up by Dark Force*

Piled Hell: DP, KK (alos usable in air)

* Turns into a pillar of fire, not really useful. However I find it quite effect to preform it while jumping over your opponent)

Dark Force Power:

Shining Gemini: D, F, DF, PP

* Creates a clone which follows up your attacks with one of his own.

Heres a list:

Button Move Done

P = d + HK (slidekick)

D + P = Dashing HP

jump + P = Orbiter Blaze

K = Zodiac Attack

D + K = Dashing HK

jump + k = Cosmo Dive

If you do a special move with punch it counts as a standing or

jumping P (depending if the move is done on air or ground)

Also, if you do an EX move the twin will mimic it perfectly but

without damaging the enemy.


- Pyron is best agressively, confuse your opponent with the Galaxy Trip and then unleash or jump in with a chain combo

(deep junping HK, cr. LK, cr. MK, cr. HK, Pursuit attack is on of his best BB combos) and use his throw alot.

- The Galaxy Trip can be done endlessly, it can even be canceled in the Air Soul Smasher or Orbital Blaze or even Piled Hell. Occasionally teleport in close and try to nail a Planet Burning.

- Against jump-in opponent use the MP or HP Soul Smasher or use the Galaxy Trip to teleport in the air behind them and then unleash the Orbital Blaze or Air Soul Smasher.

- After preforming the Cosmo Dispruption, jump or rush the opponent and try to sucker them in. If they guard it punish them with a Planet Burning.

- Follow up any throw or knockdown move with his Pursuit Attack,

Pyrons will almost always connect.

this isnt cfe... so teleporting for "mixup" isnt as effective.. or safe.

-his flashy seizure super is chargeable... I dunno how safe it is for the opponent to gc... but they'll likely be able to keep you away with a well timed tech(assuming they're in blockstun from the super).

-his air d+p moves.. ARENT overheads

Aside from that, soilder zero likely can give you more/better advice than I.

I'll put up the VS2 or VS vid i have of him if ya'd like

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Just skimming through that and didn't see it mentioned.. j.down+LP can be whiff cancelled to kicks. The punches can be blocked either way but the kick must be blocked high. Also if you bounce off of someone with a blocked punch, you can XX to any of his air specials to try and cover the recovery (even if it was j.HP)

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