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[VS] Oboro Bishamon: Makai Tensho (Samurai Resurrection)

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DS:R - Hover over Bishamon, hold start and press a button.




- UB Bricks: UB-bricks from a neutral wake-up (same as an air reset) works on everyone except: Lilith, Demitri, Morrigan, Zabel & Aulbath

I could not find a knockdown which avoided ground rolls. = no guranteed UB-brick setups.

First Guaranteed Brick setup is against Anakaris. Cornered Mummy: 66lk, LINK st.lp, RENDA st.lp xx Bricks. UB-reset.

two best UB bricks setups I can implement is d.hk, UB-Bricks & AntiAir w/ J.mp, land, UB-Bricks.

- 6lp, 6mp: glitch. Chain has no recovery and allows infinite of (6lp, 6mp, LINK 66LK)xN

- Command list is the same as Bishamon except he replaces spirits and gains a few more special moves.

- Biggest difference to Oboro is his dmg potential and strategy regarding meter. Bishamon builds meter and stores it for UB-spirit reps, while Oboro can burn what he has for max dmg in every confrontation.

adds an uppercut 623P. No invul, great hitbox, not very wide.

adds a rushing poke which negates projectiles. 623K. Anak cannot eat it. Lot of +frames on hit, is grounded UB.

adds TigerKnee 2369P for a demon flip which goes for an auto-throw or an attack. Not overhead, follow up slash is grounded UB. opponent cannot jump the throw, they must DF or quickly AntiAir.

Replaces Bishamon's spirits w/ a slashing attack. great damage. part of the move is grounded UB. May negate projectiles, needs testing.

Oboro loses UB-Spirit setups.

Oboro loses the spirit-throw-dizzy glitch.

Oboro loses Spirit frame-traps

Oboro loses cr.mp xx special move from max range. Bish BnB does not work: cr.lk, LINK cr.lp, RENDA cr.lp, LINK cr.mp xx special move.

Oboro Loses OS-Guard Cancel trick of poking w/ 6321[4]~3p or 632[1]~3p.

Ideal BnB's.

Low & Meter: cr.lk, LINK, cr.lp, LINK *cr.mp xx 4123[6]PP, 22PP

Low & Meter: cr.lk, LINK, cr.lp, LINK **cr.mp xx 623KK

Low & No Meter: cr.lk, LINK cr.lp, RENDA cr.lp, LINK cr.mp xx 4[6]hk

Jump-in & Meter: J.mk, J.hk, Land, 6lp, 6mp, LINK *cr.mp xx 4123[6]PP, 22PP

Jump-in & Meter: J.mk, J.hk, Land, 6lp, 6mp, LINK **cr.mp xx 623KK

Jump-in & No Meter: J.mk, J.hk, Land, cr.lp, RENDA cr.lp, LINK cr.mp xx 4[6]hk

*Split input like this: 41+[mp+hp], 23[6]]mp+hp[

**Split input like this: 632mp, 3KK.

Gimmicky mix-up: cr.lp, RENDA cr.lp xx 2369mp.

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