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here to introduce myself and get advice

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Hi guys,

I've recently felt (a little bit) the joy that is this game. I'm over 30 now and I've been playing fighters since WW. I have some BlazBlue experience (mained Ragna). Other games I play now are 3s and VF5:FS. I've competed in both recently at Super Arcade but I never won a set. But I always gave GGs, that's for sure. I need something like BlazBlue in the mix and GG it is (the trifecta is complete). I think both this game and Sol Badguy are cooler and BlazBlue and Ragna. Compared to BlazBlue: more of a oki game (I think?), slashbacks, a more simple yet still just as deep system, and plus, I'm more of late 90's-early 00's anime guy. I play exclusively PS3 even though I have both because I'm cheap like that :)

I need advice.

I need to hit harder. What are some of the easiest yet decent damage combos with Sol? I know there are combo lists but I want what you guys think are (braindead) easy yet damaging. (So none of that Clean Hit stuff yet.) I think stuff off of K, S, throw (both command and normal) would be great.

General tips on offense would be much appreciated.

General tips on defense would be even more appreciated.

Help me level up, please!

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Some general stuff links:

Some general info/combos in the posts on this page.

Guilty Bits ep. 4 - Sol

Old basics video.

As for your questions, there aren't really any damaging combos without clean hits. Sol's biggest damage outside of that are usually j.D and VV. Bandit bringer and Gunflame do decent damage as well, but they can be hard to combo into. These are good to fit into combos if you can (usually), but they're generally not worth losing the knockdown for. Dashing air combos that hit with j.D twice and end with VV knockdowns are probably the biggest damage on average without clean hits. Well, Gunflame FRC -> Bandit Bringer loops do a lot of damage, but they burn lots of tension, the timing is tight, and they don't work on everyone in AC (although I think they should in +R).

Also, you should really be able to get at least one clean hit Sidewinder, even if you're just starting. Getting 3 can be harder at first, but 1, and even 2, shouldn't cause much trouble. So, a basic WT combo might be: WT, j.S xx Clean Hit Sidewinder, dash, j.SD jc dj.SD VV kick. Ending one or two clean hit combos with a VV is fine, but when you hit 3 or more, you'll usually want to end with bandit revolver instead, as VV -> kick stops comboing.

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