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Scottie Yosh

[Apr 20, 2013] Battle for the Blood Throne (P4A/BB/GG/UMVC3 @ Arcade UFO) - Austin, Tx

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4. Pozer

5. Sunfish

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1. woof x7

2. Pozer

3. Gli

4. Phfor

5. Kid Viper

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Shoutout to Scottie for making this tournament happen

Shoutout to Tacky Takeru for being my practice buddy in BB for last couple weeks

Shoutout to Gli for being so troll in the matches

Shoutout to SkyKing for coming out and repping San Antonio

Shoutout to Yuushiro for coming out and sitting around for ever, since the BB casual wasn't available for so long

Shoutout to Pozer for being Pozer and getting hit by Yukiko's IK in the real match

Shoutout to AMBakery for being so chill and all the cookies and cakes

Shoutout to Jan for being rusty in GG. Who plays GG these days anyway, lol

Shoutout to Naomi GG cabinet just because it has GG in it

Shoutout to Dallas for being so strong in P4A

Shoutout to Kidviper for playing HOS; it was the first time I've seen him play GG, lol

Shoutout to Poon for no show. You still owe me $20 MM in GG. I'll try to find you if you come to EVO, I guess

Shoutout to FlameIce for being a BB enthusiast from what I heard from the Austin crew. Keep it up

Shoutout to Arcade UFO for providing the stream

Shoutout to the grocery store next to UFO, cause I would've starved to death if it wasn't there

Shoutout to everyone else that I didn't mention but we played in the tournament

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Thanks to everyone for showing up! It was great seeing everyone and, although it had its problems, the tournament finished by closing. Running a tournament and playing in it is.. an experience! haha

Till next time!

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Shoutouts to towing signs making it impossible to find a parking space.

Shoutouts to JonZ for not showing up so he could meet Gli even though he had practically all day and night to do it.

Shoutouts to Kid Viper for being super hype and crazy in person. Even though I got blown out of the water when we fought in BB it was still fun.

Shoutouts to fubar for putting the GG cabinet back in. Now if only we could get Gals Panic S2 back.....

Shoutouts to server crashes.

Shoutouts to Seiryu for doing BB commentary with me and my quiet, nerdy voice.

Shoutouts to my woofu motherfucking WOOFx7 for showing that Yosuke is a viable character.

Shoutouts to Tall Chris for appreciating my quips on dustloop.

Shoutouts to Mightfo for being the chillest, most level-headed guy I know. Also for telling me about the Dallas ranbats that are starting in May.

Shoutouts to people from around the state coming into Austin just for this tournament.

Shoutouts to being tired and hungry.

Shoutouts to SA Jin and Woki for being my ride up to UFO. Would have been a lot harder to get the baked goods up to UFO otherwise.

Shoutouts to everyone for eating the treats that I make. That's what I like to see!

Shoutouts to Scottie for putting together the tournament and seeing it through to the finish despite the unexpected delays.

Shoutouts to Marcell for covering my mouth whenever I mention his precious white girls in public, even though that's ALL HE EVER TALKS TO ME ABOUT ON FACEBOOK TO THE POINT THAT I MIGHT GO INSANE IF I HEAR ANY MORE OF HIS CRAP FFFFFFFFFFF WHERE'S THE LOGIC IN THIS?!

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Was a fun tourney, for sure! Contrary to what I said earlier, I didn't end up 0-2. Shoutouts to not playing these games anymore and still doing decently in them. Don't care for Naoto SMP, so ead, I don't need them to win. Also, good stuff to everyone who made it out. Always awesome to have good players coming out, especially since SA doesn't have much in in terms of players or competition.

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