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Sol's basic combos?

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Well, Sol is my main character and I lack the abillity to choose which of his combos I should learn.

The SW loop is the most important I guess, it seems the key for mastering SW loop is jS>SW.

I need some few basic combos so I can play with people, gain exp until I get the hang of how Sol works so I could improvise.


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The wiki has a good list of some simple combos: http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sol_Badguy_(GGAC)

There's also this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhzR6rlPP8M

What's most important is you get a knockdown from your combo. Unless it's going to kill you always want a knockdown to end it. Usually done with ground Bandit Revolver(BR) after 2-3 SWs, or you can sometimes choose to air Volcanic Viper>knockdown(VV) instead.

Sol's SW loops can change slightly based on how close the opponent is to the corner. You have to get good at determining what way you should go for the clean hits based on the opponents position on the screen (vertically and horizontally).

Some tips that will help you get clean hits if you mistime certain parts of a combo:

- 2H > j.S > SW, you replaced with 2H > j.H(1) > SW for when the opponent is too high after the 2H for j.S>SW to clean hit, but does slightly less damage.

- fj.S > SW, you can add j.K after the j.S if you notice the opponent is too low after j.S for SW to clean hit.

General SW loop stuff:

- using j.D in SW loops will do more damage than j.S but it's more difficult/combo/character specific.

- using 2H > SW when possible also strengthens combos, usually as the last SW since they come down very low after the wallbounce from this.

and I might as well list a few basic examples to help you get the idea, these are done from starting position on Sol:

- 5K > (5S) > 2D > BR/VV, standard knockdown combo for no meter

- 2K > 2H > GV(clean hit) > fj.S > SW > dash 2H > fj.S > SW > (walk back) > 2H > BR, simple GV combo from low

- WT > fj.S > SW > 2H > fj.S > SW > nj.S > SW > BR, simple 3 SW combo from WT

- VV(RC) > dash 5K > 2H > fj.S > SW > nj.S > SW > fj.S > SW > bj.S > SW > BR, combo from VV for 50% tension, example of j.S SW loops near corner allowing 4 SW

- anti air 5K > 2H > fj.H(1) > SW > nj.S > SW > fj.S > SW > nj.S > SW > BR, combo from one of the best anti-airs in the game

If you have any other questions feel free to ask in the general discussion thread.

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