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[Accent Core]Sol Badguy (Official Changes)

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Thread for all changes between Slash and Accent Core for Sol Badguy. Will be updated once all information becomes available.

Air Throw untechable time 60F.

6P startup now 11F. No longer combos from level 1 moves.

Gun Flame startup increased to 21F, no longer combos from level 5 moves on crouching opponents.

Gun Flame Feint hits now, -9 on block.

Volcanic Viper damage reduced to 20 on first hit and 36 on second hit for both versions.

Tataki Otoshi untechable time increased to 30F.

Grand Viper reanimated. Ground charge is still 7 hits at max mash, last part replaced with a single grounded body blow. When mashed completely, 7th hit floats opponent untechable for 28F before body blow connects. Body blow floats untechable for 42F and has a clean hit property; on clean hit, the untechable time is increased to 64F untechable.

Air Bandit Revolver FRC timing altered, is now on frames 6-8. Second and third hits have increased untechable time to 32F on second hit and 28F on third hit.

Bandit Bringer slide down on normal hit, untechable for 65F, sliding for 50F. Causes ground bounce on CH for 152F untechable.

Sidewinder damage calculation changed, is now 35+(25*n) where n = number of clean hits in current combo. 70% forced prorate. Clean hit point altered from Slash. Wall bounce on clean hit, 56F untechable.

Fafnir is now a Force Break, deals 60 damage, 11F startup, 17 active and 13 recovery, +7 on block. 70% forced prorate. Invincible to throws from frames 1-7. Clean hit property added. Wall bounce on hit, 32F untechable, 64F untechable on clean hit. On block, inflicts 26F of blockstun. Possible to do Tyrant Rave addition from frames 12-17.

Tyrant Rave addition possible from Fafnir. Similar to GGX version of Tyrant Rave. 4 hits, damage is 40x3, 84 on last hit. Startup is 7+1F, active for 33F, 21F recovery, +8 on block. 40F untechable wall bounce on hit. Unburstable. Dizzy modifier x0. Chip damage x2. Hits 1-3 prorate 80%, hits 2-5 pass through projectiles.

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A revision of the Sol frame data has been done, according to the data listed in the AC complete guide (which supersedes the mook information, AFAIK), as well as a handful of typos and inconsistent usage of notation. Actual errors and new info are as follows:

  • Grand Viper active frames: 4x3, 2x3, 7, (19)3
  • Gunflame Feint: does 8 damage (not 60). Startup: 13; Active: 2; Recovery: 17.
  • Knockdown's Guard entry is "HF".
  • Bandit Revolver (DI)'s Guard entry is "HLA".
  • Bandit Bringer's Guard entry is "HA". Ground bounce is for 140F. Comments: "Causes slide state on hit for 65F (slides for 50F)."
  • Riot Stomp's SD entry (irrelevant as it is) is "-4~". The Guard entry is "HA".
  • Fafnir's Active is 3, Recovery is 17. Comments now say "1-7 invincible to throws".
  • Tyrant Rave's Comments used to say: "Hits 2-5 can pass thru projectiles", yet the guide doesn't have this, nor is there even a 5th hit of Tyrant Rave. Looked suspicious, deleted.
  • Tyrant Rave ver. Beta's Comments now say "1-8 strike invincible".
  • Added frame data for new move:
    Dragon Install Second
    Input: 214214214214 + P + H
    Damage: -
    TG: -
    GB+/-: -/-
    Lv: -
    Guard: -
    Cancel: -
    Startup: 63+64
    Active: -
    Recovery: total: 127
    SD: -
    Comments: Requires 100% tension. After the superfreeze, will Install even if hit. Install mode is permanent. Tension gained is 20% original value. Health steadily decreases.
    • Added note (at the bottom): "How to score Clean Hits: For GV, hit with the point of the hilt. For SW, hit with the end of his arm. For Fafnir, hit with the upper part of his fist. Hit stop from Clean Hit is 27."

    Gatling Table

    [*]Added 6P-H, 6P-2H entries.

    [*]Removed K-2K entry.

    Cleanhit Diagrams: new link to page with sprite images of the cleanhit boxes of every character. (made using sprite images and MS Paint lol)

    -> In the complete guide, there is a series of very small pictures in Sol's section that shows the cleanhit boxes on every character (too small to be worth scanning, trust me!). Not only that, but the pictures are in-game screenshots of the characters in a very specific animation frame (which I have used in the current diagrams), on a particular background (Slash Axl's stage), and the colour of the box is a shade of yellow very similar to Millia's hair, so for a handful of characters, the box was a bit difficult to eyeball because of the terrible juxtaposition of colours (snowy background, costume colour, bare chest, etc.), and it may not be entirely precise. My apologies in advance!

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