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[Xrd] News Thread

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3rd Location Test Player Manual Changelog

Basic Controls

The section explaining that Potemkin cannot dash or air dash now also mentions that Zato-1 and Bedman have unique midair movement controls.

Game Screen

The screenshot has been updated with a slightly altered HUD. The lighting and some of the background props are also noticeably different. Old screenshotNew screenshot.

Universal Moves

Now has a section explaining the Instant Kill mechanics, which are unchanged from previous entries in the series.

Blitz Shield

Now requires you to specifically press :h: + another attack button that isn't :dbt:.


New move, Shōdoku Method (Sterilization Method): :d::db::b: + :h: during a jump, near opponent


Renamed move: "P-Hasei (P-derivative)" → "Ajimi—! (Taste this—!)"

Renamed move: "↑-hasei (↑-derivative)" → "Isha-copter (Doctor-copter)"


Renamed move: "HS-hasei (HS-derivative)" → "Helter Skelter"

Source: http://ggxrd.com/GGXrd_3rdLocationTest_PlayingManual.pdf

Edited by Suzaku

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4th Location Test Changelog

Basic Controls

Now includes a list of the game modes that can be selected from the game's start menu.

Note: You can be challenged by other players in all modes.

  • Arcade Mode: Compete against the computer in eight matches while enjoying each character's story.
  • M.O.M Mode: Compete against enemies to earn medals and improve your character. Progress is saved automatically when using an Aime Card and ranking can be viewed online.
  • Sparring Mode: Practice against the computer for a specified amount of time. The amount of time will be extended if you defeat a challenger.
Sol Badguy

Dragon Install command changed:

" :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :s: (midair)" → " :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :h: (midair)"


Ominogashinaku (Don't Miss It!) command changed:

" :d: :d: + :p: or :k:" → " :d::db::b: + :p: or :k:"


Stinger Aim can now be held.


Nani ga Deru ka na? (What's Next?) can now be held.


Deadman's Hand command changed:

" :f::d::df: + :h: during ② near opponent" → " :f::df::d::db::b: + :du: during ② near opponent"

Source: http://ggxrd.com/wanted/

Edited by Circuitous

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The official website has been updated with a story section (translation here) and a ton of new story information for each of the characters (outline, story, personality, all of which are new).

This will take me a while to translate. So far I have only completed Sol's.

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Ramlethal Valentine

CV: Megumi Han (Ramlethal), Tomokazu Seki (her familiar, Lucifero)

Your future... is bleak.


A lone girl who declared war on the entire world. She's an organism who was born in the Backyard, a world that governs everything in the universe. She has a humanoid form, but isn't human.

Her relation to the Valentine who orchestrated the prior Baptism 13 Incident (the Illyrian Invasion) is unknown. As an assassin of the Merciless Apocalypse her objective is the extermination of the human race, and to that end she has formed an alliance of convenience with the United Nations Senate. She exists to execute but a single function: activate the Cradle.


October 21, 2187

She appeared before mankind unheralded. Identifying herself as Valentine, she issued a declaration of war to the world.


Valentines are emotionless lifeforms born of the Backyard. They have no regard for anything other than their targets, and concepts such as morality and judgment are meaningless to them. As a result, the commands issued by the being their kind calls Mother are absolute. Lacking ideology, reverence, even doubt and restraint, they mechanically follows their instructions. Consequently, even they comprehend that they exist merely to be cogs in a machine.

Even so, a degree of emotion may be observed from the individual known as Ramlethal. Valentines cannot place a value on things unrelated to the purpose of their existence. Because she lacks emotions such as desire or intent, she is unable to determine whether something will be beneficial or detrimental, and is even unable to lie, so sometimes Ramlethal will devulge confidential information without realizing it. Though she isn't aware of it, these traits could certainly be considered a sort of personality.


Height: 167 cm

Blood type: Unknown

Weight: 52 kg

Birthplace: The Backyard

Birthday: June 3

Hobbies: None

Likes: None

Dislikes: Arthropods

Command List

Command Moves

Daiken Shashutsu ------------- :f: + :s: or :h: with greatsword equipped (midair)

Daiken Kaishū ---------------- :b: + :s: or :h: with greatsword launched (midair)

Kakushu Combination Kōgeki --- Any combination of :p: or :k:, up to 3 inputs

                            :p::p::p:/:p::k:/:k::k::k:/:k::p::p:/:d::p::p::k:, etc.

Special Moves

Dauro ------------------------ :f::d::df: + :p:

Flama Cargo ------------------ :d::df::f: + :k:

Sildo Detruo ----------------- :d::db::b: + :k: (midair)

Cassius ---------------------- :d::db::b: + :p:


Calvados --------------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h: with greatsword equipped

Trance ----------------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h: with greatsword launched

Explode ---------------------- :d::df::f::df::d::db::b: + :k:

Notes: Daiken Shashutsu (Launch Greatsword), Daiken Kaishū (Recover Greatsword), Kakushu Combination Kōgeki (Assorted Combination Attacks)

Edited by Suzaku

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Updated with Ramlethal's full profile and movelist.

Note: I have absolutely no idea how most of her attacks are meant to romanized or what they're supposed to mean. I'll update it if I ever figure it out.

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Note: I have absolutely no idea how most of her attacks are meant to romanized or what they're supposed to mean. I'll update it if I ever figure it out.

Sildo Detruo = Shield Destruction in Esperanto

Cassius = Music reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassius_%28band%29

Calvados = Of French origin, a name for an Apple brandy and also a place in France.

I can't find any consistent theme to her attack names other than that they appear to all be in mostly different languages. Flama Cargo may or may not mean "Flaming Burden", I dunno.

Edited by Tokkan

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Both the PS3 and PS4 ports of Xrd will be localized by Aksys and are due for release in North America sometime this fall. IGN currently lists a release date of September 30th, although that could be a placeholder until the actual release date is finalized. Source.

Xrd will also be showcased at this year's E3, with a playable demo of the PS4 version at the SCEA booth. Daisuke Ishiwatari will be in attendance for interviews and an autograph session. Sources here and here.

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Sin Kiske
CV: Issei Miyazaki

Wanna make a wager? They call this the thunderclap...!

The child of Ky Kiske and Dizzy, he's three-quarters human and a quarter Gear. He was fostered by Sol in order to avoid public scrutiny. Contrary to his appearance, he's actually under 10 years old. As such, he's still mentally a child. He has a simple, optimistic personality, and, lacking maturity, tends to speak in a juvenile manner.

Height: 181 cm
Blood type: Unknown
Weight: 73 kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: May 31
Hobbies: Searching for novel adjectives, overcoming his dislikes one at a time
Likes: His mother, his raging appetite, and he can't say the last one
Dislikes: People who aren’t willing to overcome their dislikes, being treated like a child

Command List

Command Moves
Tokushu Kōgeki 1 ------------- :df: + :k:
Tokushu Kōgeki 2 ------------- :f: + :h: during a jump

Special Moves
Hawk Baker ------------------- :f::d::df: + :s:
① Beak Driver --------------- :d::df::f: + :h: (can be held)
 → Gamushara ni Tsuite Mita -- rapidly press :h: during ①
Bull Bash -------------------- :d::db::b: + :s:
Elk Hunt --------------------- :d::df::f: + :k:
Tobi Agari ------------------- :d::db::b: + :p: or :k:
Sodachizakari Dakara na. ----- :d::db::b: + :h:
Vulture Seeds ---------------- :d::db::b: + :s: during a jump
Kūchū Beak Driver ------------ :d::df::f: + :h: during a jump

R.T.L ------------------------ :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h: (midair)
Voltic Deign ----------------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :p: (midair)

Notes: Tokushu Kōgeki (Command Move), Gamushara ni Tsuite Mita (Thrust Like There's No Tommorow), Tobi Agari (Jumping), Sodachizakari Dakara na. ('Cause I'm a Growin' Boy), Kūchū (Aerial)

Source: http://ggxrd.com/cs/character_sin-kiske.html

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Seems like this has been posted somewhere before, but didn't see it in thread via neogaf via livedoor via famitsu: According to Famitsu, Arc System Works will release Guilty Gear Xrd Sign for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 4th.(6,980 yen ($68) at retail and 5,537 yen ($54) via digital download.)


The US release is still planned for 2014.

No word on Asia release date for folks residing outside of Japan But the Japanese version with Chinese translation (and sometimes English) is usually released with in a week of the J. version. Hence Malay, Thai, Hong Kong, players can pick it up using local currency online.

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CV: Aya Suzaki

My dress... I hope you don't get it dirty...

A kind-hearted lover of nature and animals, she never ignores those who are lonely. She always tries to exemplify the pinnacle of femininity, only to fail over and over again.


Height: 168 cm
Blood type: Mysterious
Weight: Dream kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: December 25
Cherishes: Sweet talk, bush dog replicas
Likes: Smiling faces, her bush dog piggy bank, anything sweet
Dislikes: Any kind of bug, killing, loneliness
Affiliation: Unknown

Command List

Special Moves
① Pineberry ------------------ :d::df::f: + :p: (midair)
 → Uenage --------------------- :b: + :p: during ① (midair)
 → Shitanage ------------------ :d: + :p: during ①
Bridal Express ---------------- :d::db::b: + :k: (midair)
② Miss Confire o Kamaeru ----- :d::df::f: + :s:
 → ③ Shageki ----------------- :p: or :k: or :s: or :h: during ②
    → Reload ------------------ :b::f: + :s: during ③
 → Kaijo ---------------------- :dbt: during ②
④ Miss Travailler o Kamaeru -- :d::df::f: + :h:
 → Kozuku --------------------- :p: during ④
 → Korogaru ------------------- :k: during ④
 → Tsukiageru ----------------- :d: during ④
 → ⑤ Shageki ----------------- :h: during ④
    → Reload ------------------ :b::f: + :h: during ⑤
 → Kuzusu --------------------- :dbt: during ④
 → Kaijo ---------------------- :d::df::f: + :h: during ④

Judge Better Half ------------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :dbt:
Genoise ----------------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

Notes: Uenage (Overhand Throw), Shitanage (Underhand Throw), Confire (Jelly), o Kamaeru (Ready...), Shageki (Fire), Kaijo (Cancel), Travailler (Labor), Kozuku (Thrust), Korogaru (Roll), Tsukiageru (Launch), Kuzusu (Demolish), Genoise (Sponge Cake)

Source: Famitsu

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US limited editions announced for PS3 and PS4 at 69.99 and 79.99 respectively.  Preorder links for it are up.



Not release date or pics yet, but it lists the contents of the LE.

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Leo Whitefang
CV: Tetsu Inada

One third of the triumvirate ruling Illyria. He's an old acquaintance of Ky's from the Crusades, during which they became friends and rivals. Once faced with the threat of annihilation on the frontlines, he proved his combat and leadership skills by leading his unit to survival. His raucous tone may give the impression that he lacks guile, but he's actually very discrete. He's proud and a sore loser, but he's also a hard worker, always willing to put in a little more effort. He created his very own dictionary, and privately enjoys adding people and incidents to the definitions of existing words. (For example, his sister's name is recorded under "devil.")


Height: 196 cm
Blood type: A
Weight: 83 kg
Birthplace: Germany
Birthday: July 1
Hobbies: Editing his personal dictionary
Likes: Records, pride
Dislikes: Pickles, people who are better than him
Affiliation: United Kingdom of Illyria (as its Second King)



Source: Famitsu

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Translating some things from the @ARCSY_Event Twitter regarding goodies in Xrd's console release. Links are provided to the original tweets. Translations may be inaccurate - let me know if you see any errors.

Part 1: Players will have access to an R-CODE, with information like win rate, etc. It can be accessed from most menus with the Square button.

Part 2: Xrd DLC will be cross-buy, meaning it's not exclusive to one console. Buying it for PS3 will make it available on PS4 to the same account. Useful if you intend to upgrade down the line. (Xrd itself is not cross-buy.)

Part 3: In Network Mode, you can designate a default character to be automatically selected in matches, bypassing character select and letting you get to the match faster.

Part 4: You can join an Online Lobby and a Player Match Room at the same time, and switch between them and the main menu with the L2 and R2 buttons.

Part 5: Replays can be saved during online and offline matches. These replays can then be shared through the Replay Theater with other players. (Combo videos are mentioned as an example, but no mention of editing capacity.)

Part 6: Network delay is showed to players in real-time, measured in frames. (Delay is not shown to spectators.)

Part 7: Network delay can be simulated in training mode, anywhere from 1 to 20 frames.

Part 8: By pressing Start/Options in a Player Match room, you can shake and roll three dice. (I don't quite understand what the purpose of this is, if someone could give a more thorough translation, it would be appreciated.)

Part 9: The music that plays in Network Mode can be randomized. (Implying it can also be set to specific songs?)

Part 10: On PS4, the SHARE button can be used to share screenshots and video. However, this functionality cannot be used in Story Mode.

Part 11: Xrd will allow Cross-Save, enabling you to upload save data to a dedicated server space and download it to the same account on a different console, including transitions between PS3 and PS4 with no limit.

Part 12: The PS3 version will have a visual toggle, which can be set to "Image Quality" or "Speed" priority. (The Speed priority removes/simplifies some background elements to reduce the visual load, but the Quality priority apparently comes with no or negligible performance impact.)

Part 13: Additional color DLC will be made available on December 18th.

Part 14: PS4 install size: 5.7GB for Disc and Download versions. PS3 install size: 1.2GB for Disc, 3.9GB for Download.

Part 15: Xrd will have auto-save. The system data will require 54MB on PS4, and 24MB on PS3.

Part 16: You can swap between displaying PlayStation buttons or Guilty Gear buttons in all modes where they're displayed.

Additional note: No form of SHARE will be enabled during Story Mode. ASW thanks you for cooperating with their wish not to have the contents of Story Mode shared online.

Part 17: The "Speed Priority" setting from Part 12 will be automatically applied while in Network Mode.

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