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Ask in here. Please read the rules at the start of the thread before posting in it.

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Translations for the official website.


In the year 1999, mankind completed the scientific theory of limitless energy, dubbed magic.
However, man did not discard his ignorance upon obtaining this wisdom.
The very magic meant to usher in world peace was instead leveraged as a tool of war,
and in time the forbidden biological weapons known as Gears were created.
As if to condemn these thoughtless deeds, the Gears developed a will of their own
and turned their fangs upon humanity.

The Crusades, a centuries-long struggle for survival against the Gears, finally ended when
mankind sealed away the Destroyer, Justice. Though man emerged victorious,
many threats yet loom large in the shadows of that hard-fought peace,
threatening to engulf the world.

And so mankind must continue to atone for the sin of magic.

Main Story

October 21, 2187 at 12:12
A young woman identifying herself as Ramlethal Valentine
declares war upon the entire world and all its inhabitants.

There was not a single individual, organization, or country that took this as a laughing matter.
This was on account of the prior Baptism 13 Incident, during which the United Kingdoms of Illyria were invaded,
for the herald of that onslaught had also referred to herself as Valentine.

Now, in order to ascertain the truth of these events, the world takes action.

Source: http://ggxrd.com/story/


13 playable characters!




Source: http://ggxrd.com/character/





Source: http://ggxrd.com/movie/



Arcade Edition
Platform: RINGEDGE 2
Genre: Fighting game
Players: 1-2
Sound: Linear PCM 2ch Stereo
Input: 8-way joystick + 5 buttons (5 different button configurations available)
Network: ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 2
Text language: Japanese
Voice language: Japanese
Launch date: Spring 2014


Console Edition
Platform: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Genre: Fighting game
Release date: 2014


Edited by Suzaku

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This information pertains to the first location test and is subject to change.

[Changelog for the second location test.] [Changelog for the third location test.]

Game Rules

Match Format

The first player to completely drain their opponent's life bar wins the round. The player who wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match.

Time Limit

Each round has a time limit of 99 seconds. When the time is up, the player with the highest life level wins.


A tie occurs if there is a double knockout or if the players have an equal amount of life when the time is up. If the match is not settled in 3 rounds, a 4th round (final round) begins. If the match cannot be decided by the end of the 4th round, the game is over for both players.

Basic Controls

:u: Jump

:ub: Jump Backward (Aerial Guard)

:b: Move Backward (Guard)

:db: Crouch (Guard)

:uf: Jump Forward

:f: Move Forward

:d: Crouch

High Jump -------- :d::u: quickly

Two-Level Jumps -- :u: during a jump

Dash (Backstep) --- :f::f: / :b::b: (midair)

Movement System

Aerial Dash ------ :f::f: while jumping to quickly move toward your opponent.*

Aerial Backstep -- :b::b: while jumping to quickly move away from your opponent.

High Jump -------- :d::u: quickly to jump higher than usual.

Two-Level Jumps -- :u: while jumping to jump again in midair.

*Millia can perform two consecutive Aerial Dashes.

Game Screen


Life Bar

Shows the character's remaining life.

Burst Gauge

This gauge is consumed by Psych Bursts but is regained over time or whenever your opponent hits your character. An X appears when the gauge is unusable.

Tension Gauge

This gauge is required for Overdrive Attacks and Roman Cancels. It increases each time you dash or perform an offensive action.

Victory Mark

Shows the number of rounds you won in the current match.

Time Clock

Shows the time left in the round. When time runs out, the character with the most life left wins.

R.I.S.C. Level

This increases each time you block your opponent's attacks and decreases when you are hit. Once it reaches a certain level, you can counter any attack from your opponent.

Negative Penalty

If you keep acting passively, the Tension Gauge will be reduced to zero. Take caution when the message warning "Danger" appears.

Universal Moves

Sweep: :d: + :dbt:

An attack that standing guard cannot prevent. It knocks your opponent down and leaves them at a disadvantage.

Gatling Combos: Push buttons at the right time in a specified order

By pressing various attack buttons, you can easily create your own combination attacks.

Throws and Aerial Throws: :b: or :f: + :h: while near an opponent

These are grappling attack that bypass your opponent's guard. You can also perform aerial throws while you and your opponent are both in midair.

Special Moves: See character command lists

These are powerful attacks unique to each character.

Overdrive Attacks: See character command lists*

These are extremely powerful attacks unique to each character.

*Consume 50% of the Tension Gauge

Dust Attack: :dbt: while standing

A special type of attack that cannot be guarded by crouching. After hitting your opponent, it's possible to chase them.

  • Press :u: to chase your opponent by leaping into the air.
  • Press :f: to chase your opponent by rushing forward. It's possible to launch a powerful close-range attack near the edge of the screen.

    Recovery: Push any attack button (except :dbt:) at the right time in midair
    By regaining your balance in midair, you can escape an opponent that's chasing you.

    Faultless Defense: Guard while simultaneously holding down any two attack buttons (except :dbt:)*
    While active, guarding becomes much more effective compared the basic guard.
    *Gradually consumes the Tension Gauge while active

    Dead Angle Attack: While guarding, simultaneously press :f: + any two attack buttons (except :dbt:)*
    Perform a counterattack after guarding.
    *Consume 50% of the Tension Gauge

    Psyche Burst: Simultaneously press :dbt: + any attack button*
    Knocks away an attacking opponent. Guards against all damage while in effect.
    While in a normal state, hitting your opponent with a Psyche Burst completely fills the Tension Gauge.
    *Completely consumes the Burst Gauge

    Roman Cancel: Simultaneously press any three attack buttons (except :dbt:)*
    While performing an action, movement, or recovery action, you can completely interrupt it. Furthermore, it's said that succesfully performing a Roman Cancel will briefly slow the passage of time for everything except yourself. By performing a Roman Cancel after launching a projectile attack, you can simultaneously land a physical attack!
    *Consumes 50% of the Tension Gauge

    A clash occurs when simultaneous attacks strike one another. Clashes result in one of three scenarios:

    • Normal Clash: When attacks of similar strength collide, both attackers can act immediately.
    • Repel: When attacks of varying strength collide, the weaker attacker is repelled and briefly unable to act.
    • Danger Time: When powerful attacks collide with neither giving way, Danger Time is briefly activated after a special cinematic. The first attack to hit during Danger Time will be considered a Super Counter and deal massive damage, making it crucial to take advantage of this opportunity.



    Note: These translations borrow heavily from the wording in Aksys Games' official Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus manual.

    Please refer to this article on SRK for an alternate translation by iantothemax.

Edited by Suzaku

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Chipp Zanuff

CV: Yoshihisa Kawahara

I'll perform your eulogy!

Short in patience and long in fighting spirit. Takes a survival-of-the-fittest approach to life, and looks for the easy way out of everything except fighting, where his strategies are always exceptionally well thought out. Often flies into rages over trifling matters, although he's been working hard to hold his temper in check under his former master's admonitions. Wishes he could get himself to help others more often. Has a keen interest in Japanese culture from his former master, and possesses an image of that country that has little to do with reality.


Height: 183 cm

Blood type: B

Weight: 67 kg

Birthplace: United States of America (he insists on Japan)

Birthday: February 9

Hobbies: Dreaming

Likes: Sleeping pills

Dislikes: Nightmares, the Mafia, gangs, the Yakuza

Eye color: Red

Command List

Special Moves

① α Blade ---------------- :d::df::f: + :p: (midair)

 → α Plus ----------------- :h: during ①

β Blade ------------------- :f::d::df: + :s: (midair)

γ Blade ------------------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :h:

Genrō Zan ----------------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :s:

Tsuyoshi-shiki Meisai ----- :d::db::b: + :k:

Tsuyoshi-shiki Ten'i ------ :d::d: + :p: or :k: or :s: or :h:

② Resshō ----------------- :d::df::f: + :s:

 → ③ Rokusai ------------- :d::df::f: + :s: during ②

 → Senshū ----------------- :d::df::f: + :k: during ② or ③

Shuriken ------------------ :d::db::b: + :p: during a jump

Shinkirō ------------------ :f::d::df: + :h: (after ② or ③)

④ Kabe Haritsuki --------- :f::b: near corner

 → Jōge Idō --------------- :u: or :d: during ④

 → Yoko Idō --------------- :f: or :df: or :uf: during ④

 → Tobi Ori --------------- :b: during ④

 → Kabe-hasei α Blade ----- :p: during ④

 → Kabe-hasei Kunai ------- :k: during ④

 → Kabe-hasei Genrō Zan --- :s: during ④

 → Kabe-hasei Genyō Zan --- :h: during ④


Zansei Rōga --------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

Ryū Ryū ------------------- :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :k: during a jump

Banki Messai -------------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :k:

Notes: α (Alpha), β (Beta), γ (Gamma), Genrō Zan (Phantom Haze Slash), Tsuyoshi-shiki Meisai (Tsuyoshi-style Camouflage), Tsuyoshi-shiki Ten'i (Tsuyoshi-style Transition), Resshō (Cold Palm), Rokusai (Foot Crush), Senshū (Piercing Heel), Shuriken (Throwing Star), Shinkirō (Mirage), Kabe Haritsuki (Wall Cling), Jōge Idō (Vertical Movement), Yoko Idō (Horizontal Movement), Tobi Ori (Jump Down), Kabe-hasei (Wall-based), Genyō Zan (Phantom Hawk Slash), Kunai (Throwing Knife), Zansei Rōga (Slashing Star Wolf Fang), Ryū Ryū (Dragon Willow), Banki Messai (Ten Thousand Demon Annihilation)

Edited by Suzaku

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Millia Rage

CV: Yuko Sumitomo

No time to blink!

A cold, reticent woman, nothing ever appears to interest her. Indifferent towards her feminine side, perhaps because of her assassin upbringing. Sees everything in terms of black or white, and rarely makes a wrong decision. Although her mind is like a machine, there is still a little human left in her, and she is tormented inside by the recluse she has become.


Height: 169 cm

Blood type: B

Weight: 48 kg

Birthplace: Russia

Birthday: Unknown (Millia is an orphan)

Hobbies: Playing with cats

Likes: Virtue

Dislikes: Zato, losing hair

Command List

Special Moves

Bad Moon ------------------ :d::df::f: + :p: during a jump

Kōsoku Rakka -------------- :d::df::f: + :k: during a jump

Tandem Top ---------------- :d::df::f: + :s: or :h:

Lust Shaker --------------- :d::db::b: + :s: or tap :s:

Iron Savior --------------- :d::db::b: + :p:

① Zenten ----------------- :d::db::b: + :k:

 → Sai Zenten ------------- :k: during ①

 → Lust Shaker (Hasei) ---- :s: during ①

 → Digitalis -------------- :h: during ①

Silent Force -------------- :d::db::b: + :s: during a jump

Secret Garden ------------- :d::db::b: + tap :h:, aim with joystick + :h:


Emerald Rain -------------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :k:

Winger -------------------- :d::db::b::db::d::df::f: + :h:

Chroming Rose ------------- :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :s:

Notes: Kōsoku Rakka (Maximum Velocity Fall), Zenten (Forward Roll), Sai Zenten (Another Forward Roll), Hasei (Derivation)

Edited by Suzaku

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Protagonist: The Flame of Corruption

Sol Badguy

CV: Jōji Nakata

Are you prepared?


A superhuman whose body was modified to serve as prototype for the creation of biological weapons known as Gears.

During the Crusades he stood with mankind as they raised their swords, and twice they defeated Justice the Destroyer, the greatest calamity the world had ever known. His undisputed fighting skills likewise halted the attempted eradication of the human race during the Baptism 13 Incident (also known as the Illyrian Invasion) as well as its mastermind, Valentine.

Now he continues his pursuit of That Man—the individual responsible for his Gear conversion and the instigator of the Crusades—while roaming the world as a bounty hunter and fostering Ky's son, Sin.


Though most of the public regards the destruction wrought during the Baptism 13 Incident to be the result of a meteor strike, for Sol it was truly the culmination of a chain of events involving the origin of the Gears, the Crusades, his own conversion, and their link with the mysterious Valentine.

Upon hearing Ramlethal's decaration of war, Sol receives a request from the King of Illyria, Ky Kiske, and heads to the former site of Japan where Ramlethal lies in wait.


He's rough around the edges and hates to work hard. A man of few words, he only speaks when it’s absolutely necessary. He's not good at giving explanations or expressing himself, and as a result tends to speak in a blunt and aggressive manner. Though he could generally be regarded as self-centered and violent, his friends and companions have come to accept the behavior as something he just can't help.


Height: 184 cm

Blood type: Unknown

Weight: 74 kg

Birthplace: America

Birthday: Unknown

Hobbies: Listening to Queen

Likes: Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack" record

Dislikes: Exerting himself, trying his best

Command List

Special Moves

Gun Flame ----------------- :d::df::f: + :p:

Gun Flame (Feint) --------- :d::db::b: + :p:

① Volcanic Viper --------- :f::d::df: + :s: or :h: (midair)

 → Tataki Otoshi ---------- :d::db::b: + :k: during ①

Bandit Revolver ----------- :d::df::f: + :k: (midair)

Bandit Bringer ------------ :d::df::f: + hold :k:

Kudakero ------------------ :d::db::b: + :k: during a jump

Bukkirabō ni Nageru ------- :f::d::df: + :k: near opponent

Riot Stamp ---------------- :d::db::b: + :k:

Grand Viper --------------- :d::db::b: + :s:

Fefnir -------------------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :h:

P.B.B. -------------------- :f::d::df: + :k: during a jump, while in Dragon Install state


Tyrant Rave ver. β -------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

Dragon Install ------------ :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :h: (midair)

Notes: Tataki Otoshi (Knockdown), Kudakero (Break Down), Bukkirabō ni Nageru (Wild Throw)

Edited by Suzaku

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Ky Kiske

CV: Takeshi Kusao

Allow me to teach you the way of the thunderclap!

He is honest about everything, including his work, people, and his morals. His personality is nothing but serious. He loves the ideals of justice and is dedicated to protecting the weak. However, he is easily disgusted by those who disturb the peace. In other words, he has a hard time dealing with freedom, a fact he has yet to realize.


Height: 178 cm

Blood type: AB

Weight: 58 kg

Birthplace: France

Birthday: November 20

Hobbies: Collecting tea cups

Likes: A smile on everybody's face

Dislikes: Sol

Eye color: Blue-green

Affiliation: United Kingdom of Illyria (as its First King)

Command List

Special Moves

Stun Edge ----------------- :d::df::f: + :s:

Stun Edge Charge Attack --- :d::df::f: + :h:

Kūchū Stun Edge ----------- :d::df::f: + :s: or :h: during a jump

Stun Dipper --------------- :d::df::f: + :k:

Greed Sever --------------- :d::db::b: + :k:

Vapor Thrust -------------- :f::d::df: + :s: or :h: (midair)

Split Ciel ---------------- :d::df::f: + :dbt:

Grinder Seisei ------------ :n::dbt: or :j::dbt: or perform Split Ciel

Durandal Call ------------- Launch Grinder with any Stun Edge variant or Sacred Edge


Ride the Lightning -------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h: (midair)

Sacred Edge --------------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :p:

Notes: Kūchū (Aerial), Seisei (Formation)

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Satomi Kōrogi

Johnny, I'll do my best for you!

A mischievous and happy-go-lucky young girl. Her values are based completely around her consuming love for Johnny. (If Johnny was on one side of a scale and everyone else in the world were on the other, Johnny would still weigh more in her eyes.) This pure and childlike exterior belies untold strength; she can hoist up a ship's anchor by herself. Simple-minded and selfish, nothing can stop her once she gets an idea into her head.


Height: 158 cm

Blood type: B

Weight: 47 kg

Birthplace: Unknown (Japan)

Birthday: May 5 (the day Johnny found her)

Hobbies: Thinking about Johnny

Likes: Johnny

Dislikes: Baldness

Eye color: Black

Affiliation: Jellyfish Pirates

Command List

Special Moves

Iruka-san: Yoko ------------------------- :b: briefly, then :f: + :s: or :h:

Iruka-san: Tate ------------------------- :d: briefly, then :u: + :s: or :h:

Overhead Kiss --------------------------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :k: near opponent

① Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai ----------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :p: or :k: or :s: or :h:

Iruka Tōjō ------------------------------ Touch the dolphin from ① during a jump

② Ominogashinaku ----------------------- :d::db::b: + :p: or :k:

Ball Jump ------------------------------- Any :d: near the ball from ② during a jump

Ensenga? -------------------------------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :h: during a jump


Great Yamada Attack --------------------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :s:

Kyūkyoku no Dadakko --------------------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :h:

③ Chōzetsu Monzetsu Kirimomi Daisenpū -- :f::df::d::db::b: + :s:

Deluxe Goshogawara Bomber --------------- :p: during ③

Notes: Iruka-san: Yoko (Mr. Dolphin! Horizontal), Iruka-san: Tate (Mr. Dolphin! Vertical), Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai (Applause for the Victim), Iruka Tōjō (Hop on Dolphin), Ominogashinaku (Don't Miss It!), Ensenga? (Swallow's Pecking Beak?), Kyūkyoku no Dadakko (Ultimate Whiner), Chōzetsu Monzetsu Kirimomi Daisenpū (Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind), Goshogawara (Tile)

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Junichi Suwabe

As deep and purple as a requiem for a gentleman...

Although he works as an assassin, his mind is pure and he has trouble hiding things from others. His actions are calm and scientific, but his thoughts are more on the romantic side. Raised in a cold environment, he has few desires in life other than to preserve his own while he searches for some meaning to his existence. His hatred of murder comes from the heart, and taking human lives outside of work is tough for him to bear.


Height: 179 cm

Blood type: A

Weight: 66 kg

Birthplace: England

Birthday: Unknown

Hobbies: Reading, Chess

Likes: Zato, sympathy

Dislikes: Blood, those who oppose Zato

Eye color: Blue

Command List

Special Moves

① Ball Seisei ------------ :d::db::b: + :p: or :k: or :s: or :h:

Shunkan Idō --------------- :f::d::df: + :k: or hold the button during ①

Stinger Aim --------------- :b: briefly, then :f: + :s: or :h: (can be held)

Carcass Raid -------------- :d: briefly, then :u: + :s: or :h:

Double Head Morbid -------- :f::d::df: + :s: or :h:

QV ------------------------ :b::db::d::df::f: + :p: or :k: or :s: or :h: (can be held)

Mad Struggle -------------- :d::df::f: + :s: or :h: during a jump


Dark Angel ---------------- :d::df::f::df::d::db::b: + :s:

Red Hail ------------------ :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :h: during a jump

Bishop Run Out ------------ :d::df::f::df::d::db::b: + :h:

Notes: Seisei (Formation), Shunkan Idō (Warp).

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Takashi Kondō

I will fulfill my duty.

Fiercely proud and pure of heart. His giant, overpowering mass conceals a warm, gentle character, in love with all of nature. Justice is his creed, and he cannot bear to see other people suffer—even if he himself suffers the most. Always faces up to any adversity in his way, but never fights merely for the pleasure of hurting others.


Height: 245 cm

Blood type: O

Weight: 656 kg

Birthplace: The floating continent, Zepp

Birthday: October 18

Hobbies: Drawing pictures

Likes: Indestructible imperial pencil cases

Dislikes: Pencils that can't endure four tons of weight

Eye color: White

Affiliation: Scientific Empire of Zepp

Command List

Special Moves

① Heat Knuckle ----------- :f::d::df: + :h:

 → Heat Knuckle Extend ---- :f::df::d::db::b: + :h: during ①

Mega Fist: Zenpō ---------- :d::df::f: + :p:

Mega Fist: Kōhō ----------- :d::db::b: + :p:

Sliding Head -------------- :d::df::f: + :s:

② Hammer Fall ------------ :b: briefly, then :f: + :h:

 → Hammer Fall Break ------ :p: during ②

F.D.B. -------------------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :s:

Potemkin Buster ----------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :p: near opponent

Trishula ------------------ :f::df::d::db::b: + :k:

I.C.P.M. ------------------ :b::db::d::df::f: + :h: during a jump


Heavenly Potemkin Buster -- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :s:

③ Giganter Kai ----------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

 → Gigantic Bullet Kai ---- :b::db::d::df::f::b::db::d::df::f: + :p: during ③

Notes: Zenpō (Forward), Kōhō (Backward), Kai (Modified).

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Kikuko Inoue

I can't take it anymore...

One of the associates of That Man, who triggered the Crusades by creating the Gears. She toys with men with her constant sexual innuendos, turning them into putty in her hands. She loves nothing more than seeing them go nuts because of the salacious things she says. She'll stick her nose into anyone's business as long as it keeps her entertained.


Height: 165 cm

Blood type: AB

Weight: 46 kg

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthday: November 25

Hobbies: Anything fun, coded word games, making people peeved

Likes: Number 1 is a secret, Marlene, youth

Dislikes: People that can't have fun, milk

Affilitation: That Man's conspirators

Command List

Special Moves

Kōutsu Onkai -------------- :d::db::b: + :p: (midair)

Taiboku o Sasurute -------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :s: or :h:

Kyōgen Jikkō -------------- :d::df::f: + :p: or :k: or :s: or :h: during a jump (can be held)

① Chemical Aijō ---------- :d::db::b: + :k: (midair)

 → Chemical Aijō (Hasei) -- :d::db::b: + :s: during ① (midair)

Chemical Aijō (Tate) ------ :d::db::b: + :s: (midair)

Shōdoku Method ------------ :d::db::b: + :h: during a jump, near opponent


Madogiwa Desperate -------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

Genkai Fortissimo --------- :d::df::f::df::d::db::b: + :s: during a jump

Notes: Kōutsu Onkai (Antidepressant Scale), Taiboku o Sasurute (Stroke the Big Tree), Kyōgen Jikkō (Sultry Performance), Chemical Aijō (Chemical Love), Hasei (Derivative), Tate (Vertical), Shōdoku Method (Sterilization Method), Madogiwa Desperate (Desperate Longing Near a Window), Genkai Fortissimo (Ultimate Fortissimo).

Edited by Suzaku

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Axl Low

CV: Keiichi Nanba

I keep comin' up with cool ways to beat you!

The eternal optimist. Rarely thinks deeply about matters, believing that everything works out eventually. His lust for amour knows no bounds. He does have the ability to calmly examine and solve problems, but that's just not his style. A kind man by nature, he can never find it in his heart to kill anyone—not even the most evil of villains.


Height: 179 cm

Blood type: B

Weight: 78 kg

Birthplace: England

Birthday: December 25

Hobbies: Billiards

Likes: His girlfriend from his own time (Megumi)

Dislikes: Preachy types

Affilitation: His old gang

Command List

Special Moves

① Rensen Geki ------------ :b: or :f: + :s:

 → Kyokusa Geki ----------- :u: or :uf: during ①

 → Sensa Geki ------------- :d: or :df: during ①

Benten Gari --------------- :f::d::df: + :s:

Raieisa Geki -------------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :s:

Rashōsen ------------------ :b: or :f: + :h:

Tenhōseki (Jōdan) --------- :d::db::b: + :p:

Tenhōseki (Gedan) --------- :d::db::b: + :k:

Axl Bomber ---------------- :f::d::df: + :h: during a jump

② Haitaka no Kamae ------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :h:

 → Jōdan ------------------ :p: during ②

 → Chūdan ----------------- :k: during ②

 → Gedan ------------------ :s: during ②

 → Kaijo ------------------ :h: during ②


Byakue Renshō ------------- :d::df::f::df::d::db::b: + :h:

Kairagi Yakō -------------- :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :s:

Notes: Rensen Geki (Flashing Sickle Attack), Kyokusa Geki (Melodic Chain Attack), Sensa Geki (Rotating Chain Attack), Benten Gari (Benten Harvest), Raieisa Geki (Lightning Shadow Chain Attack), Rashōsen (Bell Spiral), Tenhōseki (Sky-Clearing Stone), Jōdan (High), Gedan (Low), Haitaka no Kamae (Sparrowhawk Stance), Chūdan (Middle), Kaijo (Cancel), Byakue Renshō (Massive Sickle Flame), Kairagi Yakō (Rayskin Gleaming in the Night).

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Takashi Kondō

You don't need an insurance card~

A dark doctor who wanders all over the world, charitably helping people who are sick or in trouble. He was once known as a great doctor, but a certain medical error turned him into a serial killer. Regretting his behavior, he now seeks atonement through countless good deeds, but still hides his true face beneath a paper bag of guilt. Though he's often misunderstood due to his strange appearance and behavior, he's actually a sensible man. Knowing that the medical error he made in the past was actually orchestrated by someone, he has set off in pursuit of the truth.


Height: 282 cm

Blood type: Unknown

Weight: 55 kg

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Affilitation: None

Command List

Special Moves

① Rerere no Tsuki ----------------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :k:

 → ② Hikimodoshi ------------------ :b: during ①

 → ③ Oissu! ----------------------- :d::df::f: + :p: during ②

 → ④ Koe ga Chīsai! --------------- :d::df::f: + :p: during ③

 → Mōicchō Oissu! ------------------ :d::df::f: + :p: during ④

Mettagiri -------------------------- :d::db::b: + :h:

Going My Way ----------------------- :d::df::f: + :h: during a jump

Nani ga Deru ka na? ---------------- :d::df::f: + :p: (can be held)

Mae Kara Ikimasu Yo ---------------- :d::db::b: + :p:

Ushiro Kara Ikimasu Yo ------------- :d::db::b: + :k:

Ue Kara Ikimasu Yo ----------------- :d::db::b: + :s:

⑤ Sōten Enshin Ranbu -------------- :d::df::f: + :s:

 → Ajimi—! ------------------------- :p: during ⑤

 → Growing Flower ------------------ :k: during ⑤ (can be held)

 → Hana Daro? Ore, Hana Daro? ------ :s: during ⑤ (can be held)

 → Going My Way (Haseiban) --------- :h: during ⑤

 → Nani ga Deru ka na? (Haseiban) -- :dbt: during ⑤

 → Zenpō Idō ----------------------- :f::f: during ⑤

 → Kōhō Idō ------------------------ :b::b: during ⑤

 → Kyokushō Jump ------------------- :uf: during ⑤

 → Isha-copter --------------------- :u: during ⑤

 → Kaijo --------------------------- :d: during ⑤

Ai --------------------------------- :d::df::f: + :p: during a jump


⑥ Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken --------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :s:

 → Shuffle Time -------------------- :p: or :k: or :s: or :h: during ⑥ (repeatable)

Na-na-na-nani ga Deru ka na? ------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :p:

Notes: Rerere no Tsuki (Rerere Thrust), Hikimodoshi (Pull Back), Oissu! (Hello!), Koe ga Chīsai! (Speak Up!), Mōicchō Oissu! (Hello Again!), Mettagiri (Shower Hack), Nani ga Deru ka na? (What's Next?), Mae Kara Ikimasu Yo (In Your Face!), Ushiro Kara Ikimasu Yo (Watch Your Back!), Ue Kara Ikimasu Yo (Look Out Below!), Sōten Enshin Ranbu (Centrifugal Spearhead Rave), Ajimi—! (Taste this—!), Hana Daro? Ore, Hana Daro? (See? I'm a Flower!), Haseiban (Derivative Edition), Zenpō Idō (Move Forward), Kōhō Idō (Move Backward), Kyokushō (Micro), Isha-copter (Doctor-copter), Kaijo (Cancel), Ai (Love), Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken (Gamble Attack), Na-na-na-nani ga Deru ka na? (W-W-W-What's Next?).

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Iemasa Kayumi

Let me teach you what fighting is...

A vampiric gentleman with fighting skills that transcend those of mortals and immortals alike. He's dedicated to dandyism, and has therefore burdened himself with a fighting style that allows only his own body to be used as a weapon. His hobbies are reading haikus and people watching, and he takes interest in and favors remarkable human beings. He founded the Assassins' Guild long ago to ensure a steady supply of drinkable blood, but after meeting a woman named Sharon who would not die or become a vampire no matter how many times he drained her, he took her as his wife and used the opportunity to retire, ceding leadership to his colleague, Zato. After that he settled into a quiet and comfortable retirement free from mortal affairs, but upon sensing a disturbing vibe in the world, has decided to return to the battlefield once more. As an aside, though he frequently enters haiku contests under a secret pet name, he has never won a prize.


Height: 185 cm

Blood type: Unknown

Weight: 70 kg

Birthplace: Transylvania

Birthday: October 31

Hobbies: Writing haikus, combat, stalking prey

Likes: Sharon

Dislikes: Humans with no sense of romance

Affilitation: None (formerly Assassins' Guild)

Command List

Special Moves

Mach Punch ---------------- :d::df::f: + :p: or :k:

Chiwosū Sora -------------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :h:

① Dandy Step ------------- :d::db::b: + :p: or :k:

 → Pile Bunker ------------ :p: during ①

 → Crosswise Heel --------- :k: during ①

 → ② Under Pressure ------ :s: during ①

  → It's Late ------------- :s: or :h: during ②

 → Helter Skelter --------- :h: during ①

Footloose Journey --------- :d::db::b: + :k: during a jump

Undertow ------------------ :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :p:


Dead on Time -------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :s:

Eien no Tsubasa ----------- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :h:

Chokka-Gata Dandy --------- :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :s: during a jump

Notes: Chiwosū Sora (Bloodsucking Cosmos), Eien no Tsubasa (Immortal Wings), Chokka-Gata (Direct-Hit).

Edited by Suzaku

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Updated with Faust, Slayer, and the movelists for Axl and I-No.

2nd Location Test Player Manual Changelog

Basic Controls

Typo correction: ":h:: Slash" → ":h:: Heavy Slash"

Blitz Shield

New defensive mechanic that replaces the Repel mechanic from the Clash system. It briefly creates a shield that will repel an incoming attack, creating a chance for a counterattack. Performed by pressing any two buttons that aren't :dbt: while standing, crouching, or jumping. Does not work while defending. Consumes 25% of the Tension Gauge.

Roman Cancel

"*Consumes 50% of the Tension Gauge" → "*Consumes either 25% or 50% of the Tension Gauge"


The Clash system has been reworked:

  • Normal Clash is now called Clash and simply negates both attacks.
  • The Repel mechanic has been removed. See: Blitz Shield.
  • Danger Time is now a random occurance that can rarely be triggered by a Clash.

Chipp Zanuff

New move, Shinkirō (Mirage): :f::d::df: + :h: (after ② or ③)

Source: http://ggxrd.com/GGXrd_2ndLacationTest_PlayingManual.pdf

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Takehito Koyasu

Reality is a white canvas painted black...

An assassin that fought using forbidden techniques to manipulate his shadow like a doppelganger. Though he once led the Assassins' Guild, the very darkness he tried to control eventually infected and killed him. It was apparantly then that the shade (Eddie) possessed his body.


Height: 181 cm

Blood type: A

Weight: 68 kg

Birthplace: Spain

Birthday: January 28

Hobbies: Attempting to understand the language of flowers

Likes: Pride

Dislikes: Women

Affilitation: None (formerly Assassins' Guild)

Command List

Special Moves

① Invite Hell ------------- :d::d: + :s: or :h:

 → Kage Tamari Setchi ------ created automatically after ①

Break the Law -------------- :d::db::b: + :k: (can be held)

② Eddie Shōkan (Modoshi) -- :d::df::f: + :p: or :k: or :s: or :h:

 → Shō Kōgeki -------------- :p: during ②

 → Idō Kōgeki -------------- :k: during ②

 → Taikū Kōgeki ------------ :s: during ②

 → Kage Tamari ------------- :h: during ②

 → Drill Special ----------- :du: during ②

 → Deadman's Hand ---------- :f::df::d::db::b: + :du: during ② near opponent

Kage Tamari Eddie Shōkan --- :d::db::b: + :h: during Kage Tamari Setchi

Damned Fang ---------------- :f::d::df: + :s: near opponent

Drunkard Shade ------------- :d::db::b: + :s:

Shadow Gallery ------------- :b::db::d::df::f: + :s: during a jump

Hikō ----------------------- :u: during a jump


Amorphous ----------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

Executor ------------------ :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :s: during a jump

Great White --------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :s: during ②

Notes: Kage Tamari (Shadow Puddle), Setchi (Deposit), Shōkan (Summon), Modoshi (Recall), Shō (Tiny), Kōgeki (Attack), Idō (Moving), Taikū (Anti-Aerial), Hikō (Flying).

Edited by Suzaku

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CV: Hikaru Midorikawa

Pitiful. Abandon hope. Farewell.

A boy who has slept through the heinous remodeling of his rollaway bed. Everything about him, from his origin and goals to his affiliation, is completely shrouded in mystery. Endowed with tremendous combat power, he displays this aptitude in battle by luring opponents into nightmares of his own creation. The reason for his continued slumber remains unknown...


Height: 156 cm (252 cm including the bed)

Blood type: Unknown

Weight: 45 kg (666 kg including the bed)

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Likes: Buckwheat pillows

Dislikes: Chirping birds, talkative people

Affilitation: Unknown

Command List

Special Moves

Task A -------------------- :d::df::f: + :p: (midair)

 → Déjà Vu (Task A) ------- :d::db::b: + :p:

Task A' ------------------- :d::df::f: + :k: (midair)

 → Déjà Vu (Task A') ------ :d::db::b: + :k:

Task B -------------------- :d::df::f: + :s: (midair)

 → Déjà Vu (Task B) ------- :d::db::b: + :s:

Task C -------------------- :d::df::f: + :h: (midair)

 → Déjà Vu (Task C) ------- :d::db::b: + :h:

Tokushu Idō --------------- Press :u: to halt a jump. After halting,

                         press the joystick to move in that direction.


Sinusoidal Helios --------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :h:

Hemi Jack ----------------- :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :s:

Notes: Tokushu Idō (Special Movement).

Edited by Suzaku

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Updated with Zato-1, ????? (new character), and the confirmed seiyū for all the characters.

Support for Aime cards will also begin from the third location test on, allowing players to upload their data to the server, however the Player's Guild website will not be available during this test. The data uploaded during the testing period will also be reset when the game officially launches.

Edit: The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has revealed that the new character's name is Bedman, and that he's voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

Edited by Suzaku

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