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ArcSys Voice Acting [This thread has rules now]

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Words from Chao, wowies! BlazBlue Central Fiction will not be getting a dub for its English release. What do we know about the circumstances surrounding this? Aksys Games may have some level of involvement as they made a tweet discussing how the game could come out now (figuratively) without a dub, or in 6-8 months with a dub. A difficult decision was made, and the figurative now was chosen. What do we not know about the circumstances surrounding this? Just about everything else. Users are free to express their emotions surrounding this news, but I, and others, are fed up with the constant baseless theories, assumptions, and ire being thrown in all directions when very little is know about this event. So it will not be allowed any longer. The world is not out to get you, ASW is not out to get you, Aksys is not out to get you probably. Do not assume a company hates you, is trying to trick you, or is trying to give you a lesser product just because you aren't happy. You could very well be right, you know? But you have nothing to base these thoughts on currently beyond a few tweets made by Aksys. And those few tweets tell you far less.

So, whine, be offtopic, things like this will get your post deleted without question. Be smart, use the things you know or the past instances to discuss your emotions. Don't just spout "these greedy bastards trying to cut corners! I gave you seven years of my life, you OWE me this, company! I am a loud consumer!"



Since the BBCP general thread has been hijacked by this topic one time too many, I suppose it deserves its own thread over here. Feel free to discuss your favorite voice actors, wonder about unannounced English VAs, compare the voice-overs of different versions of the game, etc. Just keep it civil and follow the rules.

Now, does anyone have a good list of all voice actors from all ASW franchises? Behind the Voice Actors is missing quite a few.

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Character VAs listed as follows: Japanese/English. Alternate voice actors are noted for the game they appeared in.


Guilty Gear Series
Sol Badguy/Order-Sol: Daisuke Ishiwatari (GG1-AC+, Battle Voice), Hikaru Hanada (XX Story Voice & Drama CD), Joji "George" Nakata (Overture-current)/Troy Baker (Overture), David Forseth (Xrd)
Ky Kiske: Takeshi Kusao (since debut)/Liam O'Brien (Overture), Sam Riegel (Xrd)
May: Satomi Koorogi (since debut)/Eden Riegel
Millia Rage: Yuko Sumitomo (since debut)/Tara Platt
Zato-1: Kaneto Shiozawa (GG1-X, died sometime after production of X), Takehito Koyasu (Xrd-current)/Matthew Mercer

Eddie: Takehito Koyasu (XX-current)/Derek Stephen Prince
Potemkin: Hideyuki Anbe (GG1), Takashi Kondo (X-current)/Kirk Thornton
Chipp Zanuff: Takuya Morito (GG1), Gaku Miura (X-current, credited as Takeshi Miura before AC), Yoshihisa Kawahara (Xrd)/Edward Bosco
Dr. Baldhead/Faust: Kaneto Shiozawa (Baldhead, GG1), Takashi Kondo (Faust, X-current)/Kaiji Tang
Axl Low: Keiichi Nanba (since debut)/Liam O'Brien
Baiken: Satomi Koorogi (GG1), Sudo Miho (X-XX), Chizu Yonemoto (AC), Mayumi Asano (XrdR)
Anji Mito: Toru Igarashi (since debut)
Venom: Mikio Yaeda (X-XX), Junichi Suwabe (AC-current)/Ogie Banks
Johnny: Norio Wakamoto (since debut)/Liam O'Brien
Jam Kuradoberi: Manami Komori (X-AC), Rei Matsuzaki (Xrd -REVELATOR-)
Testament: Takami Akkun (GG1), Katsuaki Kobayashi (X-current, credited as Akira Kobayashi from X-XX)
Dizzy: Kazue Fujita (since debut)/???
Bridget: Hiroko Konishi (XX), Yukiko Kato (AC-current)
Roger (Bridget's teddy bear): ??? (since debut)
Slayer: Iemasa Kayumi (XX-Xrd -SIGN-, died October 2014), Takaya Hashi (Xrd -REVELATOR-)/JB Blanc
Zappa: Yuji Ueda (since debut)
I-No: Kikuko Inoue (since debut)/Tara Platt
Robo-Ky: Takeshi Kusao (X, as EX Ky, & XX Story Voice), Kantaro (XX Battle Voice), Takumi Inoue (AC), Shigeru Chiba (XrdR)
Kliff Undersn: Hatsuaki Takami (GG1-X+), Shigeru Sakano (XX-current)
Justice: Takuya Morito (GG1-X+), Yumiko Ogawa (XX-AC+ Battle Voice), Wakana Sakuraba (AC+ Story Voice), Kazue Fujita (Xrd)
A.B.A.: Mika Takimoto (since debut)
Paracelsus/Flament Nagel (A.B.A.'s key-axe): Toshimichi Mori (since debut)
Sin Kiske: Issei Miyazaki (since debut)/Yuri Lowenthal (Overture), Lucien Dodge (Xrd)
Izuna: Toru Furusawa (since debut)/Dave Wittenberg (Overture, unable to reprise role in future titles due to union status)
Dr. Paradigm: Yuji Mikimoto (since debut)/Michael McConnohie
Valentine: Chie Sawaguchi (since debut)/Wendee Lee (Overture)
Raven: ??? (XX), Hiroki Yasumoto (Overture-current)/Jamieson Price (Overture)
That Man: Yasunori Masutani (XX), Tomokazu Sugita (Overture-current)/Yuri Lowenthal (Overture), Derek Stephen Prince (Xrd)
April: Yumiko Ogawa (XX), Yukiko Kato (AC), Tomomi Isomura (Xrd)/Ashly Burch
Crow Kuwaraba: Hiroki Yasumoto (since debut)
Bedman: Hikaru Midorikawa (Xrd, debut game)/Yuri Lowenthal
Ramlethal Valentine: Megumi Han (Xrd, debut game)/Erin Fitzgerald

Lucifero: Tomokazu Seki/Sam Riegel

Elphelt Valentine: Aya Suzaki (Xrd, debut game)/Cassandra Lee Morris

Leo Whitefang: Tetsu Inada (Xrd, debut game)/Jamieson Price
Gabriel: Takayuki Sugou/Richard Epcar
The Original Man: Tomokazu Seki/Jamieson Price
Chronus: Tomonori Tsuboi/Liam O'Brien
Axus: Chafurin/Richard Epcar
Libraria: Tomomi Isomura/Valerie Arem
Sharon: Megumi Han/Marisha Ray (?)
Answer: Tomokazu Seki/Derek Stephen Prince
Narration: Takayuki Sugou/Richard Epcar
Leap: Tomomi Isomura
Augus: Yuuko Sumitomo
June: Megumi Han
Sephy / March: Akane Fujikawa
Febby / Novel / Octy / Janis: Yuuki Matsumoto
Ky's Guard: Tomokazu Seki/Dave Mallow
People of Illyria: Takashi Kondou, Tomomi Isomura, Tomokazu Seki
Swordman: Daisuke Ishiwatari, Hidehiko Sakamura, Akira Katano
Sheriff: Takeshi Yamanaka
Extra: Takao Suzuki

Aria: Chie Sawaguchi/Cassandra Lee

Sanctus Populi Maximus Ariels: Junko Minagawa/Valerie Arem

Vernon Colors: Kiyoyuki Yanada/Kirk Thornton

Jack-O': Hiromi Igarashi

Kum Haehyun: Hideaki Tezuka
Announcer: ??? (GG1), Takashi Kondo (X), Gregory Payne (XX), Neil Moody (AC), ??? (Overture), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Overture, dub version), Dan Rubida (Xrd)

BlazBlue Series
Ragna the Bloodedge: Tomokazu Sugita (since debut), Rina Satou (Young Ragna, Alter Memory)/Patrick Seitz (since debut), Caitlin Glass (Young Ragna, Alter Memory)
Jin Kisaragi/Hakumen: Tetsuya Kakihara (since debut)/David Vincent (since debut), Wendee Lee (Young Jin, Alter Memory)
Noel Vermillion/Nu-13/Lambda-11/Mu-12: Kanako Kondo (since debut)/Cristina Vee (since debut), ??? (CS2, for new vs. Makoto lines and Makoto's Arcade Mode, presumed to be Laura Bailey), Julie Ann Taylor (Mu, for CS2 Arcade Mode)
Rachel Alucard: Kana Ueda (since debut)/Mela Lee (since debut), ??? (CS2, for new vs. Valkenhayn lines and Valkenhayn's Arcade Mode, presumed to be Laura Bailey)
Nago (Rachel's cat-umbrella): Masaru Suzuki (since debut)/Ezra Weisz (since debut, credited as Ethan Murray in Alter Memory)
Gii (Rachel's bat-familiar): Sena Tsubaki (since debut), Kazue Fujita (Drama CD)/Cindy Robinson (since debut)
Taokaka: Chiwa Saito (since debut)/Philece Sampler (since debut)
Iron Tager: Kenji Nomura (since debut)/Jamieson Price (since debut)
Litchi Faye-Ling: Chiaki Takahashi (since debut)/Lauren Landa (since debut)
Arakune: Takashi Hikida (since debut)/Spike Spencer (since debut)
Bang Shishigami: Tsuyoshi Koyama (since debut)/Tony Oliver (CT-CS), Steve Kramer (CS2-current)
Carl Clover: Miyuki Sawashiro (since debut)/Michelle Ruff (since debut)
Tsubaki Yayoi/Izayoi: Asami Imai (since debut)/Julie Ann Taylor (since debut)
Hazama/Yuki Terumi/Kazuma Kvar: Yuichi Nakamura (since debut)/Erik Davies (CT-CS2), Spike Spencer (CS2, during additional ending scene with Mu), Doug Erholtz (Extend-current)
Makoto Nanaya: Tomomi Isomura (since debut)/Cindy Robinson (since debut)
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing: Motomu Kiyokawa (since debut)/Doug Stone (since debut)
Platinum the Trinity/Trinity Glassfille: Aoi Yuki (since debut)/Laura Bailey (games), Alexis Tipton (Alter Memory)
Relius Clover: Junichi Suwabe (since debut)/Travis Willingham (since debut)
Amane Nishiki: Akira Ishida (since debut)/Yuri Lowenthal (since debut)
Bullet: Toa Yukinaru (since debut)/Erin Fitzgerald (since debut)
Azrael: Hiroki Yasumoto (since debut)/D.C. Douglas (since debut)
Kagura Mutsuki: Keiji Fujiwara (since debut)/Grant George (since debut)
Kokonoe: Chie Matsura (since debut)/Julie Ann Taylor (since debut)

Celica A. Mercury: Iori Nomizu (since debut)/Carrie Savage

Hibiki Kohaku: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (since debut)/Steve Staley (since debut)

Naoto Kurogane: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Nine the Phantom/Konoe A. Mercury: Ayumi Fujimura (since debut)/Amanda Celine Miller (since debut)

Hades Izanami (Mikado/Emperor/Imperator Librarius): Kanako Kondou (CS), Yukana (CSE onwardd)/Kate Higgins (since debut)

Es: Mayuka Nomura (since debut)/Eden Riegel (TAG)

Mai Natsume: Saori Hayami (since debut)/Stephanie Sheh (since debut)

Jubei: Masaki Terasoma (since debut)/Kirk Thornton (since debut)
Linhua: Yukiko Kato (since debut)/Michelle Ruff (since debut)
Takamagahara A: ???/Travis Willingham (CS), Michael McConnohie (Alter Memory, credited as Geoffrey CHalmers)

Takamagahara B: ???/Ezra Weisz (CS), Bryce Papenbrook (Alter Memory)

Takamagahara C: ???/Kate Higgins (CS), Wendee Lee (Alter Memory)
Torakaka: Kaori Yagi (since debut)/Kate Higgins (CS, CP), ??? (Extend, presumed to be Julie Ann Taylor)

Clavis Alucard: Tamio Oki (since debut)/Paul St. Peter (since debut)

Homura Amanohokosaka: Inori Minase/???

Cajun Faycott: Saki Fujita/Cherami Leigh
Announcer: Cecelia Famador (CT), Dale Paris Sanchez (CS), Chiwa Saito (CS2), Miyuki Sawashiro (CSE), Julia Yermakov (CP), Rumiko Varnes (CF), Sachiko Hara (TAG)


Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena/The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (co-developed with Atlus)
Yu Narukami: Daisuke Namikawa (since debut)/Johnny Yong Bosch (since debut)
Yosuke Hanamura: Shotaro Morikubo (since debut)/Yuri Lowenthal (since debut)
Chie Satonaka: Yui Horie (since debut)/Erin Fitzgerald (P4A-current), Tracey Rooney (P4 original release)
Yukiko Amagi: Ami Koshimizu (since debut)/Amanda Winn Lee (since debut)
Kanji Tatsumi: Tomokazu Seki (since debut)/Troy Baker (P4, P4G, unable to reprise role due to union status), Matthew Mercer (P4TA Season 2, P4AU, PQ)
Teddie/Kuma: Kappei Yamaguchi (since debut)/Sam Riegel (P4A-current), Dave Wittenberg (P4 original release, unable to reprise role due to union status)
Naoto Shirogane: Romi Park (since debut)/??? (P4, Golden, Arena), Valerie Arem (P4AU, PQ), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (P4TA)
Aigis/Aegis: Maaya Sakamoto (since debut)/Karen Strassman (since debut)
Mitsuru Kirijo: Rie Tanaka (since debut)/Tara Platt (since debut)
Akihiko Sanada: Hikaru Midorikawa (since debut)/Liam O'Brien (since debut)
Labrys/Shadow Labrys: Ayana Taketatsu (since debut)/Cindy Robinson (since debut)
Elizabeth: Miyuki Sawashiro (since debut)/Tara Platt (since debut)
Ring Announcer/Malevolent Entity (Hi-no-Kagutsuchi): Fumihiko Tachiki (since debut)/Patrick Seitz (since debut)
Round Call: Junya Motomura (since debut)
Nanako Dojima: Akemi Kanda (since debut)/Karen Strassman (since debut)
Fuuka Yamagishi: Mamiko Noto (since debut)/Wendee Lee (P4U), ??? (P3, presumed to be either Paula Tiso or Mela Lee)
Unit #24: Marie Miyake (since debut)/Julie Ann Taylor (since debut)
Kurosawa: Hirofumi Tanaka (since debut)/Grant George (since debut)
Igor: Isamu Tanonaka (since debut, died after production of P4, all instances since then have been re-used clips)/Dan Woren (since debut), Vic Mignogna (P4AU)
Margaret: Sayaka Ohara (since debut)/Michelle Ann Dunphy (P4, P4G, P4TA, P4A), Marisha Ray (P4AU, PQ)
Yukari Takeba: Megumi Toyoguchi (since debut)/Michelle Ruff (since debut)
Junpei Iori: Kosuke Toriumi (since debut)/Vic Mignogna (since debut)
Sho Minazuki: Kenichi Suzumura (since debut)/Todd Haberkorn (since debut)

Rise Kujikawa: Rie Kugimiya (since debut)/Laura Bailey (since debut)

Ken Amada: Megumi Ogata (Since debut)/Brianne Siddall (P3), Cindy Robinson (P4AU, PQ)
Tohru Adachi: Mitsuaki Madono (since debut)/Johnny Yong Bosch (since debut)

Ryotaro Dojima: Unsho Ishizuka (since debut)/JB Blanc (since debut, credited as John White in The Animation)

Theodore: Junichi Suwabe (since debut)/Travis Willingham (P3P, P4AU, possibly unable to reprise role), Bryce Papenbrook (PQ)

Kikuno Saikawa: Masumi Asano (since debut)/Erin Fitzgerald (since debut)

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hideyuki Hori (since debut)/Dan Woren (P3, re-used dialogue in P4AU), JB Blanc (P4AU, new dialogue)


Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] (co-developed with French Bread


Hyde Kido: Ryohei Kimura (since debut)/Kyle McCarley (TAG)

Linne: Ayane Sakura (since debut)/Sarah Anne Williams (TAG)

Waldstein: Koji Ishii (since debut)/Keith Silverstein (TAG)

Carmine Prime: Takashi Kondo (since debut)/Greg Chun (TAG)

Orie "Harada" Ballardiae: Saori Hayami (since debut)/Erica Mendez (TAG)

Gordeau: Kosuke Toriumi (since debut)/Ian Sinclair (TAG)

Merkava: Hidenobu Kiuchi

Vatista (Unit 10076): Nao Toyama (since debut)/Xanthe Huynh (TAG)

Seth: Yuki Kaji

Yuzuriha Sogetsu: Ayumi Fujimura

Hilda: Hatsumi Takada

Sion Eltnum Atlasia: Satomi Akesaka

Kei "Chaos" Asuma: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Akatsuki: Shinobu Matsumoto

Nanase: Mayu Iizuka

Byakuya: Mutsumi Tamura

Phonon: Saori Oonishi

Mika Returna: Aya Suzaki

Enkidu Gaien: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Erika "Miyashiro" Wagner: Shizuka Ishigami


RWBY (as part of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle)


Ruby Rose: Saori Hayami/Lindsay Jones

Weiss Schnee: Yoko Hikasa/Kara Eberle

Blake Belladonna: Yu Shimamura/Arryn Zech

Yang Xiao Long: Ami Koshimizu/Barbara Dunkelman

Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star (co-developed with SEGA)
Kenshiro: Kunihiro Kawamoto (HNK ASW), Akira Kamiya (original, retired and possibly banned from reprising by the manga authors)
Mr. Heart: Shozo Iizuka (original)
Shin: Toshio Furukawa (original)
Mamiya: Toshiko Fujita (original)
Rei: Isshin Chiba (HNK ASW), Kaneto Shiozawa (original, died in 2000)
Jagi: Koji Totani (original, died after production of HNK ASW)
Toki: Takaya Hashi (original)
Juda: Bin Shimada (original)
Souther: Banjo Ginga (original)
Raoh/Kenoh: Kenji Utsumi (original, died June 13, 2013)
Bat: Mie Suzuki (original)
Lin: Tomiko Suzuki (original)

Hard Corps Uprising (Co-developed with Konami, not a fighting game)
Bahamut/Sniper: Mike Ishibe
Krystal: Takako Ishizuka
Harley/Heavily Armed Soldier: Yvan Pilette
Sayuri/Announcer: Mayuki
Leviathan/Shield Soldier: Douglas Hadorn
Dr. Mandrake: Chuck Bruno
Tiberius: John Brooke
Private/Knife Soldier: Casey Carlin
Launcher Soldier: Keenan Hadorn
Grenade Soldier: Shintaro Okabe

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Korean GGXX #Reload Actors:


Anji Mito: Kim Jang

Axl Low: Oh In Sung

Baiken: Jun Sun Hye

Bridget: Yo Min Jung

Chipp Zanuff: Kang Soo Jin

Dizzy: Yang Hung Hwa

Eddie: Pyo Young Je

Faust: Lee In Sung

I-No: Kang Hi Sun

Johnny: Jung Seung Wook

Justice(April): Lee Joo Chang

Kliff Undersn: Choi Suk Phil

Kuradoberi Jam: Lee Dong Eun

Ky Kiske: An Jong Duck

May: Lee Ji Young

Millia Rage: Kook Seung Youn

Potemkin: Si Young Joon

Robo-Ky: ???

Slayer: Kang Goo Han

Sol Badguy: Lee Jung Goo

Testament: Shin Hae Chul

Venom: Choi Han

Zappa: An Jang Hyuk

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Random Junk/Trivia:

---Joji voices Hellsing, I'd say that makes him perfect as Sol.

---Takeshi Kusao voices Capricorn Shura in recent Saint Seiya, along with Parn in the Lodoss series, also Mao in Code: Geass

---Satomi Koorogi voiced Baiken in GG1...she voices Chi (the kitten) in Chi's Sweet Home, also Menchi in Excel Saga, Nina Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist.

---Yuko (Millia) has a perfect attendance, but also voices a character in Neo Ranga IIRC.

---Kaneto Shiozawa voiced Gray Fox in Metal Gear Solid, but as of GGX Zato was scripted to die and become Eddie (even before Shiozawa's death). Takehito Koyasu voices Zechs Merquise in Gundam Wing and a few other characters in other Gundam Anime (Gundam Seed as well).

---Hideyuki Anbe WORKS for ARC System Works and was an original member of Team NeoBlood, he was the Director of Hard Corps Uprising...not bad for being Potemkins' original VA...also did work on BlazBlue.

---Takashi Kondo was GGX's announcer and not just Faust and Potemkin...he also does miscellaneous voices in the Drama CDs I think.

---Takeshi Miura composed music for Silent Hill and Resident Evil games (Chipp's VA)

---Keiichi Nanba (Axl's VA) voices KOF characters and also voiced the anime version of Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden at one point.

---Chizu Yonemoto voices various characters in the Dynasty Warriors games.

---Junichi Suwabe (Venom's VA) voices Archer in Fate/Stay Night and Relius in BlazBlue (Unlim Relius has Venom's Dark Angel as a continuity joke).

---Norio Wakamoto (Johnny) voices Chaos in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Bison in Street Fighter, Yoshimitsu in Tekken/Soul Calibur and is a Black Belt and former Police Officer...don't mess with him.

---Katsuaki Kobayashi (Testament's current VA) was a Television Drama Actor (dunno what all he did though).

---Kazue Fujita (Dizzy's VA) voiced an Operator in the original BlazBlue Calamity Trigger intro, and also voiced a few extras (Linfan/Gii) in the Drama CDs.

---Hiroko Konishi (Bridget's original VA) was the original voice of Morrigan in Darkstalkers.

---Iemasa Kayumi (Slayer's VA) has been voicing old guys for a long time, and is likely going to retire IRL.

---Yuji Ueda (Zappa's VA) voices Strider in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and a whole host of other anime characters (notable for Keitaro Urashima in Love Hina and the founding president in the Genshiken series).

---Kikuko Inoue (I-No) has voiced Belldandy in the Oh My Goddess anime/movies, also voices Hrist/Ahly in Valkyrie Profile 2 and "The Boss" in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

---Takuya Moritou (Justice/Chipp) did the really cool 'cutscene' with Justice in the first GG, he's part of Team NeoBlood.

---Yumiko Ogawa (Justice) did April as well.

---Issei Miyazaki (Sin) was the child actor Gen in "Barefoot Gen" (about World War II).

---Chie Sawaguchi (Valentine) was Niece in Record of Lodoss War, and Pero in Big O, also Lilith Eileron in the Tales games.

---Hiroki Yasumoto (Raven) also voices Crow Kuruwaba (ironically the same bird-like name? Coincidence?).

---Toschimichi Mori (Paracelsus) is BlazBlue's creator/lead artist.

---Takayuki Ideriha (Judgement/Raymond) is the director of Guilty Gear Judgement.

---Tomokazu Sugita (That Man current VA) voices Ragna=the=Bloodedge in BlazBlue (mind = blown).

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Random Junk/Trivia:

---Hiroko Konishi (Bridget's original VA) was the original voice of Morrigan in Darkstalkers.

Actually, Hiroko Konishi was the original voice actress for Lilith before Yuka Imai. Morrigan's original VA before Rie Tanaka was Yayoi Jinguji.

It's also worth noting that Raven's current JPN VA was also Azrael in BlazBlue and Guile in the Street Fighter games; and that Joji Nakata is the official(?) JPN VA for Albert Wesker beginning with MvC3. To add on to the list of trivia, here's something I would like to contribute.

---Takehito Koyasu (Eddie's current VA) was notable for the voice of Zechs Merquise in Gundam Wing. In addition to Zechs, he was also Gym Ghingham in Turn A Gundam and Mu La Flaga in Gundam SEED to name a few. He also provided the voice of Shingo Yabuki in the KOF games as well as the announcer for KOF 2003, and is the most recent voice actor to voice Dio Brando (AKA DIO in Stardust Crusaders) in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure media franchise.

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but here goes:

I was going through Rachel's battle voicetracks because Kana sex voice, and came across the Tsukuyomi activation code in three different audio files:

"Dai zeroshiki kousoku kikan kaihou, jigen kanshou kyosu houjin tenkai. Tsukuyomi Unit, kidou"

I... don't think I've ever heard this besides from the CT anime cutscene when she does activate it, is it some unlimited quote or something? Or is it unused, presumably along with a few other lines like "Cardinal Gloriosa" and "Blue Rose" that are located just before the Tsukuyomi chant?

I went ahead and picked up U.Rachel a couple of times to see if she has any different battle intros like Hazama/Ragna when they activate BB, but didn't come across anything helpful. Any ideas?

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It's an unused quote. Supposedly they were thinking about using Tsukuyomi as a new DD for Rachel, but scrapped it.

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That's a shame. Actually, ditching anything recorded by Ueda Kana is a shame. :v: That one sounds cool too, so double the grief.

It would be nice if they used it during her OD activation, but I guess it's a tad to long for that.

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I think Guilty Gear and Hellsing are the only two works that include both Wakamoto and Jouji (and as major characters, nonetheless).

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Much as I hate to say it, I wouldn't call Johnny a major GG character... at least as far as the overall plot is concerned. Still, I suppose it counts. If Johnny makes it into Xrd, he and Sol should have a special HAM-filled intro for lulz' sake (possibly with some manner of Hellsing reference as a nod to their previous onscreen encounter)

Iemasa Kayumi (Slayer) is also the voice of the narrator in FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (as well as a certain character who appears after a certain point in the series) which never fails to crack me up. Throughout the first arc I always found the "Alchemy 101" segment incredibly entertaining simply because I imagined Slayer to be the one actually reading it.

Takehito Koyasu (Eddie) was also in Hellsing, as Luke Valentine, FMAB as Scar's brother... and in many, many other animes. last I checked the guy is famous for having a particularly substantial number of roles to his credit. One might say he's the Kevin Bacon of anime.

Prior to GGXX, Kikuko Inoue (I-No) had a reputation for roles that fell mostly within (if not, close to) what is known in moonland as the "Genki Girl" archetype. Given her lack of experience in the field of villainy, the role of I-No was a big step for her as an actress, and in her audio interview for AC+ she still described the character as "scary". Also, in FMAB she voices Lust. Despite the time lapse between the two roles, the characters sound practically identical. Hardly much of a surprise given how similar they are, so I can't help but suspect that her experience with I-No helped out a great deal in her work recording Lust's lines.

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Kevin Conroy should be english VA for Kagura.

Because Batman, that's why.

Either Kevin Conroy or Troy Baker (Yuri voice ToV, not Joker voice)

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I can definitely see Troy Baker as Kagura.

Somehow, I'd picture Liam O'brien playing him.

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Either Kevin Conroy or Troy Baker (Yuri voice ToV, not Joker voice)

Troy Baker as Kagura isn't surprising considering how rapid his track record has gone up this year.

It's more difficult to think about who will play Azazel. Either Aksys will sneak Ian Sinclair (Toriko) in or have David Lodge (Kenpachi, Jiraiya) in.

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So I got a good look at the CP arcade credits (thanks to it being available on Nico).

Julia Yermakov did the announcer voice in CP.

...If she's Japanese then she speaks damn good english.

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As a joke, I thought that the three initial new characters, Amane, Azrael, and Bullet, should be voiced by Billy West, John DiMaggio, and Katey Sagal respectively.

As a serious wish, I think Kevin Michael Richardson would make a great Azrael. For some reason whenever I think of Azrael speaking English, I think he'd sound like Sarevok from the Baldur's Gate series.

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As a joke, I thought that the three initial new characters, Amane, Azrael, and Bullet, should be voiced by Billy West, John DiMaggio, and Katey Sagal respectively.

As a serious wish, I think Kevin Michael Richardson would make a great Azrael. For some reason whenever I think of Azrael speaking English, I think he'd sound like Sarevok from the Baldur's Gate series.

I wanted gerald C. Rivers, we didn;t get our wish since we got Douglas for azrael according to his site.

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I''ve been thinking that yuri lowenthal would VA amane parttly due to the color palette he has of MC of Persona 3 (Yuri voiced him in the NA localization of) Kagura would be Johnny Yong Bosch (Why the fuck not?) Azrael would be christopher Sabat, lastly Bullet would be Wendee Lee (i think she VA'd rukia from bleach and Katherine from Catherine)

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Welp, RIP. Not that I would play with English voice anyway, but who knows, maybe Azrael sounding like Richard Nixon will be really funny.

English Wesker in Marvel sounds like Richard Nixon. If you don't believe me, listen to Nixon say "I'm not a crook", then listen to Wesker say "you are nothing to me!" Magneto has this same problem but more British.

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