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Jam Kuradoberi v. A.B.A (GGAC)

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Just in time for ACR right? I realized that not many people seem to have experience with a good A.B.A. player so I'm gonna list some of the basic stuff I stick to when I fight ANY A.B.A.

Overall I'd list this matchup as slightly in A.B.A.'s favor, Jam can't make too many risks dashing in period, but if A.B.A.'s in Moroha then any mistake will cost her a knockdown. A.B.A. is a tank and is hard to combo too, but can murder you if she gets her momentum started.

Match opening is nothing but risk/rewards, unless you sit there and wait for her to make a move. Doing an IAD Backdash and 22K is a guaranteed card, but MOST A.B.A. players will bloodpack and enter Moroha. It's giving her free tools but it sets you up nice because you've got good distance between you and a card so big damage + knockdown. Still though, giving her free Moroha is scary. Whatever you do at match start, DO NOT IAD dash in at her. All of her match openers that aren't just bloodpack or backdash will stop Jam and give her either free keygrab or bloodpack and give her Moroha anyway.

In neutral game, again it's very important to have strong ground footsies. IADing in blindly will get you blown up by one of A.B.A.'s many AMAZING AAs and give her keygrab into Moroha mode or just plain huge damage. Mashing puffball will get you killed by f.S in normal mode or Danzai in Moroha mode. Make her whiff normals and punish her hard for it, being sure to go for knockdown off of any hit if she's in Moroha mode.

Defensively you're usually only going to be dealing with her in Moroha mode, but it's important to note that in her normal mode her f.S is a low so you can't parry it. When she is in Moroha though most of her pressure comes in the form of scaring you into thinking you can press a button and frame trapping you, very little is high/low. Because of this, you can parry out of predictable strings and get knockdown in the middle of her pressure, ending it completely and giving you momentum. ALWAYS be sure to FD her 2H too, it gives her amazing frame advantage and you need to be able to push her out so the second hit won't land; she has to FRC if she wants to continue pressure then.

Offensively though you have to be sure to confirm every hit into knockdown. Jam has nice long wall loops that you can burn 25 meter at the end of for free knockdown too! A.B.A. should be every bit as scared of you as you are of her when you're playing correctly. Learn to bait Danzai or react to the blockstun and jC into FDing it. If you block it on the ground you can hit her in between the first and second hit, so take your free knockdown. Many A.B.A.s will burst on the third knockdown too so try to bait those.

If you've got any further specific information please share it, this is just general guidelines I find when fighting her.

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