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[Sep 7, 2013] California Burst: Norcal Training Room (GG, BB, P4A) - San Mateo, CA

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I hear this was our last California Burst at GC (according to the Facebook). If that's true, do we have any potential locations for the next event?

I will be willing to host on the weekends but live in the Emeryville area. Also let's keep updating the Norcal thread.

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re: the future of California Burst

The usual venue, Gamecenter, ceased operations on September 22, 2013.

In short, we don't have a venue for the time being.

There exists chatter that the arcade(?) chain Round 1 will be opening in Eastridge Mall (San Jose), but not until some time in 2014.

Securing venue at an arcade does feel like the most appropriate course of action.

But since the stars are not aligned just right, these are the options I'm exploring right now:

  • Option 1: hiatus until Round 1. Upside: we can all take a breather for a few months; US release of +R more likely by then. Downside: Round 1's opening is unknown, and use as a venue is not a guarantee.
  • Option 2: someone's house. Upside: immediate resumption of tournaments. Downside: someone will have to be willing and able to host upwards of 30 people, with the attendant noise.
  • Option 3: hunt for alternate venue. Upside: faster resumption than waiting for Round 1. Downside: may end up shifting venue location each event.
  • Option 4: conference room of some motel/hotel. Upside: guaranteed resumption. Downside: hella cost.

When California Burst can secure a venue, I'll be posting a separate announcement thread, and post a forwarding link in this thread for those of you who subscribe to this thread to watch changes.

Nonetheless, the earliest possible recurrence is Saturday, Nov 2, 2013 (we're skipping October).

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