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[CP] Nu vs Amane

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The Neutral Game

Long Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Medium Range: Your Tools vs His Tools

Close Quarters: Your Tools vs His Tools


Your Offense:

His Offense:


Your Defense:

His Defense:

Frame Data: Advantageous, Disadvantageous, and Punishable Moves

Neutral/Advantageous Moves:

Disadvantageous Moves:

Punishable Moves:

Gimmicks and Resets

Match Summary

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Before I begin, let me say that the information presented in this may not be completely reliable and is based solely on mere observation alone. Now, without further adieu:



Amane is a character who's quite hard to describe, he has quite a few long-ranged and close-ranged options, but almost completely lacks any Mid-Ranged options. He also has a moderate running speed, and a vast amount of movement options with his command jump.

His Drive, "Spiral," allows him to power up his drill attacks and really lay on the chip damage.

Our disadvantages:

His C normals: Amane's normals aren't "Godlik" per se, but they can be quite troublesome when we're trying to zone. Actually, his C normals seem a tad reminiscent of our Drive in that they have a dead spot in front of him, and can be used to harass and interrupt the opponent's advances. Against us however, they will be used to stop us from zoning by interrupting our Drive.

His Chip Damage and Drills: Amane's Drills at level 1 aren't that big of a threat, but at higher levels they become the bane of our existence. Not only do they deal massive amounts of Damage/Chip Damage, but they also grow stronger the more they hit us. The worst part is that they can even be used for corner Okizemes... which with our already bad defenses, means we'll either have to Burst out of it, or risk the entire match.

His command jump: Amane's Command gives him a lot of movement options, and allows him to dodge our Drive, gives him an instant overhead, and makes his corner pressure nigh impossible to escape (Or at least very hard to escape.)

Our advantages.

His C Normals (Bare with me here): As I stated above, Amane's C normals are similar to our Drive, which means they also have very longish cool downs. With that in mind, he has just as much trouble fighting us at long-range as we do him, so it's a matter of who hits whom first. Also, his C Normals are a bit slower than ours, but have less recovery, so it's about a coin flip as to how our Drive V.S. his C Normals would go. Though, since our Drive is faster, we may just have the advantage there completely depending on how you look at it.

His lack of defensive options: Amane also has very few defensive options, in fact, he completely lacks a meterless DP. However, he makes up for this with his Command Jump, which as stated above makes it a little harder to catch him, but the up side is that it's very predictable, so it shouldn't be too difficult to catch him with Swords if he's at a distance and Supra Rage when he's in our Dead-Spot.

His Lack of Mid-ranged options: Amane and Nu are about on even ground at long-range, but at mid and (to some extent) close-range we most definitely have the upper hand, since his only quick normals are 5A and 2A.

He'll also have a hard time against our mix-up and okizeme due to all three of the above stated reasons.

My personal thoughts and advice:

This match up may at first glance look almost impossible to win, but the truth is that it's all about prediction and reaction. We'll have a very hard time fighting against him at certain ranges and especially in the corner, and it will only become even more so if he gets level 3 drills, but he'll have a hard time fighting us at neutral and close-mid-range once we catch him in our Okizeme and/or corner him. We also have better long-range options, but with that in mind we still have to be cautions, since a single Drill attack from Amane could mean our untimely demise.

Recommended Form to use and other advice:

I would recommend using Dia at a distance (I know, SHOCKING!), since her Drive moves technically have a better pay off in that form and you can use Gravity to restrict and slow his movements while he's using his Command Jump, making him a bit less of a headache to catch. You should use Luna in the corner for Okizeme, generally stronger/more damaging combos, and the such.

Dia is a bit more viable in this match-up because of her Drive, but Luna is also an option due to the Act Parsers, which can be put to great use here as well.

At Mid-Range, while we do have more options than Amane, they really aren't THAT good, so it may be best to stick with Long/Close-Range and if you do run into a situation where Mid-Range is the preferred option, then consider using 3C, Drive moves, or (in Luna Forma) Act Parser Zwei(or Blade) if for some reason the Amane throws something out that can't reach you at your current position.


(Credit and thanks goes to Overheat and TD for additional information.)

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Just a little heads up, Amane cannot tag you with an instant overhead from his command hop. His only overhead is j.A and it has to hit on the way down to connect.

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oh yeah, i keep forgetting that j.2B isn't an overhead. And i had a combo for OTG cancelled j.2B with amane too.

anyways using amane against nu, i'll say that IADing with nu is not a good idea. a simple 5C stops that. Your best bet is to bait out a 5C and do a running 5D with nu, throw out random 6Ds to condition your opponent to not use that command jump, and a few 4Ds is never a bad idea. This honestly isn't a hard matchup for nu.


Ok after playing a few matches against a good amane, here is my overview:

"his" tools:

2C (Long range ground attack)

3C (Long reach low and fast)

5C (Long Range Antiair)

Command Floats (Escape option for whiffed 5Ds and normals)




Your Tools:







sj. Rising j.B






Amane wants to be Near fullscreen distance, but a tiny bit closer.

He will be trying to nail you with 2Cs and 236D~Cs from fullscreen, and if you try to approach him he will have his B attacks and 5C to prevent it.

The best way to play this matchup is to look for these moves and punish appropriately:

Amane | Nu

5C | 665D/4D

2C | 4D

236D~C | 4D

Command Floats | 6D

Jump ins (if any amane is that dumb) | 6D/6A

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I feel like this matchup is in Nu's favor. Our drives are for the most part better than his C attacks, and we can function extremely well in the range Amane doesn't want to be at. As long as we can prevent him from getting level 3 drills, we don't really have all that much to worry about in neutral from my (admittedly shallow) experience. Beating his 236D fullscreen is a bit more complicated now that it's projectile invulnerable, but I like to move in between spots where the drllls can appear and tag him with 5D as he drops a drill. It's not as convenient as just cheesing him to death every time he tries it in neutral, but it's still simple enough. His C attacks and drills may be able to harass us and interrupt our drives, but in my opinion, it's not an uphill battle for us.


That all changes once he gets level 3 drills and goes on the offensive. Thoughts?

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