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Battle Fantasia: Combos, Strategy, Discussion

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Now that the game is out, hopefully i'm not the only one that is taking a close look at the game.

Ashley (homo).


main: setting up a juggle so you can do 236ABC (heat activation + diagonal beast cannon), then beast cannon combo

sub: trying to land the 63214P command throw, which powers up 236A/C, which in turn sets up a juggle


Ashley is really good with basic high low throw oki because of his j.2C, which can be done very early in air for a pseudo-smalljump.

1. knockdown, wait, instant j.2C forward (crossup without a hit), 2B,2C,236A

2. knockdown, wait, instant j.2C forward (crossup without a hit), 63214A/C (has good range and easily snuffs people out of normals)

3. knockdown, wait, instant j.2C forward (crossup without a hit), land, 2369ABC for an instant overhead into HEAT up combo (note: if you did this after a command throw, your 236A will still be powered up. combo is 2369ABC, 236B, j.236A, j.236B, land & wait, 236A -> since the last 236A is done on the ground, the extra hit effect from the command throw gets triggered.

4. knockdown, wait a little longer, instant j.2C forward (hits as a normal jumpin), 2D,236A or any other combo of your choice

5. use this one sparringly: knockdown, wait, jump up, late j.C,2C (hits overhead), 2D, combo

6. see above: knockdown, wait, jump up, late j.2C (hits overhead), 2D, combo

important normals:

- j.D - excellent jumpin, quick, good "priority". since all jumpins have very long hitstun, it is easily hit confirmable into 2D, 236A or 2D, 236236B.

- j.2C - this move delays your landing if done late in a jump, and shortens your jump significantly if done early. nice to set up an opponent who likes to gachi jumpins. long hitstun, see j.D

- 2C - probably anti air, but very limited range.

- 2D - very long range, combos into 236A.

- 5D - again, long range, combos into most stuff, but is rather slow.

important chains:

2B,2C = low into a normal that combos into 236A/C or 236236B

A,C = probably nice for hit confirm, or simply to combo from a fast normal

C[1],6B = does not combo, not even vs. crouching opponent.

edit: just found those on the faq from nohoho on gamefaqs:

5A, 3D = not a combo.


j.C, j.2C = not a combo, but really evil when used as a jumpin. either a delayed overhead or crossup whiff, depending on your position when starting the chain.

simple combos:

2D, 236A - very long range, low combo. you will use it a lot, especially after jumpins.

5A, 5C[2], 236A/C - 614 dam, techable

2B,2C,236A/C - 555 dam, techable. you will use this one a lot as well - BnB after whiff crossup j.2C. rather short range.

2B, 2C, 236236B - 975 dam, 1 stock

2B,2B,2B,236236B - 850 dam, 1 stock

6B[2] (overhead), 236A/C - 547 dam, techable

5D, 236A/C - techable - good range

5D, 236236B - 1 stock - good range

j.2C or j.D, \/, 2C or 2D, 236A/C (hit confirmable) - 656 dam, techable

j.2C or j.D, \/, 2C or 2D, 236236B (hit confirmable) - 1029 dam, 1 stock

--> actually, 2D is 1f faster than 2C, and has more range, but only combos into 236A, not C. keep that in mind.

623B/D combos into 236236A fullscreen.

623B/D combos into heat up 236ABC in the corner.

63214B/D combos into heat up 236ABC anywhere.

powered up 236A/C combos into heat up 236ABC anywhere, but corner is tricky.

5B[2] combos into 236A (5B is as fast as 2B, so i dont know if thats really useful)

heat up setups / combos:

standard heat combo: (zig-zag pattern, alternating between horizontal and diagonal):

236A/C, 236B/D, short pause, j.236A/C, short pause, j.236B/D, short pause, 236A/C, 236B/D, whiff 236B/D (so that you land before your opp).

63214B, 236ABC, j.236B, \/, 236A, 236B, j.236A, j.236B. techable. does 1324 dam on urs. works on everyone except coyori.

for coyori: 63214B, 236ABC, j.236A, j.236B, \/, 236A, j.236B, j.236A.

powered up 236A/C, 236ABC, ...

j.2C,\/,2+ACD, 236A...

corner: 623B/D, 236ABC, ...

you can also add a 236236A at the end of a beast cannon combo, if you just landed from a 236B/D.

6+gachi combos:

fullscreen: 6 + gachi, j.D, \/, walk forward, early j.C[2],\/, 236236B/D - 1047 damage vs. urs, 1 stock

infinite off of 6+Gachi:

j.D (or C), \/, j.A, \/, (enemy & you need to be in the corner now), walk forward + C[only 2nd hit is allowed to hit) x N.

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Thanks for starting such a needed Topic, AtTheGates. This game is definitely not receiving the attention it deserves. :psyduck: Your Ashley guide is pretty good, I'll try to make a Freed one in a similar way soon. Damn, this game is fun, the parry/gachi system is rewarding and you can even say it's balanced... give it a chance, lazy people! :psyduck: *currently trying to get anything out of the jap wiki :vbang: *

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i got some minor stuff out of the jap wiki, but i'm in no mood to type it up right now - net play was really disappointing. there is heavy input lag, unlike ggpo or 2dfighter, where there is practically none. i had about 2 seconds of input lag, which means i had to jump, then enter the combo without even seeing the jump yet. i'll try it once more with someone i have a good ping to, but other than that, i'll keep clear of netplay. that said, normal 2p on one playstation is of course another story, and i'll continue to post stuff etc.

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Well I guess I'll Post what i know about URS cause I am really enjoying this game

Urs (The Hero!)


Urs plays similarly to your standard shoto from street fighter 2. He has a strong zoning game. Easy(ish) combos good damage and a plethora of good normals make him a strong and balance character.

Make sure you use his zoning game to your advantage. After knockdown start with the standard safe cross up , high, low, combo throw game we are all used to playing.

Special note: urs throw has extra cool down time so don't whiff those throws!


Your standard high/low/throw game. Don't forget bating wakeup with Gachi can be important and Urs has strong Gachi combos. Urs has an overhead in 6c (can be charged to unblockable) and I believe his is 6b also an overhead. I prefer the 6c. Also j.b is his crossup and can be setup as a safejump most easily off of DP though shoulder tackle works, it's just harder to time.

Important normals

5b - nice standing poke goes foward a little chains into 6c overhead

6b - i think this is the other overhead...

2b - hits from a long way away and is fast. Can be used to punish hard to punish things. Also is the starter for most of your basic combos.

5a - can be used as anti-air or just a general quick normal

5c (close) - gives frame advantage on hit just an all around great normal I cancel into fireball on block alot to continue pressure

5c (far) - kinda slow poke, but the range is good. I use it alot in the general footsie game. Cancel into fireball can be good.. watch out for 6+gatchi attempts and cancel into DP if they try it! (this won't always stop it but it can work.)

6c - long range overhead. Kinda slow but mix it into your game. can be fully charged to unblockable but that will probably not happen except against newbies.

Important chains

2b into itself

Also cahins into 2a... though I just use 2b cause it hits further.

5b, 6c standing attack into overhead.. kinda gimmicky but can work.

j.a, j.c... I don't use it but meh can be good against air gachi

Extra Heat Chains(thanks Deadly Magneto from SRK

5B, 2B

5B, 5D

5B, Far 5C

5B, 2C

Close C, 2C

The Specials (thanks Nonoho or Currey Allergy)

Barify Shot 236+A/C - The fireball! A goes slower travels less distance, C goes faster travels further. Lots of frame advantage when these hit you can combo a far c off it or a variety of other things. On block it seems decent as well.

Barify Blade 623+A/C - The DP your basic dp move, the light one is quicker doesn't go as high the fierce one adds hits but won't always knockdown if you don't get all the hits. D one is super cancelable.

Zero Yon Glide 214+B/D - Urs climes on his sword and flys foward. Hits multiple times. Fierce one goes further may take a little longer to startup. Safe on hit. Can be safe on block if distanced right. I've had the fierce one go over crouch blocking people and cross them up... but don't count on that cause then its punishable.... Overall its a very easy combo move and can be a decent poke due to quick startup.

Onsoku Tackle 236+B/D - Very fast tackle! D one goes further... I don't quite understand if this is safe on block or not... I think I've been punished for it, but the timing seems really strict. This move will go through projectiles but not right away! It cannot be canceled into I believe. Counter hit wall bounces allowing for a juggle. Great heat mode starter!

The Supers

Ba-ku-o-n Roadmaster 236236+A/C - General combo super... not really a good reversal or anything but good for combos.

Basilisk Burst 236236+B/D - kind of like a shinryuken... but it just is a hit. Has decent frame advantage on block but not really a good reversal. Limited combo oppurtunities. Damage isn't spectacular.... but whateva it is what it is.



1. Cr.b x 2 xx 214+lk (very easy combo doesn't knockdown decent for pressure, doesn't hit from the max distance of cr.bx2 but is safe on block if done from that far away.

2. Cr.b x 2 xx 623+HP (easy enough but distance specific if your too far away it wont hit or the first hit will hit but the rest won't and it won't knockdown... though if this happens you can always super cancel into 236x2+p and get the roadmaster.....)

3. Cr.b x 2 xx 236x2+p (basic combo into the roadmaster super nice basic hit confirm)

4. Cr.b x 2 kara cancel third cr.b into 236+k (hard combo to time right, I miss it alot though I havent really practiced it.... Its his best combo imo as the knockdown is nice and it hits from the tip of the cr.b. Of course works from one cr.b as well if your trying to punish something)

Punishment stuff

cr.b is quick and hits from far away so this into roadmaster or shoulder tackle is optimal. If they whiff something big you can also try far c into 214+d or roadmaster... though the timing for C is hard since it's slow.

anti-air stuff

cr.C is godly anti-air and can be canceled into dp for an easy combo or if you wait a step you can also use the 236x2+k super (basilisk burst) but it's harder to time that way and the C won't always work cause it will often trade. st.a also can work for this purpose.

Random pressure stuff... I do alot of far C into 236+c or 236+a for pressure.. if a random 236+c or a hits you can combo it directly into roadmaster or shoulder tackle if your fast. You can also do dash up c into roadmaster.

Heat Combo

basic heat combo off of like a gachi or just random heat activation is 236+b or d, 214+b, 623+c... alternatively after the 214+b you can try and tack on a cr.C or st.a and go into dp or basilisk burst if you have more meter.

can also heat combo off a wall bounce D.... or counter hit 236+b or d

Low gachi combo

jumping C, 5b, far C xx roadmaster is what I do....

Gachi combo without heat - j.c 2.c xx dp+c.. there may be something better but I don't really know.


if you hit them with a counter hit tackle out of the air you should be able to juggle another tackle and then a dp.... but timing would be super tight.

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there's a tutorial vid for URS on the jap wiki. combos are:

close C actually links into 3D for knockdown.

j.D, c.C, 214B - 662 dam. (no knockdown)

j.D, c.C, 214D - 805 dam. (no knockdown)

j.D, c.C, 623A - 759 dam, techable (but can knock down at least)

j.D, c.C, 623C - 885 dam, techable ("")

you can also kara cancel the 6C after 5B gatling.

for example: 2B,2A,5B, 6C kara cancel into 236B or 23623A

you can combo after basilisk burst

- 5C, 236A for a techtrap.

- 623A+B+D for HEAT up dragonpunch (knockdown & HEAT up, continue pressure)

- another basilisk burst (only good when it's a kill combo)

wow, everything i just typed up is gone. i think it was:

counterhit 5D or 236B/D stuff:

CH 236B/D or 5D, then:

236B/D (techable)

3D (knockdown)

far C, 236A (if they tech, they land in the fireball - pressure string)


upper gachi drive combos:

6G, j.D, \/, j.C, \/, j.D, techable

6G, j.D, \/, j.C, \/, 623A[1 hit] - slightly better damage than above, techable

6G, j.D, \/, j.C, \/, 5D - knockdown, better damage than above

6G, jump back + heat, 214B, 236B, 214B, 236B, 214B, 623A - knockdown, 877 damage, 1 stock

6+G+HEAT (yeah, that works), j.D, \/, j.C, \/, j.D, \/, 623A knockdown, 862 damage, 1 stock

fullscreen: 6G, jump forward + HEAT, j.D, \/, walk forward, C, walk forward, D, 236B, 214B, 623A - 1075 dam, knockdown, 1 stock. fullscreen needed.

some 6G combo from the end of the video (might be hard):

6+G, heat up 236A, 214B, 623A - 1224 dam (!), knockdown, 1 stock

lower gachi drive combos:

fullscreen: 3+G, j.D, \/, 5B,5D,2D,3D, 214B - 808 dam, techable

into corner: 3+G, j.D, \/, 5B,5D,2D,3D, 23523B - 1251 dam, knockdown, 1 stock

into corner: 3+G, jump forward, HEAT, j.D, chain j.C, \/, 5B,5D,2D, karacancel C? into 236B, 214B, 623A - 1077 dam, knockdown, 1 stock

HEAT up combos:

c.C (vs. crouching opponent), link 236+B+A+C (heat up shoulder), 236A, 214B, 623A - 1372 damage, knockdown, 1 stock

final clip shows that far C is hit confirmable into 23623A.

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i've done some experiments (i am a game tester and currently got nothing to do, so i had to vent):


(higher means they take more damage, like in guilty gear)

(important note: there is damage reduction once chars lose a certain amount of life. It only happens below 50% health in increasing amounts)

watson: 1.3055

coyori: 1.1318

marco: 1.1058

olivia: 1.0925

odile: 1.0877

cedric: 1.0833

ashley: 1.08,22

urs: 1.0

freed: 0.9374

face: 0.93465

deathbringer: 0.85525

donvalve: 0.7822

how to calculate / how that even affects you:

first of all, the HP values of all chars:

watson: 2190HP

marco: 2680HP

cedric: 2830HP

odile & dokurod: 3100HP

coyori: 3150HP

olivia: 3200HP

urs: 3650 HP

ashley: 3470HP

freed: 4100HP

face: 4440HP

deathbringer: 5500HP

donvalve: 6580HP

since there is a damage modificator, it looks as if you do more damage to don valve than to watson if you use the same combo. However, if you look at how much % of the life bar the combo takes off, you can see that you do a lot more damage to watson than to donvalve. This is how the defense values were created (of course i did extensive testing).

also note that some characters have more HP than others, but worse defense, so ultimately, the defense modifier is the important thing to look at.

and also:

always use the same enemy char in practice to avoid confusion. I suggest URS.


(first testing, urs only, tested with single hits, inaccurate)

- 49% health: 98% damage

- 33,3% health: 89% damage

- 20% health: 82% damage

- 10% health: 68% damage

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dope! Thanks for the extra stuff. The stuff I had is just stuff taken from general play. Interesting that you can link off close C to 3d.. I knew it had alot of frame advantage but didn't have the numbers for all the normals to know what worked. Another interesting thing is I didn't know couchers had more hitstun... thats good to know.

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Got to play a bunch yesterday, and yeah this game is really good. Unfortunately we were stuck with less than ideal converters and no hi-def, so hopefully should have that sorted out by next time. I'm maining Freed so far and possibly using Deathbringer and Olivia as extras. Anyone have some solid Freed Heatup combos yet? I'd found a few decent ones but nothing super reliable yet. Any: [4]6B, 2C [2]8C, [4]6C Mid: [4]6B, [4]6A, 2B [4]6A, 2B [4]6C Corner: [4]6B, [2]8A, [2]8C [4]6B, 2C [2]8C, [2]8C Gotta be better stuff than this though. His other combos are pretty strait forward it seems, mostly chaining into [4]6A or going for a mixup. Although I did notice you can do [2] 5C 8A/C just like you can with Venom, which might be useful for some advanced combos. BTW, anyone know what the difference is between Arcade and Consumer mode yet? I'm guessing they just removed the infinites but I didn't get to fiddle with it much.

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In match vids it looks like Freed does UPPA over and over again in Heat mode, but I dunno which version.

you do the double hit one and then the single hit one and then another single hit one so on and so fort. They have to juggle off the shadow that follows up for that to work! Basically with freed you should be able to knockdown into what I think is an unblockable with quick heat activated overhead dash punch... cr.short as the shadow hits. then I think you cancel that into straight dash punch, and then if you're in the corner you do the double upper. Into the single upper over and over!

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Isn't this game out for PS3, too? I might order it because I want to play with flag girl(Or mayby neko girl). Game looks pretty interesting.

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gwyrgyn, for freed gachi combos, check the jap wiki, they have LOTS of them, even more than regular combos ;)

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oh okay well thats fine then... but it has more hitstun or something so you can link a cr.C into another one.... I swear I've seen combos with two of the overhead ones in it.....

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Thank you SO MUCH for starting this thread, I was about to come in here and do it myself.

I play like half the cast, so I'm gonna write up a little bit for the characters I play. I REALLY like Olivia for some reason, so I'm gonna do one for her first.

Yes there is a PS3 version furix, it's what I'm playing.

BTW I play primary Freed, secondary Olivia. Aside from them I'm also seriously playing Cedric, Donvalve, Coyori and Marco. I'm gonna do the cedric guide next if no one else wants to.

Lastly before my guide I'm going to throw in the sexiest (rare is the time I get to call a combo "sexy") DeathBringer combo in the history of the world: Low Gachi Drive -> Heat Up! -> j.C -> close 5C -> far 5C -> 2C -> auto-super

OLIVIA GUIDE (flag girl)

Notable normals

standing/crouching A - they're like the only things you have frame advantage on. Useful for tick throws on the ground.

Far standing C - Good poke, has long range and a disjointed hitbox. IIRC it's safe from gachi drive at max distance.

Crouching C - Also good as a poke, and cancels into 236C. Useful in combos off of grab.

Close C - Same as above but you won't exactly be poking much with it. More situational than 2C in grab combos.

Crouching D - Combos into 236C in the corner guaranteed, and everywhere else under some set of conditions I'm not sure of yet (for all I know it's just timing). Decent range, disjointed hitbox. A little slow, so be careful.

Jumping B - probably the best move to tick throw with. j.A is alright but j.B seems to have a bigger hitbox.

Jumping C - If you think it'll hit, goes into combos better than any other air normal. The downward angle is very good to have.

Command normals

6B - Overhead. Worth sticking out sometimes but it's like 200 damage and you don't get anything else off of it. You've got better mixups.


236A/C: the dashy combo move. Not much good for any other purpose as it's not safe on block. She rides the flag and pokes her opponent.

63214A/C: the command grab that gets you a free combo. Effect (hitstun) varies slightly depending on character. C has enough range to work, so use that. I don't know if A has more range.

623A/C: a shoryuken with no priority or invincibility. Don't use it.

air 214B: dive move. Holding it makes the dive hit not happen and does a shorthop on landing, lets you mixup like crazy. Dive hit is really good, see combos.

236236A/C: Dash move super. Combos off of most things Olivia does. Unsafe on block.

214214A/C: Flag twirl super. Combos off of most things Olivia does in the corner. Slightly more damage out of the supers. Much less range as Olivia doesn't move. Also unsafe on block, but much less so. You have enough time to use 236A afterward to move in again.

Heat Up! (A+C/B+D): 4 birds attack on every hit Olivia does. Tacks on some extra damage, helps your pressure, etc, but it's probably not worth the meter when you can combo into super as easily as Olivia can and it messes up tick throws. ADDED NOTE: Although what it DOES do is let you combo off of your overhead. Heat up into immediate overhead might be a good surprise, but then you'll have to mix up what's coming after the Heat Up afterward.


Command grab

On characters who are stunned longer by the grab (Urs, Marco, etc):

command grab -> dash -> close 5C -> 236C/214214C/236236C

On anyone who's not stunned for very long (Ashley, Face, etc):

Command grab -> 2C -> 236C/236236C

command grab -> 214214C (just for style points)

Should only be used on Watson:

command grab -> 236C/236236C (won't all combo but will reset into the finisher)

Dive move

The dive move has a mixup aspect. It's fairly safe anyway, but the mixup is nice to have, so I've placed that into combos.

j.214B -> 236C/236236C (again, resets into finisher)

j.214 -> (land -> command grab)/(j.C -> close 5C -> 236C)

Brief strategy summary

Olivia plays sort of like 3S Makoto with a worse overall game. You'll always try to hit your command grab, and what you get off of that command grab, while nowhere near as deadly as Makoto death combos off of a random grab, can do enough damage to scare the opponent. Generally hitting the grab is your focus, and you'll throw other mixups in to keep them guessing. Use Olivia's strong pokes at neutral, and when on the defensive, try to land Gachi -> command grab.

Very limited matchup notes


Watson kind of owns Olivia's grab. It becomes a lot less useful in this matchup, since Watson spends a lot of time keeping people out from my experience, and because you don't get as much out of hitting the grab anyway. Don't completely rule it out, but you'll want to try to hit Watson in general as opposed to focusing on the grab.


Your command grab is more useful than normal, since Marco is one of the characters who is stunned long enough for dash -> close 5C to connect out of the grab. However, Marco is going to have you on the defense until you get started on him. j.2C is very susceptible to Gachi -> command grab, so use it. On a whiffed shoryuken or Gachi Matched spring kick, you can do a standalone close C -> 214214C. If he brings out Charshu (uses Heat Up), just stay on the defensive until you have an opening, and command grab.


Face has a few things that you can punish really badly. On Gachi, Texas Knee is susceptible to command grab as he moves forward a lot. Gunshots into overhead mixup is slow enough that you can command grab him out of the overhead, since he rolls in to do it. The dive move might not be as good an idea due to Texas Knee's speed and priority. Try to parry a gunshot that moved him in and command grab him for it. Since Face outdamages Olivia so much, you'll want to make sure you're hitting him a lot more than he's hitting you. Be careful in your defense and wait for an opening, but don't let up on the offense either. Make him afraid to even use Texas Knee while you're rushing down.

I don't claim to be the best Olivia or anything, I just think I know what I'm doing enough to write up a guide. Corrections and additions very much welcomed, as is feedback on the format because I'll probably be doing the same thing for the Cedric guide. My matchups are all based on one player who's been playing with me since the game came out on PS3. IMO we're both solid players, but he might just have some bad habits that make some matchups look a lot better than they are, heh.

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CEDRIC GUIDE (shota harry potter everyone is gay for for some reason, no really go do ashley's command grab on him)

Notable normals

The entire D button - Notable because you're not going to use it. I list this first before even mentioning jabs because you're going to spend the entire match doing all you can to hold down the D button for a drop kick. This is IMPORTANT.

Standing/crouching A - Just to make people block a sonic boom, really.

crouching B - This move is GOOD for three reasons. First, it's the only real low Cedric has while holding D. Second, it combos into dropkick for MASSIVE damage. Third, you can easily combo into it. See combos later on.

Crouching C - Launches, great in combos off of dropkick or just out of nowhere as it also doesn't reset. Decent priority/might have a disjointed hitbox.

Jumping C - Properties of crouching C without launching. Probably the best jump-in Cedric has (his jump-ins are more useful than you might expect thanks to the command jump).

Command Normals

6D - useless. see above. It's a relatively fast (but EXTREMELY obvious) overhead that can be charged to be unblockable, but 99.9% of the time it's more useful to hold down the button for the dropkick. Might be able to catch someone off guard as they won't expect Cedric to do an overhead, but this is only good if it won you the round.

4B - SUPER good. A kick that moves Cedric forward. Helps him get charges for the sonic boom, and if you hit with it, you can get the aforementioned MASSIVE damage as it can combo into 2B. Going into Cedric, I personally thought that it wouldn't be a good move to randomly stick out in attack range. I'm used to charge characters having moves that move them forward, but at the risk that they suck horribly on block. This move is +7 on block. Do it whenever you have the time to. There is no risk except for gachi, and all you need to do to avoid that is not be predictable.

Chains/Attack Set

2A -> 2B

2A -> 5B

2B -> 4B

2B -> 2C

2B -> 6D

All very good except 2A -> 5B (less range than 2B) and 2B -> 6D (usually useless). Combos listed further down.


[4]6A/C - Sonic boom! Very short recovery, but the charge time is enough that you can't just use this as your entire lockdown or anything. There are a lot of ways to get this particular charge, so it shouldn't be a problem.

[2]8B/D - Flash kick! VERY fast, seems to have invuln and definitely has massive priority. THE reversal move without meter.

[2]8A/C - Command jump? A is a very short hop, and C jumps VERY far. Gives you a way around things and to clear a LOT of ground while holding a sonic boom input. ([1]7A/C)

[D] - The drop kick. Without a doubt THE best move in the game IMO. Holding D for 2 seconds or so gets you a level 1 drop kick, for very meh damage and speed. Holding it for 2 more seconds gets you a level 2 drop kick, which is VERY fast, and does a decent amount of damage as a poke/combo ender. The one that REALLY makes this move shine is level 3. Level 3 wallslams, allowing you to combo. A VERY VERY scary level 4 exists, but it takes 100 seconds or something along those lines to charge, so you won't see it much. When you DO have a level 4 dropkick... It had DAMN well better hit. If you hit a level 4 dropkick, you've all but won the round since it does like 60% of your opponent's lifebar ON ITS OWN. Use in combos and as a whiff punisher at all levels (except 1, just keep charging in this case).

236236A/C - Fireball super. Very fast, can get you out of some situations when used as a reversal, but it doesn't have invuln so be careful. Decent damage on hit, pretty good chip, and you can throw another fireball in while it's going.

236236B/D - Counter super. Instant, covers all air and ground hit zones, does a RIDICULOUS amount of damage, and even gets you a whole free combo. COMPLETELY worth gambling with for that damage.

Heat Up! (A+C/B+D) - Cedric gets ANGRY FACE POWERS. Specials in general are powered up. Throw two sonic booms instead of one, flashkick does 3 hits instead of 1. JP Wiki mentions something about drop kick getting a buff as well but I'm not sure what it is. Meter is probably better saved for counter supers, depending on the matchup.


Japanese wiki combos for the most part. Any combos into dropkick can be done with levels 2-4, but only level 3 and 4 will allow the continuations listed afterwards.

Ground combos

4B (link) (2A x 1-3) 2B -> Lv. 3/4 Dropkick -> walk forward -> 2C -> flashkick

This is THE Cedric combo. It is your best friend, and a TON of damage for no meter.

5C -> Lv. 3/4 Dropkick -> 2C -> flashkick

Variation of the above.

2B -> 2C -> flashkick

I'm not sure if this works. Theoretically, good for saving a dropkick charge when you don't need the extra damage, if you're near level 4, if you're not to level 3 yet, etc.

CH 2B -> 4B -> 2B -> Lv. 3/4 dropkick -> 2C -> flashkick

No comment. Standard fare stuff really, but preferable to (2B -> dropkick) if you hit that CH 2B.

2B -> 236236C

Stalls so you can get a level 3 dropkick ready.

Counter super -> Lv. 3 dropkick -> flashkick/236236C


Anti-air combo

2C -> flashkick

Cedric is below the hitbox for 2C so this can be a good idea sometimes. 2C is still a little slow, so be careful.

Gachi combos

On Upper Gachi Drive:

j.C -> standing C -> Lv. 3 dropkick -> flashkick/236236C

On Lower Gachi Drive:

sj.A j.B -> 2A 2B 5C -> Lv. 3 Dropkick -> j.C -> flashkick

Throw combos

Throw -> flashkick

Throw -> 236236C (corner only)

Throw -> dropkick -> if level 3 -> flashkick

Brief strategy summary

Cedric's damage and rushdown are scary. Even though he has no particularly good high/low game, sonic booms have extremely small recovery time and can keep an opponent locked down. All B&B combos lead to a knockdown and enough time for cedric to throw an oki sonic boom. Almost anything Cedric does goes into a combo for at least 600-700 or so approx. damage, if not 1200 provided you have a dropkick charged up. Work on holding the dropkick and landing combos into it, apply typical charge tricks, and you're set. Especially since his damage is so scary, opponents might be scared into blocking more by Cedric than other characters, so don't forget you can throw.

An added note after messing around with Cedric's throw:

You still get combos off of throw no matter what, so they're fucked either way if they guess wrong. Scary.

Very limited matchup notes


Easy easy easy. Deathbringer's only real tool against Cedric is being able to keep him out well. Even moreso than against other characters, Cedric's counter super is amazingly useful here. Deathbringer's attacks are extremely telegraphed, so abuse that counter super as much as humanly possible.


Where most other characters have more trouble than usual dealing with Urs' multi-hit moves, Cedric has a REALLY easy way out: Gachi however many times you want and depending on move, then counter super. You can throw fireballs better than Urs can as well, since his stop at half-screen. Watch out for his DP, however; it takes a bit of the command jump's effectiveness away since being in the air overall is a little less of a good idea.

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Aaaaaand triple post, but I'm trying to keep my guide separate from this since it's all about a completely different character.

Here's an Urs tutorial of sorts I found on the japanese wiki. The actual video is on Nicovideo. Here's a link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3524370

I might do a combo list for the video. I'll edit it into this post if I do.

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thx necrosis for the cedric info, i found it very insightful. i actually played deathbringer vs. cedric yesterday against a person playing cedric the first time, and i lost. this is scary.

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Aaaaaand triple post, but I'm trying to keep my guide separate from this since it's all about a completely different character.

Here's an Urs tutorial of sorts I found on the japanese wiki. The actual video is on Nicovideo. Here's a link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3524370

I might do a combo list for the video. I'll edit it into this post if I do.

did you check whether that's the vid i was referring to when i posted the combo transcripts on page 1? probably the same tutorial. you can find it on the URS part of the jap wiki.

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Deathbringer is a bit tricky to use just because of his size and slowness of moves. I love the fact that his 2B is so good though that you can easily react to a hit and go into 623 from it. But for sure you've got to be REALLY good at parrying to be good with him. BTW, any idea how to use his Heat Up ability?

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