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[CP] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

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So i should be doing classwork right now but i want to do anything but that so here is a corner oki writeup:


Combo into the setup:




Ex: [Luna]5DD>236B~22A>236D~22A>5DD>214D>66A>2C>623C>2DD>6C>236D~22A>214D~C~22A


You need to make a combo as long as possible to give sickle the same effect as Noel's 22B, where if they don't tech asap, they get reset for a new combo)

You buffer 22A so that if spike chaser hits, you get modechange, if it whiffs, you don't.



You delay spike chaser just a little bit if you are close


If you are further from the corner don't delay;


This will make it so the first spike to reach the opponent will pick up rolls/nontech/quick tech,

If they do so, you can do: >22A>236C~22A>236D~22A>6A>2C>2147D>6A>6B>623C>2DD>6C>236D>22A>214D~C~22A



If they neutral tech to avoid a combo reset, the back of a spike will put them in blockstun.

You have enough time to hold back for just a moment to see if there is a superflash (characters with command dash distortions like ragna, terumi, bang) and still get mixup with the following:






iad j.B
iad (emptyjump)2B





Be careful against:

Tager (A sledge, 720 when you are magnetized)

Bang (6D, nuff said, you can easily beat it if you see it by doing a falling j.C)

Rachel (Windtech, just use gravity oki against her)

Kokonoe (Teleport, you can just 5C fatal her if you see it though)

Relius (Ley, same as koko teleport)

Izayoi (Phorizer, will hit you if you delay spike chaser too much)

Hazama (Same as phorizer with houtenjin)


Why use this over sickle/gravity oki?

Current setups into sickle can either be nonteched or rolled out of.
If they don't tech sickle oki, you can convert it into this oki so it isn't exactly bad to keep using sickle oki.
You get stronger mixup in dia form (air act parsers, crescent cancel, backdash parser to bait DPs)
You actually put them in blockstun immedaitely (unlike with gravity oki)
You can set a gravity seed during spike blockstun.

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Speaking of tech traps, here is one that tricks people into rolling a lot or just not getting up.





SMP spike hits just moments before last hit of sickle, giving hard knockdown, smp making it, once again, like noel 22B ender. Cancelling spike with 22A can let you do an attack to catch them immediately without giving them time to think. If you think they won't tech, 2B won't bluebeat. It will be a reset. (delay it just a little)

You can do 2B>2C>2147D>3C>236D~22A>6A>5C>6C>236D>66B>236C>6A>623C

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Yeah I can see the possibility you have with this combo i'm gona laught saturday :D . A short combo tech trap with [dia] 2A>2B>3C>236D>22A>6A>5C>6C>236D>236C>6A>623C>3C> 214D or 236D (immediate) 

With 214D after tech trap you can [Luna] 5C>6C>CT>236D( must be very high if you want 236D hit )>236C>22A>5C>236D>22A>5C>2C>623C>3C =5802/62 (7189 in OD)

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for [Luna]214D, max damage with CT would be something like:



[Luna]214D>CT>236C>214A>5C>2C>2147D>6B>2C>623C>2DD>6C>236D~22A>{214D~C(for oki)}{214D~22A>2DD>TK632146D for damage}{214D~22A>2DD>OD>2DD>632146D for OD}


You generally want to include: 236C, Luna Crescent, Gravity, 236D (Luna),......


If you want to push out every bit possible, you always want to throw in gravity either as your second move, the move right after CT, or the move right after 236C.


(I think thats the damage route anyways, i'll check after class, that may actually be the meter gain route)



I'm leaving this post unfinished since i have some stuff i still gotta do. The combo route may be incorrect too since i'm posting from class and don't have bb in front of me to test it.

I'll finish this post later.


[Luna] 214D~22A>214D~22A>CT>236D>6B>236C>214A~22A>236D~22A>6B>2C>623C>2DD>236D~22A>214D~C


That gives you spike oki and pretty much max damage off of a 214D i think.

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Are there any other ways to go into Nu~chan's unblockable besides spaced 4B in the corner that I RARELY get and I only confirmed into the unblockable setup ONCE BUT failed the 236D~C part, actually, is Nu~chan's unblockable even useful?

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