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[CP] Jin vs Bullet

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Match Start
You might find this funny but your 5D beats pretty much everything she throws at you at the start of the match. Just don't get too predictalbe with it as she can 66 2B/5B you out of it. If she starts doing that, you can always poke her back with 5C which will net you a nice CH.


Full Screen
Long-Mid Range
Point Blank

Offense and Defense

Your Offense vs Her Defense
Her Offense vs Your Defense

Gimmicks and Miscellaneous Info

Misc. Info

Frame Advantage/Neutral, Disadvantage, and Punishes
Frame Advantage

2A (+1)

5C (0)

CT (+4)

236[A] (+3)



Level 0 Red Lock 5D/j.D (+2)

Level 1 5D/j.D (+4)

Level 1 Red Lock 5D/j.D (+6)

Level 2 5D/j.D (+6)

Level 2 Red Lock 5D/j.D (+9)



Level 1 2D (0)

Level 1 Red Lock 2D (+2)

Level 2 2D (+2)

Level 2 Red Lock 2D (+2)



Level 1 6D (0)

Level 1 Red Lock 6D (+2)

Level 2 6D (+2)

Level 2 Red Lock 6D (+4)


Frame Disadvantage

2C (-5, can be Drive canceled though)

3C (-7, can be special canceled though)

236A (-5)



Level 0 5D/j.D (-10, punish with 5B)

Level 0 2D and Red Lock 2D (-10 and -8, punish with 66 5B)

Level 0 6D and Red Lock 6D (-10 and -8, punish with 66 5B)

623B (-29, CH state)

41236C Whiff (CH state, punish with 5C)

236214C (-15, CH state, punish with 5C)


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I'm having trouble with this match-up.  It's hard for me to deal with Bullet's j. C, I don't know how to properly anti-air it.

When she has her Heat, are there gaps I should be looking for in her pressure also?

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2C is actually an ok anti-air in this game, use it.


You can try and jump out after she uses any of her Drives, except for Level 2 5D/j.D which are +6 and +9 after Red Lock and it doesn't take too long to get Red Locked when she's at Level 2. .


The more obvious gaps are after a 5B JC, after a 6C, and after a 5C. 5C is neutral on block, so if you want to jump out now's your chance.

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Every time I tried using 2C, I was already too late and she ends up behind me.  Should I try anticipate something, or is there something I should look for?

The advice for grounded pressure is really useful.  Thanks. :d

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if you're too late on 2C, try 623B. It's faster.


You can generally walk all over bullet as jin. In fact you can walk all over bullet as most characters.

the 5C 2A blockstring is pretty easy to get out of, since 5C is just +0. Jin can't trade 2As with her since his is 7f and bullet's is 6f.


Here's options:

If she does 5C 2A:

6B will be blocked by bullet but put you at advantage

623D will hit her out of 2A

yukki will counter the 2A


note that if she does 5C -> 2C she will catch jump and 6B in startup frames, but it will lose yukki, 623D, and even 623C.



Notes on her safejump:

properly executed bullet safejump will beat both 623C and 623D.

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Bullet's 2b beats out all of Jin's normals except 6b, 2b and 2a. Also her 2a is only 6 frames on startup, so trying to microdash 5b and 2b even after 6b or 2D can get you mashed out.

Keep her mid range and play footsies. 2D, 5D, j.c are all your best friends. 2C is a decent antiair against her because of her vertical approaching aerials and it catches her drives if placed right. Don't get too far from her or else she gets a free heat charge.

While defending, remember she's plus on her drives if she has lv1 or lv2 heat and she's +1 on a fully charged 5c. Just respect it and dp her when she tries 3c > D or if you IB a meaty.

When on offense, be careful of her 2a mash. Her DP is pretty bad but keep an eye for that too. Other than those 2 factors, you can pretty much roll one her.

Play the matchup right and Jin pretty much can bop bullet unless she makes some crazy reads or you make a mistake.

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She's completely free without heat up gauge. When she has it, stay out of her range (especially if you're in the air) and throw a couple swords. If she knocks you away and tries to increase her heat up gauge, you can EX ice car on reaction. If she uses a drive attack without heat up, its minus on block. Some bullet players will try to make up for this by using 2C and restarting pressure without going into drive. You can mash out of this, but if she does use her drive, you'll get counter hit. If any bullet player is noobish enough to do 6C into J.C just 2C on reaction for a free punish. Delay tech a lot to avoid wake up drive cross ups. Even if she uses flint shooter, you can still just air tech away because it doesn't start a new combo for her. Also, try to learn to block her overhead. It's her only real mix up and if you defend against that, she has nothing.


This match up seems like a 7-3 to me in Jins favor. His range and stagger pressure beats hers and her only advantage is during the heat levels.

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