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[CP] Jin vs Tsubaki

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Match Start


Full Screen
Long-Mid Range
Point Blank

Offense and Defense

Your Offense vs Her Defense
Her Offense vs Your Defense

Gimmicks and Miscellaneous Info

Misc. Info

Frame Advantage, Disadvantage, and Punishes

Frame Advantage
Frame Disadvantage


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1) Jump like a mofo

2) Bait DPs

3) Dont run in when she's charging


5) Profit


Seriously though. All of her main approaches can be jumped over and punished on the way down. If the Tsubaki player is good she'll air grab you after some point so throw out 5D every now and then as alternative. It's not as good as jumping over and it takes more timing but it works.


Tsubaki has a two part dragon punch but it has bad horizontal range. You can backdash it if you have the timing down. I don't believe she can use the follow if it wiffs (Can someone confirm this for me?)


I've personally found that trying to hit Tsubaki while she's charging isn't worth it. She'll throw out the orb or counter you when you run it, Better off to just throw some swords and wait for her to charge at you. Then follow step 1.


Lastly, try to jump out of her pressure every now and then. That new command grab is a bitch.

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