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I-no vs Justice

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Let's get some discussion going on Justice. This hasn't seemed like a bad matchup at all so far for me, but I'm lacking in experience. (Our local Justice prefers to play other characters against my I-No.) Anyone have any thoughts/experience on fighting the huge fembot? I'll come back later and update the first post as information comes to light.

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I have to replay/enter training mode to test some things here myself, but I'll list a few notes I have from playing my friend who mains Justice.

6321466 (dash momentum HCL) is really nice to master for this matchup, as HCL punishes Justice hard for doing the Napalm bomb but doesn't go full screen.

Whatever you do, do not try to 6p Justice's j.HS, it just doesn't work. Pre-emptive j.p/AA Force Break/AA VCL/air IB then air throw or ground throw/backdash etc. is way better.

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I didn't want to post before because I don't play nearly enough, and I'm also limited on time and will forget stuff (I even forgot to start a post here to revise later), but my Sol maining friend subs Justice now, I've played against Pignutz online a few times with a great connection, and I've played against Justice in local tournaments once or twice, so I have a little to say.

First, I feel like the matchup would probably be in her favor because her hitboxes are so damn good, but probably only 55/45. I don't think it could be 6/4, and I could also see it being even.

1. Justice nuke spam is a joke in this matchup. It can shut down other characters, but each nuke has nearly a full second of recovery, which means we get to CH HCL and get rid of any nukes on screen for free if she spams them like an idiot. I've played against nuke spam, and it's far scarier to play against someone that walks behind a single nuke and knows how to use her normals. She can FRC to be safe, and can get some dangerous setups if she knocks us down (Nuke > Nuke FRC > mixup). If she can safely get 2 nukes on the screen, it gets trickier. You can Stroke under them, but the blast range is enormous and will get you if Justice releases the button. You can try to dive in, but that usually results in getting counter hit or thrown if Justice is baiting you to do that. You can't block all day, but don't be afraid to block at mid range and wait for Justice to fuck up. You definitely have options to get around nukes, but Justice can bait them. Even HCL can be dodged with her 6P, and if you commit to HCL and she blocks or avoids it, now the nukes are that much closer to you.

2. Her mixup is stronger than you would think. Her 5D can go under things, even if it is slow. Her 5P hits low for the second hit, and gatlings into 6P/2K as well as itself. 6P is an overhead that starts fast as an AA but takes time to hit almost everyone low (I think just Pot will get hit by the first hit crouching). You're looking at 50/50 mixups with stuff like 5P (block first hit) > 6P/2K, or even another 5P to reset the mixup, or letting the second hit come out for low > 6P/2K. Having nukes on top of you makes it difficult to see what she's doing, and if one gets on the other side of you, she'll use it to push you back in if her mixup fails, so that she can run more mixups. She can also FRC Nuke > mixup at the right range since the FRC point is 7-10. Also, I just looked it up and noticed that her 2K is hitstop 6, which makes it a scary tick-throw tool considering her throw range ties Potemkin. It's -5, but that doesn't even matter if she doesn't need to take a step forward to get into throw range and you have less time to react to it because of the reduced hitstop.

3. Michael Sword has a great hitbox, and both this move and nukes have tons of untechable time. I've clashed max range grounded Michael Sword with 5P before. The scary thing is that if Justice is jumping in on you, and you TK FBdive expecting her j.H (it's a good option to beat it like Honnou mentioned), the first hits of air Michael sword and FB Dive will clash, and the second hits will trade. THIS IS A TERRIBLE THING. She can't tech for 60 frames, but we can't tech for 80 something + about 60 frames of floorslide after we hit the ground. This means that Justice gets to recover, then start a combo from full screen. The very first time this happened, Pignuts confirmed into Michael Blade and fucked me up. Justice has all day to do it.

4. Michael Blade has enough startup time that if you play safely you can SB it on reaction, but the hitbox is basically anything from about the top of her head down, across the whole screen. You can get ****ed for using a note or just about anything else at the wrong time. Really, the entire bottom half of the screen is the hitbox. It's not hard to bait, but it can ruin your life if you're careless.

5. Justice's 6H is hard to deal with since it hits twice, lingers forever, and has a gigantic hitbox, so she'll OS throw with it a lot since she has Pot's ground throw range. It's really REALLY hard to use Stroke in this matchup. You can go under a nuke if you're unpredictable enough with it, and you can sometimes go under hitboxes, but Justice's 5H and 6H have the vertical range to hit us. This also means that we can't use Stroke to bait a throw since those moves will catch us, and her great backdash can also dodge it. It's possible to catch her backdashes, but fucking up means you get thrown > 30% combo > oki. Hell, watch out for Justice just using throw, since if you try to jump out you'll probably get hit by the 5/6H, if you backdash you'll probably get clipped by meaty 6H, and if she's out of range you get to block her 6H which builds tons of guard bar.

6. It's hard to use notes, but it's possible to shoot them around nukes. You wont necessarily hit Justice, but you can lock her down for a while, giving you the time to get around the existing nukes and reset to neutral instead of her initiative.

7. Watch for her tail counter when you get close but don't have her locked down. It's active for forever and you'll accidentally attack into it thinking it's going to be in recovery at first, but it starts on frame 9, and it has plenty of recovery after the active window, so learn to wait for that or meaty her appropriately. It also doesn't stop lows and projectiles. Don't be afraid of it.

8. Don't forget about SBT, but it's not a great DP. You can super through it, and only the front of her body is invincible while she moves backwards. It's more of a zoning tool since it has a massive hitbox. It gives her another option, but it's also nothing to be scared of.

9. Justice's dead angle is listed as not being throw invincible. ;)

10. Grounded Saperia Trance isn't really anything to be that scared of because it takes forever to recover. It is active for a long time and travels a great distance, and it has loads of invincibility, but you can play around it when near the ground since her ground normals tend to do a great job in this matchup anyway. She generally just has better options when staying on the ground. TKing the air one is a better setup since it has half the recovery, even though it has half the active time. She only travels about 1/2 screen distance when using it and it wall bounces on hit, so she has time to hit-confirm to 6H, or throw you if you block it or if it whiffed. It'll go through your stuff with invincibility (HCL tends to trade it). It's -40 off the guard bar, so the resulting combo is going to be weak unless she cranked the guard bar first. Don't panic burst this move since she normally has plenty of time to confirm the wallbounce.

11. Her f.S is going to be used to push us out a lot or attempt to hit us at max range. She's probably going to follow up with Michael Sword, or possibly 2D which could catch you jumping, or Nukes if the player thinks they can get away with it. I'm also pretty sure that 2S's vertical hitbox prevents us from stroking under it, and it has a lot of range like her f.S does (not quite as much if I remember right). Her j.K is also really nice for air to air against us once we start harassing with our j.P, but if she commits to it and whiffs we get to punish her.

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