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Hokuto No Ken: Japanese Matchvids

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a jagi that can win a tournament? WRONG.

a jagi that can win a tournament and can OCV the last 3 teams? HELL YEAH.

the older entry of the 2:

0回戦 5様(Shin)・HIGE(Thouther) VS ぽち(Mamiya)・イチ(Ken)

1回戦1 ジョイソル(Ken)・ひろt(Toki) VS ぽち(Mamiya)・イチ(ken)

1回戦2 本部(Toki)・日本刀(Shin) VS アクセル(Juda)・マサト(Rei)

1回戦3 QMZ(Jagi)・鉄(Rei) VS ミッヒ(Raoh)・ザァパポヨ(Thouther)

1回戦4 ヅャギ(Jagi)・L.E.D(Toki) VS 孔明(Toki)・J.King(Rei)

2回戦1 アクセル(Rei)・アクセル(Juda) VS イチ(Ken)・ぽち(Mamiya)

2回戦2 QMZ(Jagi)・鉄(Rei) VS J.King(Rei)・孔明(Toki)

準決勝 QMZ(Jagi)・鉄(Rei) VS マサト(Rei)・アクセル(Juda)

2nd part of the tourney, the newest blog entry:

1回戦1 本部(Toki)・日本刀(Shin) VS ひろt(Toki)・ジョイソル(Ken)

[1回戦2 ザァパポヨ(Thouther)・ミッヒ(Raoh) VS L.E.D(Toki)・ヅャギ(Jagi)

2回戦1 本部(Toki)・日本刀(Shin) VS J.King(Rei)・孔明(Toki)

2回戦2 ザァパポヨ(Thouther)・ミッヒ(Raoh) VS イチ(Ken)・ぽち(Mamiya) <-- CRAZY ken. must see.

3回戦1 HIGE(Thouther)・5様(Shin) VS J.King(Rei)・孔明(Toki) <-- very exciting match.

3回戦2 QMZ(Jagi)・鉄(Rei) VS イチ(Ken)・ぽち(Mamiya) <-- jagi action, wtf!

決勝 QMZ(Jagi)・鉄(Rei) VS HIGE(Thouther)・5様(Shin) <-- jagi trying to pull of a bounce combo that actually looks usable in a match. argh.

決勝 QMZ(Jagi)・鉄(Rei) VS マサト(Rei)・アクセル(Juda) <-- finals.

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1回戦1 はと(Toki)・ディムロス(Shin) VS 真田(Raoh)・ティーカウコーン(Rei)

1回戦2 L.E.D(Toki)・蒼(Ken) VS QMZ(Jagi・Raoh)

1回戦1 グドン(Toki)・でぃーぷ(Shin) VS 杏ちゃん(Rei)・元住T.O(Heart)

1回戦4 孔明(Toki)・マサト(Rei) VS K.I(Raoh・Juda)

2回戦1 ディムロス(Shin)・はと(Toki) VS QMZ(Jagi・Raoh)<-- new bounce setup with toki!! he doesnt finish it though.

2回戦2 マサト(Rei)・孔明(Toki) VS でぃーぷ(Shin)・グドン(Toki)

準決勝 QMZ(Jagi・Raoh) VS マサト(Rei)・孔明(Toki)

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more @ http://blog.mi-ka-do.net/

1回戦1 L.E.D(Toki)・蒼(Ken) VS ティーカウコーン(Rei)・真田(Raoh)

1回戦2 K.I(Raoh・Juda) VS 杏ちゃん(Rei)・元住T.O(Heart)

1回戦3 はと(Toki)・ディムロス(Shin) VS でぃーぷ(Shin)・グドン(Toki)

2回戦1 蒼(Ken)・L.E.D(Toki) VS K.I(Raoh・Juda)

2回戦1 はと(Toki)・ディムロス(Shin) VS QMZ(Raoh・Jagi)

決勝 はと(Toki)・ディムロス(Shin) VS K.I(Raoh・Juda)


決勝1 マサト(Rei)・孔明(Toki) VS K.I(Juda・Juda)

決勝2 マサト(Rei)・孔明(Toki) VS K.I(Juda・Juda)

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un FUCKING believable, must see matches from TRF on nico:


scroll down, part 1 - 5.

that's a best off from 2008, full of crazy shit. where to start.

1. "KI TAS" <- lol

2. crazy bounces from juda, thouther (hige!)

3. epic toki fails (missing instant kill 6 times in one round)

4. an insane toki fatal KO setup

5. toki hitting with BOTH HITS of his IK

6. jagi mirrors

and WAY more crazy shit. every file is 20 minutes, 5 files in total!

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Update on Mikado

1回戦1 ひよれ(TH) VS DAICHI(JU)

1回戦2 ばしじゅん(RE) VS こじゅ(RA)<-- new Raoh Bounce Setup

1回戦3 こあやさん(RE) VS QMZ(TH) <-- QMZ playing Thouther instead of his usual Jagi - quite successful, to say the least

1回戦4 やり手の場坂使い(RE) VS K.A(RA)

1回戦5 ABEGEN(HA) VS 空飛ぶ奴星(JU) <-- ABEGEN = reknown Potemkin player. Pulls off a nice Kill Combo

1回戦6 マイケル(JA) VS ヅャギ(JA) <-- jagi-ballet.

1回戦7 元住T.O(HA) VS 板橋(JU)

No Toki and both Reis suck!

also, in case you guys didn't know, TRF has regular ranking battles for HNK which are upped every couple of days on nico video. just search for "TRF" on nicovideo.jp. usually, KI Rei is present in almost all of them. Hige can be seen there from time to time, as well.

Edit: i was really bored and made a HNK Wiki on our German Wiki site from www.hardedge.org: http://wiki.hardedge.org/index.php/Hokuto_No_Ken_(Fist_Of_The_North_Star)

Pray in the Shrine of KI Rei once a day, it will make your bounces stronger!

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new TRF hokuto ranbats, from March 18th:

http://de.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6604318 <-- KI REI

http://de.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6604832 <-- KI REI, has HIGE thouther vs Jagi, Juda in them, 1 bad, 1 good match iirc

http://de.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6605429 <-- KI REI

some other vid i havent seen yet:


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