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[P4AU] Elizabeth Video Thread

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I don't think these were ever posted here and IDK how many people here visit the video thread, so just in case:

TeamEXE #11


https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=9514 - Hiyuki (Elizabeth) vs. Yamashita (S.Mitsuru)

https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=12700 - Elizabeth vs. Adachi

https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=13001 - Elizabeth vs. Adachi

https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=17147 - Purepure (S.Labrys) vs. Tori (Elizabeth)


https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=17352 - Kubo (S.Ken) vs. Tori (Elizabeth)


https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=17586 - S.Chie+ vs. Tori (Elizabeth)


https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=18399 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. S.Aigis


https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=18666 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. S.Yukiko


https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=18937 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. Motochika (S.Yukari)

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=3054 - Hiyuki (Elizabeth) vs. Akira (Kanji)

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=3315 - Hiyuki (Elizabeth) vs. S.Type Labrys

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=8208 - Elizabeth vs. Marie

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=8478 - Elizabeth vs. Narukami

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=8747 - Elizabeth vs. Junpei

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=11005 - Elizabeth vs. Yukari

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=11287 - Elizabeth vs. Shadow Labrys

https://youtu.be/qs2uhPiP9DI?t=14430 - S.Yukiko vs. Tori (Elizabeth)

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=8719 - Aigis vs. Tori (Elizabeth)

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=8956 - S.Yukari vs. Tori (Elizabeth)

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=9141 - S.Yosuke vs. Tori (Elizabeth)

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=9482 - Minazuki vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=9677 - Minazuki vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=9830 - Sho vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=10107 - Teddie vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=12155 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. Ji (S.Chie)

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=12381 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. S.Aigis

https://youtu.be/V91p-bWQ7Dk?list=PLRz9w4l-pt8K-DGRl62de73c_A5jlGzgP&t=12669 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. Souhei(?) (S.Ken)


ETC. Stuff


[Arc Revo]

https://youtu.be/CTcgi_xdrFU?t=52  - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. Shikki (Narukami) 

[East vs. West Japan]

Tori (Elizabeth) vs. MAD (S.Yukari)

Team EXE #12

Team EXE #13


https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=2262 - Margaret vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=2495 - S.Mitsuru vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=1079 - Hiyuki (Elizabeth) vs. Rolly (Aigis)

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=3868 - S.Ken vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=5076 - Elizabeth vs. Wagyu (Labrys)

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=10311 - S.Narukami vs. Tori (Elizabeth)

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=10696 - Elizabeth vs. Akihiko

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=10889 - Elizabeth vs. Akihiko

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=13468 - Elizabeth vs. S.Kanji

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=15188 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. S.Kanji

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=15426 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. S.Yukiko

https://youtu.be/chdtPCJ9C84?t=15737 - Tori (Elizabeth) vs. Ji (S.Chie)

https://youtu.be/SM_LsGi3k3A?t=8802 - Elizabeth vs. Mitsuru

https://youtu.be/P3bXBEpducs?t=1198 - Mitsuru vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/P3bXBEpducs?t=6421 - Elizabeth vs. Mitsuru

https://youtu.be/P3bXBEpducs?t=6626 - Elizabeth vs. Elizabeth

https://youtu.be/P3bXBEpducs?t=6834 - Elizabeth vs. S.Labrys


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